Diary: Multi Entertainment

My boyfriend has gone away for 2-3 weeks with his mates to Crete so while my bedtime is better for myself and earlier, I still miss seeing him after I finish my PM shift and then he comes home from work too. Because of this large absence in my life I have been occupying myself with random online things in between shifts. I have a timeline and arcs for Ame’s chronicles, I have been on/off playing Legion and getting more inspiration for my warlock’s short stories. I have also been utilising Pinterest as well to aid me visually for writing.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Barbie Starlight adventure has come out on DVD yesterday! I love it😀
  • Bought two new Peter Alexander nightdresses for Summer
  • Playing dress up in Kitten D’amour’s Elite VIP dressing room
  • Seeing my U.S trip pictures of last year pop up in ‘On this day’ on Facebook
  • Videos sent from boyfriend of an adorable stray cat joining him and his friends in their holiday house

Tonight I only got one vice to vent about which is a good thing because I am less angry on everything that happens around me in particular on Second Life but this pet peeve is still irritating me and that is of Copy cats/Clones– Girls who mimic my appearance online or change it to try and give it their own style when I try and be original while still keeping my favourite personal trend of Sailor Moon/kitten/pink and black.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Quinn

Giving off heavy Harley Quinn vibes in this new LOTD, enjoy😀

* The Bishes Inc ~ Fringe Top HOTPINK *NEW* from Main store
* (ViSion} -S&F *Denim Cheeky Bikini *NEW* from Cosmopolitan
* Doe: Lesli – Browns from The Epiphany.
* Essenz – Bahamas shoes *NEW* from U L T R A Event

* L’Etre – Anna Choker *NEW* from U L T R A Event
* **RE** Spirit Heart Necklace *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC Venue~
* Inkside– Harley Quinn Hammer from Store marketplace
* Maddict Fitmesh Stocking – Lace Back Seam BLACK *NEW* from U L T R A Event

Diary: Weekend Goals

Accomplishments and catch ups have been the highlight of the weekend that has just passed and I am quite pleased with myself and in a happy little bubble at the moment regardless of having my legs being sore from yesterday’s running festival in the city. I attended the Blackmore running festival with both my mum and her work friend who I’m friends with as well. Despite having 4.5hrs sleep, we got to the starting point on time and walked/jogged the 9km.

The reason why I went to bed so late was that I had a massive catch up with all my girl cousins in Windsor, one of the little shops there makes amazing home made burgers and it is so filling and delicious, we had drinks at the Fiddler in Rouse Hill afterwards and that is why my younger sister and I got home late.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Finishing my 9pm walk yesterday under 90mins! Especially for a girl who did not train
  • Warcraft is out on DVD!
  • Dinner/dessert/drinks with my cousins, I love every night out we have together
  • Catching up with an old work friend on Facebook chat- I miss seeing you daily!
  • Only having 24 check outs this morning, nice and easy

I also decided that every now and then I will write up two vices to go with my likes in each diary post, Mary Sues– They have been a pet peeve during my Fanfiction days and I was heavily involved in my favourite fandoms but now they are popping up in roleplay. No! Go away. Serial daters, there is a small collection of them online whether male or female or female trying to be male and vice versa, you are infamous and your reputation will prevent you from being taken serious for love.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Feel Good

noticed while my stories and diary have been on schedule, one after the other my LOTD haven’t been as much. I think I decided to take a more leisured pace with online fashion

* GizzA – Jody Denim Shorts [Blue] *NEW* from Main store
* #EMPIRE – Diascia *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* Moon. Hair. // Chelsea Dagger *NEW* from Luxe Box
* *Epic* Super Kosmic.Kicks! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Fluffy and Fierce


* (Yummy) Sushi Anyone? glasses from The Arcade
* Lovely Disarray – Axiom Collar *NEW* from Cosmetic Fair
* LUXE. Majesty Earrings Gold *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

雨滴: Space Ibiza

I been on a creative spark when it comes to Ame, I have notes and plot written down for each Arc of her story as well as what is the next chapter after this one. Excited to show you all😀

Not a cloud was in the sky tonight and the moon was shining in all its glory upon the city that never sleeps: New York. Standing in the que that lead into the nightclub on the wharf, Space Ibiza, Ame idly tapped her pink Dior stiletto into the pavement impatiently still aware that the handsome man who had been watching her on the train had followed her discreetly to Space Ibiza.

She would have confronted him but if he turned out to nobody important and just an ogling pervert, Ame would have exposed herself of who she was to the public and the authorities would have been notified immediately. Instead she decided to keep her cool and kept to her merry way, flashing her fake ID to the bouncers at the main doors and entering the venue. Loud, techno music vibrated off the walls as a dj on the stage spun on his decks the latest tracks.

It gave Ame positive vibes and wanting to be swept into it, she quickly headed towards the bar. Ame pushed past the tipsy crowd and slapped a bill onto the counter. It alerted one of the bartenders in front of her, a busty pink hair girl with cat eyes that were clearly contacts “What can I get for ya hun?” her thick, New York accent shouted over the loud din. Ame merely beamed “Cosmopolitan please” the pink hair girl nodded snatching the bill and tucking it into her bra “Coming right up”.

Leaning over the bar, Ame tapped her feet into the tiles smiling dazzingly at any bold man who would dare approach her and charm her, they were all sweet but tonight she was not looking for sex, tonight she would blend with the locals and drown herself into the electronic beats. Hopefully stay all night in the club until the sun began to rise. She was given her cocktail from the bartender and pushed back into the heavy crowds, finding herself a spot on the dance floor.

Keeping her Cosmopolitan covered from any drug popping patron, Ame danced on her, ignoring the purposely grinding men and shimmying herself out of their way, blowing a kiss at them and wagging a finger “Nice try gentlemen” her voice soft and below the loud music. Finding herself in a corner of the dance floor, Ame considered it her safe spot and easily sculled down it down “You drink like it’s water” a deep voice echoed behind her.

Looking over her shoulder, Ame blinked and raised an eyebrow. It was her creeping man from the train, reaching over and grabbing the lapel of his jacket Ame quickly caught sight of his badge hidden inside the pocket. “Spy of sorts? And what would you be interested in a girl like me?” Ame released his blazer and batted her lashes sarcastically, the mystery man merely chuckled and acknowledged her with a tilt of his head “I know exactly what kind of girl you are, daughter of Masaru Hayato”.

Ame froze up, he knew who she was! Looking around, she pulled out her kunai from her garter and was about to demand who he was only to realise he had disappeared from her side. She was alone again. Leaning against the wall, Ame scowled flipping her kunai around in her right hand. She had let her guard drop and that was dangerous.

Fashion Tile: Cheeky, Bad Girl

Being tied up is the best way to rein in a kitten though it is not obvious shibari. Didn’t buy much at Whore Couture Fair but got a new LOTD

* *HolliPocket* Skool Grill top- Set 5 *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* **RE** Bad Girl Shorts – Blue 3 *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* [RA] Dorothy Hair – Browns *NEW* from Enchantment
* .tsg. Strappy Ankle Heels – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* #EMPIRE – Honey – Top *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* .tsg. Invader Princess Raygun from Kawaii Project

GifSpam! Chaos and Destruction

The very two elements that make up a warlock of the Destruction talent. This is what my character on World of Warcraft, Andais Lu is made of. Legion is so far been amazing just a lot of questing but with the questing that is a lot of new storylines to be read.

Diary: The Daily Grind

I been back home from Hawaii for the past 9 days and also returned to work two days after I landed. My regular guests were happy to see me and asked of stories while in Oahu, happy to say that during the first week back I did not have any post-holiday blues more like a refreshed mind and ready to tackle work. I was surely missed by all of my Front desk team and it was amazing to see them all again.

I also experienced jury duty, that was interesting to say the least but I wasn’t selected so didn’t have to inform work I’d be missing out on shifts which leads to my return to work tomorrow with a stretch of 7 days, blah! I caught up in all my shopping on Second Life and Legion has been amazing, my warlock got her Scepter of Sargaras as you probably read in the short story I posted recently of her.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • My two, new Donut pillow cases from Adair
  • The latest collection made by Kitten D’amour: Girl Friday
  • My international group of friends- Mei, Katie, Aria, Rose, Elie and Mez
  • Cleaning out my clothes and organising my closet better
  • Work antics while on shift with my Front office

I also got two vices to quickly jot down in my diary, Insta-Fakes– People who post pictures to make it look like their life is amazing and so well versed when really they at home and do nothing and Fave-baits– In particular on my SL flickr when girls especially post pictures that aren’t appealing just to get a damn favourite usually is some sexual theme. No!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Crazy, Cute Scout

Took my time in finding and making a new LOTD, I also been writing side stories for Ame Hayato😀 Enjoy this tile!

* .tsg. Heart Crop Top – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store
* .:villena:. – Distressed Shorts – Blue *NEW* from ~uber~
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Elsie” Dark Browns from The Liason Collaborative
* REIGN. – Ribbon Heels *NEW* from Luxe Box

* {aii} + Tamagami Pet Necklace BlkWht + *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* .random.Matter. – Halek Choker – Gold *NEW* from Chapter 4
* MishMish – Bunny Fluffz – Aime *NEW* from The Arcade
* Sweet Thing. Power Scouter Toy – Cutie *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

Story Time: A Mistress of Chaos

Dreadscar Rift

Andais Lu shifted in her warmongering slippers as she stared up at the Dreadscar battle plans listed with notices of help, urgent letters from the various leaders of both Horde and Alliance requiring aid on the front lines. So many cries for assistance but even with the Scepter of Sargeras now hanging on her back, the destruction warlock still felt overwhelmed. In this conquered world of the Burning Legion, after the defeat of the Pit lord Jagganoth and the pledge of loyalty of the demons living on this floating rock, Andais missed the warm undertones of her garrison back on Draenor.

It had all happened so fast for her to comprehend, first the return to Stormwind City to join the Alliance and her High King on Broken shore where the Legion had returned with Gul’dan alive and leading them on their new crusade. Blood elves and night elves with fel magic running through their veins assisted both factions and called themselves: Demon hunters, it was an irritating ping in the back of all warlocks because they were the original masters of Fel magic and controlling demons.

But what hurt Andais the most was watching High King Varian jump off the airship and landing on the large Fel reaver just holding his sword, Shalamayne. She did not know of his demise until the Lord of the Worgen, Genn Greymane delivered the news to her to pass onto Anduin back in Stormwind City. The young prince was quickly made King and a short funeral was given to the fallen Alliance leader. Preparations and battle plans were made with the generals in the city and soon Andais was whisked to the floating mage city of Dalaran on request by Khadgar. There she was approached by one of the warlocks of the Black harvest council, Ritssyn Flamescowl who requested her magic in the underbelly of Dalaran.

These warlocks had always been ambitious and hoped with a summoning ritual they would have the ability to control stronger demons inside the Burning Legion, it had backfired and life was lost or captured on the Legion world known as Dreadscar. It took Andais’s own power plus a small bit of help from a lesser demon named Calydus who assisted her in retrieving the Scepter of Sargeras from right under Gul’dan’s nose and conquering the rift. Andais Lu was now the Overlord of the Dreadscar as well as The First of the Council of the Black Harvest, Ritssyn had given her the title of leading their gathering.

Opening her hand, Andais sighed as she watched the green fire spark and dance in her fingertips, yes she had gained tremendous power by the magical artifact but she had also lost good friends and soldiers. She had also witnessed the loss of her void lord Yarion, when she tried to summon him when she was locked up in the cage, her voidwalker Helrath appeared in the summoning circle instead. It had left an empty hole in her heart and the need to move on was hard without her superior demons at her disposal.

Stepping away from the battle plans, Andais Lu wandered towards the portal that was connected to Dalaran, maybe the intense fel energy was getting to her brain, time to breathe in home and focus on the quests that were given to her. Quietly, she disappeared into the portal.

Fashion Tile: Sweet Apple Pie

Post holiday new fashion tile after catching up with all my events the past two days, also did my Arcade shopping so I’m covered for that too. For now, enjoy this new LOTD

* 1 Hundred. Living Doll top *NEW* from Store marketplace
* **RE** Demi Skirt – Blue 5 – *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Dorothy” Dark Browns *NEW* from Enchantment
* [CX] Piton Pumps – Pink (Gold) *NEW* from Fetish Fair 2016

* B.C.C Canna Lucky Bag -Magic Girl from TSS
* darkendStare. Mini Feather Dragons [Sweet] RARE *NEW* from Manga Fair
* Kibitz – Saint Thomas necklace – gold *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* Stockholm&Lima: Jump Rope Harness-Pink (Legs) *NEW* from Fetish Fair 2016