Diary: Hawaii Bound

Normally this is written under my usual LL note but because I have my five likes for this past weekend and today to put in I decided to keep it to my usual diary heading. We got 30mins until our pick up is here so I will make it brief, all I can say is what an amazing weekend leading up to our family trip to Hawaii today. Lots have happened and they will be listed in my likes, but I will make this announcement that my younger sister finally got engaged on Saturday afternoon!

Today she returned to work and got overwhelmed with bouquets of flowers, congratulations, hugs and squealing (mostly from the girls) from her team mates. The ring itself is simple yet the diamond is so sparkly whenever she moves her hand, both her and her now fiance skype called our grandma last night in Philippines and got to tell her the good news.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Saturday morning breakfast, my sister and I caught up with two of our female cousins
  • Suicide Squad! Especially Harley Quinn, I loved it!😀
  • Mei spoiled me with a ‘Care package’ for International friendship day
  • I recieved a lot of videos of my boyfriend’s cat Tabitha
  • Last minute shopping detail to prepare for my trip

See you all when I come back in two weeks, I’ll post some pictures of my holiday up here with my new tan!😛

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Taiyaki Time

It wasn’t until last night during my tumblr browsing that I realised the Japanese sweet known as Taiyaki, it is not an actual fish pie, it is a pancake and can be used as cones for ice-cream. Whoops!

* *Epic* Cutie Summer set {Hot.Pink} top from Main store
* Addams // Sienna Ripped Short *NEW* from Collabor88
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Maisie” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC Venue~
* *Epic* Ice.Cream Bubble.Bow Stilettos! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from [P][H][A][T]

* {L} Fishy; Meat Pie! *NEW* from Main store
* {L} Star Collar; No Spikes *NEW* from Main store
* AsteroidBox. // Thigh High Sockies // White *NEW* from Bon Voyage: Japan
* AsteroidBox. Bow Garters // PINK *NEW* from Bon Voyage: Japan

Mood: Grateful

They say that as you grow older you get wiser, so they say but for me in certain circumstances I believe it can happen and occurs at the most random of times. I’m sure some of my oldest readers of my blog recall before I deleted the post of how much I praised the group of friends I once had called the Night shift. There was six of us who hung out on Second Life all because we either night owls or lived in the same time zone.

Then when I returned from my Philippines trip over two years ago, we all had a falling out and I didn’t speak to some of them for ages, until now. The past months or so, I have been in contact with one of the girls and its only until tonight that I truly got to chat with her and catch up on what has been going on in each others lives. It’s been very nice and giving me the warm fuzzies and remembering what it was like in our old group because crazy drama got in the way.

As I count down the days until my Hawaiian trip, it is moments like these that I cherish and glad of all the good things occuring in my life right now. I hope the positive energy continues for the rest of the year.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Blossom Ninja

Doing a raw edit tile for you all again and this particular look when posted on Flickr has recieved the most likes out of all the tiles that I have published so yay! Love this warrior look myself😀

* /Wasabi Pills/ Candy Mesh Hair *NEW* from Chapter 4: Chapter 34
* =Zenith= Xiang Mo Arm (Pink) set *NEW* from FGC

* {aii} + Talisman Aura + from The Gacha Garden
* =Zenith= Xiang Mo Light – RARE *NEW* from FGC


Diary: One Week

So glad to finally be on my days off today and I got to be both pro-active in both reality and Second Life, did my usual event shopping today online and checked out Bon Voyage: Japan, the creators are amazing and the sim is absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco with their big arch bridges.

Reality wise I did both a decent walk to work, got mum her dinner prep as well as ironing all my tops that I will be taking to Hawaii in a week! Yes, I got a week left until I am flying out around 10pm with my parents to the warmer shores of Honolulu! I am also counting down until I get to watch Suicide Squad with Mei, ignoring the critics I’m looking forward to watching it so much!

Now pulling up today’s 5 likes;

  • Smell of dinners cooking during early evening walk
  • Got my tops and bottoms packed for Hawaii
  • Brown rice chips and dry seaweed to quench salt cravings
  • I got 500 followers on here and 801 on Flickr
  • Daring Charming on Ever After High is the Beast!! YASS😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Love Puddin’

So before anyone asks yes I went that way, I got myself a new mesh head and so far getting positive feedback on it though my boyfriend said it will take getting used to

* *HolliPocket* Foxeh Miss Top-BABYPINK *NEW* from The Gacha Garden
* .tsg. Almond Nail – Cry Baby *NEW* {Group VIP gift}
* Doe: April (solid) – Browns *NEW* from The Gacha Garden
* +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dream Slippers – Cat – Orange *NEW* from The Gacha Garden

rawrrchu: “ :D I love those soot things! Star Candy ;) ”

*AvaWay* KITTEN_Earring_GOLD *NEW* from The Gacha Garden
* Tamagosenbei – Soot Gremlins {Gifted; thank you!!}
* CATWA HEAD Aisha V4.9 from Main store
* [PF] Bambi <Peach> Catwa applier from Kawaii Project

PicSpam! Shadowhunter Squad

There are getting ready for Season 2 opening next year in January and while training, our beloved Shadowhunters are going on cooking shows and winning awards this past month😀

Wishing Cassandra Clare (the creator of Mortal Instruments) a Happy birthday

Teen Choice Awards
MTV fandom awards (they won “Best new fandom”)
Cast again at Teen Choice awards, they won Best breakout show and Matt Daddario (Alec) won Best breakout star

Diary: Rambling

Day 3 of work today and so far nothing too dramatic going on at work and I even got time to continue my story board for my Lotus Hexad trilogy. Counting down still until I get to watch Suicide Squad as well as flying out to Hawaii, need to start packing for that soon.

Second Life facebook and people’s statuses though, what irks me is the girls who are known for having many men complain about how they can’t last in any sort of relationship maybe because word spreads of how many males you have conquered and its not attractive at all. I wonder have they ever thought about this, not every bloke likes used goods.

I haven’t started my trilogy yet either and I keep adding more details into my little notebook, I have the opening chapter ready just need to motivate myself to type it all. Anyway, these are my five likes;

  • How to cake it youtube channel, Yolanda’s cakes are amaze
  • Tom Hiddleston is back in Australia for Thor 3😀
  • Cadbury crunchie block
  • The patience and understanding from my boyfriend
  • Ever After High’s latest Netflix movie: Epic Winter

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Good Girl

Back to being pink/denim and mix of cute and kink again with this new LOTD, featuring main items from the new rounds of Uber and Kinky Monthly❤

* Go*DiVa – BaRBie Body (Pink) *NEW* from Kinky Monthly
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Kirsty” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~uber~
* REIGN. – TUSCOLA WEDGES *NEW* from ~uber~

* [CX] Melted Heart Tongue (Eggplant) *NEW* from FaMESHed
* ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* *Epic* Kawaii.Hentai.69 Backpack! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Main store

Diary: Final Stretch

Four days later and it looks like I forgot to keep you all posted in what’s happening on my end (yet again) Sorry! I have this weekend off and just got home 30mins ago after spending all evening out with Mei but instead of our usual dinner and movie outing we just had dinner tonight to continue discussions on each other’s story. My story Life Giver has expanded into a trilogy now and I have written notes passed the halfway mark in my little black book😀

Mei’s been seeking help and creative inspiration from yours truly because she is officially writing up a story line of her first RP character from back in our IMVU days, the big sister of Ame Hayato, Meiakane.

In between the delicious Japanese and Korean cuisine that we eat as well as sating our sweet teeth with waffles, we are well and truly on a roll in getting these stories written. I also have literally 10 shifts of work left until my annual leave! Can’t wait for palm trees, white sand and lots of sun!

This week’s five likes from me;

  • Having both Saturday and Sunday off after 6 days of work
  • Waffle bites and peppermint tea
  • Passing the halfway mark in my note book for Lotus Hexad trilogy
  • Shopping in Mooii store tonight
  • Ghostbusters 1 and 2 on blue ray for bedtime movie😀

I watched the first Ghostbusters before I went out tonight and got the second one ready for later, also making sure my younger sister comes home safe tonight, she is at a friend’s 30th birthday I think in the city.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Fries with That?

Going red instead of pink in this new tile and still being kitten style featuring new items from Shiny Shabby, thank you!😀

* **RE** Portia Lace Bustier – Red *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* [CX] Curly Whiskers (Black Tint) from Main store
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Veranica” Dark Browns *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* #EMPIRE – Shasta *NEW* from Shiny Shabby

* AMERIE – POTATO BAG from Main store
* Kibitz – Thick strap collar *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Digital Pet Keychains from The Arcade

GifSpam! THAT trailer

Well ok there was two released at San Diego Comic-Con that had me all hyped up and excited though they won’t be released until next year, but my Gal not only showed the official poster for Wonder Woman but the trailer as well! YASSS😀

Is the comic universe ready for the first female Superhero film to be released? I don’t think so!

Diary: A Glorious Sunday

It’s not glorious because I had to wake up for my first day back to work in the AM shift when it was 5 degrees outside, it was glorious for other reasons which will be part of my five likes after I chit chat a bit longer. My weekend that just finished was very social for a girl who usually enjoys the company of her own self and goes wandering on her days off.

I bought a rainbow shaped bag at my local shopping centre on Friday afternoon then spent the night out with Mei, discussing ‘The Life Giver’ as well helping her writers block when it comes to writing up the first chapter of her first RP and main character Meiakane Hayato. We had dinner and dessert in our usual haunt in the city at Regent Place, as always it was alive and full of Asians buying food, getting drunk or looking for Pokemon😛

On Saturday night it was suppose to be just me time when I booked myself a movie session to watch the new Ghostbusters, was not expecting to see mum’s work friends who are also my friends at the same cinema, watching the same movie with seats right next to me. I personally enjoyed this new Ghostbusters and developed a crush on the character that is Jillian Holtzmann, she’s kooky and very intelligent thats perhaps why I found her to be fabulous! Now my five likes for today..

  • Wonder Woman, Justice League and Fantastic Beasts trailers at San Diego Comic-con!!
  • Afternoon drives up to Wisemen’s Ferry
  • My new Kitten d’amour trenchcoat
  • Childhood nostalgia in buying Rainbow magic by Shirley Barber
  • Dinner chat with Ange, her boyfriend Adam and dad

– Lu