Fashion Tile: Petal Rainbow DJ

Another wtf title for this new LOTD but logic has never gone well with me at 1am in the morning😛 So enjoy regardless!

* Go*Diva – FLoRa Body (Pink) *NEW* from Kinky Monthly
* :Moon Amore: Ocean Nails Pink *NEW* from N21
* +Spellbound+ Ritual // Chapter I : Earth *NEW* from ::Suicide DollZ::
* REIGN.– Ballerina Warmers- Tippies- REIGNBOW EDITION *NEW* from Main store

* +p.o.h+ Fortune of Love Mouthie – Group Gift (Pink)
* GUTCHI – Galaxy Headphones *NEW* from Main store
* [D&T] Medic Neddle (Vicodin) *NEW* from ::Suicide DollZ::

GifSpam! Sisters

I’m not crying, I was just chopping onions at midnight while watching the latest episode of Once upon a time! So far this was my favourite episode in the season, Cora moved on and the Evil queen and Wicked witch of the West had a time when they were little to actually be sisters for a day. Very emotional episode but enjoyed it.

Diary: We will Remember

Today is the 25th April and every year it marks the anniversary of all the Australian and New Zealand veterans who fought and died for us in both world wars. It also marks of when the Allied forces landed at Gallipoli and over 130,000 soldiers died that day most of them from merely landing on the peninsula.

Every year for me personally this has special meaning not just in saying thank you to those who have passed away and their comrades who are still alive but yesterday, 4 years ago to be exact my Poppy (mum’s step-dad) passed away. He was a veteran of World War II and went to Papua New Guinea. My Nanna gave mum his medals of honour and she hopes to do one day participate in the Anzac parade that is held every year in the city.

So today while everyone celebrates a public holiday, we must remember the reason of why we got this holiday and why Australia is still Free from war and turmoil.

Lest we forget.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Geek Rainbow Lynx

The title is very random tonight and there is an event to raise funds for a friend’s son battling cancer. Please check out Somewhere over the Rainbow and buy/donate❤

* 1 hundred. Tempted Bodysuit. Pink from Main store
* KITJA – Ava Shorts D.BLUE from Main store
* Magika – Bad Habit *NEW* from Store marketplace
* #EMPIRE – Aster shoes *NEW* from :: Kustom 9::

* Sweet Thing. Lynx Straps – Passion *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* ~D`Fae~ Starry Kawaii Stunners – Black *NEW* from Main store
* ~D`Fae~ Winged Tushy Bow – Glitter Space from Main store
* :DEADPOOL: HUNTA OWL *NEW* from Somewhere over the Rainbow
* **RE** Bad-Kitty – Common – Orange *NEW* from The Epiphany

GifSpam! Dark Decadence

Because despite having so much light and pink fluff taking up the majority of my life I do have a dark side and it mostly goes with my kinks behind closed doors😛

But I think my faithful readers already guessed this about me from my other posts and some of my BDSM fashion tiles that I blog

Birthdays: Ange is halfway to 50

Though I should have started adding these birthday notes when 2016 began I am slightly delayed and forgot to add in my dad’s birthday from the 13th April, I’m so sorry dad! I promise not to forget anymore family members again.

My younger sister has turned 25 today and though I am working the PM shift tonight she still got spoiled with love, cards and money from us 3 at midnight before she went to bed. Also by looking at her snapchat story today she is being spoiled rotten by her work colleagues, she is having fun despite working too😀 We are going out tomorrow night into the city so I can attend and it will be just us four but I am looking forward to a great night out with family

Happy birthday lil sis!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Hai Ghouls!

It’s all about skeletons, gothic pastel and still being pink as ever! The title is inspired from one of my favourite web shows and dolls Monster High. Enjoy😀

* *Epic* Skully Bunny Mini Dress & Hood {Hot.Pink.2} *NEW* from :: Suicide DollZ ::
* BLACK HAUS – Pop Panties Bang *NEW* from :: Suicide DollZ ::
* TRUTH HAIR Kera *NEW* from The Epiphany
* AZOURY – Extravagance Heels (Maitreya) – Black from Main store

* The Horror!~ Keht Collar (Black/Silver) *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* +Spellbound+ Bow Gag *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* {le fil casse} spring leg cage maitreya fit pink *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC VENUE~
* Ninety – Death Ice- Cream two *NEW* from :: Kustom 9::

Story Time: The Neverending Fight

Part 3

Alterac Valley, Alterac Mountains

Grabbing Andais’ Lu’s hand, the shadow priest Liorae laughed merrily as she mounted onto her mechanised bird “No delay Andais, we press forward” the warlock nodded swallowing down the lump in her throat watching both Mookie P and Kuppy Von BunBun jump onto their mounts. Waving her hands together again, Andais’ dread steed appeared beneath her and she quickly followed the other three. Up ahead, she saw two Alliance soldiers battle against the Frostwolf clan that guarded Tower Point. Shouting to the three women, Andais waved her hand “You girls go ahead, I will help out the others at the tower” nodding in acknowledgement, her fellow soldiers and their steeds disappeared into the mist and snow they were heading straight for General Drek’Thar and his two towers in the main encampment of the Horde.

Andais snapped her fingers making her dread steed disappear as she ran into Tower Point, her demon Yarion right beside her. She heard the clash of metal against metal followed by battle cries from both factions above her, racing up the ramparts she jumped up to the top of the tower and sent Conflagate exploding into the nearest Frostwolf soldier. The female Troll hissed noticing the appearance of the newcomer and ran towards Andais raising her two axes, jumping to the side out of the blades away Andais allowed Yarion through who barrelled straight into the Troll. Standing to the side, Andais Lu released her green fire again, the Verdant spheres appearing and glowing fel green above her head.

The warlock of chaos and destruction was so focused on disabling the Troll warrior she failed to see someone approach her from the shadows, Andais Lu released Incinerate only to cry out as she felt a blade sink into her back. Spinning around, an Undead rogue appeared out of no where holding two daggers, both dipped in poison. Andais stumbled backwards as she attempted to cast again towards the rogue but her casting time was far longer than the swiftness of the rogue’s blades. Coming up the ramp she saw both a Blood elf paladin and a Tauren warrior barge up the stairs. The poison started to affect her casting too, Yarion seeing his mistress in trouble quickly killed the Frostwolf soldier and launched itself onto the rogue using large form to protect Andais.

With the rogue occupied, Andais quickly buffed up Fire and Brimstone and shot Incinerate into the two Horde heading towards her, the Blood elf cried as the fel fire battered against her armour but the Tauren took the majority of the hit ease and continued charging towards her with a roar. “Oh shit.” Andais cussed out loudly as she was thrown against the Tower’s outer walls, she heard and felt the impact, her cloth robes though imbued with fel magic not protecting her body underneath. Slumping against the tower, she attempted to lift herself up, her hands waving as she casted her most powerful spell.

A loud, deafening roar sounded as Andais released Chaos bolt smashing into the Tauren, this time it did stumble backward howling loudly with pain. Using the wall to pull herself up, Andais quickly incinerated the Tauren blow after blow regardless of her vision now spinning, she saw Yarion shout, his demonic voice sounding out through the tower and throwing the rogue off the tower. Feeling herself slip into darkness, Andais saw the Tauren approach her though his armour and fur was singed and burned he still was alive. A warm, soothing sensation soon ripped throughout her body and her eyes opened just as she inhaled the nature magic of healing surround her entire body.

Lifting her mechshades on top of her head, her dark eyes looked around her just to see a green hair night elf rush to her side, in the distance a Shadowmoon stalker howled and tackled the Tauren head on, who was also pinned to the ground by a flurry of arrows. “Thank Elune I got to you in time!” the night elf praised her Moon goddess as she knelt beside Andais and casted again, a ring of healing appeared underneath the warlock and the power of nature again overwhelmed her senses “Thank…you” she croaked out seeing a human hunter appear at the top of the tower holding an enchanted long bow. The Tauren now definitely dead.

Helping Andais sit up, the night elf gave her a serene smile “We saw you had trouble when the enemy sprung a surprise attack upon you, Aum got the Paladin downstairs but I raced upstairs after I saw you falter” gesturing to the hunter, the druid scowled and shook her head “Undead and the poison the very thing I detest it is not the natural way” “Booleigh, Undead aren’t even natural themselves you know that” the hunter chuckled as he grabbed his quiver off his back and counted the arrows. “What is your name warlock?” the night elf queried noticing Yarion hover nearby, its own blue mass covered in scars from the rogue.

“Andais Lu and I can’t thank you enough Booleigh for saving me” the druid laughed lightly and helped her up to her feet “You may use the magic of the Burning legion but you use it against the enemy so I cannot be against you”. The two ladies and void lord joined the hunter who stood near the flag that was now changed to Alliance “We are not out of the woods yet, this tower must burn before we join the rest of the Alliance”.

To be continued…

Fashion Tile: A Kawaii Epiphany

Kawaii Project and The Epiphany have started up again along with new events, I have a weakness for gacha as most of you know so enjoyed these rounds😀

* *Epic* Striped Henley {Hot.Pink} top *NEW* from Main store
* *:..eyecandy..:* fadedlips – beetroot *NEW* from Dreams
* Doe: Layla (solid) – Browns *NEW* from The Seasons Story- Spring
* Garbaggio // Flower Peeptoe (Maitreya) *NEW* from Collabor88 April

* #EMPIRE – Sakura Harness – Maitreya *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* REIGN. – Spring Things Necklace Exclusive (Silver) *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Foxes – Urban Fallout – Belt and Bombling *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Leg *NEW* from The Epiphany
* ALTAIR* neko keitai .pink. *NEW* from The Epiphany

GifSpam! Movie vs TV

Shadowhunters has finished its Season 1 and has surpassed its movie equivalent when it failed in the box office. Season 2 however will not be released until beginning of next year leaving the rest of this year for filming- we get 20 episodes now :D Someone on Tumblr did the characters in both movie and book version

Clary Fray - Lily Collins vs Katherine McNamara
Jace Wayland: Jamie Campbell vs Dominic Sherwood
Simon Lewis: Robert Sheehan vs Alberto Rosende
Isabelle Lightwood: Jemima West vs Emeraude Toubia
Alec Lightwood: Kevin Zegers vs Matthew Daddario
Magnus Bane: Godfrey Gao vs Harry Shum Jr.

Mood: Sleepy Again

The past 4 days including today I have been working the morning shift at the hotel which is basically 7am-3pm, I mean it is not as bad when I used to work in the city and have to wake up at 5am to get to work on time but still I am cruising on 5-6hrs of sleep a day this week if lucky and it’s finally catching up to me this afternoon. It is Friday though and I am going to my usual haunt in the city this evening and then one more day of work until the weekend!

Can’t wait, don’t know what I’ll be doing on my three days off but I’m sure there will be something like hanging out with Mei as always😀 Slightly off topic though I did get another positive review on Trip advisor and was told by my Front office manager yesterday when we worked together, advised by my beloved dad to print and keep all the reviews, it’s good to show off in a resume.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Naughty Numerals

For anyone with a perverted mind and gets what I mean with this new LOTD, featuring clothes from the new round of anyBody. Staying pink and girly as always❤

* *HolliPocket* Beewee Balla Tops- Set 5 *NEW* from anyBODY
* #EVANI -Gillary skirt DARK *NEW* from Chapter 4: Special Guest Designers
* [hariboo] sakura girl face tattoo *NEW* from Dreams
* #EMPIRE – Thistle shoes- *NEW* from anyBODY

* *FG* Sakura Hair Bow [Left Side] *NEW* from -The Project Se7en-
* Noodles & Kibitz– Chuu Backpack White *NEW* from Collabor88 April

Diary: 5 Day Weekend

Since last Thursday, my boss has given me 5 days off straight! Mostly to use up on the day-in-lieus that I have accumulated over time having to work over the long Easter break. It is Day 4/5 today and so far it has been quite relaxing, I haven’t done any mini holidays or driving 3hrs away like I did for my birthday weekend though I did drive up to Wiseman’s Ferry in the afternoon its always a perfect place to be on my own and just think.

I was out all day/evening with my bestie Mei yesterday we went to the Powerhouse museum and got to check out the Lego exhibition for DC comics! Took a lot of happy snaps as well as sharing it in my story on Snapchat app. My Second Life facebook has been locked out for the next 2 days that’s why I have to use my main account to post and share things, it has been quite frustrating and inability to not talk to my girlfriends on the virtual facebook.

I also did a lot of shopping which I shared pictures on my Instagram, it is safe to say that my favourite stores to shop in are either Mooii in Regent place or any Kitten d’amour store around Sydney. I also bought Monster High: The Great Scarrier Reef today before I did my drive up north been looking forward to it more so than Barbie: Spy Squad, it will be my bedtime movie tonight😀 For those expecting to see Part 3 of my warlock’s story, it is still a work-in-progress, I am getting there!

– Lu