Diary: Mini Break

I was given another five days off from my work and been enjoying the past two days with my bestie Mei because she also got a week off from work. Talk about perfect timing! Not much going on for us other than dinners, movies and discussing our characters plot lines which is going on very well. She has posted two stories go to Meiakane’s blog to read it!😀 It syncs up with my Ame Hayato chronicles.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • I am 65 followers away from reaching 1000 followers on my Flickr, let the countdown begin!
  • Got to hang out with my bestie two days in a row
  • Blessed air-con during the hot days this week, I am not ready for the heat still
  • The prequel novel to Disney movie ‘Descendants’ its an easy read
  • Yebisu- Japanese restaurant which has become mine and Mei’s favourite hangout

I got no vices tonight as the ones I do have an irritation with I have vented to my girls about in our facebook chat: The Hen Den!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Scars to your Beautiful

After a quiet week of lacking inspiration, I am back to my original design of simple filter and four photos. Still doing the raw pictures but just for fun now.

* Vinyl – Daya Cropped Sweater *NEW* from .Whimsical.
* (Milk Motion) laced mini skirt -denim blue embroided *NEW* from Tannebaum
* /Wasabi Pills/ Marisol Mesh Hair *NEW* from ~uber~
* Garbaggio // Tiffany Thigh Highs – Fuchsia *NEW* from Tannebaum

* REIGN.– Kitty Stockings *NEW* from Main store
* =Zenith= Winter Lolita Case Bag (Black) *NEW* from Tannebaum
* EF: Levity Necklace *NEW* from Tannebaum

雨滴: The Wolf

We get a teaser into the next chapter of Ame’s story that leads her into Prague as well as the introduction of a new character.

In the far north of Russia, the fireplace was roaring inside a large manor as an older man sat in front of a large rectangular table that was covered with maps, manila folders and arsenal. His weathered finger pointed to a singular picture of Ame taken from the cameras of JFK airport.

“Наши враги дочь была убита. Самый молодой Хаято переехал в Прагу, поблагодарить ее от нашей семьи” (Our enemies daughter has been killed. The youngest Hayato has moved to Prague, thank her from our family)

In front of him facing the fireplace with hair that matched the blaze, a man in his early thirties wearing a business shirt and black pants picked up the photo and eyed it carefully, his hazel eyes flickering in the dim light before folding the piece of paper and tucking it into his front pocket. “Дядя, а что если я могу завязать сделку с ней, вы позволите это?” (Uncle, what if I can strike up a deal with her, will you allow it?)

The old man chuckled softly regarding his nephew with an amused look and opened his arms with a nod “Да шарм Ame Хаято, я уверен, что она не может сопротивляться вам” (Yes charm Ame Hayato, I am sure she can’t resist you). The young man with flame hair gave his uncle a lopsided grin before loading up a duffle bag with various guns, he lifted it over his shoulder and bowed low before quietly leaving the office.

Second Life: Unedited

I have been in a fashion tile rut these past few days, not getting any inspiration to do a LOTD but still inspired to take lots of happy snaps and play with the windlighting and settings on my Firestorm. I decided to post four of them here to fill in the space that normally is taken up by an outfit post. Enjoy😀

Taken in one of the skyboxes of my home sim Savoy, all of the detail surrounding me are all mine and I absolutely adore the grey kitten with the shopping list. Made by MishMish (I am so sad that she along with Vespertine, Dust Bunny and Tres Blah are not in the December round of The Arcade!)

I had a moment of going Alien princess wearing The Sugar Garden’s invader suit and holding Tentacio’s Doom girl machine gun, I just had to find a sim that gave off the sci-fi, apocalyptic feel. Found it in Graves store sim

I adore Poche’s main store, it is so small and quaint and decorated with food! I took this photo during the Epiphany round leading up to Halloween and the puppy that is accompanying me in searching for candy is made by Jian, and is the sesame pup companion complete with his own bucket to get treats. Though I don’t think chocolate is good for dog’s so it was more for me😛

Standing in front of my blogging corner in my cottage along with a Skitty look-alike whinging at me on my shoulder, I think he wanted the ice-cream I was eating. Pose and prop made by Denny Ballyhoo.

With the December Arcade approaching quickly in-world, I normally have a wishlist made on my Second Life facebook, this round I don’t have one because the items I want are less than 10😛 And I’m still sulking over the lack of hot pink showing up in my favourite designers items. It is still going pastel! At least the babygirl fad is dying down but still sticking to being girly. There has been a lot of talk on social media by other bloggers that everything is starting to look the same in-world and at the big events.

In some ways it has but other times it hasn’t, it just depends where you shop at and I still love to shop on the marketplace itself, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found Hilly Haalan and her amazing shop.

Diary: Now and Then

Giving you another weekly diary update live from the Luci Logs! I am on my second day off at the moment and not much is happening other than I slept in too much. Looking forward to another 5 days off happening after my next work week but also concerned that my boss will make me work both Christmas and New Years >.< I’d like one of them off please if possible!

This week’s 5 likes;

  • I lost a kilo and back to my starting goal before exercising, basically back on track
  • My DokiDoki November crate arrived and I love all the maid cafe goodies
  • It’s finally cooled down here! And will stay like this until after the weekend😀
  • I bought Finding Dory the other day have yet to watch it on DVD
  • Polyvore is addictive and keeps my creativity flowing when not doing fashion tiles for SL

My vices/pet peeves are the same ones that I already vented about before so don’t need to repeat myself on them.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Over the Fantasy

So much fishes! Another LOTD going raw edits and taken not in my usual garden but in my bedroom inside the cottage😀

* JF Design – Kathy Top – Fuchsia *NEW* from anyBody
* .:: Dead Dollz ::. Cordelia Skirt – Black from FaMESHed
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cheri” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC~
* Garbaggio // Flower Peeptoe – Wine from The Season’s Story

dianekeatonfan: “““We will never forget you, Dory.” ”

* ALTAIR* reimi collar .black & gold. *NEW* from 11:11
* Caboodle – All bubbles *NEW* from 11:11
* Caboodle – Goldfish Bubble Wand *NEW* from 11:11
* Toast: Wrist Cuffs *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.

PicSpam! Gryffinpuff

Originally I thought I belonged in the house of Hufflepuff but after sorting myself on Pottermore it placed me in Gryffindor. Personally I believe in the idea of hybrid houses so I’m both: Gryffinpuff😛 I have the fierceness of the lion and the loyalty of the badger❤

雨滴: Sister Dear

You don’t usually see normal family worry between both Ame and her older sister Meiakane, well in this short story you get to😀

She first heard the steady beep of her own heart on the monitor followed by the muffled sounds of people outside. Closer to her she recognised the voices of both Minata and her older sister Meiakane talking in hushed tones, slowly Ame woke up. Her vision at first blurry and becoming clearer as the youngest Hayato immediately took in the hospital room. She had survived the fight with the Russian Mafia and yet her fighting hand was disabled.

Ame noted she could not move her left wrist that was now wrapped in a cast and suspended in the air, she was also slightly raised off the bed, the framework making sure she was not laying completely on her injured upper back. She did not know the status of her thighs but from the heavy bandaging and numbing pain she had no doubt they were stitched up too.

“Imouto, you’re awake, Thank the Gods” Meiakane’s soft voice reached her ears and Ame turned her head, Minata was no longer in the room and the sisters were alone. Ame smiled weakly before her face changed to one of seriousness “The Russian?” “Her head has been lopped off” Mei waved one of her hands in the air “You had fun I take it Nee-chan…” Ame quirked an eyebrow amusedly “My definition of fun is different to yours Ame-chan” Meiakane smirked and folded her arms.

Silence resumed inside the ward and Ame lowered her face thinking over what had happened inside Space Ibiza, “Why did you have to come out of hiding, you were safe when no one knew that you existed, let alone jumped across the Pacific and took up resident here in New York City” Meiakane’s strained voice reached Ame’s ears and she looked up to her big sister.

Concern and fear crossed the older Yakuza’s face, Ame rarely saw her sister with these emotions she was usually so cold, so proud and sometimes teasing with her little sister but this morning it was a whole new expression. “Nee-chan I…” “You should have stayed home back in Japan; you would have been protected!” Meiakane raised her voice a little as she started to pace the small white room. Ame frowned and folded her unbroken arm “I am a Hayato too Nee-chan, staying indoors like a hermit has never been my sort of thing!” “Yes and look where that got you this time Ame!” Meiakane faced her glaring.

Ame shrunk back into the safety of her hospital bed, her defiant gaze switching to defeat. Her older sister sighed dropping her head, her long raven hair covering her face “It was too close, if Minata hadn’t sprinted in first. I could have lost you…” The sisters rarely showed affection to each other especially out in public, it was something that had been drilled into their heads after being raised by their father alone. But at the end of all their bloody missions and squabbles, they were still family and cared about each other’s wellbeing.

“Gomen nasai Nee-chan…” Ame trailed off softly, Meiakane walked over and sat beside her, reaching out and holding onto her broken hand gently “Just don’t scare me like that again” Ame nodded slowly before looking out at the city skyline. Meiakane followed her gaze and said quietly “You’re leaving again aren’t you, where to this time Imouto?” “I’m thinking Prague”.

Fashion Tile: All for You

Pink, positive moon vibes and back to my original style for my LOTD, I got re-invited to my home group yay! Which means rezzing new decor items I bought

* *HolliPocket* Queen of Hearts (BARBIE) Top *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* `M.BIRDIE / I Luv Julie! . Skirt4 *NEW* from The Epiphany.
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Steph” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~ TRES CHIC VENUE ~
* =Zenith= Bow LegBelt (all Colors) *NEW* from Enchantment~ Hansel & Gretel

* EF: Apprize Charm Necklace *NEW* from Enchantment~ Hansel & Gretel
* ERSCH – Crosses Gacha 01 *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* {Imeka} Iced Coffee {Group Gift} from Main store

Diary: This Week

After a chilled out five days off though one of those days included going for a walk in the Blue Mountains, yes I drove 45mins up into my local mountains and went for a walk around our local landmarks because the company of myself when everyone else is working is quite enjoyable. I have returned to work since last Friday and the weekend was chaotic with dodgy guests who just aren’t trusted or causing disruption. Just got tonight and tomorrow then I have my weekend again😀

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Dinner with my family at Hard rock cafe then dessert at Lindt cafe in the city last night, lots of fun as always
  • My flickr has reached 900 followers (currently 902) I never thought I’d reach it
  • Venus and a super Moon are out in the skies tonight
  • Mum has booked us a midnight screening of Fantastic beasts and where to find them this Wednesday! #Gryffindorpride
  • Yesterday I celebrated my 2 year relationship with my other half Brad❤

I think the vice I got again is related to those on Second Life who make the videos of their avatar dancing, product value I understand to show what you are offering but those girls who do it to purposely show off their huge pixel tits or backside, you are better off going on those cam websites and displaying your real body if so bold -_-

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Loop

I discovered all my old anime albums including this amazing song from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles from early 2000s. I did a quiz too apparently I am am a Kuudere :3

* WONDERLOST – Tipper Tube Top – White *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.
* Sorbet. Combo Plastique [1C] from .Whimsical.
* [RA] Marina Hair Browns *NEW* from We❤ Role Play
* #EMPIRE – Aconitum *NEW* from Sad November 3

* [MANDALA] Earring ORIGAMI Rooster *NEW* from N.21
* .DirtyStories. Teddy Bear Legband *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.