Fashion Tile: Uber Spring

Uber has a new round open and though it took longer than usual to get inside I finally got in! Got some treats for you all to purchase if you like what you see here

* *HolliPocket* Heart Throbe Corset-S from Burlesque
* Blueberry – Side Cut Skirts – Belted – Black *NEW* from Uber~
* TRUTH HAIR Armelle [LoveJugs 2] *NEW* from Uber~
* ::HH:: Imias Sandal – WildPink (Slink) *NEW* from Uber~

* .random.Matter. – Gara Earrings – Silver *NEW* from Uber~
* :Diamante: Serenade Facial Piercing from Main store
*  [Miseria] Bearnotes Backpack – h8 U RARE from N21
* {anc} lantern ” temari : sakura ” hold hoop from Main store
* {anc} Japaneseatelier/brush/nurebairo from Main store

Mood: Fascinated

I have never been much of a craft type of girl, I have always been addicted to prose and reading anything that I have to make or compile myself when it comes to art- well let’s see from high school my two greatest achievements were the pink glittery shelves I made in Design and Technology and the clown clay jewellery box in Yr 8 Visual arts- that’s it.

But watching the designer Toni Ellion and chef Miniature Space show their DIY videos on making adorable crafts and edible mini cooking it inspires me to want to do something similar even if its still a step by step learning curve for me. Even if I don’t do it, then I’ll just keep enjoying both their channels on Youtube :)

– Lu

Second Life: LOTDs @ Home

Past few days I haven’t been making any new fashion tiles after the ‘Unicorn pasta fighter’ but I HAVE been making lots of random compiled looks for my Second Life wardrobe with the arrival of new events this month

The paint brush and bottle of ink is a tribute to Anc Ltd (Aki-sama notices my work and enjoys it, this as a blogger/photographer who isn’t that great in what she does soo damn happy!)

Made this outfit yesterday before I had PM shift- I mostly wanted the Hello Kitty plushie by Pose Maniacs and I purchased the jeans from recent round of Uber made by Foxes

My dear friend Caro is simply amazing! Not just as being a friend who always looks out for me daily but as a creator and spoiling me rotten with pressies- this “Sushizooka” is made by Tee*fy in an old gacha round but Caro gave it to me knowing my love for the food!

This got 13 likes on my Flickr stream when all I was doing was making a statement of the day to all those who had annoyed me, thank you for all the views/likes :D

GifSpam! Courage and Kindness

Sσ I נυѕт ƒιηιѕнє∂ ωαтcнιηg Cιη∂єяєℓℓα (2015 νєяѕιση) αη∂ ιт мα∂є мє яєαℓιѕє σтнєя тнαη тнє ∂єcα∂єηт ωαя∂яσвє σƒ єνєяу cнαяαcтєя тнαт тнιѕ ωσяℓ∂ ηєє∂ѕ мσяє cσυяαgє αη∂ кιη∂ηєѕѕ мєℓ∂є∂ тσgєтнєя…ιη ραятιcυℓαя тнє σηℓιηє ωσяℓ∂

Fashion Tile: Unicorn Pasta Fighter!

An odd name but I still wanted to keep to being unique than the usual titles that I been seeing around the various blogs for Second Life :P So this is mine!
* Blink2Wink – Unicorn Dress *NEW* from Bewbapalooza
* Foxes – Throw Back – Denim Mini – S -Blue *NEW* from N21
*MC* Eclipse Bikini Vest S #Pink from Main store
* Magika [Hair] Listen *NEW* from Store market place

pretty-transparents:goldfish are actually pretty interesting 

* :: {u.f.o} :: fairy kitchen – big fork – pasta! RARE from The Arcade
* Ariskea {Sparks } Moon Necklace -Silver– Add me from Big Show
* Birdy – The Gamer – Chibi – Sparkle Puss RARE from The Arcade
* COCORONI: kiss me bag Red
* {C.C.M} Kitty Ears Headband from Main store

Mood: Flailing then Steady

This has been my mentality for the past two nights doing PM shifts with the new girl at work and today is Day 6/7. We have been quite busy at the hotel and its not the Asian groups we actually have none of those but we have all corporate guests! It’s not just us though its every hotel around Sydney that is quite busy I’m guessing the city is packed because of the big cricket match between Australia and India on tonight and the rest of us is getting their overflow.

Mix that plus my regular guests who stay with us every week and you get one very busy hotel especially in the Food and Beverage department. I admit I have had times when my brain is flailing about and going “Woah, slow down!” before it ebbs away and I’m back to calm and all is well- doing it again today and tomorrow before I’m off for the weekend, cannot wait!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: As if! Play on

Level Up has opened a new round and its all about the action and adventure games featured throughout the years, this post is mostly about the accessories that I love wearing

* DAPPA - Tassel Top – AsIf [S] from Suicide Dollz
* TRUTH HAIR Selma – Browns04Fade from Main store
* .Figure. Gaming {Fingernails} Slink HUD *NEW* from Level Up
* .tsg. Ruffle Platforms – SolidxPink from Main store
* *CK*  bandana makeup from Store market place

eughing:Best Doctor Who GIF Ever

* *Katat0nik* (pink) Heart War Hammer *NEW* from Level Up
* *NW* Controller Purse – Black/Pink *NEW* from Level Up
* .tsg. Decora Bow Bracelet {Group gift} *NEW* from Main store
* Cae :: Life Meter :: Necklace *NEW* from Level Up

Second Life: Violent Pink

Lately I noticed my wardrobe is bearing a lot of black, I had a chuckle with my friend Aria about the difference between “classy black” and what she calls “ho black” I’m wearing the casual side but the below pinks are still my usual pink- with violent tendencies :P

I see you…

Except this one, this isn’t really “violent” and more so magical :D Taken at Sweet Thing’s store

Mood: Wistful

We were quite busy today at work with the conference for education going off with at least 150 members plus the kids ice hockey team checking out and a conference for the ladies at Hillsong down the road. It was quite lucky that Front desk had technically 4 hardworking ladies to man the desk and continue smiling all day.

Despite us being busy constantly we managed to get everything on our checklists done and more! Helping our own front office manager with her own tedious task list. It had left me smiling and laughing and enjoying the company of the other girls that though things can look difficult- teamwork always manages to accomplish anything!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Flight of Catwoman

Doing something different again with my fashion tile and not editting the pictures at all but just using the raw windlighting of what one sees when on high graphics :)

* .::PS::. Horizon – Anchors – Black *NEW* from Lubbly Jubblies 
* *Tentacio* Top S black *NEW* from The Secret Affair
* *CK* PURFECT diva miniskirt S *NEW* from Store market place
* .tsg. Cherry Plats – Bubblegum *NEW* from Kawaii Project

* (NO) Lucky Cat Charm – Bindi – Fame from The Arcade 01/03/15
* *N* KITSUNE MASK HALF SAKURA #2 *NEW* from Luck of Irish
* -David Heather- Bag of Jewels RARE from The Arcade 01/03/15
* -David Heather- Money Briefcase RARE from The Arcade 01/03/15
* *Tentacio* The end. Backpack *NEW* from The Secret Affair
* Luas Mad World Belt RARE *NEW* from The Secret Affair

Mood: Shaking It Off

Is this even classified as a mood? Probably not but in Lucy’s world yes it is! So yeah I’m ridding myself of all the vapid brains, drama statements and negativity because let’s be honest we all agree that social media and the virtual worlds and games can be an incredibly toxic place. One of my friends said on her facebook that there was a reason why she even left WoW- the community is Horrible!

Well this is perhaps a good reason for me to just stick to my closest knit of girlies and the boyfriend and be content with that then trying to venture out and make new friends only to find out they not who they think they are :)

– Lu

Fashion Tile: The Quirky Nomad

I should make a subheading that is titled “No implants” because this next look is without the usual lola tangos present on my avatar. Featuring items from 3 events :)

* ///Offbeat/// love in spring : angora sweater 01/03 *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* Blueberry – Belted Denim Skirt – S Ocean from Main store
* [ Mudskin ] Rose_Extra Lip10_Light *NEW* from Skin Fair
*TRUTH HAIR Aviva 2 from Main store
* + Spellbound + Bear Clip (L) // Black from Main store
* *Epic*  Pretty.Princess Peep.Toes {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Main store

* (Yummy) Round Hippy Shades – Silver from Uber
* . Quirky . – Popcorn Addict Bag – Classic *NEW* from Kawaii Project
*.:^AY^:. ( Sansyoku dango) Sakura to Hanami from >+ O R I G A M I +<
* Altair* mahou key necklace light .pink. *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* Cae :: Wanderlust :: London (R) *NEW* from The Liason Collective
* Izzie’s – Weekender dots rose (right) *NEW* from The Liason Collective
* Sweet Thing.  Derby Girl Gloves – Slink Gesture – *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Diary: Importance of Friendship

I went to bed at 5am this morning (do not kill me Mei >.<) but for a very good reason, other than the fact I waited for Aum to come home from work and I was catching up with my American bestie Katie about what is going on with her life but I got Yume-chan back! My beloved pink hair chibi full of life and energy- something happened and though it was very unfortunate that it had to be such a rude awakening for her I’m just glad we’re friends again!

She deserves only the best people around her and it was perfect timing that one of her friends who is a creator on Second Life but also a very busy man in reality has returned and she’s happy again :D He is her Helios to her Chibi-Usa and I always knew he was the one for her, I mean he’s been with her through everything!

Ohh and just saying this- unless its openly communicated and discussed “Just a photo” no it’s not, if you know your partner wouldn’t approve of it, don’t bloody do it! It’s as simple as that.

– Lu