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Smol soulmates that deserve happiness! Why can’t we ever get a season when these two are left alone? Though Season 3 is by far the best character development for both of them to grow as individuals too.


Diary: Mid Winter Moments

When it is cold, it means I am staying indoors as much as possible! We are in the middle of our winter here in Australia and the snow is blasting through this particular weekend. Though I do miss skiing every second year with the family, even though I was terrible in going down the slopes, it was a fun holiday, though I did get to experience the snow again while in Canada back in March. This is another late delivery of a diary entry, my apologies but I realised that I do no need to express my personal life on my blog every single week and rather just live in that moment of my life.

In between the heavy work load though phone calls have not been as busy because it is winter, I have been on Netflix a lot more while writing for Bast here and there. The third season of Stranger Things made me squeal with joy, laugh, exclaim and become a sobbing mess by the final episode. To see the characters grow from the previous two seasons and that character development made me feel like a proud older sister to the kids. The ship/OTP that is Mileven (Mike and Eleven) went through the roof and I love how their relationship developed in the series. Still sobbing over ending though..

We have a lot of lot of Disney remakes been released by either cinematic or trailers and I have never seen such a large bunch of whingey, old Disnerds! Why are we complaining that the classics we loved as children is coming back so that our own children and the next generation have something to enjoy? I am very active on my Twitter browsing and participation and to see (mostly) white fans complaining about the fact our Ariel has gone black is ridiculous. There are so many issues on a global scale that we need to raise about rather than the skin colour of a fictional character.

That there is no Mushu or Shang in the new Mulan. I did not even know this myself but the Chinese audience completely ridiculed and disliked the 90s original film because it was too westernised and ridiculous. Sure Disney is all about showing magic and fantasy elements that gives wonder to children, but the director for the remake wanted something more authentic and believable since the Asian audience is such a large number when it comes to box office calculations and critiques. To be honest, I love this new look, there have been some previous remakes that were scene by scene like its cartoon version and I felt wasn’t so well.

Those making fun of Lion King and the animals not looking animated enough, sure we had Aslan who was beautifully done in CGI for the Narnia chronicles and though I have yet to see the new film, I am both excited for it. Let’s be real here, we get to watch Simba grow up again to become the new king with all the classic songs that are given new life. I heard a sneak peek of “Can you feel the love tonight” featuring Donald Glover and Beyonce, it sounds amazing!

Still haven’t approached that predicament I had in the previous diary entry, every time I try and found time to discuss, I always end up too busy or my friend has too much going on. I tried to give hints and ideas, but you know we all have that one person in our close group that is so dense and doesn’t even understand the key to opening up. I always had a wall since I was a teenager and scared to let people in, that of course crumbled when I had my first relationship, went to college and became part of the industry where I’m always meeting new people. It is never easy to be able to open up, I just wish my friend did with me.

My top five likes for this past week;

  • Queer Eye- When Stranger things left me completed shattered and desperately needing a Season 4 to lessen the heartache, the new Fab 5 came in and me feel all whole and happy again. I love the group that is Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, Antoni and Bobby, like bless and protect these gentlemen they are simply EVERYTHING. My girl friends had flailed at me wondering why I had not watched the series on Netflix, I didn’t even realise I had it on mine. So glad they told me of it, I am obsessed with this show and binge watched up until Season 2.
  • Claris High Tea– A bit of promotion for what my work has released this weekend, I got to have a look and taste of what we will be selling for our guests two days ago. It’s a collaboration between Megan Hess and my hotel, releasing a high tea for families in particularly mothers and children based around Claris the Mouse. One of Megan’s latest creations especially because she is an illustrator for all luxury designers. Very appropriate for my five star work place.
  • I have the worst motivation when it comes to completing or doing anything, I am like this with finishing one of my original stories but the fact my exercising regime is still going for the past two weeks (lol) just because I had a panicking moment when I noticed that I had gained two kilos without realising it. My new clothes luckily still fit me but for how long, not going to revert back to what I was in
  • Fillie– The pairing that is Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown, I can’t tell you all how happy I am to see these two kids being able to relax together in public and act like a bunch of silly goofs even during the promoting tour for Stranger Things. It was a bit cold and distant post Season 2 and it saddened me that they were scared to be friendly because of some crazy fangirls but now they are open and happy to be best friends again for the whole world to see. I stan.
  • DIYs– I will admit I have never been the best at crafts since I was a child, I had help in putting together my shelf for Woodwork class in high school, the same in making pyjamas for the school catwalk, even sewing together a simple cushion! Nope, that was horrible too and I never got around to finish it (refer to the motivation dot point above). However in the past two weeks I was able to give some organisation to my many bags and jewellery that I have in my room. I put together new hangers and made a badge display to hold all my badges inside the wardrobe and not collecting dust outside. I also cleared out my jewellery to the ones that I love to wear all the time.

 – Lu


LL LOTD: Eclectic

{Reblogged} I really miss making outfits and I can’t seem to find a website that replaces Polyvore. The below LOTDs are a mixture of black and white with pink and either work, casual or sport.

Posting three as per the norm when it comes to sharing my outfits from the disabled Polyvore;
The Chanel boots by lucilxlu featuring nyc home decor
The Chanel Boots: Using a direct quote from the film The Devil wears Prada because my alternate universe self is inspired by this fashion movie as well as Confessions of a Shopaholic. The boots are by Chanel, not the same ones that Anne Hathaway wore as Andy Sacks but similar thighs highs to say the least. The top is by Dolce & Gabanna and the shorts are Abercrombie and Fitch. The pink cardigan is not designer but it is cashmere, a layer over the flimsy blouse. This is an outfit that sums up the perks of being an editor-in-chief’s assistant, shopping around the world in couture! My favourite piece is Betsey Johnson rose bag.

Fight like a girl by lucilxlu featuring prAna
Fight like a Girl: When I was 21, I took roughly two years of Jeet Kune Do class, it is the martial arts that Bruce Lee began, it is a mixture of other deadly arts but with his own twist on it. Now my alternate self would definitely take a combination of dance and martial arts to stay active (and to fit in those gorgeous clothes). The above outfit is one of her training LOTD, none of it is designer though the sneakers are Nike and the bag is Victoria Secret. Everything is minimal and she only wears the pendant that holds the intial of her celebrity boyfriend, subtlety at its best. My favourite accessory is the star pin in the braid, its pink and cutesy.

Laduree by lucilxlu featuring PiP Studio
Laduree: There IS a Laduree store that sells macarons and stationary outside the Palace of Versailles, I even got myself a keychain and notebooks after ogling at how pretty the store itself was. My alternate self would have Laduree make-up because she would be able to afford it and going to Versailles would be a favourite tourist habit of hers in between working and shopping. The top is by Honey couture, skirt by Ronald Van Der Kemp and the shoes are inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers made by Dolce & Gabanna. My favourite accessory would be the lipgloss and the random pink tea cup, because high tea is elegant and posh.

Writer’s Woe: The point of Rape

{Reblogged from 2015}

After an interaction with an outsider who came to check out the hotel and its rooms I was told quite a horrifying story. Let’s just say that one of my major pet peeves when it comes to the plot of any kind of story or roleplay is the act of rape being written in.

For the writers/players who decide to propose and implement such an ordeal into a plot, shame of you! Because most of the time that is written it is for the Mary Sues of a character to gain more sympathy, to show her ‘weakness’ and yet be the victim that everyone must love and feel sorry for even more. There have been few occassions where the Act is written in decent story line but not thrown in for ‘Shock and awe’ (like most roleplayers do).

It is not something to be glorified and yet on Second Life, it has become a somewhat kink/fetish in the adult sims, and many people seem to love it! When did society see it as acceptable to be part of the bigger picture in a story for entertainment? Or to play out someone’s erotic fantasies in a virtual world? Yes it is unfortunately something that happens in this day of age and across the board whether male or female, young or old- but why must it be in a story?!


Bringing this forward into 2019, it is still shown in medieval, fantasy and scifi stories (Love, robots and death anyone?) and I do not understand why it is still a means of expanding a woman or man’s story. We have reached the peak of where we have gender fluid humans, non binary and anything you can possibly think of.

And yet the barbaric writing of rape still rears its ugly head in roleplay, books or shows alike. Yes it is the awful truth that still occurs in modern society but it something that needs to be addressed on a humane level so that victims STILL do not feel awful or scared to admit their pasts. It has gone beyond feeling sympathy for a character after his or her ordeal, it is something that has to be made known in reality.

雨流儀: Wild at Heart

{Reblogged} Ame has no limitations in her young life, since she graduated from college and took part in her family’s ‘business’ she hasn’t stopped unless of course its a cause of the heart. Whether she is shopping in the fashion capitals of the world, having an elegant high tea in London or going clubbing in Las Vegas or Prague, she does it with style.

I have been on a roll when it comes to new LOTD from Polyvore, here are three;
Diva by lucilxlu featuring target wall art
Diva: Europe is the centre of Ame’s shopping if not across the Atlantic and in New York City. She frequents to Europe because of a certain gentleman in Milan but often spends her weekends away in Paris. In the French capital, Ame dresses up to the nines and often in designer’s latest creations. She either shops or attends the runway shows with the rest of the elite but also deals with her family’s connections and business in the Parisian underground. The above outfit is day time style that can also revert to evening by a simple change of accessories, her usual routine is grabbing a Godiva shake along the way. My favourite pieces is both the YSL scale skirt and gold plated harness by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Sweet by lucilxlu featuring a swarovski crystal necklace
Sweet: For high teas or elegant affairs in the public, Ame lessens her bold statements of colour and goes with pastel shades especially if in the presence of other important females. She still makes herself known with her accessories and the fact in this particular LOTD the top is sheer, her skirt is Gucci and heels are Sophia Webster. My favourite additions was the Beauty and the Beast palette and Polly Pocket that acts more as a random accessory than anything useful. The necklace is also by Swarovski with crystal and faux pearls, Ame has also kept her katana hidden underneath her skirt especially if the events she attends have other gang members.

Party princess by lucilxlu featuring a party outfit
Party Princess: Whether it’s at the Lux in Las Vegas or the Deathclub in Prague, Ame has been a party animal since she was a teenager. This LOTD is just one of her many party outfits and when she goes clubbing, she goes all out no matter what the occasion is. I cropped off the Moschino top to bear her midriff and the leather shorts by Balmain are accessorised with Forever 21’s pink fishnet stockings and again another product by Giuseppe Zanotti, the spiked heels. The pink bag is by Salvataore Ferragamo and the gold belt is made by Chanel, she keeps two shuriken in her pocket just in case the bouncers call her up on her gun. My favourite pieces though are both the mermaid face gems and crystal and velvet choker also by Giuseppe.

Diary: Thinking Again

She is a cup of strong, black coffee in a world that is drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love

My Golden State Warriors lost the finals to the Toronto Raptors and though it was a huge achievement and a first for the Canadians, I do not believe Dub nation’s dynasty is completely over. We had a hard year full of injuries and exhausted players and I am still giving positive thoughts to both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson on both of their injuries respectively but I still believe we can come back next year and this break is much needed for the team.

I also watched Toy Story 4 on Friday night, though I was a bit unsure on what this fourth movie to the franchise would provide to the fans, it did not disappoint. Not one bit. Other than the fact Keanu Reeves was providing his own voice talent to the film, I did not expect to ball my eyes out again over another TS film. It was the ending again! And to be honest, I hope they do conclude this series with this movie because the ending was appropriate, it seemed to tie the ends for the main characters.

This past week I have also reached a realisation, well I have been told about it and it’s left my brain in a bit of a muddy puddle. You see I was revealed something about one of my good friends and I’m unsure on how to go ahead with this new information. I know I will have to ask them eventually to hear their side of the story but one thing I absolutely detest with all my friendships and relationships, do not hide behind my back because I will find out and this is just a case of pure disappointment.

My new Assistant manager started two weeks in our department and we immediately get along, she has own quirks and uniqueness that brings to our team and is meshing very well. Her experience in being a manager on the Front office means she can bring that leadership quality to our Reservations team. Even though there is only three of us on the phones and doing the constant work load, we are there to help her and so far everything is running smoothly. Fingers crossed that it continues like this especially with our boss being on a temporary holiday this week.

My top five likes for this past week;

  • Stranger Things- Netflix dropped the final trailer to the world a couple of days ago, it’s going to be released in two weeks and I’m both excited and anxious on its arrival. From what the trailers have told me, it gives the implication that one of the main cast will probably die or severely injured and this feels like a conclusion of a trilogy, unless of course the brothers decide to keep giving us more seasons. The kids are all grow up and it’s so surreal to see them as teenagers now but looking forward to binge watching another good series.
  • Care Bears, I did not have one of thse adorable, soft plushies when I was a child as I was much invested in Barbies so on Thursday night during the big Toy sales in our department stores, I bought myself a care bear. She is a Secret bear that has a padlock heart on her chest and is raspberry red or almost hot pink. Her description describes her holding any secret for you and you can divulge to her whatever is on your mind, appropriate for myself lately.
  • I have been on the nostalgia train with changing my radio station to one that plays 80s, 90s and today’s music and also bought the new Crash Team Racing for my playstation four. The quality is high definiton but the game itself is still very much of what I remembered as a teenager, my cat likes to watch me play though I think he is more fascinated by the digital cars on the tv.
  • IMVU has been my socialising for this week, even though Katie has been busy in real life and we haven’t had time to catch up, I still found the platform as means to meet other people and most of them are in their late 30s and not the younger generation which for me is a breath of fresh air. IMVU is also the same virtual world that helped me create Bast and the others for my scifi/cyberpunk story, still working on that at a slow pace.
  • Cooking, whether it’s breakfast or assisting with dinner in the evenings, there is something calming and therapeutic when it comes to making food in the kitchen. When it used to be a hassle and tear time away from my international friends ot writing, now it’s something to learn for myself and adapt, plus the recipes are delicious once finalised.

 – Lu