Fashion Tile: BDSM Royalty

This is very unusual for me to be posting a second fashion tile but this LOTD is also special because it’s not my usual, its going kink and featuring my Sir; Aum❤

* #EMPIRE – Alstroemeria – Maitreya *NEW* from ROMP
* [RA] Waterfall Hair from Hair Fair 2015
* PHEDORA. Isidora Set *NEW* from ROMP
* REIGN.– Holo Pumps- Pearl *NEW* from Luxe Box

“ Carnivale by Theanimalparade

* [CX] Tongue Trap (Onyx) from ROMP

* :Diamante: Provocative Reloaded Collar from Main store
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Play Leather Blindfold Black from Objets D’amour
* [Black Bantam] Standing Little Kitten – Orange Tabby F *RARE* from Chapter 4

Fashion Tile: Kill with Kindness

Kitty on my shirt and vanilla milkshake in my mouth, just a couple of my favourite things in this new LOTD. Enjoy!

* :FY: Kat Body Suit (Hot pink) *NEW* from TDR
* PICHI – Roses Are Not Red Tattoo 2 *NEW* from TDR
* Doe: Wednesday (solid) – Browns from Main store
* REIGN. – STACEY WEDGES *NEW* from Luxe Box

* *::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- (RARE).oogi-kazari *NEW* from Origami
* {aii} + Black/Gold Ningyo Obi S + *NEW* from Origami
* :Moon Amore: Milkshake (Vanilla) *NEW* from The Epiphany

Diary: Long Weeks Ahead

I guess with only a month until my family and I fly out to glorious Hawaii and its warmth and sun I have to deal with doing long shift weeks at work. My boss has rostered me on 7 days this week then 6 after my next days off then another 7 after that. I’m not sure what the deal is though one of my assistant managers explained it’s because she is on annual leave and the casual guest service agent who can normally cover me will be acting as assistant manager too. Great..

Out of all the incompetenance with fellow colleagues at work, mum being away in Malaysia for work, worrying about who will look after dad since Ange is always out with her boyfriend I still managed to find 5 likes for this new week.

  • Cabanossi bites by Primo dipped in minced garlic- yum!
  • Pixel cuddles with my boyfriend after work
  • Kitten D’amour’s Riviera collection, I raved about it last diary post
  • Smell of rain on plants
  • Periods of warm days just before I go to work in the PM shift

Tomorrow will be Day 5/7 for this week and got something to look forward to on my days off, I already planned with Mei of a catch up yet again and story talking on this Friday night so can’t wait😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Catch Them All

Not wearing my signature colour in today’s LOTD but still going for cute. Did my shopping in opened events and participated in recieving my first Luxe Box.

* Sorbet. Shellkini top [Rouge] *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* Blueberry – Britan- Denim Skirt *NEW* from Main store
* Doe: Miffy- Browns *NEW* from The Epiphany
* REIGN. – Holo Pumps- Pearl {Luxe Box Group gift}

* (Yummy) Memory Locket – Gold *NEW* from Collabor88
* Foxes – LuxeBag Gift❤ *NEW* {Luxe Box Group gift}
* PHEDORA. Isidora set *NEW* from ROMP
* ZK – Kawde Heaphone *NEW* from Store marketplace

Diary: Shopping Again

Last day off I had today before I return to work tomorrow with seven days straight (eww). I ended it with a good deal of shopping at my local mall which included a new cardigan and dress from Kitten D’amour, two pillows and cute little cat lights on string from Typo as well as Lancome’s Juicy shaker, its a lip gloss with colour and the only real reason I bought it is because other than looking cute, one of its cover girls is Lily Collins😛

I set up the pillows on my bed and lights on my curtain and my bedroom continues to improve in look and being all pretty even with the lights turned off. I am still writing notes and ideas for my post apocalypse story in my little notebook but I haven’t gotten a title for the story yet, whoops should work on that.

Also been thinking of starting up my “Fives likes” subheading that I used to do in the old Luci Logs and did them in the beginning of this second blog. I’ll do one quickly for the finishing of my weekend

  • Snapchats of Skitty
  • Good morning and good night every day from my man
  • Smell of chimneys in the early evening
  • The sun warming up my room during cold days
  • Decorating my bedroom

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Kitten’s Love

Took my sweet ass time in compiling a new tile for you, but voila I got one! With my winter days here I am yearning for the comfortable warmth of Summer

* Bens Boutique – Arzu Frilly Top – Maitreya White *NEW* from On9
* **RE** Lana Shorts – Blue 5 – Maitreya *NEW* from The Season’s Story
* .Olive. the Tiffany Hair Brunettes from Main store
* *Epic* Sweet.Icing Sandals! {Red} *NEW* from Main store

* #EMPIRE – Lechenaultia – Maitreya *NEW* from Mesh Body Addicts
* +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff – Kitty Ears *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* .Atomic. Accessory // Collect Moments – Antique Brass *NEW* from Collabor88
* AMERIE – HOTDOG BAG *RARE* from Main store

Mood: Erratic

As you readers and followers know I have been posting for my warlock Andais and my Yakuza Ame for a while now, they are my main characters when it comes to short stories here on the Luci Logs. I have also been easing up in my posting every single day and struggling with making a new fashion tile recently. I have instead turned back to traditional writing notes and ideas in my notebooks.

Before I was on my laptop before Second Life and IMVU ever existed in my life, I had so many coloured notebooks and random writing pads with story ideas from primary school all the way up to college post high school. My imagination back then was more innocent but more detailed and vivid in story making. Two days ago I went to watch Finding Dory again but this time with my work colleagues, after our lunch and movie I was taken to a $2 dollar Japanese store that sold the cutest stationary ever!

Bought myself a small black, leather bound notepad and been writing a new story idea in it since, I was inspired by all the sci-fi, post apocalyptic movies I been watching lately especially Mad Max: Fury road. The characters were designed on the website Doll divine and each of the girls were inspired by my dear international friends and bestie Mei. I just hope I can lift all this note taking and biographies into a story format then see it fall through again.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Pretty Soldier

My second Crystal Heart Festival tile along with new items from returning events of this month. I really love this squirrel pet by Pink Acid that I got at Chapter 4😀

* Sweet Thing. Sailor Suit – Chibi Top *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* MONS – Detailed Skirt denimC *NEW* from Chapter 4
* Doe: Leah V1 – Browns *NEW* from Gacha Guardians
* #EMPIRE – Nerine Chain *NEW* from Chapter 4
* RO – Bubblegum Princess – Rainbow *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival

* {aii} + Clo Cards Aura + *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* .random.Matter. – Tegrin Necklace – Crybaby [Silver] *NEW* from Chapter 4
* CURELESS/ Moon Eternal Brooch *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* Pink Acid My Pet Peanut Squirrel Brown RARE *NEW* from Chapter 4

Fashion Tile: Hello Sailors

Finally had the motivation to post up one of my Crystal Heart Festival posts❤ It is a new event that opened on the 30th June (Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon’s birthday)

* .Atomic. Sailor Scout Sweatshirt-Chibi *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* VINYL – Neyla Shorts *NEW* from ~uber~
* TRUTH HAIR Dune *NEW* from ~uber~
* [UMEBOSHI] Watergloss lips -Rubies- from The Season’s Story
* *Cila* Ribbon Ballet Shoes Pink *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival

fyeahsailormoon: “ 「美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal」第3期<デス・バスターズ編> ”

* *FG* Watermelon Pudding – on Spoon! *NEW* from -The Project Se7en-
* {aii} + Kio Companion Floating + *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* .tsg. Mystical Hairpin – White *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival
* .::Cubic Cherry::. {Cubic Captor Cherry} halo cherry *NEW* from The Crystal Heart Festival

Diary: Catch Up

Sorry I’m three days behind my usual daily schedule of posting everything and anything but I haven’t been feeling the motivation for any diary or fashion tile on Second Life. What I have been doing these past couple of days is working the AM shifts and dealing with the freezing temperatures early morning. I have also got my hayfever brewing due to the fact I cleaned my room on my previous days off.

I also got to watch Mad Max: Fury Road and found myself enjoying it very much despite the morbid setting of a wasteland future, Pottermore released the houses of the American magic girl Ilvermorny and I got sorted into the Horned Serpent and though it has a snake for its symbol it’s actually one favoured for the scholars and intelligence. In national news we all had to vote yesterday for our next PM and so far it is tied up between both parties, we don’t know the final results until Tuesday, great…

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Colourful Pride

As many are aware, this entire month is ‘Pride Month’ for the LGBT community. Also opened today, Second Life creators host a fundraiser for Pulse nightclub

* SPIRIT – Sahara top *NEW* from ~uber~
* *CK* sweet honey skirt *NEW* from Store marketplace
* .Olive. the Courtney Hair from Main store
* #EMPIRE – Foxglove *NEW* from Pulse.Fundraiser

* **RE** Lolita Necklace *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* VCO ~ Kiss me Hairband [ Kiwi ] *NEW* from Main store
* [CX] Bone Tail v1.2 (Pride) *NEW* from Pulse.Fundraiser
* //elephante poses// Love #6 *NEW* from Pulse.Fundraiser