Fashion Tile: Ms Usagi in Wonderland

Used my 3G phone net to squeeze in a LOTD for you dear readers considering I’m behind on them! Gomen ne, but this is featuring items from various events that are currently open

* 1 Hundred. Secrets. Bodysuit- Top *NEW* Black Fashion Fair
* Pink Acid Overly Done – Fake Lips – Doll from Main store
* *HolliPocket* Put It On Jeans-M *NEW* from Black Fashion Fair
* Magika [Hair] Surprise *NEW* from Store market place

* .::[HTxDZ]::. Spring Neko Ivy Headband [Black+Black Lace] *NEW* from NFC Cherry Blossom Festival
* .tsg. Lop Ear Bunny – White *MEGA* RARE *NEW* from Tag!Gacha
* =Zenith= Yakult Bag (rigged) *Group Gift* from Main store
* Altair* ouija necklace .pink. *NEW* from Black Fashion Fair
* Blah. (My Little Rococo’ Earrings) Emotional *NEW* from Black Fashion Fair

Fantasy Faire has opened and I quickly checked out Spires of Andolys, oh my gosh! It is like I entered Disneyland they have all my childhood stories rolled into one detailed and pretty sim for the event :D I was in the Mad Tea party for this tile

Diary: Storms and Babysitting

Now I bet some of you are wondering where the hell have I been for the past couple of days well let me just sum it up in a single sentence- Severe storms in Sydney. We’ve had intense rainy periods and wild winds since 20th April that has been affecting the entire basin and therefore knocked out our phone line and connecting wireless.

I also was playing babysitter to my dad’s mum in the hospital on the night of the 22nd and finished my shift so to speak at 9am when I was relieved. It has been quite a long couple of days and unfortunate that the wifi broke on my days off- makes me realise how much I use the internet to connect with everything and everyone.

It got me into long periods of reading again, I’m currently reading the Silmarillion the prequel to both the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy. The writing is very old world with usage of “thy” thou” and “thee” but the world Tolkien prints for us readers shows how much he put into his own little universe.

– Lu

Birthdays: My sis is 24!

Well technically it was yesterday now but on the 21st April my younger sister turned 24! I can’t believe it, with every passing year she is getting older. I mean I still feel 21! Anyway Ange got spoiled rotten by her work colleagues, her desk was covered in balloons and streamers and of course her boyfriend Adam only gave her presents of the best. It reminds me I need to go shopping for a birthday present- sorry sis! Note to self- Ask her tomorrow on day off in what she wants..

Happy birthday Ange!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Phallic Punk

I’m not sure any of the other bloggers noticed the detail of this pattern dress in particular the flowers :P I decided to be not so subtle about it with this random LOTD

* [Krave] Kawaii Kreepy Bustier Dress S *NEW* {Blogger gift} from Kreepy Kawaii
* Altair* starry heels L .pink. *NEW* from TSS
* TRUTH HAIR Shae from Main store
* G.ID -Dogma Tattoo-65% 1 from Suicide Dollz

* Bellballs Essentials– DreamCatcher Earrings; Black (R) from Main store
* [geek.] The Phallus Axe =Geek Limited Downtime from Whore Couture Fair
* {N} SailorNom {Birthday Gift}
* {N} Simple Bunny Clip {Blogger gift}

Photo also taken at my dear friend Caity’s house :D

Mood: Blank

I’m not sure if its because of the two hour time difference, the early mornings while over in New Zealand or the sudden change from cold to humid wet weather back here in Sydney but tonight since I got picked up by my younger sister my brain is on a blank note. Perhaps why I’m reblogging a music video of one of my favourite Kpop idols and on a buzzing spree on Second Life.

I can give you all a quick feedback of what happen in my absence. The service for grandad was moving and very well done by the people at the funeral place, everyone was left teary but it was also a momentous occasion to catch up with my Kiwi relatives, some who I haven’t seen in years. Travelling business class with mum was a big highlight for me, it is definitely luxurious but I wouldn’t do it all the time perhaps for very long distance travels :P

Before I returned home today I got to see Christchurch post earthquake four years ago, my aunts took me around the city square and gosh, still so much repair and empty spaces in a city of memories! A lot of new contemporary buildings are spotted here and there but to see the cathedral in the heart like a bomb hit it- yeah that tugged my heart strings.

– Lu

GifSpam! The Shadow

ǀ αм вαcк αƖƖ αηɗ ɗєcιɗєɗ тσ ѕнαяє ƁσA’ѕ мυѕιc νιɗєσ Ƭнє Sнαɗσω αѕ му яєтυяη ρσѕт/gιf ѕнαяє. Ƙρσρ ιѕ му мυѕιc ωнєтнєя fσя вαcкgяσυηɗ fσя вƖσggιηg σя נυѕт тσ cнιƖƖ συт тσ- тнιѕ ιѕ ιт

LL Note: A Trip of Mourning

** See you all on Friday evening **

As most of you know (who read my blog anyway) my grandfather passed away on the 8th April 2015 and I am flying to New Zealand with my mum early morning tomorrow where his funeral will occur on Thursday. This is just a simple note to let my readers and fellow bloggers know that I will be taking a leave of absence from my usual postage here until I come back on the evening of the 17th but on that day it will also mean I am back to work on the 18th.

Keep my Kiwi family in your prayers this week everyone for we are finally laying down the head of the family to rest.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Secret Garden

Collabor88 is all punk this month and The Season’s Story has erupted with Spring fever! I combined the two to make myself a small side garden next to my cottage :)

* [Krave] Zipper Bustier S {Blogger gift}
* Baiastice_Sava HW Skirt/Lace-Print/Tiger-size S *NEW* from C88
* [UMEBOSHI] Bloom Jelly Lip -Berry- *NEW* from TSS
* antielle. Hyaku Monogatari (SLav) (Fresh) *NEW* from Xiasumi School Festival
* Magika [Hair] Gone from Store marketplace
* RO – Helvetica Heel – Bubblegum *NEW* from C88

* *MishMish* Punky Skunk (wear ) – Original *NEW* from C88
* ::TI:: Round Glasses – Pink Cupcake *NEW* from Cherry Cupcake Hunt
* {N} Perception Backpack–Pink {Blogger gift}

 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png
* +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Square (White) from Main store
* +Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine (Pale) from Main store
* .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Sparkling flower~ pink} lamp from TSS
* uK -Cherry Pose Pouf from Cherry Cupcake Hunt
* Dust bunny. fresh fruit stand . blueberry container from TSS
* Dust bunny. fresh fruit stand . oranges from TSS
* Dust bunny. fresh fruit stand . bananas from TSS
* Dust bunny. fresh fruit stand . peach pile from TSS
* Sari-Sari – Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden – Industrial Cart from TSS
* Sari-Sari – Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden – Drying Herbs *RARE* from TSS
* Sari-Sari – Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden – Garden Sink *RARE* from TSS

Birthdays: Dad’s 67 years Young!

Despite all the sadness and pain revolving around our house for the past 3 days and exhaustion in caring for both mum and Mama, it is also dad’s birthday today! The eldest of six kids has officially turned 67 and he doesn’t look that age at all- but don’t tell him that he’ll get a bigger ego than what he already has :P Mum wants to make a cake for him so that will be my afternoon so she doesn’t have to put pressure on her leg for long- good luck to me for baking!

Happy birthday to the man of the house!

– Lu

Second Life: Elysion’s Sakura Matsuri

It is Asian theme once again at Elysion and because I have a day off today I managed to attend, hung out with my dear friend Recka and also took shots of the other regular members :D

The entrance of the party room

Caity and I just before the 12pm SLT party

The Elysion owner Syn and Miwa

My beloved Aum and I

Ms Mouse herself Cloudy and her partner Hayden

Elysion management and room decorators Kadlin and Sullen with Muggy