Fashion Tile: Cosmic Charm

This LOTD is raw with no filters at all on the photos, very pink as usual and going with a planetary feel, majority of the items aren’t from recent events but still blogging them.

* {C.C.M.} Dementia Doll Corset – S *NEW* from Main store
* antielle. Gluttony Stockings Black (Gluttony) from Festival of Sin
* TRUTH HAIR Ximena from Main store
* .tsg. Corset Trekkers – Pink – Slink High from Main store

* Ariskea [Grace] Pearl Earrings[Swan] Left from Chapter 4
* .tsg. Square Nail – Fiancee *NEW* from Kira Kira
* ::{u.f.o}:: planet hairpin from Collabor88 02/14
* Stockholm&Lima: Pearl Cuffs Wrist *NEW* from The Fantasy Collective
* (Yummy) Planet Lover Charm Necklace – Deluxe from Collabor88 02/14
* . aisling . The Unexpected Wife – Sword from Enchantment: Bluebeard

Mood: Lethargic

I got one more day of work left and it is going to be on the day when it is 41 degrees celsius perhaps more of where I live and I’ll have to be putting on the stockings and the work dress because I’ll be on afternoon shift. Great… /sarcasm. It is the 1st December so the southern hemisphere will begin our Summer but really weather? You decided to give us a ‘Welcome to Summer’ by making it really hot? When I’m at work…really?!

Our air-con is turned on at the moment and will turn off at 2am but I made an appointment with my hairdresser for a decent hair wash tomorrow before work just so I can have cold water go through my hair- one factor in staying cool before work time :P

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Merry Merry Day

asked my friends on my Second Life facebook was it too early to start doing Christmas pics and they all responded with no! So here is a very jolly seasonal picture :P

* .tsg. Corset Tutu – Red – S *NEW* from Tannenbaum
* “JIM” – Xmas Kitten Slink Stockings from Inspiration point hunt 2014
* Magika – Darkness Falls *NEW* from Main store
* alterego I hooker boots from Blackout 2015

* Stockholm&Lima: XXXMas Light Wrist Cuff from ROMP
* !Ohmai: X’mas Lights Wreath [Playful] – lighted! *NEW* from Tannenbaum
* B.C.C Pudding Fur Earrings Ivory *NEW* from Tannenbaum
* {Imeka} Basic Scarf -Pastel Colors *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Neko Irritation: Fandoms

I have been part of so many in following literature, films, anime, comics and book series. We are all quite passionate when it comes to our beloved characters I can understand that completely for I am the same. But some of you honestly are so nit picky when it comes to the portrayal of the fictional people.

What I am going to point fingers at is the Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters fandom from what I am reading merely on the Facebook fanpages. While many of us are appreciating the fact they are having a second try at making the book series into a show and instead of a movie it will go on the smaller screen.

A lot of the fans are arguing amongst each other and are picking at every single detail from Clary’s hair colour to the design of the seraph blade (a Shadowhunter’s weapon). The movie flopped because it diverted from the original plot and became a romantic comedy with flashes of fantasy and Jace’s one liners from the novel but did not succeed in the same area as Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Now it is going to the television, new director and new cast and I personally think these actors are on point and look like the characters in the novel, I have shared the previews and pictures to friends and family who have read TMI and they all so far are quite positive on the outcome. The show premieres on January 12th on ABC turning into ‘Freeform’. I can’t wait to somehow find it, tv shows take their time in arriving here in Australia but I will be a loyal fan and watch the season opening.

The rest of you need to chill out and ‘by the Angel’ have a bit more faith in what this rebranding are trying to accomplish!

PicSpam! Pink Stationary

I have a love for stationary, I either go to this place called Officeworks or my favourite book store in the city called Kinokuniya, it has cute stationary in the back area that has come all the way from Japan! Plus pink as you know is my favourite colour since I was born!

Second Life: Two Lu’s BDSM

I am stuck on Fashion tiles at the moment and also saving up with the approach of The Arcade: December, but I have been doing a lot of kinky pictures with Lucifer in between the fact my warlock on Warcraft dinged 100 last night! :D

Apparently a couple of my girlfriends love the look of Lucifer and don’t mind he looks like an ‘Asian idol wannabe’ so snaps for him xD

I discovered a new BDSM hideout which isn’t as heavily populated as the usual places I go to, in fact it doesn’t have anyone and if there are others it’s usually another couple. Also gives land rights to rez items so needless to say I had fun doing pics here without interruption.

Mood: Anxious

So I watched the Captain America: Civil War trailer that was released today and I am not ready for this! Ironman vs Captain America all for the sake of the returned Bucky?! I mean really is that why the two supposed friends and Avengers are fighting. The whole Bucky and Captain America going against Ironman alone was hard to watch and that is just the trailer.

I told my bestie Katie who is an avid Robert Downey Jr fan that I hope they do not kill off Ironman in this movie because it looks like he would be outdone by the two soldiers. She told me, that better not happen and I’m agreeing! Forgive me fellow Marvel fans I’m very worried on the outcome of this third Cap movie.

– Lu

Second Life: Lucifer’s Makeover

No really I did give my male alt a new look and he perhaps now looks more Asian idol than ghetto gangster. With the boyfriend still absent from virtual universe, I have fallen back onto having my alt to accompany me in pictures and looking as fashionable as my avatar.

M-alts are the perfect way to express for us female bloggers when the boyfriends are away, don’t do fashion or can’t dress themselves >.> It is also good for the single ladies to have a presence, a pretend partner to keep the hunting men away (usually).

Taken at Corruption again, Luke is wearing Deadwool’s suit from TMD and Mandala’s headphones.

Taken at Elysion, Luke is wearing a blazer made by Etham from the new round of The Men’s Department, leash holder by Cerberus Xing and pants by Muschi. The cat on his shoulder is by Darkendstare from Kawaii project.

Luke is bundled up for winter wearing a fur coat and high neck shirt by Breath from the previous round of Men’s Only Monthly, hat is by Mina from the previous round of TMD.

Neko Irritation: Much Ado About Blocking

We all know what it is, in every single social media type there is that single red button to remove someone from seeing your posts, commenting or even following. We have all used it once during the age of internet and online interaction. But what I do not understand is the constant on and off blocking of someone you do not like.

If you do not want the person to see anything of yours at any time just block them permanently, this waffling about of on/off is a bit silly and quite confusing for the person at fault. I am currently going through one for the past few months or was it since last year I’m not sure it’s been a while that is for sure. In the end we need to stop with the high school cattiness and move on like the adults we are.

Though I will say sometimes I act more 18 years old than 27 -coughs-

GifSpam! Happy Birthday Kat!

It is Clary Fray’s birthday, well the actress Katherine McNamara who will portray her in Shadowhunters, what I also found out is that Jamie Campbell Bower who played Jace in the City of Bones film also has his birthday on the 22nd November. Happy birthday to both!

Fashion Tile: Puppies Galore

My home suddenly increased in more pets than ever with the arrival of a ton of puppies from Cosmopolitan, made by Focus Poses they are the main feature in this new LOTD

* [LF] Louise Lace Corset Floral from anyBody
* Blueberry – Split Skirt & Belt from Main store
* {DATUM} Bloody hell – tattoo from anyBody
* TRUTH HAIR Amoret [Size 2] from Main store
* *Epic* Bubble.Bow.Boots! {Hot.Pink} from Main store

* .tsg. Almond Nail – Pastel Cluster from Kira Kira
* #Foxy Jupiter Face Jewels L from Cosmetic Fair
* . Quirky . Cherub – Left – Thinner – RARE from Kawaii Project
* .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Vixen} headphones coal from Kawaii Project
* =Zenith= leather bow bucket bag (Black) Unrigged from :: Kustom 9 ::

Mood: Hopeful

While on the way home from Bowral for my cousin’s wedding I was browsing the usual Shadowhunters Facebook only to discover they have released two new videos AND the official poster of the tv series finally! While still many supposed fans are arguing that it looks fan made and cheap, I personally found it to look amazing! Have a look.

Others are also arguing that they are rushing Clary into being a Shadowhunter then following her training from being a normal human, personally I knew this would happen it’s to keep the excitement up especially for book fans and something interesting for those who aren’t part of the fandom. January 12th can’t happen sooner!

– Lu