้›จๆปด: Breakfast Discovery

Alek has returned with Ame to her hotel in Prague

Two heartbeats beating in sync with each other, two warm bodies wrapped around each other amidst the tangled bed sheets. This is what it felt like to have someone on her again, this is what it meant to be completely unadulterated and succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. Ame stared into the fiery locks curling her slender fingers through them idly, the morning sun shining through the open windows. She sighed out softly and felt movement against her followed by a light kiss on her upper breast, it made her grin cheekily and she squeezed her thighs around his lower back. After meeting in the Death Club and copulating hard in one of the small alcoves, Russian weaponry dealer Aleksander Volkov had returned to the Augustine with the youngest Hayato where in the decadent surroundings of the Tower suite they started round two and continued until the dawn.

Ame had only slept two hours before the sun woke her up and she had stayed nestled like this against Aleksander’s lean body for the past thirty minutes revelling of their skin rubbing against each other and the whole ordeal of being naked with a strong man again. She buried her face into his crimson red hair, taking it all in only to feel his nimble fingers grope her behind “Awake…already?” his voice was tired but it only made him sexier to the Japanese woman. Grinning, Ame kissed the top of Aleksander’s head “Maybe…” he groaned into her breasts and bit onto the fleshy curve earning a squeal and giggle from the Yakuza “No, no… too early, more sleep” he mumbled sucking on her skin. Ame moaned and hugged his neck tightly feeling the pleasurable touch, sinking further into his embrace, Aleksander kneaded her backside tenderly “Sleep tsvesti until the sun is high above”.

Tsvesti or ‘Blossom’ was a nickname Aleksander had called Ame whether through normal conversation or groaning to her during their carnal acts. It was a pet name that Ame enjoyed and obediently gave him more to please him. “I still got work to do for my family” she whispered, though her eyes remained closed and continuing to enjoy his hands on her bottom. Aleksander groaned again lifting his head from her breasts, their eyes locked and Ame got the urge to lean down and kiss him deeply.

Their lips broke apart and Aleksander sighed out loudly and Ame knew she had won “You damn Japanese mob; you never seem to sleep” he shook his head as he untangled his limbs from around her body. Ame laughed though inwardly she pouted over the loss of their bodies being connected, sitting upright and staring down at him as Aleksander rolled onto his back “If I stopped my work I’d have my older sister find me and demand answers” “Beautiful girls like you, even if you are Yakuza need breaks too” Aleksander countered, his lips forming his trademark lopsided grin.

Ame laughed gaily again leaning down to nibble Aleksander’s jawline and quickly hopped off the king bed before her body told her to mount him again. The sunlight rolled over her naked figure as she grabbed a fresh pair of red lacy lingerie from the drawers. Pulling the lingerie on to give a barrier between the two new lovers, Ame grabbed her black and hot pink yukata off the chaise and threw it over her body. Her long hair still hanging down her back, she heard Aleksander mutter “Even clothed, your body taunts me…” Ame bit her bottom lip and grinned to herself now purposely swinging her hips as she walked down the wooden stairs to the bottom floor smelling the delicious aroma of room service breakfast already served. She wondered when did the attendants deliver the tray and hoped for their sake they did not hear anything from upstairs.

Grabbing a piece of toast and two boiled eggs from the cutely arranged basket, Ame sat down at her desk and opened her laptop. The screen lit up as she punched in her password, images of the night at Space Ibiza flashed on the screen as well as CCTV footage of her mysterious American spy that she met at the club appeared in a pop up. Frowning Ame stared at the dirty blonde hair man “Who is he?” her Russian lover was suddenly behind her; he too was staring at the footage.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out” Ame shrugged as she scanned the pictures and pulled up a report sent to her from her father’s advisers back home. Pulling up another chair behind her and dropping his chin on her shoulder, Aleksander grinned mischievously “You did not fuck him, did you?” Ame laughed and stared at him incredulously before placing her finger underneath his chin “Your cock is the only one that has been in me since my Patron…” her voice dropped to a seductive mannerism that made Aleksander lean forward and shove his tongue into her mouth.

Ame grinned against his lips, watching him pull away, satisfaction across his face “I don’t know whether to be surprised or pleased. Ame Hayato, the Oyabun’s youngest daughter known for her enjoyment of sex and has not had dick in a month? Something is wrong” Aleksander jested and Ame swatted his arm playfully appreciating that the Russian had not bothered to put on any clothes still. Cracking his fingers, Aleksander raised his hands “May I? I am kind of good at this investigating of others, it’s what we do in my family” shifting to the side Ame gestured for him to shuffle forward.

Aleksander grinned “Uh, uh” he scooped the giggling Ame off her own chair and sat down in it, placing her on his lap “Better.” He nodded his fingers now dancing across the keyboard of her laptop. Ame bit her bottom lip again feeling his length press against her panties and it took all her energy to focus to what he was doing on the screen, Aleksander continued to grin as he minimised tabs and opened new ones punching in more addresses and details. “Are you struggling there Ms Hayato?” she knew he was teasing her so she played along with it “Not at all Mr Volkov”. Aleksander snorted, one of his hands leaving the keyboard to dance across her lingerie.

Ame squirmed in his lap and it only made Aleksander smirk wider, his free hand now grabbing her waist tightly still grinding himself against her “A-A–Alek…work…” Ame whimpered. “We can work like this Tsvesti” Aleksander continued to smirk, kissing her deeply and pulled on her bottom lip before focusing on her laptop again. Ame shivered with pleasure, fiercely trying to prevent her hips from rolling back and forth. The youngest Hayato moaned out as she grabbed onto his bare thighs “God damn it Alek, I need to figure out who this spy is!” Aleksander chuckled his fingers still skimming the keyboard and patted the top of her head “C.I.A Julian Huntington II, master in four kinds of combat, intercepting and detaining. He also knows how to disappear” he gestured towards the screen revealing the information to her. A portrait size of Ame’s mysterious spy took up the entire screen, his credentials to the right.

Ame stared in surprise, while she was distracted by Aleksander’s glorious manhood, he had managed to unlock and uncover who exactly her spy was. But new questions arose in her head, why was the CIA following her? Was it because of the incident with Shun Hui back in China, sending the girls head rolling off the cliff or the new event featuring not just herself but her big sister too. She turned her head to Aleksander’s grinning face, he mumbled “Your welcome”. Removing her yukata and dropping it to the floor, Ame felt Aleksander remove her bra that had only been on her body for five minutes. The answers would come later at least one big piece of the puzzle had been solved.

Fashion Tile: Candyman

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” – Aristotle.ย Staying warm in the virtual winter but keeping it pink and cute as always

* *Epic* Sweet.Snowflake {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Main store
* GizzA – Sequin Denim Skirt [XMAS Silver] *NEW* from On9
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Tara” Dark Browns from ~uber~
* REIGN.ย – BOW PUMPS w/SOCKS- Candy from Main store

* ALTAIR* reimi collar .black & gold. from 11.11
* .::Supernatural::. Sarah Pink Garters *NEW* from anyBODY
* .ILLUSORY. Pod Pals – ๐Ÿ˜ฆ from Main store {No longer existing}

้›จๆปด: Alcove Heat

Warning: The continuation of Aleksander and Ame’s meeting at the Deathclub is 18+ NSFW for this chapter so read with caution

The heavy metal beats inside the Death Club transformed to highly charged electronica making more patrons jump onto the dance floor. Inside their hidden alcove, Ame allowed Aleksander to pull off her dress leaving just her G-string on but paid more attention to her exposed breasts nibbling and sucking on each nipple tenderly, she arched her back and cried out as their lips met again, Aleksander pulling her legs around his waist and grinding himself hard between her thighs. Ame moaned out loudly, the heat gathering in her folds grabbing onto his shoulders rubbing herself up and down his covered length.

Their bodies gyrated and bumped in sync with the fast beat, only their pants and lacy lingerie keeping them from truly being one. Aleksander growled, feeling Ame’s red lips tug and suck on his own earlobe, her fingernails trailing down his pale bare back. She felt him grab her hands and gesture at his pants and she hungrily tugged them down. At last! Her flimsy thong was ripped and discarded to the carpet, their lips connected. Wet, open kisses as Ame sought for his shaft, reaching down and finding him hard and ready.

Skipping the foreplay, she pressed Aleksander’s tip onto her opening, they stared at each other still tonguing and both grinned madly as they both watched him thrust in slowly then withdrawing, repeating this teasing movement feeling Ame get more wet. She shuddered and quaked underneath him, pulling him closer on top of her, biting on his bottom lip “Fuck me damn it…” she hissed, Aleksander smirked and thrusted deeper, his entire length sheathed inside her womanhood. Ame’s legs flew up as she cried out, the feeling of being one with someone overcoming her senses, she quickly curled her legs around Aleksander’s waist panting as she stared into his eyes watching him rock his hips back and forth slowly then faster with the rhythm of the music.

Both moaned, panted and cried out with each deep pounding, Alek’s lips now sucking on Ame’s nipples yet again as he grabbed onto her hips, lifting her lower body off the lounge and pushed himself harder into her body, her ass slapping on his thighs as she squeezed her legs on either side of his waist, her hands gripping onto his hair. Lifting his face up to kiss her mouth once again, Aleksander pulled Ame up until she was straddling his lap, she happily took control cupping his face and bounced faster, both his hands kneading and grabbing her ass making her ride his length faster, his groans echoing in her ear as she hunched over his face and held him close.

Ame screamed out repeatedly as she felt Aleksander arch his knees and thrust up into her. They stared at each other, panting loudly and with need, both clutching at each other, Aleksander smacking Ame’s bottom spurring her on. She rolled her hips back and forth noticing his hazel eyes look down and stare at him disappearing in and out of her body, his shaft coated with her juice “Naughty tsvesti, give me more” Aleksander gasped out breathlessly.

Giggling as she screamed and panted out, Ame jiggled her backside in his lap, making more growls erupt from the Russian, she smiled and kissed his exposed throat. Bending his knees, Aleksander gripped her hips hard, his fingers leaving light imprints on her flesh. Bouncing helplessly in his arms, Ame threw her head back and wailed out in pleasure feeling Aleksander’s lips kiss her collarbone and neck again, she begged for more as her entire body shook.

Aleksander smirked again biting her neck tenderly “You want to– climax…don’t you…Tsvesti…you haven’t…been…fucked like this…in a while” he panted into her skin and sucked on her flesh, Ame shook in his arms and felt herself release all over his shaft, it covered the lounge. Shaking from her climax, Ame stood up and facing away from him, she watched his length disappear back into her, leaning back against his chest she pressed her palms into the lounge and bounced yet again, at this angle Aleksander pushed himself faster into her, his hands gripping her thighs and holding them apart. Ame’s eyes widened and she screamed~

They had been the show for many who walked past the sheer curtains and stopped to stare, but they did not know how long they had stayed in that small alcove losing themselves to each other’s bodies. Soon Aleksander noticed the thinning crowd beyond the red drapes, he growled out as he released his final drops into Ame’s mouth watching her clean him expertly on her knees. “Tsvesti…I… we…The Death Club is closing” with her womanhood and breasts coated in his seed and now her mouth holding the remains Ame sunk to her backside now completely spent.

Resting her porcelain face on his thighs, Ame nuzzled in tiredly, exhausted too Aleksander let out a satisfied sigh and tenderly curled his hands in Ame’s long tresses “I don’t think the club is used for overnight even with its facilities upstairs…we need to go” Ame nodded heavily as she attempted to reach her purse that was somehow on the other side of the alcove. Grabbing her hand, Aleksander kissed her fingers “I’ll call my driver” lifting her head, Ame stared up at him, her eyelids heavy “Come to my hotel…” Aleksander gave her his usual lopsided smile and nodded.

Fashion Tile: Play Hard

I don’t go to the gymย this is a known fact, I do elliptical at home if it is too hot outside. The background and the outfit are all from the latest round of Collabor88

* _CD_ย Charlene Pink Top *NEW* from N.21
* Tee*fy Blake Sporty Shorts- Black *NEW* fromCollabor88
* _CandyDoll_ Mara Legwarmers Ombre Banana *NEW* from Collabor88

* (Yummy) Ballet Slippers Charm – Gold *NEW* from Collabor88
* Astralia – Yoga arm phone *NEW* from Collabor88
* Astralia – Yoga earphones *NEW* from Collabor88

Diary: Staying Cool

It is so stinking hot! Like ridiculous at 40 degrees, I am born in the Summer but as the years have passed I have grown to enjoy cooler and Autumn weather much more. The weather in either New Zealand or England is more favourable for me to handle. It is especially annoying when my uniform is of that stiff fabric that you can’t breathe in and being at the front desk of a hotel, I have to wear bloody stockings too! Eww…

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • Got a facial and shoulder massage on my previous days off
  • Disneyland on Minecraft brings back wonderful memories of it in reality
  • I got 3 editted pics being done by amazing artists
  • My other half in England said he would happily take me to Pemberley/Lyme Park anddd watch Cursed Child ๐Ÿ˜€
  • My sister’s engagement party this weekend

โ€“ Lu

้›จๆตๅ„€: Better in Black

Ame loves to have colour in her wardrobe as you are all aware when reading her chronicles but she is also a Yakuza and they are elite gangster families. A couple of her outfits that I have are all in black, the monotones are a heavy influence in her wardrobe too.

I am posting my four favourite LOTD that I have made on Polyvore below;
Femme Fatale by lucilxlu featuring a velvet choker
Femme Fatale: This fierce outfit will be featured in an upcoming short story in the Prague Arc, can’t wait to post it so you all can read and enjoy it. It is a mission outfit where she drives to the town of Pilsen (still within the Czech republic) and invades the safe house of one of her family’s targets. Done discreetly and she has some help, I love the Zimmerman top with added harness and the dragon detail on the skirt is definitely something I see a modern Yakuza woman wearing. Overall this outfit was fun to make.

Midnight Gauntlet by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Midnight Gauntlet: The very first outfit during the opening short story of the Miami arc, I will be posting this particular series after Prague and Cartel though it occurs right after high school and college in Ame’s timeline. She wears this LOTD when she is meeting up with the other gang leaders in an abandoned carpark in Miami and it is also where she meets her first Dominant- the Italian Mafia Jacen Osvaldo. The pink lamborghini was a car that screamed Ame for me and the spiked Christian Louboutins I had to add in too. Her gun is a replica of Harley Quinn’s weapon in Suicide Squad movie but I see Ame using a Chiappa Rhino 60DS too.

Yakuza child by lucilxlu featuring mounted wall art
Yakuza Child: A generic outfit not featured in any of the current arcs but I do see it as an outfit Ame would wear when attending a board meeting with her father, older sister and the rest of the members/allies of the Hayatos. She would be armed to the teeth to show her importance and what she is capable of. I also added an image of a cherry blossom tattoo on the back because Ame does have blossom tattoos on her upper back and crawling down one of her arms. The leather bondage dress is a favourite piece of mine and it would probably be her trademark dress when addressing board members.

Tokyo shopping by lucilxlu featuring Karl Lagerfeld
Tokyo Shopping: My most recent outfit that I made last night and it is another generic outfit of when Ame goes shopping in the Ginza district or hanging out with her girls in the Shinjuku district. It is a cute outfit and not something she would wear when going on serious missions for the family but she still got a couple of weapons on her including her katana. The butterfly wedges, Swarovski choker and Betsey Johnson earrings are my favourite adds to this LOTD though I do find the La Perla bra very cute too.

Diary: Into 2017

I realised that I have not posted a personal entry not since December 19th last year, I did post a Christmas greeting and my New years resolutions but haven’t posted current likes or what is going in my life currently. Well to be honest, not much. I had to work New years eve and day then had a couple of days off, we also got sports teams currently in-house at work so very quiet on the front desk. Other than that, the first week of 2017 has been very chilled.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • I got Netflix and I’m hooked! My Little Pony especially after much insisting from my bestie Katie
  • Shadowhunters Season 2 is back on and Episode 1 was intense ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • Made new friends in a BDSM group on Facebook, they all baby girls but we have common ground
  • Bought myself new jewellery from Mooii, two earrings and a layered choker
  • I am 35 followers away from having 1000 on my Flickr

โ€“ Lu

Fashion Tile: Lucky Me

Here you all go!ย Got myself a new LOTD in from pixel land, so sorry it took so long, not much pink going off in the events lately :l

* Sweet Thing. Thanko Sweater – Pink Cat from SALEM
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Teffy” Dark Browns from ~uber~
* Addams – Mesh Shaki Short *NEW* from Main store
* [Atomic] Tis the Season_Toe-sties – Pink *NEW* from N.21


* [La Baguette] Teddy Donut ~ Chocolate *NEW* from SaNaRae
* {L} Glitter Stars *NEW* from Main store

GifSpam! Outlaw Queen

You can imagine my delight when Robin Hood suddenly showed up in the first half of Once upon a time’s Season 6 during their big finale. So it seems Sean Maguire is back and my ship OutlawQueen might possibly be sailing again in this new year, can’t wait! Regina needs her happiness damn it!

้›จๆปด: Same Page

Alek and Ame’s conversation turns personal and of her past

So, the blonde Mafia had a name and it seemed after her sister’s lieutenant scooped her out of the mess at the Space Ibiza, Mei had dealt with her enemy doing what she does best. A swift and silent kill. It was clear Aleksander knew exactly who she was but what did he want with her, she did not know. He gave her a rogue smile “As for who I am, I am a Volkov my family we are uh…run a family business of a kind but the Zima’s were stirring up trouble back home in Mother Russia, you Hayatoโ€™s did us a favour, so I thank you”.

Ame stared at him dumbfounded before quickly finding her voice “Why didn’t you tell me sooner and wait until I was filled with alcohol?” “Both our families are big in our separate underworlds, if I had mentioned myself when you were sober, I am no fool Ame Hayato your reputation has reached even the cold front of my country” Aleksander lifted himself slightly but kept the Yakuza’s daughter pinned underneath “Plus other than your skill with the blade, I heard of your more favourable talents”. Clearly complimenting her insatiable appetite for strong, dominating men Ame blushed faintly then folded her arms “You wanted a taste of a Yakuza”.

Aleksander’s mysterious smile changed to one of mischief “Never experienced it and I’ve had my share of delightful women but they all fire and try and pin me down but unfortunately for them it never works”. Ame pouted up at him “I may be submissive but I was coldly dismissed by a text message from my Dom” Aleksander gasped in feign horror and leaned back down cradling her face in his hands “That man, Jacen…is a fool” he said with a matter of fact tone. Ame looked to the side feeling her face cradle into his hands “Hai…” she whispered.

Her lips were kissed again and she muffled in surprise, feeling Aleksander’s grin against her mouth he kissed her deeper and she sunk back into the pleasure. It had been so long, abnormal for the normally carnal Hayato, she had not been with any other man since Jacen as if her mentality kept her thinking she was still bound to him only. Aleksander was proving to her she could let go and return to what she did best. Lots of raunchy sex.

Fashion Tile: Neverending Story

Happy New Year! Work was crazy on the 31st and so happy to be home. My bestie Mei slept over so ringing in 2017 turned out to be fun afterall

* Vinylย Wrapped Scarf – Lara *NEW* from ~uber~
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Maja” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~uber~
* Doe: Lights Blinking *NEW* from The Fantasy Collective
* *Epic* Spider.Web Kawaii.Kicks! {Hot.Pink} from Main store

* *The Mystic* Gothic Harness legbelt *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* (Yummy) Home Necklace – Gold *NEW* from N.21
* [Since 1975] – Rouge Pipe (Hot Pink) *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC~