PicSpam! The Lunar Chronicles

So once I’m done with zombies in Regency England going against the Bennett sisters, finished reading about Alice exploring Wonderland and finally gotten through the entire The Mortal Instruments series, I will try and read this one. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. 

My friend Aria told me she is currently reading it and from the aesthetics posted on tumblr, it looks really good that and the fact that Cinderella is an Asian cyborg!

Fashion Tile: I’m a Barbie girl

So I may have used Sweet Thing‘s store as the background of this new LOTD but anything cute and pink? I am there! Featuring a couple of cutesy accessories from Okinawa Summer Festival

* [ S H O C K ] Crop Shirt – Barbie from Store marketplace
* Blueberry – Side Cut Skirts – Belted – Black from Uber
* Magika [Hair] Which Witch from Store marketplace
* [ MUDSKIN ]_Candy Lips_Deadly Apple from Main store
* NEO**: Puringcle Party – Hanabi *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* NEO**: Sailor socks – pink *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* .tsg. Square Nail – Beary Black *NEW from The Lexi Project

* ALTAIR* mahou shoujo bow {Group gift}
* (Yummy) Repurposed Charms Necklace – Eclectic *NEW* from N21
* Pink Acid Half Crescent Moon Earrings – Pearl *NEW* from The Showroom
* *STEREO-CHEESE* SUMMER ICE RARE *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* *Cila* Born to be wild backpack-Cutie pink zebra from Main store

Mood: Sick and Tired

I forgot to post anything in the past 3 days oops! And I bet those who follow my blog every day are perhaps wondering where the hell have I been? Well its certainly not work, I have called in sick because I have a wretched case of tonsilitis. It started last Monday on the 27th July when I woke up with random coughs and a phlegmy throat and passed it off until Tuesday night at work.

I got body aches, chills and hot flushes then my throat started getting sore, mum suggested I stay home so I called work after shift that night and told them I couldn’t come in. Stayed all rugged up and dosing up on the usual cold/flu remedies until last night where I couldn’t even sleep all I did was toss and turn. My glands in my throat had swelled up and thus the feeling of being choked when lying down at any angle and the only relief I had was sitting upright.

I went to the doctors this morning and got two prescriptions, one to ease down the swollen glands and anti-biotics to attack the infection, when Mei had it last week she said it took her a decent week of getting over the major symptoms, so here is hoping that mine won’t last long too. I can’t afford to, being in the hospitality industry we gotta be around and its very hard to be flexible and take sick leave, I’m amazed I was granted these days.

Then again, how on Earth could I communicate to my guests if I have no voice? I did joke on my Facebook that I should learn miming…

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Spring Senshi of Cherries

The title of this LOTD is a bit random as you can tell, but it best explains the latest fashion tile that I am delivering to you all. Taken at OMGacha venue with main pieces from Manga Fair :D

* Sweet Thing. Sailor QT Pink+Pink Top *NEW* from OMGacha
* Blueberry – Studded Denim Skirts – S – Ocean from N21
* Magika [Hair] Falling *NEW* from Store Marketplace
* MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] Socknimals Panda *NEW* from Manga Fair
* (\_CF_/) Valentina Ears v2 [Deformed] *NEW* from Manga Fair
* .tsg. Cherry Plats – Bubblegum from Main store

* .tsg. Square Nails – Beary Pink *NEW* from The Lexi Project
* .{yumyums}. Late for a Date Purse from Oneword: Wonderland
* {Secret Love} Moon Princess – Gold -Cat and Moon *NEW* from Manga Fair
* (\_CF_/) Valentina Ears v2 [Deformed]- Cherry earrings *NEW* from Manga Fair
* !LR Blooming Bow sheath from Store marketplace

Mood: Renewed

I got to see my beloved Nee-chan last night and we went to our usual Korean restaurant in the city. She had messaged me the night before and had a guessing that I wanted to vent to her about everything that has happened in between our last catch up and she was already on the road to recovery from being sick.

Needless to say amidst all our delightful scoffing of the yummy food at Seoul-ria and chatting about anything and everything I got a sense of renewed energy from merely being in her presence. But this always happens when I’m around Mei, every girl needs a bestie around because when the world feels like it is going dark, they light up the path again for you :D

– Lu

Second Life: Cottage Comforts

There is many reasons why some of us tend to not venture outside the confines of our platforms, skyboxes or homes. Whether its decorating, blogging, creating it is the comfort of something familiar of why we are anti-social.

And these photos show why I prefer staying indoors within the safe boundaries of my house almost every day unless I am teleported by friends who don’t wish to be strangers to me.

Who needs to socialise in Second Life when you have as many furry pets as I do! :P

And a manga collection set up right next to the cat’s corner

PicSpam! Hufflepuff House

In every test Hogwarts related I have always wound up in the happy, go lucky and hardworking group. After reading more about the badgers I realise it suits my personality to a tee :D

Hufflepuff is the first rise of the summer sun – the one that promises a full day of light and happiness until the very end of the evening. It is the warmth of a summer day that surrounds you like a permanent embrace every time you step out your door, somehow giving you energy and making you sigh in exasperation at the same time. Hufflepuff means working hard and playing just as hard, because nothing beckons adventure like a bright summer’s day and the smell of freshly mown grass.

It means sharing smiles and freshly baked cookies and lifting those up who cannot do it for themselves. It is finding beauty in every small thing that surrounds you, because even though summer is brief, it is magical. 

Fashion Tile: Totoro and BunBun

Gomen ne! On the lack of fashion for my blog, I have been more so on IMVU with my old friends and having a chilling out week. But I’m on my days off again so have a new LOTD! Motif is bunnies :D

* 1 Hundred. Breezy Top 2. Hot Pink *NEW* from Lubbly Jubblies
* Nana – Joyce Cross Skirt (s) *NEW* from Suicide Dollz
* (r)M Bow Me Up-Wristband *NEW* from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Kinsley [Boobs 2] *NEW* from Main store
* *Epic* Glitter Glass Gumball Slippers! {Strawberry} from Big Show

* {Secret Love} Belly Bar *NEW* from Ross Event
* {Secret Love} Celestial love – Necklace *NEW* from Manga Fair
* {N} Simple Bunny Clip {Gift}
* darkendStare. monstRRR backpack [white/pink] *NEW* from Manga Fair
* {Imeka} ‘Cake’ Ice Cream Cones #7 *NEW* from Wayward Carnival

* [KRAVE/Strike It] My Dancing Neighbor Pink *NEW* from Manga Fair

Mood: Buzzing over Tired

I got through the five days of AM shift this week! Woohoo, only got tomorrow before I’m back on my weekend but currently buzzing right now over what to do for tonight. I was originally going to venture into the city and buy Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies novel since they making it into a film featuring Cinderella’s Lily James :D Kinda got distracted so I’ll probably do that on Thursday or Friday.

Also thinking what is mum and I going to cook tonight for dinner unless my sister surprises us both and cooks the dinner? Also I found this on tumblr, your welcome MeiMei :P

– Lu

Footnote: I found this on tumblr too and I don’t know why but I kept laughing over it
image image
image image

Fashion Tile: Kitty Treats

Honey butter chips are the latest trending snack in South Korea and seems to be advertised by models and Kpop stars alike, I personally haven’t tried it but I would like to.

* *HolliPocket* Mooneh Top-Coral *NEW* from Project Limited
* *T.Whore* – Fabulous Stocking Fuchsia (w/b) from Main store
* antielle. Curiouser & Curiouser (Fresh) *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* [RA] Harajuku Hair – Boobs *NEW* from Hair Fair
* .tsg. TeaParty Queen – Princess shoes *NEW* from Kawaii Project


*[KRAVE] Kiss Meow Glasses *NEW* from Ross Fair
* ALTAIR* drink me necklace *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* LUXE. Geometric Earring Gold 24k from Uber
* [ dami ] yum-yum snack! #9 and #RARE from Main store
* {MB} The Rabbit’s Time Piece *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Mood: Clusterf*ed

Talk about total derping on the first morning shift after days off. I slept in today and didn’t show up to work until 7:30am, I mean it could be worse but if I’m late I am usually at the front desk by 7:05am so this was incredibly silly of me. The highlight was the fact that our hotel now got new uniforms for the front desk, it is completely navy blue dress with blazer on top and even a scarf. The added on scarf makes me feel like a flight attendant :P

– Lu