雨流儀: Pastel Princess

Ame is Queen of pink and mixing the cute accessories with sexy and seductive ideas, but she is not just into hot/candy pinks, I have also added the pastel shades to her closet and giving you new LOTDs that I have made in the past two weeks. They aren’t featured in her chronicles as of yet, I’m trying to figure out when she would wear them.

Below are the three outfits for this week keeping to the same pastel theme;
Pastels by lucilxlu featuring wall murals
City of Couture: Ame loves returning to Paris as much as she does to any of the other fashion capitals of the world, she blends in but also stands out in the Parisian crowd with her extravagent wardrobe and does not mind the attention she recieves. The pink corset with the denim long skirt (which is quite conservative for Ame’s risque style) along with the floral strapped heels work together and her make-up collection in this LOTD are all from France. The palette is by Lancome, the perfume is by Yves Saint Laurent but the Sailor Moon compact is definitely Japanese. Even her detailed hoop earrings have symbols of Paris inside them.

Leather princess by lucilxlu featuring home wall decor
Leather Princess: In her hometown, Ame is always that extra case of flamboyant in her attire, not just in her clothes and accessories but also in her make-up. The Anna sui cheek colour along with this perfume bottle gave the LOTD extra flair but the Miu miu pumps are gorgeous giving it elegance despite wearing a leather bralette. This outfit was also originally influenced by the Lolita fashion found in the Harajuku district in particular the Himegyaru or Princess Lolita, Ame always seen herself as a Princess since high school and incorporated it into her look.

Blossoming by lucilxlu featuring Christian Dior
Blossoming: This outfit I made is very whimsical, cute and highly floral, Ame has her moments in being very trashy and very confident in her body that she will happily show it off. She can also be aware of who she is and proudly show her Yakuza heritage, but she also has her moments in being very girly. I was feeling fairy mood when putting this outfit together and it was all inspired by the stockings that are hand made by Lirika matoshi, so intricate yet gorgeous! Also the mermaid tail brushes were super cute and I could see Ame have these in her make-up collection.


GifSpam! Rarijack

My Little Pony in the form of the Mane 6 is coming to it’s final season this year (my best friend is still in denial over it) and I’ve been watching the series on Netflix, again blaming Katie for my sudden interest in the ship that is Rarity and Apple Jack. They too cute!

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Diary: Holiday Memoirs

I am back from the United States, returned on Tuesday after two delays in both New York and Los Angeles and though it took longer to get back home the one month over there was still amazing! Though I think it was agreed with the parents that we not doing just an one hour stop over in LA and continuing on, that was too exhausting for both ways. Next time I’d do a stop over for a couple days in LA, go to Universal Studios and Disneyland again before heading over to the East Coast.

I’m looking to return eventually because four years before seeing my best friend in New york state is way too long! I told myself that I’d return to LA because of the new Star Wars attraction opening up in Disneyland this June but haven’t calculated when and will of course have to save up again for the trip. Looking to return to Hawaii again next year for the usual two weeks retreat of relaxation and not doing anything crazy.

Seeing Laura and Katie again was simply fabulous and their partners match them so well and I’m happy that they both have found that one person they are compatible with. Their support and discussions also helped me after everything that has happened. I feel more content in who I am as a person than I ever have been before and it’s not just from these girls but my family too. I am forever grateful to the girls for taking time off to spend it with me and show me the place that they lived in, both Buffalo and Syracuse are gorgeous small towns and to be honest I appreciated them more so than the big cities.

My parents and I drove up to Montreal from New York City, that was a long 9hrs with a quick stop over at Woodbury common, it’s a huge outlet that included many designer stores. I didn’t shop though but parents did return when they drove back down to New york city after dropping me off at Buffalo. Mum got me a Karl Lagerfeld jumper that I eyed during our stop over. Montreal was nice but freezing! Overnight it dropped to -7 degrees which apparently is warm compared to their usual -40 degrees in winter?? The city had a lot of construction going off so there was a lot of dust in there along with snow.

I haven’t seen snow in a decade or more so to see it again coating everywhere in Canada was amazing and nostalgic. We drove to Ottawa, the hotel was modern and tres chic and the old buildings that housed Parliament, some reminded me of Hogwarts. We had dinner in a cute British pub near the Notre dame. That was a sight to behold, the beautiful church had a deep blue ceiling with gold stars. Toronto was like a miniature New York city and the hotel needed renovation but there was a sushi train literally a minute down the street and they made everything fresh, so yum.

On the outskirts of the city after taking a train there was the Casa Loma, a maintained manor that looked more like a castle and it was the location for many movies including the original X-men, The Mortal Instruments, Crimson Peak and the new Teen Titans more recently. I was having a fangirl day not just because it was featured in so many films I enjoyed but I love historical buildings and the upkeep of Casa Loma was well done, my favourite room was Lady Pellatt’s suite.

Sharing my top five moments from my holiday;

  • M&M world in New York City– We visited it again on the last day before flying home because my sister wanted us to get her a bag of pretzel candy, we definitely got those and ones that tasted like Nutella, another favourite of hers. I also bought myself a bag that was unicorn coloured! (pastels)
  • Family in Brooklyn– We got to see my aunt and cousin from my dad’s side and they showed us around their local area while also joining us for dad’s birthday dinner in the Big Apple. My cousin does amazing photography, has his own Instagram for it too and he took photos of us when we crossed the Brooklyn bridge, for once I looked good in the professional shots.
  • High school catch up– Got to see Laura after she moved to the U.S with her husband and stayed with them for a week. She hasn’t changed at all and it was lovely to see her again. I got to meet her new friends that she has made and they were nice too, they also had three cats. Both my girl friends have cats, I think that’s what made the two weeks away from the parents even better. Laura took me shopping and we both had a blast in the Disney store (never growing up).
  • Bestie reunion– After four years, Katie and I got to see each other again and I finally met her wife too. They moved into their new house two weeks before I arrived and the amount of energy they put into it so it was all ready for my stay, I couldn’t thank both ladies enough for the effort. I can safely say that Katie is a shopaholic more so than me, apparently she can spend more than four hours at the mall, that is a lot! We also had nights of watching My Little pony and the homemade dinners were delicious. Katie also witnessed me freaking out over the new Star Wars teaser…
  • Barbie Expo– A small exhibit located in one of the connected malls in Montreal, it was great considering it is the 60th anniversary of the world famous doll. And it also meant staying out of the cold. The collection was vast starting from the beginning of when she was first released to present day. A mixture of pop culture, celebrities, fantasy and international culture. I think my favourite doll was the one dressed in Jackie Kennedy’s pink outfit and the Hard rock cafe doll with a decorated cello.

 – Lu

LL LOTD: Paris Weekend

{Reblogged} I absolutely loved Paris while I was there last year and because of my love for the tv series Miraculous and working for a French hotel chain, I can’t really escape it. I am still trying to find a Polyvore replacement to create new tiles but so far it’s a bit bleak.

Featuring three outfits below for visiting Paris. I had lots of fun creating these;
Parisian kitty by lucilxlu featuring fake flowers
Parisian Kitty: Time for work for the fashion magazine and it means going to many capital cities to do interviews, find clothing of inspiration, take photos or even stand-in for the editor-in-chief. I absolutely love this outfit! The skirt is by Dolce & Gabanna, those hot boots are by Alexander McQueen and ice-cream wristlet is by Betsey Johnson (of course). It is blending something professional with the pink blazer and making it into something I would call my own. The scarf is directly from Sanrio online store and hair would be pulled into a neat bun, like I said it was fun to create.

Night out by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Night out: The celebrity boyfriend and I would go out with friends, whether his fellow stars or my own group and it wouldn’t be all just for work. This outfit is inspired by an all out, star-studded event and taken on Bastille Day. A known holiday to the French and something they celebrate as much as New Years eve. The outfit itself is not really a designer brand, more something I created together to have its own look of individuality. The harness mixed with the pink bustier by H&M and a ruffled, voluminous black skirt with pink lace underneath. The heels however are Christian Louboutin and purse by Yves Saint Laurent.

Feeling French by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Feeling French: I actually have pants in this outfit! I know normally my previous outfits have been dresses or skirts but these pink jeans by Hobbs were too cute, I had to style a look around them. It’s something worn in Autumn or beginning of winter, the top is a pullover by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and made out of soft wool. The black embellished heels are by Dolce & Gabanna again and the necklace and bracelet are by Betsey Johnson. Are you all noticing a trend here on who I would pick in my alternate universe closet, if I had the money I would definitely spend it on these designers.

Mood: Relaxed

Hey all! This is a random post from the business centre from my hotel in Toronto, the forecast is cold and raining outside but this is ok as I am heading back down to the United States and the weather is looking to be AMAZING and much warmer than Montreal. I have never in my life experienced -7 degrees celsius weather but that city gave it to me. New York City was the same as before, pure hustle and bustle but I absolutely loved watching ‘Mean Girls’ on Broadway. Got to see my family from Brooklyn again and went to both the Met and American museum of Natural history. Both were favourite places to view and good in cold weather. Canada itself is stunning even with all the snow still in the open plains and farms, Ottawa is probably my favourite city, it is the nation’s capital and full of history and stunning architecture.

These following next two weeks are going to be the BEST because I will be spending them with my girl friends, one of them is a long time friend from high school who moved to America a couple of years ago after she got married. The second week I will be spending it with my best friend. It will be much better than the 4hrs we had four years ago and it was only a lunch time stop over. I have been keeping an eye on my work mates who have informed there is a lot of work to do when I return, bloody hell it happens every time I go on holiday, I don’t understand because I am just one person. It is also a hint that I’m a fast worker and keep the team partially afloat when I’m at work.

Anyway this is a quick sign in and saying hello to my corner of the cyber world, I will post again when I return home!

– Lu

LL LOTD: Eclectic

{Reblogged} I really miss making outfits and I can’t seem to find a website that replaces Polyvore. The below LOTDs are a mixture of black and white with pink and either work, casual or sport.

Posting three as per the norm when it comes to sharing my outfits from the disabled Polyvore;
The Chanel boots by lucilxlu featuring nyc home decor
The Chanel Boots: Using a direct quote from the film The Devil wears Prada because my alternate universe self is inspired by this fashion movie as well as Confessions of a Shopaholic. The boots are by Chanel, not the same ones that Anne Hathaway wore as Andy Sacks but similar thighs highs to say the least. The top is by Dolce & Gabanna and the shorts are Abercrombie and Fitch. The pink cardigan is not designer but it is cashmere, a layer over the flimsy blouse. This is an outfit that sums up the perks of being an editor-in-chief’s assistant, shopping around the world in couture! My favourite piece is Betsey Johnson rose bag.

Fight like a girl by lucilxlu featuring prAna
Fight like a Girl: When I was 21, I took roughly two years of Jeet Kune Do class, it is the martial arts that Bruce Lee began, it is a mixture of other deadly arts but with his own twist on it. Now my alternate self would definitely take a combination of dance and martial arts to stay active (and to fit in those gorgeous clothes). The above outfit is one of her training LOTD, none of it is designer though the sneakers are Nike and the bag is Victoria Secret. Everything is minimal and she only wears the pendant that holds the intial of her celebrity boyfriend, subtlety at its best. My favourite accessory is the star pin in the braid, its pink and cutesy.

Laduree by lucilxlu featuring PiP Studio
Laduree: There IS a Laduree store that sells macarons and stationary outside the Palace of Versailles, I even got myself a keychain and notebooks after ogling at how pretty the store itself was. My alternate self would have Laduree make-up because she would be able to afford it and going to Versailles would be a favourite tourist habit of hers in between working and shopping. The top is by Honey couture, skirt by Ronald Van Der Kemp and the shoes are inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers made by Dolce & Gabanna. My favourite accessory would be the lipgloss and the random pink tea cup, because high tea is elegant and posh.