Pixel Worlds: Seeing Red

Using the same divider as I use for Second Life but these pictures are from all fronts that I play on. Red is the colour of confidence, passion and anger it also looks good on me in reality and a common shade on my avatars when not pink of course.

I never played the Mists of Pandaria expansion on World of Warcraft and since last night I went to the shrouded island and had a fangirl moment of how beautiful it looks, got my warlock all decked out in theme and even started writing a new story for her.

My favourite character in the original 4-7 of Star Wars was Darth Vader, fell in love with his former self Anakin Skywalker and in the more recent film I find emo Kylo Ren adorable so I’m a Sith :P Come join the Dark side

I don’t think I told my readers here on The Luci Logs that I am also playing Blade and Soul after seeing how gorgeous the graphics are and the detail in each avatar. This is one of her costumes, the glasses and rose in hair are extras.

For the upcoming Valentines Day on Sunday I have gone poser mode and ready to sign off on friends love letters

LL Note: Birthday Weekend

** Going to Canberra tomorrow! **

Despite being gifted two pretty shirts from my parents and birthday cards from them, my sister and her boyfriend and my grandma on mum’s side- my main birthday present from the family is a mini trip to our Nations capital this weekend. Originally it was going to be a mother/daughter bonding until dad wanted to come with, he has a thing of being left alone.

We are driving there in the afternoon and doing a stopover to see one of mum’s work friends at their place halfway to Canberra. We will be staying at the Park Hyatt near Parliament house and I will have my own room. Ange was kind enough to pay for one of the two nights we are staying at the hotel. Last time I was in Canberra I was perhaps only 12 years old and before that I was only 5 so cannot wait to see how much has changed since that time.

I need this mini break just for time of reflection and offline from the virtual worlds though I will miss my gaming :P See you all when I come back on Sunday afternoon! And back to work on Monday morning @.@

– Lu

Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 1

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

Being pushed eagerly towards the portal inside her mage tower, Andais Lu protested as the familiar image of Stormwind city loomed within the blue arcane globe “Who will look after Skitty and ZenZen? I’m sure the King needs me to report to Ashran against the Horde!” exchanging amused glances and laughing, her two friends and comrades Tuulani the Draenei Shadow priest and Serena the human Frost mage continued to push their Commander to Azeroth.

“WE will look after the kitties and I’m sure King Varian will understand that sometimes Garrison commanders need a break from working too hard” Serena patted Andais’ Felweave amice. Pushing her mechshades on top of her head, Andais pleaded with the mage “I do not need a break Serena, my work is neverending here on Draenor” Tuulani laughed merrily and gestured Mero, the warlock’s flying mount to come into the tower.

The flying arcane sabre bounded forward and nudged his mistress in the back, Andais blanched out towards her cat “Not you too Mero, you’re eager for us to go to Pandaria?” Mero purred and bumped her again in answer. Andais slumped forward in defeat and nodded, her palm resting on Mero’s head “Very well, my flying companion insists so I’ll go” she was swept up into a hug by the two females who released her as she stepped backwards into the portal “It will all be the same when you return!” Serena called out as Andais Lu and Mero were enveloped by the dimensional magic.

Putting her mechshades back on her head, Andais stepped through the portal and into the upper room of the Stormwind mage tower hearing a rumble behind her she realised Mero was standing next to her. Managing the portal coming out of Draenor, High Sorcerer Andromath along with his small following of mage trainers nodded towards her as she walked past with her sabre. Walking down the spiral tower, Andais passed Sparkbight who watched over the portal to Hellfire Peninsula until they reached outside.

Blinking behind her mechshades, Andais Lu heard the distant tolling of Cathedral square as early morning basked her home city in its early rays. Hopping onto Mero’s back, the warlock guided her mount towards the garden beside Stormwind Keep. Last time she was behind the mist she was aiding the Alliance against the Horde as well as searching for the missing Prince Anduin. The conflict had ceased of course and both factions returned to Azeroth only leaving a regiment behind of their soldiers.

The night elves of Darnassus being long time friends with the Pandaren and constantly keeping watch so that the peace is no longer disrupted. Landing by the Pandarens, Andais hopped off Mero and walked towards the portal being channelled by Ang the Wise bending down briefly to pat the sleeping Meng Meng. Noticing the warlock approach him, Ang smiled broadly “Returning to Pandaria Andais?” she nodded sighing “On orders from my garrison followers…apparently I need a break” Ang roared with laughter “I hope my humble home gives you that since last time”.

Looking down at Mero who nudged her encouragingly, Andais smiled briefly “I hope so too Ang” before stepping into the arcane portal bringing Mero along with her.

Fashion Tile: February Baby

It’s my birthday everyone! And I’m giving you all a LOTD to start off the celebrations maybe, sorta. But anyway featuring themes of Chinese New Year, Sailor Moon and anarchy!

* **Dirty Princess** Daddy’s Lil Brat Princess Skirt from Store marketplace
* .tsg. Babygirl Panties – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Emeline *NEW* from Main store
* ..::PD::.. Baby Tie [RARE] *NEW* from Suicide Dollz
* .tsg. Silk Wrap Heels – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* ::Axix:: My love letter pen {Group gift} *NEW* from Main store
* EF: Dollmaker’s Fetish Bracelet – Sterling *NEW* from Objets D’amour
* LaGyo Eugenia pearl drops *NEW* from FaMESHed
* MONS – Pentagram Hoop Earrings silver *NEW* from Chapter 4- Chapter 33
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Ankle Cuff V2 Pink *NEW* from Objets D’amour

Mood: Grateful

Today is my last day of work before I am given six days off and will be going to Canberra, it is also two days before I am turning 28 in reality, 2 years off 30! I am feeling my age already >.< But! What I didn’t know is that my two duty managers along with the new front office manager were secretly planning both a hand-made card and custom birthday cake for me :D

I couldn’t believe it, they had it signed by various colleagues in the different departments, I also got a couple of my regular guests who I talk to all the time to sign it too. Needless to say though today is not my birthday I am feeling very spoiled and special from my front office. I mean c’mon one of the girls in our team made the card! Thank you Lyca and Amy <3

– Lu

Second Life: How to be Single

When not shopping or gaming, I am on Second Life taking plenty of random selfies of my avatar and uploading them to Flickr

Taken at Elysion, by their beach- new bikini is by The Sugar Garden

Taken at Ehruhi on its ethereal planes

Taken at Corruption in one of the master bedrooms with my crazy cat lady chair

Taken in my home sim, expressing Filipino pride

Diary: Travel Plans

My birthday is in three days and last night mum booked both the Park Hyatt in Canberra for our weekend away and returning on Valentines Day and she also booked our August trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks. Dad has decided he is going to come along with us to Canberra because I guess he can’t be alone though my younger sister isn’t come with us so pfft!

Mum has also given me some surprising news last week, her and dad were discussing the hope of doing a Europe trip next year. I mean c’mon this year has just started and we got our travel plans set but they are already looking to 2017 for our next big trip?! Really? I wonder if Ange will come with us, probably get her boyfriend to come with us of course but yeah interesting…

Soo my travelling for this year is a lot more than last year already :D
* Canberra for my birthday weekend
* Hawaii for 2 weeks in August
* South Korea with Mei again for Thanksgiving (hoping!)

My annual leave won’t be renewed until May when I hit my three year mark at the Novotel property but combining days off with the given weekends from working public holidays, travelling in reality isn’t looking too bad at all.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Shibari Rose

ROMP has a new gacha event for February/Valentines Day called Objets D’amour and the Elysion members were granted early access yesterday morning. Sharing my BDSM love :P

* S&P ropes & flowers set black *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* MONS – Pentagram Hoop Earrings silver *NEW* from Chapter 4
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Ankle and Wrist Cuff V2 Black *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Play Leather Blindfold Black *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* AZOURY – Awake Shoe Licorice *NEW* from Chapter 4

 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png
* [CON] Bondage Bears – Beary Good RARE *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* *AF* Capturado Vibrator Set *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* The Horror!~ Amore Collection // Clutter Platter (Light) *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* The Horror!~ Amore Collection // Box of Stuff (Light) *NEW* from Objets D’Amour
* The Horror!~ Amore Collection // Bucket Of Love (Light) *NEW* from Objets D’Amour

Mood: Warlock Pride

My warlock though she is now level 100 in Draenor, her abilities as a destruction caster is still a work in progress. When it comes to raids and especially PvP my attacks on fellow players is low range unless I have help from other Alliance team mates. Such is the case when I was playing old school Alterac Valley tonight for the weekend event on World of Warcraft.

But! I can happily say by the second battleground, my name was halfway up the scoreboard and my honourable kills had increased a lot. For something that seems so mundane to ordinary people for a gamer like me who is still learning how to make her destruction warlock more powerful, I am quite proud tonight :D

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Bloody Valentine

February is here and not only is it my birthday month but also the dreaded Valentines Day where you got mushy couples everywhere. I’ll be eating all the discounted candy :P

* *HolliPocket* Sweet Cheeks Crop-Barbie *NEW* from SaNaRae
* Blueberry – Kyla – Mini Skirts *NEW* from Main store
* Maitreya Sasha – Coffee from Store marketplace
* Jinx (DD) Shabby Chic Rose Shoe from Store marketplace

* MONS – CuteMoon HeadPiece (gold) RARE *NEW* from Gacha Garden
* {aii} + Ofuda Arms + *NEW* from Gacha Garden
* [CX] Glitch Collar (Silver) from Main store
* //A B// Flight – Leg Straps from Store marketplace
* ::C’est la vie !:: Harriet Bag *NEW* from Main store {Fifty Linden Friday}

Mood: Chilled/Peaceful/Relaxed

Song: Singing Towers of Darillium from Doctor Who

I decided to insert songs with my mood posts because they seem to accompany the emotions that are going through my head every time I write up in my blog. I have my usual stalkers so hello all don’t mind me I am chilling out after a PM shift and editting my next fashion tile which will be posted up tomorrow after my Day 6 at work :D

Cannot wait for the 2 days off, this week seems to have drained me or perhaps that’s just me being hormonal along with internal conflict with the end of relationship issues…anyway! Deciding whether to continue levelling up on my Blade and Soul character or go on World of Warcraft and slaughter monsters with my warlock, I will always be chaos and destruction at heart :P

– Lu