雨流儀: Fuschia Fusion

{Reblogged} There are various shades of the colour pink and Ame will wear all of them as much as she likes changing her hair colour. Recently I have been adding fuschia to the outfits on Polyvore to break up the same repetitive pattern of hot pink with denim or all black attire.

I am posting the three LOTD that feature fuschia;

Girly Frills: In her home city of Tokyo, Ame goes all out usually with her outfits and it usually means otherworldly accessories and random add-ons to the clothing. This look is no different, she favours unique heels or thigh-high leather boots and her pink katana is usually sheathed on her upper back. She also has a collection of different badges from various stores and pins them in her denim skirt. Her lipstick is usually Christian Louboutin’s lip lacquer.

L.A Cruising: Ame loves travelling to the City of Angels and not just because her former Dominant Jacen used to live there and she visited him often. She loves going shopping in Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue but has her lunch in Little Tokyo because it gives the familiarity of home. Normally in shorts or mini skirts, this particular outfit is giving out more class but still reflecting her eccentric taste in food accessories.

Hunting in Hong Kong: Post Cartel arc, the youngest Yakuza flies to Hong Kong to find answers of her target who fled Mexico when she was there with her older sister. Not wearing her trademark red lipstick and merely going with pink gloss, the steampunk goggles are also more an accessory than of any real technical use. She is armed up bringing two katanas and shuriken while hunting in the streets.


GifSpam! Just a Friend

We have reached the end of Season 2 of Miraculous and I swear to God if Adrien Agreste continues this path of Marinette being “Just a friend” I will murder the golden boy! -_- The following scene was from Style queen where said oblivious cat wore his friend’s creation.

Story Time: Mana Match

Tradewind’s Market, Boralus, Kul Tiras

Part 5

More weeks had passed and though Andais Lu’s small party were doing minor missions to assist the Proudmore family, it was all leading up to bigger revelations such as the possibility of Queen Azshara returning and taking control of the seas, pirates harassing the shore towns of Kul Tiras and the locals not having faith in the rule of Lady Katherine Proudmore, Jaina’s mother.

Andais had gotten closer to her comrades, she shared interests of elven delicacies with Rahlis and he divulged of his former life as a warrior in Darkshore. It was only when the void consumed his thoughts that he found his class changing to becoming that of a Death Knight. Though she still clashed with Evrollah, the warlock and priest found consolation of each battle through meditation.

The light forged Draenei often woke the young woman up in the morning to begin a morning routine of withdrawing into herself and clearing out the pains and memories of war. But Andais admitted that she had gotten the closest to her enigmatic equal in magic, Vynsand. Whether on quests in the vast terrains of Kul Tiras or holed up inside Snug Harbour and drinking Darnassian wine, Andais barely left Vynsand’s side unless of course she was with her other companions.

Unfortunately, her elven friend still did not show his face to her. Andais wondered if the elf was horribly scarred and was ashamed to show himself but she tried to assure him, that she did not care on such trivial matters. Vynsand sounded touched by her comment but still did not lift the Kirin tor hood from his head.

One morning after her meditation with Evrollah, Andais had walked out of Fairweather’s Fine enchantments having casted on a new trinket that she was awarded during her quest in Brennadam and went searching for Vynsand. From one of the Boralus guards, he had mentioned that he saw the cowled arcane mage head into Whalgrene’s Lab with a bunch of herbs in his gloved hands and a leather book. Knowing that Vynsand was an alchemist, Andais hurried to the small shop and found the elf hunched over a table, with an open leather book and mixing one bubbling flask of coloured liquid into another bottle.

Being careful to not disturb him, Andais Lu watched Vynsand quietly, her hazel eyes drifting to the large red stone on the table that pulsed at a steady beat. She attempted to read the writing on the leather book only to frown slightly. She had seen this writing it wasn’t human and certainly wasn’t of the Kaldorei. She racked her distant memory of where she had seen such language before it revealed itself to her. She had seen it in the war-torn streets of the city of Suramar, during the invasion of the Burning Legion. The book belonged to the Nightborne, who now aligned themselves to the Horde.

Andais Lu folded her arms “Why are you carrying a book belonging to the Horde Vyn?” the mage jostled briefly in his stool before looking over his shoulder “Andais, you scared me” the warlock still frowning walked over to him and repeated her inquiry “Why are you carrying an enemy’s book for alchemy Vynsand?” the elf sighed before gently placing the flasks down on the wooden table. “If you may recall, the Nightborne once were my people too, we were all High elves once” Vynsand’s voice trailed off as if was far away, lost in the past.

He then grabbed the red gem on the table and flicked it towards Andais who quickly caught it on reflex “I have been working on creating a Surging alchemist stone, its properties would be able to increase intellect after casting and therefore allow easier casting time for a warlock or mage”. Andais Lu inspected the gem, immediately regretting her accusing tone of voice with her friend, she shouldn’t have been so forceful. She had nothing against Vynsand and she trusted him. She arched an eyebrow “Does it work?” she heard the smile in Vynsand’s voice “Let’s try it out”. Closing the Nightborne alchemy book and placing it inside his robe’s pocket, Vynsand led Andais Lu out of the lab and through the streets of the Tradewind’s market.

They walked up a turret of stairs that led towards the flight master, Joan Weber before Vynsand took a sharp left and descended more stairs that led into a training area facing the harbour. They approached three training dummies and Vynsand opened his palm, a glistening ball of arcane magic appeared, and he threw it towards the closest mannequin, the dummy exploding on impact before magically pulling itself together.

Gesturing towards Andais, Vynsand nodded “Now you try wearing the alchemist stone” Andais looked at the mage confused before sliding the red gem into one of her ravenous devotee bracelets then casted her opening spell of Conflagorate at the dummy. Green fire erupted from her fingers and singed the wooden doll, she felt the mana in her blood awaken with new energy and she quickly casted the same spell without hesitation. She stared at her hands amazed “I feel like no mana was wasted after that quick spell” Vynsand nodded “That is what the alchemist stone does, it lowers the wastage of mana after each spell we perform”.

Andais Lu laughed amazed “This could assist us during our lengthy missions and even help Evrollah with her healing time” Vynsand nodded again “This is what I have been hoping to achieve by creating stones for all four of us, even Rahlis would need it for some of his mana work of Death”. Andais Lu snapped her fingers and casted her next spell of Immolate, standing beside her she heard the teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice “See, the Horde book as you call it has some use to us” the warlock rolled her eyes before blasting three of the dummies with her felfire.

“They are still the enemy and the cause behind this war and why we are here in Kul Tiras then back in our respective continents” “Not all the Horde are bad, they just have a very lost leader…” Vynsand began and Andais Lu whirled upon him, her hazel eyes flashing green as she released another spell into the dummies “They burned Teldrassil! Anyone that follows that Banshee queen deserves to be either captured or incinerated” the four verdant spheres glowed above the warlock’s head as she swivelled in her Emberscatter treads and released her most lethal spell- Chaos Bolt.

The roar of the demonic missile flew and crashed into the dummies, leaving behind a small crater and surely waking anyone nearby. Andais Lu bit her bottom lip embarrassed at the damage she had left behind and looked up nervously. The inner rage once again dying down. She felt a soothing hand squeeze her shoulder and once again attempted to search for Vynsand’s face underneath the cowl “That’s enough practice for now I think”.

To be continued…

LL LOTD: Hot Candy

tokkeki: “saku ”
Re-blogging three outfits from my alternate universe, all casual but keeping to the same theme as the previous fashion post of pink and black colour. It can be done whether flying on a long flight to a favourite destination, walking the streets of London or relaxing at home after a long day at work.

They all bring a personal touch for me as each has something featured in reality;
Seasoned traveller by lucilxlu featuring personalized coffee travel mugs
Seasoned Traveller: I love going to the airport whether it is personally going on a holiday with my parents or picking up family who have landed from overseas, there is always an exciting energy in any airport that I go to. My alternate self would be travelling a lot because of the industry that she works in. The only thing that is designer in this outfit is the heels belonging to Christian Louboutin. I also have travelled Emirates business class and it is divine!

Brit chic by lucilxlu featuring a bow blouse
Brit Chic: After being in London for 12 days this past September, I enjoyed it thoroughly and I would return there again and again if I had the money and time. My alternate universe self would have no problem flying there especially since her own celebrity boyfriend is British too. The whole outfit is feminine and cute with designer items such as the Valentino pink sandals, Burberry perfume and Gucci statement necklace. An ice-cream with two churros is a favourite snack to eat while walking around.

Bludger by lucilxlu featuring a white mug
Bludger: This LOTD is chilled out and in the comfort of my alternate self’s home in Los Angeles when she is not travelling or working. I own a pair of the unicorn slippers that are featured in this set and could see myself drinking miso soup in an oversized jumper and short shorts while brainstorming ideas for my next fantasy novel. There is nothing couture in this outfit but the make-up featured are made by Anna Sui.

Diary: Here comes the Sun

Another week has come to it’s end and despite the heavy rain we have experienced here in my city and work has been insanely busy with high occupancy it still has been an overall good week. The company of my colleagues is always emanating positive energy and we have a new Reservation agent that has joined our insane family. He used to work with one of the new girls at their old hotel but knows a lot of the system and picking up very quickly. He appears to be a strong asset to the team.

Conversations of catch up with my girls this week has been lovely too, it’s realising that I have been missing out on seeing them and I just hope that I can have another catch up with the Filo side of my family. I barely see my cousins as it is, of course they all have their own families now but I recalled to my parents one night that we barely have parties anymore when before we used to have one every second weekend or so because there is so many of us.

I worked yesterday and normally on Saturdays I am alone in the office but this time I had both my boss and one of the group co-ordinators come in and work, they were catching up on their group reservation work but still it was lovely company and we had some laughs in between work. I was fortunate enough to not have many phone calls that I got a ton of work done for the duration of my shift. It means less stress for our team when we all return to work tomorrow morning.

Matters of my heart has been ok, I’m enjoying being the single pringle and though the people I have met has been dismal and disappointing I am content in not searching for a while because I’m in a happy spot in my life where I don’t need a companion and instead can flourish as a free standing career woman.

Collecting my five likes for this past week;

  • My best friend Katie got married today!! Though she lives in the U.S and I sadly could not be attendance (that’s a whole different matter) I got to see the photos and she got someone to record the event so I’ll be able to watch the ceremony. She looked flawless and completely Rarity sparkle, the elegant pony would have approved.
  • Miraculous– The fandom was well fed with two episodes yesterday and while Malediktator showed a redemption arc for the school’s mean girl and gave us complete girl power, Frozer on the other hand was an emotional mess. The love square is about to become a bloody hexagon with the two new characters being potential crushes. The writers said they would be more than the love interests but I say liars!
  • Night Noodle Markets in my city last night, I was introduced to it by my boss and I could not believe it has taken me this long to discover it. It is more than just Asian food though I did indulge in dim sims and pork buns, it also had bars and dessert stalls. Music was great and company was good.
  • Reunion with an old friend, we knew each other on IMVU about 6-7 years ago than he went into the navy and we hardly spoke since that time but yesterday he reached out to me and told me that he’s coming to my city next month. He wants to meet up since he’s here for a month, I’m unsure because we haven’t been in contact for years though from our conversation we are still the same people just older and mature? maybe lol.
  • Mum’s birthday, it was this past Thursday and we all went out for Thai joined by my sister, her husband and the in-laws. Stayed out late with yummy food and fun conversation, as I mentioned above outings with family beyond my circle of three is so minimal nowadays so to have that experience is treasured.


雨流儀: Staying cute

{Reblogged} Returning to pink and black outfits and none of these are part of Ame’s story arcs featured in her chronicles. The three outfits were inspired by places I have seen and wish to go there myself or wanting to have certain actors and actresses to be part of my chronicles dream cast.

Below are the three selected outfits for this week;
Valentines Day by lucilxlu featuring high heel sandals
Valentines Day: Made on the 14th February, I was in a mush mood and was also in the middle of writing up the future stories for the Osvaldo Arc, this particular V-day is when Ame is back with her Italian mafia Jacen and they have gone to Paris for a weekend away. The above LOTD isn’t so much a dinner date but it could be during the day when Ame is out shopping at her favourite designer stores. She is subtlely armed in this look wearing her usual garter knives. My favourite accessory is the Gucci embroidered clutch.

Senpai by lucilxlu featuring a wine flask
Senpai in NYC: Ame stayed in New York city when she was hiding from the Russian Mafia Oleysa Zima, but has returned to the Big Apple on multiple occasions, she even has a permanent apartment in Park avenue. One of her connections through the London syndicate is a professor at New York university and rumour is that she is a crazy scientist. If in New York City, Ame will visit the professor to catch up as well as get any details on her latest creations. This LOTD is fun, feminine and eccentric, my favourite pieces is the egg purse and egg hair pins.

Streets by lucilxlu featuring set of makeup brushes
Rose Streets: I have shared so many outfits of Ame back home in the streets of Tokyo that I am certain everyone who follows her stories and fashion know what her looks are. Much more casual in the presence of friendships though still designer like her older sister Meiakane. Ame while in her home country always goes all out when it comes to her attire, she blends in with the Shinjuku and Harajuku crowds especially at night when the shops are open until late. My favourite accessories on this LOTD is the Kate Spade ‘Hello Tokyo’ cat bag and the badges/pins on her skirt.

Mood: Tentative

I have decided to reach out to old work mates and friends from high school that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. After a discussion with my mum and sister over the past weekend, I realised that I spent most of my weekends hanging out with just Mei and forgot about everyone else. It is fortunate that they are still connected to me and haven’t left because I stopped talking to them.

Because I have today off from work, I reached out to two of them and managed to ensue a conversation where it led to catching up in the flesh than just through messenger. As I had said in my previous diary entry, I want to reconnect with everyone because even though I enjoy my own company and can go do things on my own, the company of friends is always better.

This week I have been re-reading all my stories that I have typed up in the past three years and its another realisation that I need to finish at least one of these stories, one of them is almost done but I’ve beek seeking the help of my bestie Katie in finding a decent conclusion to the tale. She is reading it at the moment, the very first person to read one of my longer stories because I don’t like to share the books because I don’t think they ever good enough for the public.

On the recently past Saturday, I got to see my cousin on mum’s side of the family for lunch, she is the one that is pregnant and my gosh her belly has gotten so big! But it also looks like she has lost weight and positively glowing. It is only three weeks until her bubba will come out, soon I will have another little cousin!

I had a slump this morning and stayed in bed longer than I should have and I know it will affect me later when I need to have an early bedtime for work tomorrow. But with all that has happened this year, sure I have had a lot of negativity but when I compare it to the positive notes of what has occurred in my life they are miniscule. I just have to remember to not let them get to me.

– Lu