雨流儀: Pastel Princess

Ame is Queen of pink and mixing the cute accessories with sexy and seductive ideas, but she is not just into hot/candy pinks, I have also added the pastel shades to her closet and giving you new LOTDs that I have made in the past two weeks. They aren’t featured in her chronicles as of yet, I’m trying to figure out when she would wear them.

Below are the three outfits for this week keeping to the same pastel theme;
Pastels by lucilxlu featuring wall murals
City of Couture: Ame loves returning to Paris as much as she does to any of the other fashion capitals of the world, she blends in but also stands out in the Parisian crowd with her extravagent wardrobe and does not mind the attention she recieves. The pink corset with the denim long skirt (which is quite conservative for Ame’s risque style) along with the floral strapped heels work together and her make-up collection in this LOTD are all from France. The palette is by Lancome, the perfume is by Yves Saint Laurent but the Sailor Moon compact is definitely Japanese. Even her detailed hoop earrings have symbols of Paris inside them.

Leather princess by lucilxlu featuring home wall decor
Leather Princess: In her hometown, Ame is always that extra case of flamboyant in her attire, not just in her clothes and accessories but also in her make-up. The Anna sui cheek colour along with this perfume bottle gave the LOTD extra flair but the Miu miu pumps are gorgeous giving it elegance despite wearing a leather bralette. This outfit was also originally influenced by the Lolita fashion found in the Harajuku district in particular the Himegyaru or Princess Lolita, Ame always seen herself as a Princess since high school and incorporated it into her look.

Blossoming by lucilxlu featuring Christian Dior
Blossoming: This outfit I made is very whimsical, cute and highly floral, Ame has her moments in being very trashy and very confident in her body that she will happily show it off. She can also be aware of who she is and proudly show her Yakuza heritage, but she also has her moments in being very girly. I was feeling fairy mood when putting this outfit together and it was all inspired by the stockings that are hand made by Lirika matoshi, so intricate yet gorgeous! Also the mermaid tail brushes were super cute and I could see Ame have these in her make-up collection.


LL LOTD: Day Chic

{Reblogged} Casual outfits can be done right and still made to be fashion statements even if the designers are not present in each individual LOTD. These outfits are featured in my alternate self’s home town of Los Angeles. They all going with the colour of pink as per the norm and giving off a sense of originality in who she is.

Sharing three as always, I take it back some of these outfits have designer;

Disney Girl: The top is Miu Miu, the denim skirt is Dolce & Gabanna and the sneakers are Vans, so even a fun day trip to Disneyland could result in wearing high end brands. I will say the excuse for my alternate self is because she works for a fashion magazine so she will gets the extra couture even in every day outfits. I been to Disneyland on my own and if I had the accessories in the above LOTD, I too would go all out. Minnie Mouse’s headband ears, Ursula’s shell choker and the clutch bag of Beauty and the Beast made by Judith Leiber is a favourite accessory along with the clock stud earrings from Alice in Wonderland.

Dance Classes: Unlike the real me, the mirror version of myself stays fit and stays motivated in order to fit in the cute clothes that are part of her large wardrobe. She does a combination of martial arts class and mix dance. The dance class varies between modern, ballet and aerial yoga. The above LOTD does not have any designer except the accessories are all Victoria Secret, but it the clothes are loose and free to move around in. She packs two pairs of different shoes because the classes are spontaneous and she is prepared/organised for anything.

Casual Yet Cute: I have to be Los Angeles twice now during my real travels and though the traffic is pure chaos and some areas can be very rundown, that is what it means to be in a bustling city in any western country. The dress is Valentino, the denim jacket is Maurice’s, the strapless bra is La Perla, the black stilettos are Giuseppe Zanotti and the adorable perfume bag is my favourite designer Betsey Johnson. This is a fun LOTD and though casual it is chic and very feminine. Something I could wear too in the bustling city streets of shopping or sight seeing. The ginger kitten is if my alternate self had a pet living with her in her apartment. A small companion.

雨滴: Family Business

She hasn’t been around in roughly two years and tonight I was re-reading her tales, the published and not published stories and it made me realise that I should continue her chronicles…this is a continuation in the current arc I left Ame at.

She had been quiet on the long flight home from Prague, even in the comfort of Aleksander’s family jet, Ame had not said anything other than the urgency to return home to Tokyo, Japan as soon as possible. Aleksander had called his family and requested their plane and though they finally checked out of their Tower suite in a hurried state, Ame had not opened to Aleksander, her expression far away from the present. Before take-off, Ame had sent an email to her older sister Meiakane of their arrival time in the private tarmac of Haneda International airport. As soon as they landed, two private cars in black were already awaiting their presence, the Hayato symbol embellished on the driver’s door.

Giving her bags to the driver, Ame slipped into the back seat of the first car grabbing her Hello kitty Samsung out of her hot pink Dolls kill purse immediately dialling her sister’s own phone number. Sliding into the passenger seat beside her, Aleksander watched concerned as she quietly talked to Meiakane before ending the call. “Ame…” the Russian began softly reaching out for her, Ame looked up at him, a pained expression on her face “I know you will tell me it is going to be alright, but I can’t think of anything else, not until I see Otou-chan for myself”.

Aleksander nodded grasping onto her hand “I am here though Tsvesti, don’t shut me out” Ame felt the tears well up in her dark eyes as she choked up “It is the only way I can cope with pain all my life” the Russian quickly slid over beside Ame and held her tightly allowing the Yakuza to cry again, letting out all her anxiety flush out. Ame stayed snuggled and silent against Aleksander for the whole trip to the hospital of where her father was admitted.

The black family car pulled up in front of the main wing of the Tokyo Takanawa Hospital and the lovers stepped out of the car. Ame had cleaned her face and re-applied her make-up though Aleksander had said she wouldn’t need a new face when seeing her family. But for Ame it was her mask against the troubles of the world, whether it was in the presence of the media or going out for a kill in the name of her family, wearing make up gave her self confidence that she could achieve anything. Clutching onto her pink novelty purse, Ame inhaled deeply before entering the large white building, Aleksander at her side.

Reaching the main reception desk, Ame quietly asked in her native tongue the whereabouts of her father, a nurse had offered to direct the Yakuza and her partner to him. Trailing behind the nurse, Ame attempted to quell her shaking hands, she knew that her father was in good care, TTH was known for their compassion and skill in mending their patients even those on the other side of the law. It was a safehouse for the Hayato’s and their secrecy was respected by the staff at the hospital. Ame realised she had dazed off and only the assuring squeeze of Aleksander beside her brought the Japanese young woman back to reality. They were standing in front of double doors leading into a private room.

Taking another deep breath, Ame mumbled to Aleksander “Wait here” before she opened one of the single doors and walked inside. Immediately seeing her father, half awake and quietly discussing with Mei, almost made Ame explode and wish to pounce onto her father and embrace him. Mentally noting that perhaps was not wise in the state, Masaru was in Ame recollected her emotions and bowed to both her family members “Konbanwa Otou-san, Onee-chan” she greeted them formally. Meiakane sighed out relieved walking around the bed and embracing her younger sister.

Ame once again used all her willpower to not cry in her older sister’s arms “You made it” Mei sounded relieved before releasing her. Tentatively approaching the Oyabun of their proud family, Ame grasped onto one of her father’s hands. Despite being hooked up to the machines to his left side, Masaru still looked strong while sitting up in the bed. He smiled warmly at her “Okaeri nasai (Welcome home) Ame-chan” his voice however sounded distant but still carried tenderness. Once again the tradition of hiding emotions was recited in Ame’s head but in the privacy of the ward, Ame felt her shoulders crumble and carefully she embraced her father’s shoulder weeping into his hospital gown.

Masaru at first looked bewildered before his face softened and he rubbed the top of his daughter’s head with soothing hushes “I am alright Ame-chan, you do not have to worry about me” “Gomen nasai Otou-san, I should have been here at home rather than gallivanting overseas and making a fool of myself” Ame sobbed quietly in return. “You needed to recover from your own injuries, the break was necessary for you” Masaru understood and gently lifted Ame’s face to look down at him “Our family is strong, we do not need to be in each other’s lives every day to protect the other”.

Ame nodded knowing that though her father had gotten himself injured, there was a reason he was the Oyabun after all these long years. Taking a handkerchief from her purse, Ame idly dabbed at her eyes ensuring to not ruin the eyeliner as her sister noticed the flame hair waiting outside the ward. “Ame….you brought him?” she arched an eyebrow staring at her sister. Ame paused before biting her bottom lip nervously as Masaru looked confused “Him?” the youngest Hayato could have frozen on the spot and though the timing was way off, this was the opportune moment to introduce her Russian to her family and disclose what Agent Huntington had informed her in Prague.

“Ano…hai (yes)” was all Ame managed to stammer out before quickly exiting the room and outside, she had soon come back inside holding the hand of the tall, red hair Russian whose face carried clear composure was quaking inside as he came face to face with the Hinotori and the Hayato Oyabun. “Otou-san, Nee-chan…this is Aleksander Volkov, we met in Prague and his family are known weapons dealers in the underground”. Masaru exchanged a brief look with Meiakane who held back the amused expression. She knew her siste was inwardly panicking at introducing the foreign lover to their father, now it was up to him if he approved or not.

Sitting upright in his bed with assistance from Mei, Masaru addressed Aleksander with an intense stare, the tall young man worried he was gonna collapse under the weight of his gaze. Nodding twice, Masaru finally spoke “We have heard of you Volkovs, your family has been in the business as long as we have been” Ame allowed her shoulders to slowly relax watching her father continue “What is your interest in my daughter Volkov-san?” Aleksander cleared his throat before speaking up, hoping that his own accent would not be difficult for Masaru to understand him.

“Ame is my everything Mr. Hayato, we originally met on the familiar ground of her older sister, the Hinotori” with that, Aleksander respectively gestured to Meiakane “Killed off my family’s own enemy back home in our country, Oleysa Zima” memories of the fight in New York City was brought back to both sisters and realisation dawned on Meiakane. The Russian Mafia who had hunted Ame into the United States from China. Masaru had realised too “It seems we have made an ally in you Volkov-san, now on your other agenda on wishing to have my daughter’s heart” casting Ame a look, noting she looked nervous and it almost made the Oyabun chuckle “I approve, as long as you can keep up with her”.

The youngest Hayato relaxed completely and she bounced in her strappy heels “Otou-chan, he definitely can!” she chirped happily before calming herself down and averting her eyes from the amused expression of her father. Meiakane cleared her throat “What is the other news that you gave me a slight hint in the email before you landed?” Ame’s face became sombre as she exhaled slowly before announcing “The American CIA require our help”.

Story Time: In Bloom

Sagehold, Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras

Hunched over a book of ancient magic, Andais Lu attempted to read the single paragraph for the tenth time. But her concentration was not with her, not since she had spontaneously kissed Vynsand after the Battle of Brennadam. He did not push her away, rather she felt him return the kiss but after they had been sent to Sagehold to learn about why the tidesages had stopped blessing the new vessels for the Kul Tiran navy and the pair no longer had time to talk. The warlock also had yet to see Vynsand’s face despite everything when she knew he was going to reveal himself that night after dinner.

Closing the heavy book shut in frustration, Andais placed the book back on the shelf and went to retrieve another volume, she had offered to isolate herself in the Tidesages massive library to find clues on the water mages missing and learn about their history. It was suppose to take her mind off Vynsand but so far it was failing her. She was about to sit down and begin reading the new publication when she felt a presence nearby. Quickly looking up, she sighed out softly “You need to make yourself known, you tread too lightly” before her, Vynsand let out a soft chuckle “My apologies, are you finished here?” the warlock shook her head “Sadly I am no where closer to discovering the whereabouts of the tidesages or their history”.

She watched Vynsand sit opposite her and she swore she could feel his eyes stare. Clicking her tongue, Andais tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear and placing the book on the table in front of her “We need to talk…” “About what happened in Brennadam, I know” Vynsand finished her sentence, his hooded face nodding. Andais was relieved, it was clear to her now that the mage was just as distracted as she was. “I’m sorry I kissed you without letting you know, I know you are very particular on your sense of personal space and I just threw that out of the window” Andais began, her hands began to flurry about rapidly as she attempted to hide her nerves or thumping heart in her chest. Vynsand reached over quickly grabbing her hands “Easy Andais, you’re overthinking too much. Never apologise for acting on your emotions, its perfectly normal human behaviour” “Yes and inflicting it upon you, an elf” Andais retorted back though she enjoyed their hands being linked on the table.

Andais was frazzled and overcome by her feelings while at the same time trying to apply cool logic so she would not scare away the elf but once again Vynsand was understanding and managed to calm her inner storm. Standing up and walking around the small, study table Vynsand kneeled in front of Andais “Don’t ever hold back what you feel, especially around me” his velvety tone was gentle and sweet. It made the warlock smile slowly and nod in thanks, her reverie was interrupted as she felt familiar lips chastely kiss her cheek before she was helped onto her feet. “I believe we have investigated too much, let’s go” a faint blush stained her cheekbones but Andais still followed Vynsand out of the library “And go where?” “Scenic route?” there was a teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice and it made Andais arch her eyebrow but smile regardless “Okay?”

Stepping outside into the midday sun, the two casters headed towards the stables. Andais prepared to summon her dreadsteed when Vynsand reached back and pulled her inside the stables to his own horse, jumping onto his ride he offered a hand to the warlock who blinked surprised but followed suit and hopped onto the horse behind him. “Sharing a steed?” she remarked though her gloved hands easily went around Vynsand’s waist, the mage nodded “Easier” before they took off out of the tidesages town. Vynsand led them over the rolling hills of the valley and this gave Andais time to take in the beauty of Stormsong.

They were in the middle of Spring and the weather was a mixture of early morning showers and sunshine during the day. Everything was blossoming and though there was the talks of world war and other local issues, Andais sighed out in contentment. Leaning forward, she rested her chin on Vynsand’s shoulder pad, her arms tightening around his waist. She felt a single hand grasp hers into a gentle squeeze and Andais found herself smiling again. Vynsand had taken them through the most picturesque spots in the valley and keeping to the main roads to avoid the wild beasts that ventured on the hill. They were soon riding up one of the inclines before reaching an outcrop that faced the entire Stormsong valley.

Gasping in delight, Andais was helped off the armoured warhorse and walked to the edge of the peak, staring out across the valley. She inhaled deeply and took in the fresh air of the mountains blowing down behind her just as Vynsand reached her side, their hands found each other again and though there was silence it was a comforting feeling between both. “Andais, I should tell you who I am” Vynsand began, the warlock turned to her companion and smiled wistfully “I shouldn’t have been pushing you these past few months, I trust you and you don’t have to show me if you feel uncomfortable” Vysand cupped her face in one of his hands “Are you sure?” his voice was uncertain and worried. Andais continued to smile “Yes”. This time it was the mage who issued the kiss.


On their way back to Sagehold, Vynsand had teleported briefly from Andais’ side only to appear in the twilight holding a fresh Starlight rose. He kissed her fingertips before passing the glowing flower to the warlock who blushed again and was glad that the skies were darkening though she was certain that Vynsand with his elven eyes could see it. They reached the tidesages town and Vynsand sent his horse back with a stable boy, taking Andais to the inn for their usual dinner together. Discussions were light and merry, there was no talk of faction war or the current matters at hand. It was evident their relationship was blossoming.

Story Time: Revelations

And into the new year I give you a new story

Brennadam Square, Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras

The mini getaway to hone in on their skills as a scribe and alchemist extended into two more weeks within the green hills of Stormsong Valley. Andais Lu and Vynsand Runebane had now moved from Millstone Hamlet to the central hub of the region, the town of Brennadam. Mixed in with their schedules of training, they had picked up favours and pleas of help from the locals and once again the days began to blend together. The mage and warlock’s friendship had taken an interesting turn since that night they arrived at the miller’s village and both were unsure but wanted to see where it was heading.

In the inn that they were staying run by Terry Rigglesmith, Andais Lu returned home in the evening to a fresh Starlight rose sitting inside the vase on her bedside table. Each night it gave off a soothing blue glow and it made the young woman smile knowing who had given her the gift. During the day it was kept professional between the two and they focused on fixing the problems that arose for the Kul Tirans in Brennadam square, at night however their comradeship turned friendly and dinners together in the inn became a frequent occurrence.

Despite their relationship growing, Vynsand had still yet to reveal his face to Andais and she was growing more impatient with his secrets. She had tried to ask him over dinner but when it resulted in awkward silence, she decided to take matters into her own hands and try and find a solution, a magical way. That usually ended up in hilarious results that left the young woman not attempting to try again and memories forever planted in her mind. Andais decided it was futile for the elven mage to remove the hood and stopped pursuing on the endeavour. It still disappointed her and Vynsand picked up on her different moods.

One particular night after dinner, Andais Lu stood up from the table and excused herself for bed when she felt a gloved hand grab her outstretched arm “Wait…Andais” the deep tone of Vynsand’s voice resonated in her ears and she paused in her step. Turning to her friend, she watched him stand up before muttering “Follow me” but he did not release his hand on her arm. Andais arched an eyebrow but complied and followed him out of the inn. They were walking through the quiet alley beside their profession’s shops when Vynsand paused in front of her.

Andais waited patiently noting how the night sky seemed so clear today, still her hazel eyes stared at the back of Vynsand’s head waiting for him to say something more. “I know for the past year you have been wishing to see my face, there is a reason why I cannot disclose who I am to you Andais” Vynsand began and this made the warlock frown reaching over to touching his shoulder “I told you before Vyn, I do not care if you are disfigured or believe you look hideous” there was a quiet chuckle from underneath the Kirin Tor head piece “This isn’t about physical scars Andais…” Vynsand began, his gloved hands reaching up to pull at the ends of his hood–


Nearby an explosion sounded and a fiery ball crashed into the nearest shop. Screams were heard from inside and Andais Lu immediately sprung into action, running out of the alley and into the main square of the town. She watched as locals and fellow Alliance soldiers came running out of the buildings or began filling up buckets with water to douse the burning square. Andais looked up and turned pale while licks of fel fire crept into the corners of her eyes “The Horde…” she whispered her voice carrying venom. She did not see Vynsand stand beside her and look up, all she cared about was to remove the enemy.

Spreading her hands, Andais felt her familiar spell of Fire and Brimstone charge up her mana, the surging alchemist stone still embedded in her left bracer making it quicker for the warlock to cast her fiery magic. With an angry shout, Andais released an explosive Conflagorate on the closest descending blimp. The fel fire exploded upon contact with the gas contained balloon and the air ship soon fell from the night sky at a faster rate. The Horde that was on the ship quickly flew out of harms way. Andais casted again, releasing a combination of her first spell and now Incinerate into the charging Horde before her.

It was then the warlock realised, her mage comrade was no where in sight. Whirling about in her robes, the Verdant spheres bobbing above her auburn head, Andais’ fel green eyes widened in shock “Vynsand!” she called out above the warring factions and fleeing innocents. She could not see the mage anywhere and it began to cloud her thoughts of whether to attack the Horde or find her friend. Instead she quickly dispersed into the heavy crowds, ushering the locals to safety all the while dismantling the bombs set up by the squadrons of goblins.

Andais casted a Conflagorate on the nearest goblin before running to a huddled family in the corner of the inn and leading them to the town’s line of defense where Sergeant Calvin was giving out instructions to the Alliance champions who had also taken up residence in Brennadam. “I need some of you to dismantle the bombs from destroying our town completely, others need to help diffuse the fires burning and rescues innocents. But someone must be giving orders here. They know the plan, and I want to know the plan too” the warlock perked up at this and she raised her hand “Sergeant, I’ll go hunting for the perpetrator”.

The Kul Tiran soldier regarded the young woman surrounded by an aura of fel fire and nodded “Very well. Captain Lockjaw: I heard him conveying orders. Start with him, but beware of his magic!” Andais Lu smirked as she began jogging back into the chaos of the battle in the main square “He should beware of me” before disappearing into the crowds. It didn’t take long for the warlock to hear from those she assisted in the fight of the location of the undead caster. He was said to be on the outskirts of the town and held the plans sent to him by Lady Sylvanas. While only one Horde blimp remained as his getaway just in case things in Brennadan got too severe and he could easily escape from the carnage.

Andais gently lowered the child into the sobbing arms of his mother, giving him an affectionate ruffle of the hair, she continued her jog down the alleyway only to see a hobbling streak of purple and red. Narrowing her green eyes, Andais casted Fire and Brimstone once again, briefly tapping the bottom of her staff, Legionterror and running towards the running figure. Out in the open, she came face to face with the undead sorcrer who sneered at her from beneath his cowl. Lockjaw’s rotting hands began to glow blue as he casted and shouted in a choking cry “Death is the only way” launching meteors towards the warlock.

Quickly jumping out of the way, Andais dug her slippered feet into the soil and threw her fel fire towards the other caster, he hollered back as his robes were singed in green flames “The Burning Legion will take over your soul!” he spat out. This only angered Andais more and she kept releasing her spell Incinerate towards the undead male, the staff on her back opening a second portal and releasing more fel fire into the sorcerer’s back. Her hazel eyes now an eerie fel green, Andais stalked towards Lockjaw between her gloved hands the familiar spellwork of the Chaos Bolt forming.

“No one owns me” she snarled back before releasing the roaring bolt smacking into Lockjaw’s already crumbling body. He fell to the ground gasping his final breath “She… will rule… forever…” the undead caster spoke no more. Shifting through his burnt robes, Andais found the scroll with the detailed orders from the Banshee queen and she smiled triumphant tucking it into her Diabolic robe pocket. In the distance she heard the battle was ending as the singular Horde blimp quickly flew away from any trajectory arsenal. Her green eyes returning to their familiar hazel hue, Andais realised she had forgotten about Vynsand. Breaking into a jog, she headed back to the square, hoping that the elven mage was alright.

Walking through the mixture of injured soldiers and shaken villagers, Andais scanned each grouping for a pair of pointed ears poking out of a violet hood. Standing in the centre of the square, Andais held back a pained sob her thoughts immediately thinking the worst had happened to her companion. “Andais?” she heard his voice behind her and she spun around, leaping onto the elf who stumbled backwards holding her against him. Though his robes were a smoked or a bit torn, the mage was in one piece.

“Don’t scare me like that, where did you go?!” Andais’ muffled voice was heard against his shoulder, Vynsand sounded apologetic “I was portalling the trainers out of the market, our hub for inscription and alchemy is completely ruined”. Andais lifted her head to stare up at Vynsand, her hazel eyes brimming with tears “I thought you were gone” she mumbled “How could I Andais, I’m an elf” “That is no longer immortal” “Well I’m still before you aren’t I?” a small smile began to creep on the warlock’s face as she reached into the hood finding defined cheekbones and nodding quickly “Yes you are”.

Without thinking what she was doing or wondering how Vynsand would react, Andais leaned her face into his hood and her lips found his.

To be continued…

Story Time: Chemistry

Upton Borough, Boralus, Kul Tiras

Andais Lu was sitting contently on the wooden bench that overlooked the slopes of where Boralus’ wealthy and powerful lived. She had taken a detour from her usual from the Snug Harbour inn and found herself admiring the architecture of the Kul Tirans. She had been so busy with flimsy missions, fighting her inner demons and trying to discover the identity of Vynsand that she forgot to take a breather and admire the sea port she had called home for half of the year. With the festivities of Winter Veil finished and not being called by the Proudmoore’s, the warlock enjoyed the peace.

Winter Veil was a joyous event though Andais did not participate with her present party. She had taken the next boat home to Stormwind City then took the Deeprun tram to Ironforge where she had met up with Mookie and a couple of former friends from her battleground days to celebrate the exchanging of gifts and wearing the holiday colours of red and green. It was also a time to catch up with her old comrades and find out what was occurring in their lives. For a week, there was no mention of war.

A sudden crackle of energy and a teleport bubble appeared next to her, Andais yelped in surprise before folding her arms and arching an eyebrow as Vynsand Runebane stepped out of the portal in his usual mage attire “Found you, now let’s get going” he exclaimed relieved before taking Andais’ hand and pulling her to feet. Leading her through the streets of Upton Borough, Vynsand quickened his pace as they made their way back to the Snug Harbour Inn “I was enjoying the serenity just then, are we being summoned?” Andais pouted adjusting her grip between Vynsand’s gloved fingers.

“No, but you and I are taking a profession related mission to Stormsong Valley” Vynsand replied, his speedy walk never ceasing, Andais still continued to pout but continued to keep up with the elf in front of her. “Can’t we just relax for once and enjoy this time of year? We are always on missions or fighting” “By Elune, do my ears decieve me, Andais Lu, the mistress of Chaos wants to have a break from spilling blood?” there was a teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice and Andais Lu smiled a tiny bit before snapping her fingers and watched tiny fel sparks dance across her companion’s armour. With a raise of his own glowing hand, the mage diminished the tiny flames and Andais Lu swore he was grinning under his hood.

She then continued “Well no, but I was enjoying the calmness of Upton Borough, you and the others are always worried about me morphing into some agent of the Burning Legion that you now have me double checking on myself and doing meditation more so than the standard practice in the morning”. Vynsand chuckled as they turned up in front of their usual place of rest and grabbed a knapsack that made been stashed behind the main entrance of the inn. Gesturing for Andais Lu to follow him, they walked to the stables and the warlock snorted before casting the spell to summon her dreadsteed from the depths of the Twisting nether.

There was the demonic neigh of her steed and the fel horse appeared saddled up and underneath her, giving her mount a tender pat, Andais waited for her companion who soon came out of the stables on his own horse. Seeing her dreadsteed, Vynsand remarked “You will never opt for your normal horse Andais?” the warlock arched her eyebrow “Do you know me Vyn?” the hooded mage laughed before galloping out into the streets of Boralus, Andais quickly followed as she gave a silent farewell to the calmness that was her post holidays reverie. It was back to business.

The ride through Fernwood ridge was uneventful and while they had a quick pit stop in the town of Brennadam, the pair continued their trek through the green hills of Stormsong Valley. The valley itself was full of life and Andais found herself getting lost to the beauty of nature, it was like the lands of the night elves before it was tainted and she felt her heart lurch painfully in memory. She brought herself back to the present and noticed they were heading into the small village of Millstone Hamlet. It only had a population of twenty and all were either farmers or merchants.

Andais watched Vynsand pull up to the closest stable and gave the boy a couple of gold coins, Andais waved her hand and with another neigh, her dreadsteed disappeared back to the Twisting Nether. Taking in her surroundings, Andais saw a small inn, a couple of shops with local goods and and houses on the hills behind the windmills. It was a simple life for the Kul Tirans that lived here and yet it made the warlock smile to herself. It had reminded her of Dawn’s Blossom in the mystic lands of Pandaria.

“One of the shops nearby hosts for both alchemy and inscription, you can focus on your own individual work while I go out and collect herbs for my potions” Vynsand was soon at her side and gestured to the small shop that was located next to the inn. Andais looked surprised but nodded, it seemed that this venture out into the mountains would not be as eventful as she had thought at the beginning. The pair exchanged farewells and with her bag of inscription tools, the warlock headed into the small shop. There was no scribe or alchemist but the tools for both professions were laid out on either side of room.

Buying herself a cinnamon raisin pretzel and pricklevine juice from the innkeeper next door, Andais Lu parked herself inside the small building and began to work away on updating her scrolls of protection and emergency teleportations. Every now and then, her fingers would crackle with fel fire, the bloodlust for battle threatening to come out and take over the warlock. Still, Andais managed to keep the anger down and focused herself even more on her talents in being a scribe. Last time she had spent so much on scroll work was when she was in the floating city of Dalaran, before the Burning Legion arrived.

Hours passed and Andais had lit up a single candle on her desk but continued to keep her head down, her auburn hair falling out of its usual ponytail, covering her face like a curtain. Andais was so lost in her work that she almost jumped in shock when a glowing blue rose was placed on top of her rolled up scrolls. Dropping her quill, Andais picked up the flower in wonder, her hazel eyes sparkling against the candlelight and blue glow of the rose “It’s a Starlight rose, found it on one of the mountains during my gathering” she heard Vynsand’s voice behind her. The warlock smiled to herself before seeing her mess of work spread out in front of her “I lost track of time…” she began “We can have dinner if you like” the mage sat next to her, his leather bag bulging with herbs and flasks.

“But you haven’t started brewing?” “I am an elf Andais, I can continue this into the evening” Vynsand’s voice carried amusement. Andais’ smile grew and she nodded still holding the starlight rose in her hands, standing up she leaned forward and kissed the top of Vynsand’s hood “Thank you Vyn, its beautiful” before walking out of the joint lab and sacellum. If Andais had lingered a bit longer in the shop, she would have seen her comrade remove the hood from his face and watch her leave with his golden eyes.

To be continued…

雨流儀: Hello Darkness

{Reblogged} Revealing three more Ame outfits from Polyvore and once again returning to her monotone theme that she sometimes has going on when she goes out whether for official or every day attire. Ame is not always bright and colourful as I have said before in the first all black outfit post. Sometimes even a dash of black is good in seperating colour.

The below LOTD are from various arcs, though one I haven’t placed in a story as of yet;
Meeting the syndicate by lucilxlu featuring home wall decor
Meeting the Syndicate: London Arc, after Ame meets Bennett Joyce from the Joyce syndicate at university and later inviting him to lunch with Will Richardson from the Richardson family. Both young men invite her to meet the rest of the London underground and in that gathering, Ame makes herself known. Presenting herself to a foreign group of fellow gangsters, Ame dresses up for the occasion while also keeping it cute and chic. Her theme is roses.

Milan Couture by lucilxlu featuring pink shoes
Milan Couture: Osvaldo Arc; one of my favourite LOTD that I have created for Ame and my favourite fancy dress look, this occurs after Ame is introduced to Jacen’s parents Fiorenzo and Catarina and they go to the city centre to attend a ball for all the Mafia families within their region. No weapons are allowed at the function but Ame keeps it discreet with her shuriken underneath. The dress is by Balensi a French designer, her embellished sandals are by Dolce & Gabanna, so is her purse and her lipstick and perfume are by Christian Louboutin.

Parisian by lucilxlu featuring quote posters
Parisian: This LOTD is not part of any of my arcs as of yet, I was pondering either it would go in front of the Osvaldo arc and after Cartel or place it earlier during the London college years. Regardless this is a chic and ‘casual’ outfit that Ame would wear while in Paris, the City of lights has become one of her favourite places to stay in since her studying years and she usually frequents then if wanting to get pure couture fashion from the boutiques here. Rather than a katana, Ame has her Chiappa gun and two throwing knives. My favourite pieces are both the Sushi phone cover and the single earring, HyunA is known for wearing statement earrings.