Fashion Tile: Not Sporty Spice

Exercise and I don’t exactly go hand in hand, I try and do my walking  if I feel motivated. This outfit with sport accessories but not a workout LOTD :P

* *HolliPocket* Vintey Amour-Barbie *NEW* from Kinky Monthly
* Lolita – Denim Panty Shorts Indigo from anyBody
* +Spellbound+  Wednesday // Chapter I : Earth from Wizarding Faire
* _CD_ Lucy Wedges Raspberry – Slink Medium Feet *NEW* from Uber

* +Half-Deer+ Winged Cat – Lazy from :: Kustom9 ::
* =Zenith= Sports bags (Pink) – Pose 1 *NEW* from Uber
* [CX] Serpent Eye (Ruby) from Main store
* [LOVE SOUL] Parfait*Chocolate* from Main store

Diary: 4 Days off Recap

I can’t say I did anything exciting much less productive in the past 4 days, I mean I did go out against the wet weather and into the city to finally eat my katsu-don at Ichiban Boshi. I did the usual household chores of vacuuming downstairs and hanging out/bringing in the washing. Mum also sent me the itinerary for our U.S trip next month, yes its all booked and ready to go.

I have yet to start looking into my summer closet and check what to bring for the 1.5 months we are overseas, it is a morning flight when we leave Sydney and to be honest, the morning flights always get me excited especially if its international. I know when I went to both South Korea in 2012 and to New Zealand in April this year, I had the exciting jitters in my body even though it was before 8am, a time that I’m normally half awake and grumpy.

Other than that, I did a day drive to Wisemen’s Ferry this afternoon quite relaxing with the sun finally showing itself, we’ve had rain and floods the past three days. Also been on Second Life, did a fashion tile and got a new one ready for tomorrow. My evening just before bed has been spent with Aum when he has finished work on the other side of the planet, I get my cuddle fix too :D

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Rioting Kokeshi Doll

Anarchy has arrived at The Fantasy Collective, along with Festival of Sin and Creator Collection Box. This theme is going for riots, kokeshi dolls and dangos! :D

* Bishes inc~ Bow Top Hotpink *NEW* from Main store
* {L} Anarchy; Vivid *NEW* from Fantasy Collective
* [ MUDSKIN ] What is Red?#7_Med1 *NEW* from Vintage&Cool Fair
* /Wasabi Pills/ Saffron Mesh Hair – Black coffee from Main store
* REIGN.– Kenlee Flats (S-Flat)- Bubblegum *NEW* from Main store

* (Yummy) Geometric Necklace – Silver *NEW* from N21
* .tsg. Rose Accessory – Pink {VIP gift- August}
* Cae :: Mixology :: Cherry Dream *NEW* from Festival of Sin
* EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Countess *NEW* from Vintage&Cool Fair
* Mikunch Pochet with Nakimusi panda *NEW* from CCB
* Kibitz – Isis cuff {r} silver *NEW* from Fantasy Collective
* [EZ] The Horror!~ Riot Bat (Pink) *NEW* from Fantasy Collective

Neko Irritation: Too many Chances

Whether it is through friendship or a relationship if someone does you wrong and you end it you usually don’t return to them or forgive them for their errors right? Or you give them a second chance and see how it goes, see if they have changed and you manage to align and all will be well.

But how many times will you keep accepting a person’s faults that drive you mad, that make you cry out in frustration or vent to your other friends about the stupidity? Three? Four? Ten?! I know I did this with an ex back on IMVU and took him back more than three times and let’s just say I earned the yelling from my two besties.

Where is the drawing line to say no more? Not just to the person to wake up but for yourself to stop accepting and realise they won’t change and its time to let them go.

PicSpam! Bloom from Winx Club

Going down memory lane with all the favourite shows growing up from primary school to high school. When the simple drawing made a series to all the glitter and CGI effects of today. That is what has transformed Winx club to make it more appealing to buy the dolls.

Bloom’s transformations through each Season including that terrible decision to make it all CGI…eww

Fashion Tile: Moonlight Tea Party

Another Wonderland-ish outfit with new products from the latest round of Kawaii Project, they had no theme this time but my favourite creators released cute items regardless

* *HolliPocket* Sweet Kitteh Top from Manga Fair
* :NuDoLu: Jupe jean elegante Vintage from Chapter 4
* antielle. Moonlight Justice Tattoo – Fresh from >+ O R I GA M I +<
* Exile:: Moonlight Stroll *NEW* from Main store
* .tsg. Rose Plats – Pink *NEW* from Kawaii Project


Happy Sock Sunday guys!! 💕

* *HolliPocket* My Wittle Poneh-Avi Wings-RARE from Gacha Garden
* . aisling . The Unexpected Wife – Belt from Main store
* Ninety– Bee Purse Mesh *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* Pink Acid Kitty Milk & Donut Bottle *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* {MB} SoulBound :: True Love [Uncommon] *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Diary: Me Time

I am working all PM shifts for the next couple of nights until Sunday and though it is 11pm finish I still have down time to relax my brain before bed time. For the past two nights I have spent it with Aum when he finishes work at his 5pm, however today I got myself three dvds at the shopping centre and decided in having me time.

Usually at night I’m on Second Life, avatar parked at home and browsing the internet, social interaction is quite rare unless friends are awake and desire to hang out. Most of the nights however I am seeking entertainment whether through shopping events, sim exploring or Youtube itself. The dvds I got today are adding to my collection of Barbie and Winx club (don’t judge me!) I am very much looking forward to having movie nights on my own- it helps my brain relax more.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Storyteller for Cats

Lookie! I’ve got flat chest for this new LOTD :P Taken at the Storybrooke Gardens at Baja Norte, featuring new items from this month’s round of Kawaii Project

* Sweet Thing. Waifu Bikini Top – Passion Pink *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* -Nomi- Hooded varsity jacket-10 *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* FnH XHigh Net Stockings Cat 1 *NEW* from Suicide Dollz
* .ARISE. Jenn Lipstick Red5 *NEW* from Suicide Dollz
* TRUTH HAIR Arden *NEW* from Main store

* *katat0nik* (orange) Mad Pussy Necklace *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* -STRIKE IT- Scroll Case Bag from Wizarding Faire
* Alchemy – Budgie – Companion – Blush from The Epiphany
* Dear Deer Gummy Kitty Bag [Strawberry] from Kawaii Project

Mood: Serene

I decided to end the trial with Drav I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to go well and I just be leading him on, he seems more invested in what we had going than I was. On the other hand for the few who I already told yes I been speaking to my former Dom again and yes we hang out if the time zones are aligned perfectly for us.

He has apologised for ending it abruptly and acting like a dick but we taking it quite slow and see where it takes us, I know a lot of my girls are concerned after the way he treated me and they should be but please let me do this on my own. I wish to see where it goes and I’m much chirpier than before (if you couldn’t tell already).

– Lu