Fashion Tile: I’m Fun Size

Rayne Isles are probably one of the most simple yet romantic sims I have come across via Bitacora Viajera travel blog and quite glad I went there. This LOTD my dear friend Fay’s Secret Love store accessories.

* *HolliPocket* Shorteh Phrase-Fun Sized-Light Pink *NEW* from The Thrift Shop
* Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts – Belted – from Main store
* C h a r y. – Raven Makeup – Liner Only from The Secret Affair (2014)
* TRUTH HAIR Ishya [LoveJugs 2] *NEW* from Uber
* :::: Suki :::: Kitty Stockings v2 W ~ pink *NEW* from anyBody

* {Secret Love} Chunky Links Bracelet *NEW* from Main store
{Secret Love} Hoop earrings with pearls *NEW* from Main store
* {Secret Love}  Retro Glasses *NEW* from Main store
* Ninety -Cloudy Bag Pink <3 from Main store
* ::Axix:: Shi-Mae Cat {White} *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Diary: Annual Leave Finito

Ok technically I have until Tuesday next week before I return to work but considering its almost end of the work week its safe to not much interesting things will happen between now and then. However I DID cook another dish for tonight’s dinner, my younger sister has been quite social after work so mum has been relying on me and my um cooking skills.

Needless to say I am growing confident in doing dinner for the family and if I’m not on PM shift I will try and do it more often then waiting for mum to do it once she gets better from her healing of her hamstring. Speaking of mum she remarked to me today that what will she do when I return to work next week? I have been home this entire 3 weeks and since her operation been helping her out around the house.

It has got me questioning too because dad and Ange obviously both work too and can’t really stay for many hours each day. Mum has become more independant in how she does things on the ground floor but its getting upstairs is just the hassle for her. I know that with PM shifts I am more flexi, we’ll see how she goes on this. Also Vivid (lights event here in Sydney) has already began, hoping to go soon with Mei before my weekends are gone again.

– Lu

Second Life: Beauty of Elysion

Management at the adult lounge hosted their monthly “The Distillery” in the party room the past weekend where everyone comes in dressed from the 1920s-30s, gangster/mob and vintage. Tunes from those eras are played as well, a night to just chill out and enjoy.

Owner Syn also announced that she made a new swimming hole in the sim below the Luxe theatre as well as new hideaways for the Elysion members to discover for themselves. I found some of them all closely knitted together. Again all about the details and what she has placed.

Whether it is inside or outdoors, they expressed that Les Reves has a love for anything green, in one of the rooms of the main building there is a collection of bonsai plants :D

GifSpam! Queens of the Valar

ǀ ƒιηιѕнє∂ яєα∂ιηg тнє Sιℓмαяιℓℓιση αη∂ ωσω ιηтєηѕє яєα∂ιηg вυт ѕтιℓℓ νєяу ωєℓℓ ∂σηє ωнєη ιт cσмєѕ тσ ƒαηтαѕу. ǀ мσѕтℓу ℓσνє тнє Ʋαℓαя ιη тнιѕ ѕтσяу- тнє Ɗємι gσ∂ѕ ωнσ ωαтcн σνєя Mι∂∂ℓє Ɛαятн. ǀη ραятιcυℓαя тнє Qυєєηѕ

Mood: Accomplished

Dear friends and family know that I have not exactly been a chef, well I don’t even cook in my house and its usually mum while my sister does the sweetest of baked goods. Well two days ago, mum decided to appoint me to do the cooking and I cooked a simple dish for the family- Chicken rice and its literally that. It is like a fried rice with roast chicken pieces, cooked vegies and brown rice- I also tossed in sliced cabanossi for extra kick.

It was a success to the other three under our roof! Now mum wishes me to cook again for tomorrow night, thing is what do I cook? Pasta? Or try and test out my skills like my sister Ange has done?

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Holmes Red

This was supposed to be posted yesterday after the anime schoolgirl but oh well, its here instead! Featuring items from the new rounds of N21, Showroom and Bewbapalooza.

* .::PS::. Lullaby – Vintage 1 top *NEW* from Bewbapalooza
* [ Mudskin ] Plump Lipgloss5_Medium1 from We <3 RP
* Tee*fy Zia High Slit Skirt – S – Plaids *NEW* from N21
* TRUTH HAIR Armelle [LoveJugs 2] from Main store
* {Six Essence} Alexia Black heels *NEW* from The Showroom

* (Yummy) Diamond Flower Nose Ring – Silver *NEW* from N21
* ::TI:: Round Earring – Silver (steel) *NEW* from The Fantasy Collective
* B.C.C My prince-Nutcracker Red RARE from The Arcade
* Cute Poison – 8Bit Shades from Frost
* [Miseria] Sweetheart Bag – Black *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Fashion Tile: Student of Kokoro Academy

Anime and cutesy things have flourished in the latest round of Genre as well as a new gacha event at On the Boardwalk, featuring an Otaku schoolgirl as my next LOTD

* *Epic* Anime Summer School Skirt + Top {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Genre
* [ Mudskin ] Plump Lipgloss6_Medium1 from We <3 RP
* :Moon Amore: Mariposa Hand Tattoo- Henna (Slink) from Cosmetics Fair/90s Flashback
* .tsg. Cherry Plats – Bubblegum from Kawaii Project

* [Krave] Pink Wings Back *NEW* from On the boardwalk
* {Imeka} Sweet Bento Color 2 (Wear) from Xiasumi School Festival
* {N} BookwormBear-RARE *NEW* from On the boardwalk
* {Secret Love} Heart Glasses *NEW* from Main store
* {Secret Love} Stacking Rings – Silver/Black Spike *NEW* from Main store

Mood: Amused/Content

It’s the weekend here and I have finally got all the chores done plus helping mum out with her leg or fetching extra things and watching a little bit of the movie Chef with her. That movie isn’t so bad, its about one of my favourite things- cooking! Then later on this afternoon I been logged onto Second Life but recieved a drunk skype call from dear friend Recka :P It’s been a good Saturday!

– Lu

Diary: Return of the Gamer

Second week of my annual leave is almost at an end and compared to last week it hasn’t exactly been quite productive…I was aiming to go to New Zealand soon but now mum had her operation this past Tuesday, I thought it best to stay at home just in case she needs someone in these next recovery week. So while I may go out for lunch or even a random drive I’m not far from home for her and being on Second Life even for a couple of hours a day is getting well boring.

I have returned to my Gamer roots since two days ago and not only picked up playing Minecraft on a creative server with Aum but I have also re-downloaded Steam and downloaded both Tera and Terraria. Tonight I am currently in the middle of downloading another MMO by recommendation from Aum- Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I played Tera earlier today while watching a series of leading lady films and found it quite enjoyable it is similar to when I used to play World of Warcraft but a lot more detailed in its gaming style…but its graphics! Oh my gosh, soo beautiful :D I took a lot of happy snaps as I normally would in between each quest and quite like the look of my custom character if I say so myself.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Watermelon Wish

Lots of sweet treats and pink goodness have been released in the new round of events this week including Kawaii Project, IDK and Kustom9, compiled together.

* 1 Hundred. Wishes Bodysuit Upper 2. Pink *NEW* from Lubbly Jubblies
* antielle. My Magical Prism / Rose (Fresh) *NEW* from Cosmetics Fair
* TRUTH HAIR Katara [LoveJugs 2] *NEW* from Main store
* RO – Compensator Heel – Left – Black *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

* :Moon Amore: SFM Camera Bag (Watermelon) RARE *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* Kibitz – Bindi #3 *NEW* from Cosmetics Fair
* Ninety– Stole The Show Necklace Mesh IDK
* [Dreamsicle] Yummy Smartphone – Pink Watermelon *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Mood: Awestruck

Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated music video featuring a star studded cast blew me away, the tune was catchy but the music video itself got me all excited! They said it was like Sin City/Sucker Punch and I can agree definitely was that! Girl Power ftw! :D I fangirled that Jessica Alba and Mariska Hargitay in the video

– Lu

Second Life: Undead Elysians

Yesterday I decided to attend the 12pm SLT Elysion party with its new theme of Zombies! This weekend and though it meant staying up past 5am, the hour of going to the party and taking pictures was worth it.

I dressed my avatar as the high end lady killer who after chopping up her undead husband left her mental as well as fighting for survival, she thought she was safe in the hospital not knowing its the most heavily infested place of zombies ever!

Attended the party beside Caity Tobias as usual :D And DJ Des was mixing it up with everyone in synchronised zombie dancing