雨滴: Family Business

She hasn’t been around in roughly two years and tonight I was re-reading her tales, the published and not published stories and it made me realise that I should continue her chronicles…this is a continuation in the current arc I left Ame at.

She had been quiet on the long flight home from Prague, even in the comfort of Aleksander’s family jet, Ame had not said anything other than the urgency to return home to Tokyo, Japan as soon as possible. Aleksander had called his family and requested their plane and though they finally checked out of their Tower suite in a hurried state, Ame had not opened to Aleksander, her expression far away from the present. Before take-off, Ame had sent an email to her older sister Meiakane of their arrival time in the private tarmac of Haneda International airport. As soon as they landed, two private cars in black were already awaiting their presence, the Hayato symbol embellished on the driver’s door.

Giving her bags to the driver, Ame slipped into the back seat of the first car grabbing her Hello kitty Samsung out of her hot pink Dolls kill purse immediately dialling her sister’s own phone number. Sliding into the passenger seat beside her, Aleksander watched concerned as she quietly talked to Meiakane before ending the call. “Ame…” the Russian began softly reaching out for her, Ame looked up at him, a pained expression on her face “I know you will tell me it is going to be alright, but I can’t think of anything else, not until I see Otou-chan for myself”.

Aleksander nodded grasping onto her hand “I am here though Tsvesti, don’t shut me out” Ame felt the tears well up in her dark eyes as she choked up “It is the only way I can cope with pain all my life” the Russian quickly slid over beside Ame and held her tightly allowing the Yakuza to cry again, letting out all her anxiety flush out. Ame stayed snuggled and silent against Aleksander for the whole trip to the hospital of where her father was admitted.

The black family car pulled up in front of the main wing of the Tokyo Takanawa Hospital and the lovers stepped out of the car. Ame had cleaned her face and re-applied her make-up though Aleksander had said she wouldn’t need a new face when seeing her family. But for Ame it was her mask against the troubles of the world, whether it was in the presence of the media or going out for a kill in the name of her family, wearing make up gave her self confidence that she could achieve anything. Clutching onto her pink novelty purse, Ame inhaled deeply before entering the large white building, Aleksander at her side.

Reaching the main reception desk, Ame quietly asked in her native tongue the whereabouts of her father, a nurse had offered to direct the Yakuza and her partner to him. Trailing behind the nurse, Ame attempted to quell her shaking hands, she knew that her father was in good care, TTH was known for their compassion and skill in mending their patients even those on the other side of the law. It was a safehouse for the Hayato’s and their secrecy was respected by the staff at the hospital. Ame realised she had dazed off and only the assuring squeeze of Aleksander beside her brought the Japanese young woman back to reality. They were standing in front of double doors leading into a private room.

Taking another deep breath, Ame mumbled to Aleksander “Wait here” before she opened one of the single doors and walked inside. Immediately seeing her father, half awake and quietly discussing with Mei, almost made Ame explode and wish to pounce onto her father and embrace him. Mentally noting that perhaps was not wise in the state, Masaru was in Ame recollected her emotions and bowed to both her family members “Konbanwa Otou-san, Onee-chan” she greeted them formally. Meiakane sighed out relieved walking around the bed and embracing her younger sister.

Ame once again used all her willpower to not cry in her older sister’s arms “You made it” Mei sounded relieved before releasing her. Tentatively approaching the Oyabun of their proud family, Ame grasped onto one of her father’s hands. Despite being hooked up to the machines to his left side, Masaru still looked strong while sitting up in the bed. He smiled warmly at her “Okaeri nasai (Welcome home) Ame-chan” his voice however sounded distant but still carried tenderness. Once again the tradition of hiding emotions was recited in Ame’s head but in the privacy of the ward, Ame felt her shoulders crumble and carefully she embraced her father’s shoulder weeping into his hospital gown.

Masaru at first looked bewildered before his face softened and he rubbed the top of his daughter’s head with soothing hushes “I am alright Ame-chan, you do not have to worry about me” “Gomen nasai Otou-san, I should have been here at home rather than gallivanting overseas and making a fool of myself” Ame sobbed quietly in return. “You needed to recover from your own injuries, the break was necessary for you” Masaru understood and gently lifted Ame’s face to look down at him “Our family is strong, we do not need to be in each other’s lives every day to protect the other”.

Ame nodded knowing that though her father had gotten himself injured, there was a reason he was the Oyabun after all these long years. Taking a handkerchief from her purse, Ame idly dabbed at her eyes ensuring to not ruin the eyeliner as her sister noticed the flame hair waiting outside the ward. “Ame….you brought him?” she arched an eyebrow staring at her sister. Ame paused before biting her bottom lip nervously as Masaru looked confused “Him?” the youngest Hayato could have frozen on the spot and though the timing was way off, this was the opportune moment to introduce her Russian to her family and disclose what Agent Huntington had informed her in Prague.

“Ano…hai (yes)” was all Ame managed to stammer out before quickly exiting the room and outside, she had soon come back inside holding the hand of the tall, red hair Russian whose face carried clear composure was quaking inside as he came face to face with the Hinotori and the Hayato Oyabun. “Otou-san, Nee-chan…this is Aleksander Volkov, we met in Prague and his family are known weapons dealers in the underground”. Masaru exchanged a brief look with Meiakane who held back the amused expression. She knew her siste was inwardly panicking at introducing the foreign lover to their father, now it was up to him if he approved or not.

Sitting upright in his bed with assistance from Mei, Masaru addressed Aleksander with an intense stare, the tall young man worried he was gonna collapse under the weight of his gaze. Nodding twice, Masaru finally spoke “We have heard of you Volkovs, your family has been in the business as long as we have been” Ame allowed her shoulders to slowly relax watching her father continue “What is your interest in my daughter Volkov-san?” Aleksander cleared his throat before speaking up, hoping that his own accent would not be difficult for Masaru to understand him.

“Ame is my everything Mr. Hayato, we originally met on the familiar ground of her older sister, the Hinotori” with that, Aleksander respectively gestured to Meiakane “Killed off my family’s own enemy back home in our country, Oleysa Zima” memories of the fight in New York City was brought back to both sisters and realisation dawned on Meiakane. The Russian Mafia who had hunted Ame into the United States from China. Masaru had realised too “It seems we have made an ally in you Volkov-san, now on your other agenda on wishing to have my daughter’s heart” casting Ame a look, noting she looked nervous and it almost made the Oyabun chuckle “I approve, as long as you can keep up with her”.

The youngest Hayato relaxed completely and she bounced in her strappy heels “Otou-chan, he definitely can!” she chirped happily before calming herself down and averting her eyes from the amused expression of her father. Meiakane cleared her throat “What is the other news that you gave me a slight hint in the email before you landed?” Ame’s face became sombre as she exhaled slowly before announcing “The American CIA require our help”.

LL LOTD: Eclectic

{Reblogged} I really miss making outfits and I can’t seem to find a website that replaces Polyvore. The below LOTDs are a mixture of black and white with pink and either work, casual or sport.

Posting three as per the norm when it comes to sharing my outfits from the disabled Polyvore;
The Chanel boots by lucilxlu featuring nyc home decor
The Chanel Boots: Using a direct quote from the film The Devil wears Prada because my alternate universe self is inspired by this fashion movie as well as Confessions of a Shopaholic. The boots are by Chanel, not the same ones that Anne Hathaway wore as Andy Sacks but similar thighs highs to say the least. The top is by Dolce & Gabanna and the shorts are Abercrombie and Fitch. The pink cardigan is not designer but it is cashmere, a layer over the flimsy blouse. This is an outfit that sums up the perks of being an editor-in-chief’s assistant, shopping around the world in couture! My favourite piece is Betsey Johnson rose bag.

Fight like a girl by lucilxlu featuring prAna
Fight like a Girl: When I was 21, I took roughly two years of Jeet Kune Do class, it is the martial arts that Bruce Lee began, it is a mixture of other deadly arts but with his own twist on it. Now my alternate self would definitely take a combination of dance and martial arts to stay active (and to fit in those gorgeous clothes). The above outfit is one of her training LOTD, none of it is designer though the sneakers are Nike and the bag is Victoria Secret. Everything is minimal and she only wears the pendant that holds the intial of her celebrity boyfriend, subtlety at its best. My favourite accessory is the star pin in the braid, its pink and cutesy.

Laduree by lucilxlu featuring PiP Studio
Laduree: There IS a Laduree store that sells macarons and stationary outside the Palace of Versailles, I even got myself a keychain and notebooks after ogling at how pretty the store itself was. My alternate self would have Laduree make-up because she would be able to afford it and going to Versailles would be a favourite tourist habit of hers in between working and shopping. The top is by Honey couture, skirt by Ronald Van Der Kemp and the shoes are inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers made by Dolce & Gabanna. My favourite accessory would be the lipgloss and the random pink tea cup, because high tea is elegant and posh.

Diary: What a Revelation


“Love is a dagger, it’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed” -Loki (self titled 2021 tv series on Disney Plus)

Since I turned 30, my filter to cover my blunt attitude and brutal honest has dropped and I stopped being so cautious with people especially online. While I keep everything professional with my line of work, in the virtual worlds such as IMVU or 3dxchat, I realised that honesty and being forward is the best way to be. In a world where there is so much secrets, lies and catfishing, I found it to be the best solution when meeting new people.

The friend who I was enjoying the company of until 2:00am on my weekends since March on 3dxchat suddenly decided to stop whatever we had because I was “terratorial” and “vicious” this was three weeks ago. It had left me in a depressing slump for three days as I had another confrontation of myself to decide am I too much for some people. It’s taken since that time and talks with my best friend, new friends and old that I realised, I am not the problem and I am perfectly fine the way I am. Some people just can’t handle me, even though he said he could easily. It has led to more stories being unravelled and realising the friend I knew since November 2020, is not the same person he is now and he is changing for the worst. A storm is brewing and I am kinda glad he curbed me because this doesn’t look to be pleasant at all.

My city is also in another lockdown and I have been working from home the past 2-3 weeks, basically when I got curbed by my friend, I was also dealing with busy work days and only having one day off. The cases have been jumping up every day and its incredibly frustrating considering we were supposed to have the lockdown lifted this Friday. We had 112 cases noted this morning, yeah that’s not going to happen.

I am fortunate that because the resort has quietened down, I can have my proper two days off and enjoy my weekend, I even have this Thursday off because of an accumulated day-in-lieu. It’s also not too bad having to work from home, don’t have to worry about wearing a mask or travelling to the city every morning and night, logging off and switching to relaxed mode comes very quickly now.

This month’s positive thoughts:

  • New Friends and Old on 3dx: It was predicted in my given 3-month Astrology forecast but to see it all come to light has given me an awakening of improvement and to step away from toxic friendships and those who were never there for me in the first place. My friends that I have known for years to those I have known in the past 6-7 months have stepped up their game in showing their support the past two weeks and I am forever grateful for being ears for when I vent or offering advice from an outside, non-biased view. Also in the past two weeks, I have made new friends and bonded closer to another old mate of mine. I have my Fire and Water: Rae and V, two gentlemen who I talk to on the daily basis, that despite our time differences (they both West coast U.S or Canada) they still made the effort for me. I have also made a new girlfriend in Riv, she has cracked me up this week and her blunt attitude is why we immediately connected. My best friends Katie and Aria are still around and so is my ex-turned-friend Ian too, they have been providing an outsider’s opinion when the 3dx friends were deep into past history.
  • The Bad Batch: After the Mandalorian finished, I told myself no more Star Wars and look to other shows and fandoms. My, that changed quickly after deciding to watch the first episode of The Bad Batch. There is currently eleven and since yesterday I am finally up to date and have grown fond of the main characters. What makes me giggle is that its another surrogate dad (plus uncles) who kinda adopt a clone kid called Omega and she has a very thick New Zealand accent. Hearing the tone of my mum’s country made me remember that all the clones in the Clone War were modeled after the Kiwi actor Temeura Morrison (who also played an older and alive Boba Fett in Mandalorian). I’m curious to see where this series is heading but as always Lucasfilm is playing it safe.
  • Food trucks: The recent lockdown has meant a lot of the local restaurants and cafes run by families had to close down or revert to take away again like we did last year in March. To create more revenue for their small business, the trend of food trucks has become more prominent and this past weekend, we got to experience it. I haven’t had a cheeseburger in so long and enjoying that while giving money to local businesses and not franchises.
  • Online shopping: I recently got myself a gold coin that has the Goddess Persephone on it from Awe Inspired, for the past 2 years she is one of the immortals that I am inspired by and invoke on a daily basis. I also got myself these gorgeous Lotus earrings, a nod to this blog from Ask and Embla. With the lockdown that seems to keep extending with people simply not following the rules, I am back to online shopping. I do miss being in a mall though, especially my usual vintage store that I shop in, they have a new collection coming out this Saturday and it looks very cute and in pink, my favourite colour- I may need to figure out online shopping for their clothes works.

– Lu

LL LOTD: Paris Weekend

{Reblogged} I absolutely loved Paris while I was there in 2017 and because of my love for the tv series Miraculous and working for a French hotel chain, I can’t really escape it. I am still trying to find a Polyvore replacement to create new tiles but so far it’s a bit bleak.

Featuring three outfits below for visiting Paris. I had lots of fun creating these;
Parisian kitty by lucilxlu featuring fake flowers
Parisian Kitty: Time for work for the fashion magazine and it means going to many capital cities to do interviews, find clothing of inspiration, take photos or even stand-in for the editor-in-chief. I absolutely love this outfit! The skirt is by Dolce & Gabanna, those hot boots are by Alexander McQueen and ice-cream wristlet is by Betsey Johnson (of course). It is blending something professional with the pink blazer and making it into something I would call my own. The scarf is directly from Sanrio online store and hair would be pulled into a neat bun, like I said it was fun to create.

Night out by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Night out: The celebrity boyfriend and I would go out with friends, whether his fellow stars or my own group and it wouldn’t be all just for work. This outfit is inspired by an all out, star-studded event and taken on Bastille Day. A known holiday to the French and something they celebrate as much as New Years eve. The outfit itself is not really a designer brand, more something I created together to have its own look of individuality. The harness mixed with the pink bustier by H&M and a ruffled, voluminous black skirt with pink lace underneath. The heels however are Christian Louboutin and purse by Yves Saint Laurent.

Feeling French by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Feeling French: I actually have pants in this outfit! I know normally my previous outfits have been dresses or skirts but these pink jeans by Hobbs were too cute, I had to style a look around them. It’s something worn in Autumn or beginning of winter, the top is a pullover by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and made out of soft wool. The black embellished heels are by Dolce & Gabanna again and the necklace and bracelet are by Betsey Johnson. Are you all noticing a trend here on who I would pick in my alternate universe closet, if I had the money I would definitely spend it on these designers.

Character Bio: Bast/Dinah Llewelyn

As the story grows, I had to edit the details of my main character’s profile

Codename: Ɓλsτ
Real name: Dinah Llewelyn
Titles/Nicknames: D, Chaton (Kitten in French), Cat O’twin tails, Feline fatale
Age: 25 years old
Race: Genetically modified human with traits of a leopard
Gender: Female
Origin: Born originally in District 7 of York IV, moved to a facility in Tokyo-Yokohama where she was reborn, escaped and resides in Drune- a floating island city in the Pacific rim
Theme song: Take over- Hidden Citizens feat Ruelle

Height: 5’7″
Hair: Elbow length brunette hair with caramel tips
Eyes: Originally blue now glowing silver
Unusual markings/colouration: Her factory ID tattooed on her right inner wrist; she has other tattoos on her body before she was modified
Skin tone: Caucasian
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allies: Order of Venus, Confederacy of EU, The Animassin’s

Friends: Professor Xander Chrome, Leena Frost, Ethel Nathrach and Vyn Avelbourne
Enemies: Coal Council, Lab Uni.Que
Father: Dr Thomas Llewelyn, one of the head scientists leading Lab Uni.Que and facilitated Project Gato, he offered his only child to be a test subject
Mother: Caterina Llewelyn, shot dead by the Coal council

Luna: Her katana that has been sliced halfway up the blade allows a sliver of laser to be inserted between the cut

L.u.i.g.i (Lab Uni.Que Integrated Global Interface): Stolen from the laboratory that created her, Bast re-programmed this GPS robot and now it acts as an investigating device and hiding her being tracked by Lab Uni.Que’s multiple programs.

M.a.r.i.o (Mechanized Articulated Repulsive Immunity Orb): If Luigi is the defence than Mario is the offense. Created from scraps collected over junk yards across the globe, Bast built this with Vyn when she needed a mechanical protector when she did not carry her own weapons. Mario can shoot bullets and mini rockets for distraction.

Body Modifications
Bast can jump to great heights/leap across rooves, she can also blend in with her surroundings and scale buildings like a leopard. She also enters heat like female felines, Professor Chrome has been assisting her in handling these frequent cycles.

Humanity was at its peak of technological and medicinal advancement; the Solar system had been terraformed and populated and a peaceful union existed between humans and their alien neighbours.

This picture-perfect world was where Dinah was born into, in a manor of the wealthiest Neo-London district, Seven. Her father one of the leading doctors of Lab Uni.Que had uncovered a revolutionary idea where they could combine animal DNA and safely transfer it into homo sapiens to speed up evolution for humans to be on the same level as their otherworldly counterparts.

Dinah was 16 years old when her father volunteered her to be one of the first test subjects of Project Gato operating in Tokyo-Yokohama and only processed this notion after her mother was senselessly murdered by the faction known as Coal council. Dinah began to grow into a different kind of woman. No longer completely human but not an animal either, weaponised by Lab Uni.Que to become the ultimate defence for Earth.

She escaped her father’s dominion and fled Japan, infiltrating an illegal immigrant boat and sailing to the elusive mecha island of Drune. Though it was still on Earth, it was reigned by the Order of Venus who protected its citizens from outside terrors. Lady Amarie V took in the morphing Dinah under her wing and alongside Professor Xander Chrome, they nurtured the half feline young woman.

Professor Xander Chrome introduced Dinah to the members of the Animassin’s where she meets Leena Frost, another young woman with the powers of a polar bear and Vyn Avelbourne who runs the bar Cat’s Meow and has his own panther qualities. While Drune was their sanctuary, Dinah left the island weekly to search for the killers of her mother and to stop Lab Uni.Que from recruiting anymore unfortunate souls for their tests.

Being part feline, Dinah experiences ‘heat cycles’ where she enters a weekly state of arousal with a thirst to be quenched. Professor Chrome gives her injections at the beginning of her cycle to dampen the hormonal influx and during these weeks Dinah has to stay inside and not venture out to keep the cycle under control.

With the help of the Animassin’s, Dinah has managed to locate the whereabouts of the Coal Council’s headquarters and is biding her time until she infiltrates and finds the killer of her mother.