GifSpam! Autobots

I had a nostalgic hit and watched Transformers 1 and 2 over the weekend, though it was in typical Michael Bay fashion, the action and the CGI surrounding the robotic heroes was still fun to watch. Optimus Prime and Drift are still my favs.


GifSpam! Aquaman

That trailer released at SDCC yesterday was lit! I have to until end of this year to watch it?! I cannot wait! Looks like this new turn from DCEU to WoDC is looking bright and I just hope it can thrive now after it’s past failures.

Made by JusticeLeague

GifSpam! Fire and Lightning

X-Men: Apocalypse while did not do great in the Box office was a movie for the fans with on point characterisation and costumes, my favourite scene from this film was when Jean Grey unleashed the phoenix force from within onto Apocalypse.

On the other end in DC, Wonder Woman‘s solo film did exceptionally well and her final fight against Ares, the God of War was amazing to watch as a fangirl.

GifSpam! Enemies to Friends

I am guilty of watching all the Barbie movies that have come out on dvd since 2001 and I’m sad they do not do them as often anymore, last one was released on Netflix called Dolphin Magic, it was an ok film. This gif set is from Fairy Secrets, while many fans objected to the new look of Barbie and her voice actress, I actually enjoyed it 😛