Fashion Tile: Little Tease

(18+ Slight NSFW) This LOTD will be a mix of both fashion and furniture details with majority of the products being bought at the classy and kinky event known as ROMP. Enjoy!

* #EMPIRE – Diascia – Top *NEW* from Fetish Fair
* [ILAYA] Bondage Harness Briefs {black} from Fetish Fair
* /Wasabi Pills/ Willa Mesh Hair *NEW* from Candy Fair 2016

* [atooly] madelyn pink bracelet .gold. *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* [atooly] madelyn pink kitten bracelet .gold. *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* \\Naberius\\ Spinal Tap *default* *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff – Celestial Necklace (Gold) from Crystal Heart Festival

Location: Elysion
 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png
* The Horror!~ Mahou Collection – Light *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* The Horror!~ Thirsty Bottle – Pink (DECOR) *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* Violetility – Sensation Play Bedside Table *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* Violetility – Sexy Stockade *NEW* from ROMP: Elegant Kink
* Stockholm&Lima: Little Birdcage (Fancy)

Diary: Busy Work Week

Enjoying this 24hr break between my AM and PM shifts, it was so busy working the morning 7am-3pm at work the past two days because we have a lot of conferences and corporate groups staying with us. They check in for one night and leave the next day it also means no tour groups so no easy check out of a zero balance. I survived though and got just two more days of work left before I participate in yet another walk/jog with my mum this weekend.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Early evening drives heading up north to my favourite hangout by the river
  • I got 2 name mentions from guests in our hotel surveys
  • “The Hen Den” my Facebook group chat with International girl friends
  • Making a list of Halloween movies to watching leading up to the 31st
  • My Flickr is 20 followers away from dinging 900😀

No vices tonight other than the usual vents that you all know about or I have already clucked to my friends about, plus my brain is tired and can’t be bothered to make an opinion. Good night❤

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Hong Kong Garden

Bunny-shaped sweets? And creepy pumpkins getting ready for the Spookiest day of the year, gotta love it when the Northern hemisphere celebrate Fall/Autumn

* . offbeat . heart angora knit pink *NEW* from TSS
* SPIRIT – Sera skirt *NEW* from Collabor88
* /Wasabi Pills/ Hanna Mesh Hair from Main store
* .tsg. Bunny Plats – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* :: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Bear Garter .[B] RARE *NEW* from TSS
* eyecandy – Bonbon gacha – Bonbon Tongue Pink RARE 2 *NEW* from The Epiphany.
* MG – Necklace – Laguna House Party *NEW* from Collabor88
* [Black Bantam] Nom Nom Eclair For You *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

GifSpam! Season 2 Clary

I can’t wait for it arrive on January 2nd! So glad they made it earlier release than the first season😀 The trailer and sneak peeks are wetting the fandom’s appetite! This gif series made by Holland Rodens

Bonus: These couples are end game and I love their portrayal of Sizzy, Clace and Malec on the small screen😀

Diary: Chilled Days Off

I got another proper weekend off which meant tonight I got to hang out with Lana again in the city though mum had a dinner with her side of the family at our local RSL. She wanted me to come but I wanted to tell my bestie about where I am up to in regards to my character Ame Hayato and her stories. It was also a very hot today today and is going to be warm tomorrow, stayed cool but I do not like it when we have bushfires whether back burning/controlled or suddenly done by some stupid person who did not put out their cigarette correctly while driving.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • My Front desk, the entire crew- we had no boss but we survived and had fun doing it
  • Shadowhunters Season 2 trailer! I stayed up until 4am earlier this week, so worth it❤
  • Character discussion over Japanese dinner with Mei tonight
  • I cleaned out my desk’s shelves of paperwork and re-did my many notebooks
  • My pictures on my flickr are getting 15+ favs this week😀

No vices tonight despite mum annoying me and trying to guilt trip me in not attending her birthday dinner, I already had dinner with her and the rest of our family on her actual birthday! Boss lady was kind enough to give me AM shift on that day and PM shift the next day so I didn’t have to worry on an early bedtime.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: A World of Dreams

Spring neko going out to play and feeling cutesy while doing it, though beware of her tail she carries a knife. Going with my usual Kawaii inspiration😀

* [hh] Gigi Bow Top from Store marketplace
* Addams // High Rise Skirt w/Panties from Main store
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Sahara” Dark Browns from ~uber~
* REIGN. – Hocus Platform Heels WHITE *NEW* from REIGN.

* ALTAIR* arumi necklace *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* ALTAIR* babydoll harness .pink. from Store marketplace
* AsteroidBox. Demon Dagger Tail // Pink – Clean *NEW* from The Season’s Story

GifSpam! Fanon OTP

A combination of both pictures and gifs found by fellow Dramione shippers on tumblr😛 I’m not sure why but lately I been reading about them again and I think it’s because older Malfoy was flirting with Hermione in Cursed child xD

Even behind the scenes of the films, they are legit the most adorable together! And Goblet of Fire showed a lot of it

Story Time: The New Scribe

The Scribes Sacellum

Part 2

Using the hovering ladder, the warlock Andais Lu floated up through the tower of magical books, she was so used to demonic tomes that being a scribe, she was exposed to more knowledge and given leeway to dabble in lighter magic. Yes she did aid demon hunters on the battle fronts in the various realms of the Broken Shores but runes could also be attuned towards the greater good than just another established link to the Burning Legion.

Professor Pallin, her instructor and a gnome mage was impressed with her handiwork that it was almost worth while staying up late and studying each technique of how to write out a magical scroll. Almost. That was before she was pushed forward to invest in the magical properties of shields and protection spells by using scrolls and runes. That was what she was doing now, searching the never ending sea of books that were shelves in the higher levels of the Scribe Sacellum. With a quill and parchment in hand and using her minimal balance skills on the floating woodwork, Andais quickly grabbed one of the thicker novels and jotted down the spells written inside.

She knew that with any type of magical property especially spell books, any caster had to be careful when opening them. In such a high arcane place as the city of Dalaran, these books used by the scribes were incredibly potent and also had defensive magic wrapped around them to protect them from the wrong hands. It had been a stroke of luck and knowing her own unlocking spells that Andais had not unleashed any kind of wrath from the books and managed to write down what she needed to start her work on a shield scroll.

Floating back down to the floor and trading pigment with Ink trader Jessica Sellers, Andais parked in her usual corner of the shop and laid out her notes on the easel. Dipping her quill into black ink mixed with the pigment of grounded mana crystals, the warlock started her first try of her protection scroll. Hovering nearby Professor Pallin eyed her work before nodding quietly and walking away. From the detail of what she had read in the books above, this particular spell was much more difficult but she was determined to unlock it’s secrets and conquer like she did with any other new spell she learned for her demonic artifact sitting on her back.


The candle was burning low as Andais Lu finished her twentieth scroll of protection, it was her final try and after much correction and suggestion from Professor Pallin before he retired to bed and a couple of extra mugs of Kafa coffee the warlock felt she was ready. Grabbing the scroll, she hurried out of the shop and down into the Underbelly of the violet city, the sewer guards were on watch which meant no rebellion or strange magical creatures appearing out of the dark. Placing the scroll on the ground, Andais spread her hands wide and summoned her voidwalker Helrath, if the protection had gone bad like her other trials before, her minion would protect her.

Reading the paperwork quietly, Andais Lu cast the shield scroll over herself, the scroll glowed gold briefly before dimming down. Biting her bottom lip, the dark caster mentally smacked herself thinking she had failed again only to feel a warm trickle of magical energy wash over her body. Helrath curled his claws into his fists watching his mistress and taking a step back, looking at her arms quickly with excitement, Andais Lu took note of the same golden glow appearing over her arms. Her mastery over protection scrolls was complete.

The end…or so you think. 

Fashion Tile: I Donut Care

When I struggle to get a new cutesy LOTD to be posted into my blog and come up without any shoes on and very casual, I am all covered up on top but risque on bottom. Enjoy!

* ::C’est la vie !:: Maud Knit Sweater (pink) *NEW* from -The Project Se7en-
* !Oleander ~ Minerva. [Basic] *NEW* from SALEM
* .::Cubic Cherry::. {Aarya} ribbon feet pink *NEW* from [Memento.Mori]

* {Speakeasy} Higher Calling tattoo from Main store
* ::C’est la vie !:: Apple Bag *NEW* from Main store {Fifty Linden Friday}

GifSpam! Emoji Shadowhunters

Countdown until Season 2 trailer is released to the world, it is happening at 10am PST or 1pm EST so converting that to Aussie time for me and I have to wait until 4am to watch it?! It will be worth it staying up for it before bedtime >< Meanwhile CanIslytherinthings made these emoji gifs related to each character from the series. I love it!😀

Diary: TGIF!

I am at work this afternoon but that is ok, it is roughly 5hrs until home time and when my weekend officially begins and weekend I mean everyone else’s normal Saturday-Sunday, I have both days off! I hardly get them free because I work in the hotel industry, looking forward to more movie/dinner times with bestie Mei😀

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Brad is back from Crete, two days ago❤
  • My flickr has returned to safe mode and I can post in my favourite groups
  • Miss Peregrine movie was amazing! It was very dark and scared my work colleague but we both enjoyed
  • Sushi for dinner tonight!
  • Shadowhunters cast are unveiling Season 2 footage tomorrow at New York comic con!!

I have one vice for tonight and it has been nagging me for the past month because I keep seeing the same girls do it but you know this generation of teenagers are horny little shits, I sound old saying that…oh well! The porn gifs posted on Facebook using the tumblr link, for some reason Facebook doesn’t see it as offensive but oh pixel pictures are? I’m sorry, what?! This is real people doing the dirty in animated format! -_-

– Lu

Second Life: Facets of Luci Lu

Normally after the gif or pic spam I am sharing with you my latest fashion tile, well I am a bit behind on that so instead will share the recent photos I have taken over this past week. They are different outfits and taken at various locations around the grid.

I am going with my feline roots in the above photo, taken at the Moon Festival 2016 featuring lots of cute and oriental items for visitors to purchase or to simply enjoy the full moon. My school girl outfit is new and made by Caboodle at Memento Mori, it is one of the rare school uniforms and brings me back to the Kageran Gakuen roleplaying days on IMVU.

Pose is made by Le Poppycock during the Bon Voyage: Japan event that occurred back in August and the theme was all related to the country of the Rising sun. The pose is called Yandere: Too late. The mouse that my kitten self is holding in my mouth is made by Half-Deer from new event SALEM and is called Mewnificent: White mouse mouthie and is one of her rare prizes.

Outfit is all from Memento Mori, the dress is called Ophelia and made by CandyDoll, my katana is again by Caboodle one of their rare prizes and the enchanting “Nobody mask” is by Aii. Photo was taken in one of the decorated corners of HolliPocket main store, I love her store purely because it is entirely pink and filled with cutesy decorations in between selling her clothes and accessories.

I decided to try out a Taketomi hairstyle called Me!Me!Me and bought this at their main store, I love the flower hair piece it somehow matched the :Moon Amore: Dark shreds dress from Memento Mori. The moon cake is by Koi, purchased at the Moon Festival and the adorable umbrella is from NS: Marketplace with huds to change the colour and two custom poses.

The location of this photo is at Shinba Akiba city next to their Anime cafe😀 I used to hang out on this sim a lot during my first year on being on Second Life and it brings back a lot of nostalgia before I was an entirely mesh avatar

Last photo taken without any make-up on and in the rosy bubble that is my home sim, I am wearing a nightdress by Hilly Haalan, I discovered her store on the marketplace by accident when browsing the website after work. Absolutely adore all her mesh clothes and I recommend everyone to have a look.

I can also happily share because I couldn’t believe it has happened, my flickr has been changed back to safe! I can now join all my favourite designer and event groups that were restricted to safe photos only😀 For those Second Life residents and fellow bloggers, please click: My gallery