Fashion Tile: Sugar Summer

Summer is getting hot in the northern hemisphere while here in Australia its getting colder especially in the middle of the night, so my thoughts are currently warm especially with all the events going on lately.

* 1 Hundred.  Hot Summer Jumper Pink *NEW* from Going Bust
* *CK* Sexy shorties lace fades1 *NEW* from Store marketplace
* Pink Acid Natural Lip Plumpers (matte) – Ruby from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Lyric [Boobs 2] *NEW* from Main store
* REIGN.– Gabbi Plats (S-HIGH)- Bubblegum *NEW* from Main store

* [KRAVE] TLC Boo Boo Nose from >+ O R I G A M I +< {coming soon}
* {Secret Love} Summer Zest – Earring *NEW* from Olala
* {Secret Love} True Love – Necklace *NEW* from Main store
* darkendStare. sugar candyfloss tail *NEW* from Hope’s Peak CandyPop!
* MUSCHI// M_Bag1 *NEW* from Store marketplace

Fashion Tile: Beware of Kyubey

Oh my ghoul! I’m so sorry for this very delayed LOTD, I had made the pics five days ago and organised the outfit details but haven’t posted it. So apologies and here it is :D

* [ToO CleAn] Party Pink BADDIE Tube Top 1 from Candy Shop Round #10
* Blueberry  – Letia – Belted – S – Dark Blue *NEW* from Main store
* /Wasabi Pills/ Reiko Mesh Hair – Black coffee from Main store
* T.W. Boney Eye boots *NEW* from Suicide Dollz

* {Secret Love} Hoop earrings with pearls from Main store
* {N} Kubey Inspired Plush *NEW* from Event@1st {coming soon}
* [KRAVE] B/w Stars Boo Boo Nose *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +< {coming soon}
* [KRAVE] Battle Bunny Phone Pink RARE *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +< {coming soon}
* [CX] Bone Tail v1.2 *NEW* from We <3 RP

Mood: Emotional

Perhaps its because I’m due or just extra hormonal this month but I been feeling very sappy/mushy/teary when it comes to watching films. Yesterday my work colleagues and I went and watched Inside Out. Its a Disney Pixar movie one of those feel good, all ages should go watch with a good message at the end for all. Very good film, I cried a tad when watching it.

Before the main presentation started they had another Pixar short film for everyone to watch and the tune is now stuck in my head. Basically a story of two volcanoes, yes VOLCANOES singing about love. It was soo cute and I absolutely loved it :D

I have a dream I hope will come true
That you’ll grow old with me and I’ll grow old with you
We thank the earth, sea and the sky we thank too.
I lava you. I lava you

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Monochrome Fawn

Atomic has released a series of cute hi-lo dresses for the new round of N21 and it inspired me to do a new LOTD for you all. The pretty background is taken at Elysion.

* [NOIR] Hi-Lo Dark_Set 3 *NEW* from N21
* antielle. Moon Bastet Sleeve (Fresh) *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* [KRAVE] Demon Heels Slink High Sandworm from >+ O R I G A M I +< {Coming soon}
* [KRAVE] pupupusheeen Boo Boo Nose from >+ O R I G A M I +< {Coming Soon}
* /Wasabi Pills/ Sharon Mesh Hair – Black coffee from Fameshed


* (Milk Motion) eyeshadow brush (wear) from The Arcade
* =Zenith= rosette rattan bag (Begie) RARE *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* Fawny – Baby Kitty.Gacha – Rare *NEW* from Shiny Shabby
* darkendStare. Left Garter dark pink from AniMAY Gacha Faire
* {Secret Love} Pearl Droplets – earring from Main store

The exact place in Elysion where I took my photos is in the Observatory on level two which is in the main building where all the weekend parties are held.

Mood: Excited/Happy/Wheeee!

Tomorrow at 11:30, the entire Front desk at work including myself will be heading to our local shopping centre and watching Pixar’s latest movie- Inside Out! Mei and I have already seen the trailers for it and looks to be one of those feel good films where the adults will even sob at some of the scenes and kids will go wtf at them.

It is our first official outing as a united team minus one (he’s in the Snowy alps!) and I’m excited to spend bonding time with the rest of my colleagues we usually don’t have the time or extra staff to do group outings beyond the hotel doors >.<

– Lu

Second Life: 12th Birthday

I have been quiet when it comes to reviewing or telling all what is going on in my Second Life lately, well its perhaps just filled with blogging and chatting with my girlies and their WIP products :D However this week the grid itself is celebrating its 12th birthday!

Major lag fest since it opened on the 23rd June and will run for a week; the theme this year is Dreams. Took only three shots at a couple of the places I found quite pretty. The train is at the welcome zone.

The birthday cake is in the middle of all the sims, it is a stage for live performers and djs.

And this is where all the electronic/techno/mixing djs perform. It is at SL12B Astonish. I prefer these type of music so spent it mostly in this sim while fussing over my windlighting and camera angle to take the picture. Overall this is an annual event, one of Second Life’s biggest where you can also meet the Lindens, the founders behind the virtual universe (I have yet to meet one lol).

PicSpam! Sailor Moon Aesthetics

There is many reasons why I love tumblr and this is just one of them. The amount of talent and beauty that the tumblrites share on their personal blogs is simply amazing!
The girl known as Nyxtriskelicn did a ‘Sailor Moon aesthetics’ on all the Sailor Senshi and this particular one she did of Sailor Mars aka Rei Hino is simply gorgeous!

Dedicated to my real life Sailor Mars and bestie Mei

Fashion Tile: Queen for a Day

Tres Blah has officially made herself a group for all the fans/members of her work and has included two gifts. This outfit was also taken at Cafe Mao; the cat cafe in Sleepy sim.

* -tres blah- Arlet Tee (S) – Cats {Group gift}
* {N} Sundae Treat Heels from Main store
* {N} Whipped-Cream Floppy Hat from Main store
* /Wasabi Pills/ Barbara Mesh Hair – Black coffee from Main store

* [KRAVE] Mother of Pearl Nose Ring from Aloha Gacha Fair
* {Secret Love} Princess Crown from Main store
* Kibitz – Eternal ring set – silver from IDK
* Ninety – shooting star bracelet Mesh R from IDK
* =Zenith= rosette rattan bag (Milk) rigged – RARE from :: Kustom9 ::

Mood: Fangirl worry

Ever since I heard that The Mortal instruments was being made into a tv series titled: Shadowhunters I have been following the Facebook page since the main cast has been announced. The cast is absolutely perfect not that I didn’t love Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower as Clary and Jace but the new cast fits the descriptions of the book characters to a tee. I also found out Dominic Sherwood who plays Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy movie is now our new Jace. I’m very excited on this but I will miss that raven black hair.

Originally I was concerned about my main angelic ship having good chemistry as filming started happening, the reason why is because Dominic is dating Sarah Hyland (who is also Natalie from VA) and when the movie was made Lily and Jamie were dating and on screen the romance that built between Clary and Jace simply oozed out. Can that same love be shown in the tv series? At first I was doubtful though it can be pulled off by so many other actors who are married/partnered off screen.

It wasn’t until last night that I saw Episode 3 BTS pictures released online and I saw #Clace, Shadowhunter training in the cemetery, oh the feels! Now I don’t feel so worried about what will happen and just wish 2016 will hurry up. This year of filming should be interesting to see as the entire tv cast get closer together as a single unit.


– Lu

GifSpam! Scientific Fairy Research

Ɯαтcнєɗ тнιѕ мσνιє Ɩαѕт ηιgнт, συт σf αƖƖ ѕιx тнιѕ σηє ιѕ ρєянαρѕ му fανσυяιтє мαувє вєcαυѕє Ƭιηк ιηνєηтѕ ѕσ мυcн αηɗ gσєѕ ση αη αɗνєηтυяє тнαтѕ ρяσвαвƖу ωну

Fashion Tile: Purr Purr

Everything is kawaii! This is my last LOTD part of the trilogy of synced posts that I have put together for my blog. Featuring accessories/clothes from my friend’s event Kowai Kawaii.

* *HolliPocket* Toostie Roll-Dot-Pepto Pink *NEW* from Alice in Sexyland
* [Krave] Black High Waisted Hottie Shorts S *NEW* from Kowai Kawaii
* BabyDoll. Bear Stockings / Pin *NEW* from Kowai Kawaii
* ALTAIR* babydoll harness .white. *NEW* from On9
* TRUTH HAIR Gilda [Browns] from The Arcade

* {Secret Love} Skull Long Necklace {add me} *NEW* from Kowai Kawaii
* .tsg. Kitten Bell – BlackxSilver *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* .tsg. Ruffle Parasol – PinkxBlack from The Arcade
* .tsg.Tiara Nekomimi *NEW* from Kawaii Project
{le fil casse} wonderland cheshire kitty tabby *NEW* from Alice in Sexyland

Fashion Tile: Ms Miaw

Cats are sounding off at the latest round of Kawaii Project and being a cat lady and fellow feline myself I went zooming straight into the event on the opening hour :P

* Milk Tea: A little lace affair – Top (Shirt) from Cupcake Hunt
* Bishes~Ruffle skirt (S) Diamond Hotpink from Main store
* antielle. Kitten Infusion (Fresh) *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* TRUTH HAIR Randa [Boobs 2] *NEW* from Main store

* {N} Peeper Bow *NEW* from Kowai Kawaii
* {Secret Love} Chained Drops – Earring *NEW* from Main store
* .tsg. Kitten Bell – BlackxSilver *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* :Diamante: Pleasure Me Monocle *NEW* from Alice in Sexyland
* :Moon Amore: Lucky Cat (Janis “The Hippie”) RARE *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* Ninety– Miau Bag Black Mesh *NEW* from Kawaii Project