雨滴: Same Page

Alek and Ame’s conversation turns personal and of her past

So, the blonde Mafia had a name and it seemed after her sister’s lieutenant scooped her out of the mess at the Space Ibiza, Mei had dealt with her enemy doing what she does best. A swift and silent kill. It was clear Aleksander knew exactly who she was but what did he want with her, she did not know. He gave her a rogue smile “As for who I am, I am a Volkov my family we are uh…run a family business of a kind but the Zima’s were stirring up trouble back home in Mother Russia, you Hayato’s did us a favour, so I thank you”.

Ame stared at him dumbfounded before quickly finding her voice “Why didn’t you tell me sooner and wait until I was filled with alcohol?” “Both our families are big in our separate underworlds, if I had mentioned myself when you were sober, I am no fool Ame Hayato your reputation has reached even the cold front of my country” Aleksander lifted himself slightly but kept the Yakuza’s daughter pinned underneath “Plus other than your skill with the blade, I heard of your more favourable talents”. Clearly complimenting her insatiable appetite for strong, dominating men Ame blushed faintly then folded her arms “You wanted a taste of a Yakuza”.

Aleksander’s mysterious smile changed to one of mischief “Never experienced it and I’ve had my share of delightful women but they all fire and try and pin me down but unfortunately for them it never works”. Ame pouted up at him “I may be submissive but I was coldly dismissed by a text message from my Dom” Aleksander gasped in feign horror and leaned back down cradling her face in his hands “That man, Jacen…is a fool” he said with a matter of fact tone. Ame looked to the side feeling her face cradle into his hands “Hai…” she whispered.

Her lips were kissed again and she muffled in surprise, feeling Aleksander’s grin against her mouth he kissed her deeper and she sunk back into the pleasure. It had been so long, abnormal for the normally carnal Hayato, she had not been with any other man since Jacen as if her mentality kept her thinking she was still bound to him only. Aleksander was proving to her she could let go and return to what she did best. Lots of raunchy sex.

GifSpam! Regency Undead Warriors

I finally got to watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the other night and though it cut off a chunk of scenes from the parody novel that I enjoyed so much, I still found myself loving the film.

At first I could not handle Mr Darcy’s raspy tone of voice but it grew on me and Elizabeth Bennett was on point as a skilled fighter. Their romance was adorable in between the undead, surviving and remaining civilised.

GifSpam! Forbidden Fruit

I have expressed it before last year or was it the year before about my two favourite fan couples in the Wizarding world, I prefer Harry Potter with the loopy Luna Lovegood and my guilty pleasure is hooking up Draco Malfoy with Hermione Granger.

Something about a pure blood with an ordinary girl is a favourite stereotype for me.

GifSpam! Major Clace

I think Episode 7 of Shadowhunters should just be called Clace, because it focused majorly on the chemistry that was brewing between Clary and Jace including one pivotal moment at the end of the episode that had fangirls like me squealing πŸ˜›


Diary: A Question

I follow many blogs and not just here on wordpress, also on blogspot. There is one ladies blog that I read mostly because of her graphic sexual pictures off Second Life but also what she says from the heart. She has gone from marriage online to being polyamorous, now how did that happen? Oh let’s just say her ‘husband’ has a real life partner who did not know what he is doing online (and probably still doesn’t). It has left this other lady seeking other partners and perhaps companions to fill up the gap.

But I have to raise this question and not just to her Β but to everyone and anyone reading my post today. How can one be polyamorous? As human beings we have the capacity to love greatly and passionately, but I always thought you give your entire heart to one person and you strive to be better as a couple, a pairing, one single entity. How is that possible when you have many lovers? Sure when Ian was no longer on Second Life, I sought companions when my girls weren’t online. That’s where I met my friend Hammer.

He and I hang out almost every night (when I finish work that is) and either go clubbing, to the big events in Elysion, last night was zombie shooting or in the voice chat room of Alterego. But just because I hang out with this man does not mean I love him. Oh no, it means I value his company very highly above anyone else in world. So to me for those who suddenly claim after heartache that they will have many lovers, maybe its not about being selfish/greedy but trying to fill in that gap that you have in reality.

It probably is different for those practice it in reality, but I am merely speaking from what I observe online, people use it as an excuse to hump many a pixel dick or to get out of a sticky situation. But really, what is the need of it?

– Lu

雨滴: He’s Pleased

Reblogged story: Little bit of play time for Ame and her Dom. The song for this piece is Time by Hans Zimmer, Karanda remix

Bent over him on his usual chairman seat, her eyes were closed as she let out a soft gasp, it rang with delight and pride for she knew she had pleased him. She may have come home late by a couple of minutes but her reason was valid and it not only made the smile on her Patron’s face broaden but a single gesture of his hand and she knew what was to come next.

Turning her head, her raven hair covering parts of her face, she licked her blood red bottom lip as she watched her master caress her behind, his warm hands gliding over soft flesh the smile now becoming a smirk as he stared into her watchful eyes and pressed his lips against her upper thigh “Well done my love…” His lips became teeth grazing her skin and she shivered with appreciation and pleasure though kept her hands on the back of his chair, the ever obedient submissive.

His hands dived between her thighs reaching up and stroking her nether folds, his lips biting her side and clenching onto her bottom squeezing it and giving off a low growl. She moaned at him and felt herself shake then gasp again as she felt his two fingers probe inside and wiggle them, stroking her and pleasuring her. His mouth was muffled but she heard every word “Darling Ame, let me please YOU tonight until the morning”

Normally she was on her knees but tonight, she would be granted that divine satisfaction. She felt his fingers dig in deeper within and she cried out her hands now flying up and grabbing his shoulders. She faced him and he smiled up at her, his ocean blue eyes glowing in the dim lighting of his office “More?” He asked softly and she nodded “Please sir…”

For the rest of the night, it was all about her and she was granted rewards of the flesh.

Story Time: The Masque

The third installment of the D/s mini series that I was working on in my previous wordpress. The Dominant and his kitten attend the masque

Turning around in the long black ruffled gown, her Christian Loubtin shoes clipping across the bedroom floor as she took in her appearance. She had to admit the make-up artist and hairdresser did an amazing job in dolling her up for that night’s masquerade. It was to be held at one of the Aristocrat’s manors and it was where the Master was to present her to his society. She was nervous, she was a simple suburban girl being brought out into the world of luxury and wealthy beings. The people who doted upon those they favoured and she was highly favoured by her Dom, she knew this by the rose collar bound around her neck. She ran an idle finger around it smiling at her appearance in the mirror.

Hearing her bedroom door click open she quickly turned around, the skirt of her gown sweeping as she bowed her head. His gentle head cupped her chin and tilted her head up “Beautiful. You are ready” His hand slid down from her chin down her bare shoulder to offering his arm. Smiling softly she accepted it and they headed down the grand staircase and out the main door. His black lacquered Rolls royce awaited them, he opened the door ever the gentleman and allowed her to go inside first. Minding her gown, she slid into the passenger seat feeling him follow suit behind her. Clasping her hands together nervously, he noticed her hands shaking and tenderly picked one up and sucked on two of her fingers. Immediately she calmed down as she faced him, watching him intently her mouth parted watching his erotic move. He released her fingers from his mouth and smiled at her leaning close and pulling her lips to his “We have time if you like” She inhaled against his mouth “Please sir”

The Rolls royce pulled up in front of the mansion and one of the attendants hurried down the stone steps and opened the passenger door. The Dom stood out first wearing his sleek black mask chuckling amused at the attendant’s shocked expression. Quickly buttoning up his ruffled white shirt and zipping up his trousers, he discreetly covered the lipstick marks on his neck “She needed to relax” He reached a hand back into the car and her hand came out followed by the rest of her body. Flustered in the face with her cat mask covering her eyes, she blushed softly under his gaze. He smiled looping her arm with his pulling her close and whispering “Amazing quickie darling, you will get more later I promise” The thought of more only made her bite her bottom lip with need. Nodding to the attendant, the Dom announced himself and added with a confident smirk “I am also introducing my kitten to the rest of the ball, let your Lord know?” The attendant nodded “Yes sir” He quickly disappeared into the mansion.

The submissive tightens her hold on her Dominant’s arm who gives her a loving stare “They will love you” Before leading her into the mansion’s foyer where they were to be announced.