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I watched Fantastic beasts on Netflix last night, still can’t get over how precious Newt Scamander, such an adorable Hufflepuff and protected from the evil of the world! Though he can definitely look after himself against bad wizards -cough- Grindelwald -cough-. Thanks hardyness for the following gifs


雨流儀: Signature Colours

It is clear to say that pink and black is Ame’s trademark since college after moving on from the red and white of high school standards. The below outfits I made just today after getting a creativity spark hit me and I hope you all continue to enjoy her eccentric style.

Another three LOTD for you to all;
Explosive by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Explosive: The leather skirt was the first piece of clothing that I placed on the board and added everything else on top of it, this LOTD is heavily inspired by a future arc that will occur after Cartel and the one after that. Basically Ame and her older sister Mei go to Kyoto and blow up a building that is in an alliance with a traitor of their family the Hayatos. That is why she has heavy arsenal attached to the fierce yet still cute look. The shoes also are a statement on their own, unique and pink, it matches the heart grenade

Cute shopper by lucilxlu featuring Iman
Cute Shopper: Loved Paris in August and it is a favourite destination in Ame’s stories, this is just another random outfit I created for her when she goes shopping in the fashion city. I have been loving patches and enamel pins lately in reality and it has been featuring in Ame’s wardrobe recently too. Also incorporated Christian Louboutin in both her shoes and what she has been shopping while in Paris. The Chinese takeaway bag is from Japan from their Vogue magazine, further emphasising on Ame’s and my own Asian pride.

Glam by lucilxlu featuring handmade home decor
Glam: The faux fur just makes me think of the old fashion glamour days of Hollywood and Hyuna herself likes wearing a lot of shawls when she goes to award nights or performing on stage. The Charlotte Russe Nyx eyeshadow palette is very cute and something I would see part of Ame’s beauty haul in any country that she travels to, though this LOTD is based in Tokyo.

GifSpam! Clary-TheArtist-Morgenstern

The winter finale was televised today and it was an amazing episode though I’m so sad, we are on hiatus until 2b is released on June 5th, this is going to be the longest three months ever until we see the cast again but looking forward to seeing them filming with the inclusion of Will playing Sebastian! 😀

Sharing gifs of when Clary escaped to the Brooklyn Academy to get her head wrapped around her circumstances being a Shadowhunter, those who only watch the tv series forget that Clary Fray has always been an artist first before a warrior.

GifSpam! Dammit Church

Lmfao! A known character in the book series but he only appeared in the alternate universe on Shadowhunters tv show but these captions are hilarious because it is true, Church does not like anyone unless your name is Jem Carstairs.

This is my Valentines Day post 😛

雨流儀: Better in Black

Ame loves to have colour in her wardrobe as you are all aware when reading her chronicles but she is also a Yakuza and they are elite gangster families. A couple of her outfits that I have are all in black, the monotones are a heavy influence in her wardrobe too.

I am posting my four favourite LOTD that I have made on Polyvore below;
Femme Fatale by lucilxlu featuring a velvet choker
Femme Fatale: This fierce outfit will be featured in an upcoming short story in the Prague Arc, can’t wait to post it so you all can read and enjoy it. It is a mission outfit where she drives to the town of Pilsen (still within the Czech republic) and invades the safe house of one of her family’s targets. Done discreetly and she has some help, I love the Zimmerman top with added harness and the dragon detail on the skirt is definitely something I see a modern Yakuza woman wearing. Overall this outfit was fun to make.

Midnight Gauntlet by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Midnight Gauntlet: The very first outfit during the opening short story of the Miami arc, I will be posting this particular series after Prague and Cartel though it occurs right after high school and college in Ame’s timeline. She wears this LOTD when she is meeting up with the other gang leaders in an abandoned carpark in Miami and it is also where she meets her first Dominant- the Italian Mafia Jacen Osvaldo. The pink lamborghini was a car that screamed Ame for me and the spiked Christian Louboutins I had to add in too. Her gun is a replica of Harley Quinn’s weapon in Suicide Squad movie but I see Ame using a Chiappa Rhino 60DS too.

Yakuza child by lucilxlu featuring mounted wall art
Yakuza Child: A generic outfit not featured in any of the current arcs but I do see it as an outfit Ame would wear when attending a board meeting with her father, older sister and the rest of the members/allies of the Hayatos. She would be armed to the teeth to show her importance and what she is capable of. I also added an image of a cherry blossom tattoo on the back because Ame does have blossom tattoos on her upper back and crawling down one of her arms. The leather bondage dress is a favourite piece of mine and it would probably be her trademark dress when addressing board members.

Tokyo shopping by lucilxlu featuring Karl Lagerfeld
Tokyo Shopping: My most recent outfit that I made last night and it is another generic outfit of when Ame goes shopping in the Ginza district or hanging out with her girls in the Shinjuku district. It is a cute outfit and not something she would wear when going on serious missions for the family but she still got a couple of weapons on her including her katana. The butterfly wedges, Swarovski choker and Betsey Johnson earrings are my favourite adds to this LOTD though I do find the La Perla bra very cute too.

Story Time: The New Scribe

The Ledgerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

Part 1

It was early morning and the Violet city of magic was slowly waking up, while those who had laboured through the night slowly retired to their private quarters. Within the neutral inn in the northern quarter of Runeweaver Square, a certain Destruction warlock stirred from her deep sleep. Her easy awakening was shattered when something small and black streaked into the bedroom and pounced onto Andais Lu’s stomach “Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andais’ hazel eyes shot open alarmed and looked straight to her belly.

Staring at her and shaking her quickly out of her slumber was the Inn’s resident cat, Sunny. None of the guests or the two Innkeepers knew who Sunny belong to but it had taken a liking to the warlock, it has surprised the onlookers for normally no animal unless one of magic abilities would dare venture near a caster of Fel magic. “Sunny! I was waking up, you didn’t need to pounce” Andais groaned in dismay as she rolled to her side pushing the black kitten off her body. It landed on the rug and looked up at her, its long tail swishing maniacally in the air. Andais stared at the feline and chuckled shaking her head, she was used to the antics of cats. She afterall still had her two battle pets ZenZen, an Arcane kitty and Skitty- a Fire elemental feline, they had decided to stay back on Draenor in the familiarity that was her garrison.

Rather than settle inside her order hall on the once Legion controlled Dreadscar Rift, Andais had taken up residence inside the neutral inn. The idea of succubi watching over her when she slept on the lavish bedspreads inside the warlock order hall creeped her out and the Alliance hall of Greyfang enclave was constantly shoving Alliance propoganda in her face and to not make friends within the Horde.

Andais had opposed against this, while she worked in Dreadscar, she had made friends on the Horde side and not just from the Black Harvest council who bowed to her as their Netherlord. She had two close acquaintances, Zivaa Frosten an Undead female specialising in Affliction and Leithen Flamesong a male Blood elf demonologist, together they worked to achieve greatest for their council as well as to educate the new warlocks. Even with her colleagues, Andais still felt queasy with all the fel magic burning through her veins that were emphasised whenever she passed through the portal, it was easier to be normal on the floating city of Dalaran.

Changing into her Meteor chaser’s raiment and lifting the Scepter of Sargeras off the side table and placing it across her back, the artifact felt heavier with each new spell she learned to control. Grabbing her new blink trigger headgun, they were to replace her former mech shades from Draenor, Andais Lu exitted the bedroom almost tripping over the excited Sunny, walking past the assistant inkeeper Afsaneh, Andais headed downstairs already she could smell the sweet treats being cooked and coffee being brewed.

Today she was taking a break from her usual assistance within Suramar and focusing on her new profession that she replaced Alchemy with, Inscription. The gnome known as Professor Pallin was a hard case to crack, he barely smiled or reacted unless you mentioned a certain steamy romance novel that he put together with his colleague back in Ironforge. He made sure the warlock studied her runes endlessly until she perfected each technique. Andais had stayed up inside the Scribe Sacellum opposite her inn until the later hours of night when she heard the guards change shift in the Underbelly.

Grabbing a Kafa kicker, a dark roated coffee from Kun-Lai summit given to her by the barista Mel Lynchen, Andais Lu took up one of the velvet chaises and unrolled her newly written scrolls. Scrutinising at her handiwork, Andais smacked her lips together and took a sip of the hot brew, she hoped Professor Pallin would approve.

To be continued…

GifSpam! Chaos and Destruction

The very two elements that make up a warlock of the Destruction talent. This is what my character on World of Warcraft, Andais Lu is made of. Legion is so far been amazing just a lot of questing but with the questing that is a lot of new storylines to be read.