Neko Irritation: DC vs Marvel

Though seriously why is this even a thing in this day of age with the battling of two amazing comic fandoms around the world. I think only since DC has stepped up its game onto the big screen and not just with its tv show, the negative nancies who exist within the Marvel fanbase are stirring up trouble and pointing fingers at “how bad” the DC films are. For example, Batman vs Superman came out this year and my bestie and I went to see it in gold class.

Absolutely loved it! It was darker than the light hearted Marvel movies that have already been released and we grown to love but it was done in typical comic fashion (not that many people picked up on this). The reviews weren’t great at all and Snyder was ridiculed for directing it. I personally saw no problem with this film and applaud Gal Gadot who portrayed Wonder Woman at how amazing she made the Amazon princess to be.

This year we also watched Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and most recently X-men Apocalypse. Again though Deadpool was very adult humour and silly/cheesey in many of its scenes both Mei and I enjoyed the film, Civil War had our emotions on a rollercoaster of both happy and sad and scared that our favourite characters would die. It was overall a very good film done in the best Marvel knows of promoting and showing their franchise.

X-Men has always had mixed reviews and a couple of flops -coughs- Last Stand anyone? But I personally enjoyed Apocalypse soo much! The younger version of our A team were on point and especially Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, she was bloody awesome! So rather than the two fandoms fight against one another can’t we all just rally together and be content and happy. We are living in the years of when our favourite superheroes of our childhood are being brought to the silver screen. Be grateful we get to watch both sides and see what the film makers can show their interpretation on each because yikes, you all need to chill out!

Fashion Tile: With a Flourish

Feeling very Spring queen and cutesy in this new lotd and barely showing any flesh which is surprising for my standard of style, enjoy this elegant tile😀

* Sweet Thing. Helli Harness from ROMP
* -Nomi- summer of 69 Skirt- Denim 2 *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* Magika – Summer *NEW* from Store marketplace
* REIGN. – All Star Thigh High Heel *NEW* from N21


* (Yummy) Twin Crystals Ring – Iridescent *NEW* from N21
* *{( konpeitou )}* Hana-gacha 6-Kashiatume *NEW* from Creator’s Collection Box
* =Zenith= Willow Picnic Basket (Camel) *NEW* from Shiny Shabby

Mood: Flailing

After deciding to restart the Ame Hayato Chronicles as well as continue writing up the many random stories featuring my human warlock Andais Lu, I have realised after the two days since I posted something in this blog I haven’t done anything yet. Call it procrastinating at its finest, all the ideas are there in my head and ready to be written into a great short story and yet I still haven’t done it. Don’t worry it will happen soon, after I get inspired to do my next fashion tile for Second Life.

In other real life news I am really sick of this back burning that our fire brigades have been doing up in our mountains to prepare us for next Summer because we get severe bushfires. Don’t they realise we need a break from all this smoke or our air quality will be that of Shanghai! x.x

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Killer Cheerleader

Beware for this cute cheerleader got poisonous gas upon her for those who will try and destroy her or her loved ones❤ New LOTD for you all!

* *HolliPocket RaRa Uniform-Top *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* Ricielli – Kendall Jeans Skirt /Sky Blue *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* .Olive. the Athena Hair // Streaks *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* =Zenith= Dolly Platforms (White) *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

* #EVANI -Boho ring AMETHYST RARE *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* =Zenith= Medic poison gas Belt *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* LeP – Goyang_Eyewear – Black *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* .tsg. Coffin Nails – Neon Floral from Main store {First time wearing}

Mood: Shopaholic

My mum is starting to notice the arrivals of cute accessories at our door step and has been asking me aren’t I saving for both Hawaii this year and hopefully Europe next year. I am but I just can’t help myself, all the cute items that I have been purchasing whether through Ebay or Etsy has been something fun to my collection and founding my original style.

I got my first Japan crate titled Doki Doki and this month’s theme is Decoden, so all cute decora accessories including these two ice-cream cone pens that my colleague at work Honey wants to see😀 I also got a Moon crisis compact that can is a container for stationary or small jewellery. From the online store of Dolls Kill, I got these very cute heart glasses as well as a choker with a rose on it that reminds me of one of my favourite Disney tales- Beauty and the Beast.

Still waiting upon a few more items from Ebay and Spree Picky, oh gosh I could shop in Spree Picky all day if I wanted to, they have so many magic girl/pretty items and even make for the plus size girls. I highly recommend the website.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Lovelace Bunny

Going the same theme in this LOTD, mixing cute and sexy together like I did with the two hairstyles by Magika making it one original look. Enjoy😀

* *Epic* Lace-Tex Bunneh Jacket Hood {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Saturday Sale
* SPIRIT – Hip shorts *NEW* from C88
* {N} Simple Bunny Clips {Custom}

* .Charm. Moon / Silver from .Whimsical.
* .::Cubic Cherry::. {Cutesy} noseband flower Onyx *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* Quirky – Bear Hug Bag – Panda *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* Ninety– Snack Cherry Chocolate *NEW* from The Kawaii Project

Mood: Creatively inspired

After catching up with a former roleplaying acquaintance on IMVU last week and re-reading the stories of the characters I have loved and enjoyed, I have decided to bring my oldest back from being dormant. Some of my earliest followers would recognise her for she has her own tab on the top of my blog. The first RP character I made on IMVU in 2008 after I said farewell to my messenger angel.

Ame Hayato, my Yakuza is making a comeback alongside my warlock and her tales so if you enjoyed her chronicles, stay tuned I am hoping to post more about her ongoing story soon😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Trend of Selfies

Taking a picture of yourself is vain, whether feeling good about yourself or showing the world your look of the day. I know all too well about this trend because I do it myself😛

* Go*Diva– SeLFie Outfit (Exclusive) *NEW* from Main store
* (Milk Motion) reconstructed denim shorts – cutoff -dark blue *NEW* from C88
* /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair *NEW* from Fantasy Faire 2016
* _CD_ Vera Raspberry Heels *NEW* from C88

* (Yummy) Spring Bouquet Necklace – Silver – Pastel from N21
* *HANAUTA* – HandyPack Juice =Orange= from Main store
* Intrigue Co. – Watermelon Shades *NEW* from C88

GifSpam! Sunk Ship

And Sean Maguire who plays Robin Hood wasn’t informed until January of this year! The writers say that Regina’s story isn’t finished yet but why turn her back to evil I mean really? After all the progress she went through and you going backwards?! RIP my beloved ship Outlaw Queen😦

Mood: Motivated

Last week I got myself a Fitbit Charge HR, I figured that after seeing my younger sister have one and my 3 work colleagues wear them it would hopefully motivate me to walk more and do less sitting when I’m not working. Turns out it has! And inspired me to go on for walks to get my steps up. I had a proud, self high five moment last night when I was finishing shift and my fitbit vibrated informing me that I have hit my 10k step goal for the day.

For a girl who struggles in motivation and finding something to help her be healthy or lose weight, I can happily say the fitbit is helping me move more. Especially now that my 3 work colleagues have put me into a 4 day step challenge to see who will win. So far I am second and 2000 steps behind my colleague Honey who is beating all of us. I have today and tomorrow to try and catch up to her, good thing its my weekend😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Bearing It

Dedicating this LOTD to my long time soft toy who has been with me since the day I was born, my teddy One-Eye Jack, even at the age of 28 he is still sitting on my bed😛

* *HolliPocket* You’re the Cure- coral from Luck of the Irish Gacha
* se//mi / Fuyu – Legs *NEW* from Store marketplace
* Doe: Peaches (solid) – Browns *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* *{Junbug}* Baroque Pump [Candy] – Maitreya *NEW* from The Gacha Garden

* *SL* Teddy Bear Backpack – Sweet Lies SOI *NEW* from The Gacha Garden
* .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. Orangette Chocolate {Group gift}

Diary: Today is for Mum’s

It is the 8th of May on my end of the world and so it is Mothers Day for all grandmothers and mothers and though I am working the morning shift at work I will still be able to go out and have dinner with mum. I left my present by her bed before I left and got a thank you text😀 We also have a Mothers Day lunch set up and it has been booked out since last month.

So this post is in particular for my mum who has been having an emotional and frustrated past month and heading into the operation room next week but this time its for her thyroids. To me she is such a strong woman both physically and mentally, she doesn’t let anything bring her down and powers on regardless of how difficult circumstances are. She is empathic to everyone especially to her family and selfless when it comes to putting all 3 of us and our cat first.

My mum is parenting goals and though we do not appreciate it often, I notice it daily and can’t express enough how grateful I am to her.

Happy mothers day

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Bubblegum Rage

Three known events have opened up this month and are also celebrating anniversaries for 3-4 years of being open, they have freebies and discounts😀

* *HolliPocket* Nerdster Tee-Nerd Rage-Bubblegum from Thrift Shop 2015
* Blueberry – Tazz Denim Shorts *NEW* from Main store
* Magika – Checkpoint hair *NEW* from Store marketplace
* #EMPIRE – Bottlebrush – *NEW* from The Chapter 4- 3 years

* .aisling. Leona Chestlace – Style 3 *NEW* from We❤ RP
* =Zenith= Kitten Basket (Camel) *NEW* from FaMESHed- 4 years
* .::Cubic Cherry ::. {Kawaii kokoro} gag silver *NEW* -group gift- from Main store
* .::Cubic Cherry ::.  {Memoria} eyelashes *NEW* from We❤ RP