GifSpam! Love Bugs

Watched Ant-Man and the Wasp last weekend with the bestie and we absolutely loved it, though the post credits scene just broke our hearts AGAIN. Damn you Marvel!



GifSpam! Number 3

It is not out until next year and we only got a teaser trailer of the film but oh my god!! How to Tame your Dragon 3?! The final one in this beloved tale that I’ve grown to love over the years *cuddles her Toothless plushie*

GifSpam! Save Shadowhunters

It reached world wide tweeting at no.1 and still has over 3 million tweets while also trending no.2 on tumblr, despite the ship wars and toxic attitude of the Shadowhunters fandom, somehow we have come together to save our beloved show. Here is to hoping we more than 2hr season finale next year.

GifSpam! Blue Punk Boy

I told myself that I would not like Luka Couffaine in the new Miraculous episode, I thought he and Adrien would be rivals or he be a douchebag…how wrong I was! He is so sweet to Marinette and friendly to Adrien and overall a nice guy with a musical soul, gahh! New cutie alert.


GifSpam! The Librarians

I finished binge watching season 3 of this amazing, intelligent and fun series only to find out there is a Season 4 AND that TNT decided to cancel this amazing show. The Librarians is an original concept with strong character development, amazing storylines and shocking or delightful plot twists. I hope someone will allow it to continue.