Character Bio: Bast/Dinah Llewelyn

No WoW story this week, sorry all! Instead this is a character that I moved from Second Life and moved over to IMVU because its easier to work with and less overheating with Spring’s fluctuating weather.

Codename: Ɓλsτ
Real name: Dinah Llewelyn
Age: 21 years old
Race: Genetically modified human with traits of a feline
Gender: Female
Origin: Born originally in District 7 of Neo-London, moved to a facility in Tokyo-Yokohama where she was reborn, escaped and resides in Drune- an island city in the Pacific rim
Theme song: Sugar Free by T-ara and And&End EDM

Height: 5’0″
Hair: Shoulder length brunette hair with blonde tips
Eyes: Originally blue now glowing silver
Unusual markings/colouration: Her factory ID tattooed on her right inner wrist, she has other tattoos on her body before she was modified
Skin tone: Pale.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allies: High Priestesses of Venus, The Cat’s Meow, Circle of Animassin’s
Friends: Professor Xander Chrome, Leena Frost/Skaoi, Lady Aphrodite, Vysand Avelbourne
Enemies: Coal Council, The Confederacy of EU nations, Lab Uni.Que
Father: Dr Thomas Llewelyn, one of the head scientists leading Lab Uni.Que and facilitated Project Gato, he offered his only child to be a test subject
Mother: Caterina Llewelyn, shot dead by the Coal council

Luna: Her katana that has been sliced halfway up the blade allows a sliver of laser to be inserted between the cut
Her twin tails: They have fire energy hovering above that can be released with a swing of her tail, her tails can also extend and retract
Claws: Nails have grown to cat claws with metal tips, assist her in climbing buildings or gripping

Body Modifications
Bast can jump to great heights/leap across rooves, she can also blend in with her surroundings and scale buildings like a leopard and run fast like a cheetah. Her new whiskers alert her of any danger or change in the area surrounding her, she also enters heat like female felines, Professor Chrome has been assisting her in handling these frequent cycles.

Humanity was at its peak of technological and medicinal advancement; the Solar system had been terraformed and populated and a peaceful union existed between humans and their alien neighbours.

This picture-perfect world was where Dinah was born into, in a manor of the wealthiest Neo-London district, Seven. Her father one of the leading doctors of Lab Uni.Que had uncovered a revolutionary idea where they could combine animal DNA and safely transfer it into homo sapiens to speed up evolution for humans to be on the same level as their otherworldly counterparts.

Dinah was 16 years old when her father volunteered her to be one of the first test subjects of Project Gato operating in Tokyo-Yokohama and only processed this notion after her mother was senselessly murdered by the faction known as Coal council. Dinah began to grow into a different kind of woman. No longer completely human but not an animal either, weaponised by Lab Uni.Que to become the ultimate defence for Earth.

She escaped her father’s dominion and fled Japan, infiltrating an illegal immigrant boat and sailing to the elusive mecha island of Drune. Though it was still on Earth, it was reigned by the High Priestesses of Venus who protected its citizens from outside terrors. Lady Aphrodite took in the morphing Dinah under her wing and alongside Professor Xander Chrome, they nurtured the half feline young woman.

Dinah became one of the founding members of the Circle of Animassin’s where she met Leena Frost, another young woman with the powers of a polar bear. Her usual hangout/bar is at the Cat’s Meow, it’s manager is Vysand Avelbourne who has his own panther qualities. While Drune was their sanctuary, Dinah left the island weekly to search for the killers of her mother and to stop Lab Uni.Que from recruiting anymore unfortunate souls for their tests.


GifSpam! Beastly

In all the adaptations of Beauty and the Beast that I have watched, this modern AU film still pulls at my heartstrings. Though the intelligent and independant girl has to stay in a large house against her own will and people argue there is a bit of Stockholm syndrome thrown in.

What I love about this classic tale is that the heroine stays the same but changes and affects the male protagonist for the better. I may be a firm believer that no one can change someone only themselves but subconciously doing it without realising, that’s nice.

Story Time: Advice from A Friend

The Lion’s Pride Inn, Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Andais Lu had taken the boat home after weeks of neverending fights and missions on Kul Tiras. She had left behind Vynsand, Evrollah and Rahlis and decided to re-connect with one of her closest friends, the night elf druid Booleigh EverNight. The two women had corresponded through post and the elf had told Andais to meet in Goldshire. Now this had surprised the warlock, she thought that her friend would still be cooped up inside Stormwind City.

Entering the familiar residence that was the Lion’s Pride Inn in the heart of the small town, Andais Lu took up a small table in the corner scanning the rowdy crowd of this particular afternoon. Here in the heart of Alliance territory, next to the leading kingdom of the faction the locals had no fear of the war beyond the sea. It was communicated by the guards of Stormwind City and gossip of the lone travellers but here, there was state of normalcy.

Andais Lu found it unnerving and quickly ordered a bottle of Darnassian wine though she knew Booleigh did not drink for it would clash with her nature loving lifestyle. A couple of minutes had passed and no sign of the violet hair druid was in sight, frowning to herself Andais Lu stood up grabbing the bottle that had been placed on her table when a slender hand touched her arm “Elune-Adore, my apologies for running late my friend” Andais quickly dropped the bottle on the table and whirled around. Standing before her in her travelling garbs was Booleigh. The warlock yelped in delight and pulled the night elf into a hug, she laughed quietly and returned it warmly “It is good to see you Andais, it feels like many moons have passed since I had you at my side in the Stormwind infirmary” Andais stood back, her eyebrow quirking up noting the colour had returned to Booleigh’s lilac face and her elven eyes glowing fiercely with life “You’re no longer resting?” it was an obvious statement but Andais had to know what had occurred in her absence.

Booleigh sat down at their small table as did Andais while nodding “I have recovered plenty since the War of the Thorns, I have joined my brethren in the ranks returning to Kalimdor” Andais paled in shock before reaching out to the druid “You are returning home? Boo, you must know that I have been on the front lines of Ashenvale it is at a stand still” Booleigh nodded “We were briefed on what is happening back home, but I feel we can change the tide in battle. The High Priestess Tyrande has taken on Elune’s avatar in the living realm, the Night warrior”. The druid spoke this with such awe and reverence, Andais only knew a small amount of night elf lore but from what she had read, the Night warrior was the Moon goddess’ soldier form who sought justice for those who had nobody to stand up for them. She ferried the dead as stars across the skies and wielded a double edged glaive.

To hear from her friend’s lips that the leader of the Kaldorei had invoked the Night warrior into herself was something unheard of but the confidence across Booleigh’s face made Andais Lu realise that it had to be true. Perhaps the Night elves would finally exact revenge on the Horde that rid them of their beloved homeland. Andais clenched her gloved hands into fists before pouring herself a glass of the Darnassian wine “If you are joining the High priestess to battle, then I wish to join you” she longed for a decent battle and wished to see a turn in the tide of this world war. Booleigh smiled knowingly “I know your lust for a good fight is strong in you my friend but have you taken precautionary measures on that rage in your heart?” her smile slipped slightly and her tone of voice switched to growing concern “Don’t let the fel overcome you”.

Andais Lu waved her concern away quickly “The magic of the Burning Legion has never controlled me Boo, only pushed me to continue fighting for vengeance of your people and bringing peace to the Alliance once more” Booleigh sighed before gesturing to where Andais’ heart was “I feel it emanate from you Andais, your rage is growing darker, I’m sorry I have not been with you these past months in Kul Tiras. Maybe I could have helped you ease the pain like I have with my own” this made the warlock check on what she was going to say next. Daily, she felt the need to exact vengeance but she had forgotten that her friend before her had witnessed first hand the burning of Teldrassil.

“I have been recieving help from the priest Evrollah, she has been teaching me morning meditation rituals” Andais finally replied more calmly. Booleigh laughed quietly, her voice sounding like bells amidst the loud crowds within the inn “The Draenei has grown on you?” “We still have our moments of arguments but yes, it is much better now”. Booleigh nodded understanding before giving Andais a side glance “Has your hooded mage revealed his face yet?” Andais Lu pouted and folded her arms “You would think, Vyn would stop being so secretive with me after all these months but no I still haven’t seen him. I don’t know why he feels he has to hide from me” she drank the contents of her glass in one gulp. Booleigh placed a comforting hand on Andais’ arm “We, the Kaldorei are very private even in the company of our closest friends. I’m sure Vynsand Runebane has his reasons but I’m also certain he will show himself to you”.

Andais sighed appreciating her friends words before pouring herself another glass “He better, or I’ll remove the hood myself!” Booleigh now laughed and responded “I’m not sure if that would bode so well especially if he’s a mage” Andais grinned mischievously as her thoughts run amuck about her mysterious hooded friend “I see it as a challenge”.

To be continued…

雨流儀: Fuschia Fusion

{Reblogged} There are various shades of the colour pink and Ame will wear all of them as much as she likes changing her hair colour. Recently I have been adding fuschia to the outfits on Polyvore to break up the same repetitive pattern of hot pink with denim or all black attire.

I am posting the three LOTD that feature fuschia;

Girly Frills: In her home city of Tokyo, Ame goes all out usually with her outfits and it usually means otherworldly accessories and random add-ons to the clothing. This look is no different, she favours unique heels or thigh-high leather boots and her pink katana is usually sheathed on her upper back. She also has a collection of different badges from various stores and pins them in her denim skirt. Her lipstick is usually Christian Louboutin’s lip lacquer.

L.A Cruising: Ame loves travelling to the City of Angels and not just because her former Dominant Jacen used to live there and she visited him often. She loves going shopping in Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue but has her lunch in Little Tokyo because it gives the familiarity of home. Normally in shorts or mini skirts, this particular outfit is giving out more class but still reflecting her eccentric taste in food accessories.

Hunting in Hong Kong: Post Cartel arc, the youngest Yakuza flies to Hong Kong to find answers of her target who fled Mexico when she was there with her older sister. Not wearing her trademark red lipstick and merely going with pink gloss, the steampunk goggles are also more an accessory than of any real technical use. She is armed up bringing two katanas and shuriken while hunting in the streets.

Story Time: Mana Match

Tradewind’s Market, Boralus, Kul Tiras

More weeks had passed and though Andais Lu’s small party were doing minor missions to assist the Proudmore family, it was all leading up to bigger revelations such as the possibility of Queen Azshara returning and taking control of the seas, pirates harassing the shore towns of Kul Tiras all reporting to Lady Priscilla Ashvane.

Andais had gotten closer to her comrades, she shared interests of elven delicacies with Rahlis and he divulged of his former life as a warrior in Darkshore. It was only when the void consumed his thoughts that he found his class changing to becoming that of a Death Knight. Though she still clashed with Evrollah, the warlock and priest found consolation of each battle through meditation.

The light forged Draenei often woke the young woman up in the morning to begin a morning routine of withdrawing into herself and clearing out the pains and memories of war. But Andais admitted that she had gotten the closest to her enigmatic equal in magic, Vynsand. Whether on quests in the vast terrains of Kul Tiras or holed up inside Snug Harbour and drinking Darnassian wine, Andais barely left Vynsand’s side unless of course she was with her other companions.

Unfortunately, her elven friend still did not show his face to her. Andais wondered if the elf was horribly scarred and was ashamed to show himself but she tried to assure him, that she did not care on such trivial matters. Vynsand sounded touched by her comment but still did not lift the Kirin tor hood from his head.

One morning after her meditation with Evrollah, Andais had walked out of Fairweather’s Fine enchantments having casted on a new trinket that she was awarded during her quest in Brennadam and went searching for Vynsand. From one of the Boralus guards, he had mentioned that he saw the cowled arcane mage head into Whalgrene’s Lab with a bunch of herbs in his gloved hands and a leather book. Knowing that Vynsand was an alchemist, Andais hurried to the small shop and found the elf hunched over a table, with an open leather book and mixing one bubbling flask of coloured liquid into another bottle.

Being careful to not disturb him, Andais Lu watched Vynsand quietly, her hazel eyes drifting to the large red stone on the table that pulsed at a steady beat. She attempted to read the writing on the leather book only to frown slightly. She had seen this writing it wasn’t human and certainly wasn’t of the Kaldorei. She racked her distant memory of where she had seen such language before it revealed itself to her. She had seen it in the war-torn streets of the city of Suramar, during the invasion of the Burning Legion. The book belonged to the Nightborne, who now aligned themselves to the Horde.

Andais Lu folded her arms “Why are you carrying a book belonging to the Horde Vyn?” the mage jostled briefly in his stool before looking over his shoulder “Andais, you scared me” the warlock still frowning walked over to him and repeated her inquiry “Why are you carrying an enemy’s book for alchemy Vynsand?” the elf sighed before gently placing the flasks down on the wooden table. “If you may recall, the Nightborne once were my people too, we were all High elves once” Vynsand’s voice trailed off as if was far away, lost in the past.

He then grabbed the red gem on the table and flicked it towards Andais who quickly caught it on reflex “I have been working on creating a Surging alchemist stone, its properties would be able to increase intellect after casting and therefore allow easier casting time for a warlock or mage”. Andais Lu inspected the gem, immediately regretting her accusing tone of voice with her friend, she shouldn’t have been so forceful. She had nothing against Vynsand and she trusted him. She arched an eyebrow “Does it work?” she heard the smile in Vynsand’s voice “Let’s try it out”. Closing the Nightborne alchemy book and placing it inside his robe’s pocket, Vynsand led Andais Lu out of the lab and through the streets of the Tradewind’s market.

They walked up a turret of stairs that led towards the flight master, Joan Weber before Vynsand took a sharp left and descended more stairs that led into a training area facing the harbour. They approached three training dummies and Vynsand opened his palm, a glistening ball of arcane magic appeared, and he threw it towards the closest mannequin, the dummy exploding on impact before magically pulling itself together.

Gesturing towards Andais, Vynsand nodded “Now you try wearing the alchemist stone” Andais looked at the mage confused before sliding the red gem into one of her ravenous devotee bracelets then casted her opening spell of Conflagorate at the dummy. Green fire erupted from her fingers and singed the wooden doll, she felt the mana in her blood awaken with new energy and she quickly casted the same spell without hesitation. She stared at her hands amazed “I feel like no mana was wasted after that quick spell” Vynsand nodded “That is what the alchemist stone does, it lowers the wastage of mana after each spell we perform”.

Andais Lu laughed amazed “This could assist us during our lengthy missions and even help Evrollah with her healing time” Vynsand nodded again “This is what I have been hoping to achieve by creating stones for all four of us, even Rahlis would need it for some of his mana work of Death”. Andais Lu snapped her fingers and casted her next spell of Immolate, standing beside her she heard the teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice “See, the Horde book as you call it has some use to us” the warlock rolled her eyes before blasting three of the dummies with her felfire.

“They are still the enemy and the cause behind this war and why we are here in Kul Tiras then back in our respective continents” “Not all the Horde are bad, they just have a very lost leader…” Vynsand began and Andais Lu whirled upon him, her hazel eyes flashing green as she released another spell into the dummies “They burned Teldrassil! Anyone that follows that Banshee queen deserves to be either captured or incinerated” the four verdant spheres glowed above the warlock’s head as she swivelled in her Emberscatter treads and released her most lethal spell- Chaos Bolt.

The roar of the demonic missile flew and crashed into the dummies, leaving behind a small crater and surely waking anyone nearby. Andais Lu bit her bottom lip embarrassed at the damage she had left behind and looked up nervously. The inner rage once again dying down. She felt a soothing hand squeeze her shoulder and once again attempted to search for Vynsand’s face underneath the cowl “That’s enough practice for now I think”.

To be continued…

Story Time: Sea Change

The Snug Harbor, Boralus, Kul Tiras

She had lost count how many months they had been warring against the Horde and traces of her city of Stormwind or her order hall on the Dreadscar Rift began to fade into memory. All Andais Lu could see in front of her was the dead soldiers of the enemy and the constant presence of collecting azerite. This was what the war had originally been about. The attack on Teldrassil, the retaliation on the Undercity was all because of the azerite that now bled from the sands of Silithus.

The former king of Ironforge, Magni Ironforge had informed Andais of the properties of this new crystal that the factions fought over. That it was in the fact the life force of the world soul that sat in the very heart of Azeroth. Andais Lu refused to believe in anything mystical, having been fed it daily by her party companion, the holy priest Evrollah. It wasn’t until she was given an artifact known as the Heart of Azeroth did the warlock start to believe what the diamond king had told her.

The azerite in the necklace imbued her fel woven robes with new enhancements making able to withstand attacks though they were still made by simple cloth. Her powers too seeping from the depths of the Twisting nether fuelled her anger in every battle and were only growing stronger. Often her companions in her travel party worried that Andais Lu was losing herself to the chaos that gave birth to the Burning Legion but the warlock assured Evrollah, Rahlis and Vynsand that she was still had everything under control. Still, sometimes she wished that she could simply lose control and let the demonic energy take over. Maybe then the tides could turn in favour for the Alliance.

When the warlock and priest returned to Stormwind City, Genn Greysmane saw the weariness in the eyes of the two casters and instructed them to take a boat to Kul Tiras removing them from the front lines of Kalimdor. Though Andais Lu objected to this (yet again) she still boarded the next ship and sent a message to Rahlis and Vynsand back in Kalimdor to meet up with them in the Alliance’s greatest sea port. They had been welcomed by Lady Jaina Proudmore who was now Lord Admiral and overlooking the gathering of supplies and soldiers for the Alliance, she also kept check on the minor problems that would dare rise against her ruling family. Andais Lu had been reunited with Mookie though the warrior could not stay for too long already sent on another mission to the furthest part of the island.

The group had called the market place of Boralus their home and had been assisting in every mission big or small, the tides of war fading and replaced with the mundane necessities of the common folk. Perhaps this ‘sea change’ was good for the weary soldiers but the routine was becoming too easy to adapt to, it seemed easy to forget about the Alliance and Horde fight against each other in the distance continents when the quartet were too busy helping the people of Kul Tiras with their smaller problems.

Changing back into her diabolic robe from the simple night dress that she had bought in the market place when she arrived in the island’s capital city, Andais Lu stared out the small window that faced the harbour. She had her own room thankfully unlike back in Ashenvale when she had to share it with Evrollah. Here, she could have her own peace, though it often reflected in her inspecting the Heart of Azeroth that hung from her neck under the fel robes. It felt like a holiday but unlike her time in Pandaria where she became part of the Order of the Cloud Serpent and wore a dress that suited the serene surroundings, Andais Lu always woke up and having to change into her warring robes, just in case.

Trodding down the wooden stairs, Andais could immediately smell the food being cooked on the stoves and she inhaled eagerly almost bumping into Vynsand in front of her. “Oof!” she muttered before arching an eyebrow “Sure, just block the exit Vyn” the elfin mage looked over his shoulder. Once again he was completely covered up in the Kirin tor armour. His face shrouded as always, he had yet to reveal his face to the rest of his companions though Andais Lu overheard he had shown himself to Rahlis.

“Ishnu’Alah, did you sleep well Andais?” Vynsand greeted her, his tone of voice warm though it sounded like he had not slept himself. Andais Lu arched an eyebrow as they entered the main dining area of the inn and took up a table in the corner “I did, but it sounds like you did not” Andais attempted to see the face underneath the Kirin Tor hood. “I had an errand to run last night” Vynsand sounded apologetic “And you did not wake the rest of us? What if you needed help” Andais Lu pouted, realising that her companion had gone on an adventure without her. A chuckle echoed from underneath the hood “It was a simple task Andais, do not worry yourself”.

Andais Lu rolled her hazel eyes just as a plate of eggs and bacon were placed in front of her, her face lit up as she began to dig in, the elf in front of her had a simple herbal tea of sorts and watched her indulge in her breakfast. “Lord Admiral Proudmore did ask for us after everyone is ready to leave, she requests our presence at Proudmore keep” Andais Lu chewed slowly and a million questions began to race through her mind. Usually they reported to the commanders within Boralus, but if the archmage was requesting their party, something was dire and needed immediate assistance.


The warlock was waiting outside the inn with Evrollah, the holy priest happily telling her comrade about her dreams that she thought to be prophetic. Evrollah often indulged in bragging about her hopes to become a prophet like the great Velen himself, it would further increase her abilities as light forged Draenei and to be placed higher up in the ranks of her people. Andais Lu huffed impatiently and Evrollah paused in her tale “Do I bore you Andais?” the young woman regarded the Draenei and laughed nervously “Not at all, but where are the gentlemen?” Evrollah shrugged her bare shoulders.

Inside his private quarters, Vynsand adjusted his hood in front of the mirror just as there was a knock on the door and Rahlis stepped inside. Seeing the mage fuss over his attire made the Death knight chuckle and lean against the wall “When are you going to tell the ladies of who you are? Especially Andais, you know how she is” “And that is why I cannot tell her yet, can you imagine the disaster” Vynsand’s voice muttered from underneath his hood. “Of you two having a magical argument, I do not want to be there for that” Rahlis laughed waving his hands up as if signalling surrender.

Within the Kirin tor hood, two golden eyes flashed briefly “And with that being said, you put further emphasis on why only you must know who I am my dear friend…for now”.

To be continued…

LL LOTD: Day Chic

{Reblogged} Casual outfits can be done right and still made to be fashion statements even if the designers are not present in each individual LOTD. These outfits are featured in my alternate self’s home town of Los Angeles. They all going with the colour of pink as per the norm and giving off a sense of originality in who she is.

Sharing three as always, I take it back some of these outfits have designer;

Disney Girl: The top is Miu Miu, the denim skirt is Dolce & Gabanna and the sneakers are Vans, so even a fun day trip to Disneyland could result in wearing high end brands. I will say the excuse for my alternate self is because she works for a fashion magazine so she will gets the extra couture even in every day outfits. I been to Disneyland on my own and if I had the accessories in the above LOTD, I too would go all out. Minnie Mouse’s headband ears, Ursula’s shell choker and the clutch bag of Beauty and the Beast made by Judith Leiber is a favourite accessory along with the clock stud earrings from Alice in Wonderland.

Dance Classes: Unlike the real me, the mirror version of myself stays fit and stays motivated in order to fit in the cute clothes that are part of her large wardrobe. She does a combination of martial arts class and mix dance. The dance class varies between modern, ballet and aerial yoga. The above LOTD does not have any designer except the accessories are all Victoria Secret, but it the clothes are loose and free to move around in. She packs two pairs of different shoes because the classes are spontaneous and she is prepared/organised for anything.

Casual Yet Cute: I have to be Los Angeles twice now during my real travels and though the traffic is pure chaos and some areas can be very rundown, that is what it means to be in a bustling city in any western country. The dress is Valentino, the denim jacket is Maurice’s, the strapless bra is La Perla, the black stilettos are Giuseppe Zanotti and the adorable perfume bag is my favourite designer Betsey Johnson. This is a fun LOTD and though casual it is chic and very feminine. Something I could wear too in the bustling city streets of shopping or sight seeing. The ginger kitten is if my alternate self had a pet living with her in her apartment. A small companion.