LL LOTD: Eclectic

{Reblogged} I really miss making outfits and I can’t seem to find a website that replaces Polyvore. The below LOTDs are a mixture of black and white with pink and either work, casual or sport.

Posting three as per the norm when it comes to sharing my outfits from the disabled Polyvore;
The Chanel boots by lucilxlu featuring nyc home decor
The Chanel Boots: Using a direct quote from the film The Devil wears Prada because my alternate universe self is inspired by this fashion movie as well as Confessions of a Shopaholic. The boots are by Chanel, not the same ones that Anne Hathaway wore as Andy Sacks but similar thighs highs to say the least. The top is by Dolce & Gabanna and the shorts are Abercrombie and Fitch. The pink cardigan is not designer but it is cashmere, a layer over the flimsy blouse. This is an outfit that sums up the perks of being an editor-in-chief’s assistant, shopping around the world in couture! My favourite piece is Betsey Johnson rose bag.

Fight like a girl by lucilxlu featuring prAna
Fight like a Girl: When I was 21, I took roughly two years of Jeet Kune Do class, it is the martial arts that Bruce Lee began, it is a mixture of other deadly arts but with his own twist on it. Now my alternate self would definitely take a combination of dance and martial arts to stay active (and to fit in those gorgeous clothes). The above outfit is one of her training LOTD, none of it is designer though the sneakers are Nike and the bag is Victoria Secret. Everything is minimal and she only wears the pendant that holds the intial of her celebrity boyfriend, subtlety at its best. My favourite accessory is the star pin in the braid, its pink and cutesy.

Laduree by lucilxlu featuring PiP Studio
Laduree: There IS a Laduree store that sells macarons and stationary outside the Palace of Versailles, I even got myself a keychain and notebooks after ogling at how pretty the store itself was. My alternate self would have Laduree make-up because she would be able to afford it and going to Versailles would be a favourite tourist habit of hers in between working and shopping. The top is by Honey couture, skirt by Ronald Van Der Kemp and the shoes are inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers made by Dolce & Gabanna. My favourite accessory would be the lipgloss and the random pink tea cup, because high tea is elegant and posh.


GifSpam! The Darkest Minds

Another book-to-film adaptation and watched it this past weekend. I actually like it despite it flopping badly by critics and the box office, to have children of colour being the main protagonists is such a joy to see and different from other dystopian series.

Story Time: Revelations

And into the new year I give you a new story

Brennadam Square, Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras

The mini getaway to hone in on their skills as a scribe and alchemist extended into two more weeks within the green hills of Stormsong Valley. Andais Lu and Vynsand Runebane had now moved from Millstone Hamlet to the central hub of the region, the town of Brennadam. Mixed in with their schedules of training, they had picked up favours and pleas of help from the locals and once again the days began to blend together. The mage and warlock’s friendship had taken an interesting turn since that night they arrived at the miller’s village and both were unsure but wanted to see where it was heading.

In the inn that they were staying run by Terry Rigglesmith, Andais Lu returned home in the evening to a fresh Starlight rose sitting inside the vase on her bedside table. Each night it gave off a soothing blue glow and it made the young woman smile knowing who had given her the gift. During the day it was kept professional between the two and they focused on fixing the problems that arose for the Kul Tirans in Brennadam square, at night however their comradeship turned friendly and dinners together in the inn became a frequent occurrence.

Despite their relationship growing, Vynsand had still yet to reveal his face to Andais and she was growing more impatient with his secrets. She had tried to ask him over dinner but when it resulted in awkward silence, she decided to take matters into her own hands and try and find a solution, a magical way. That usually ended up in hilarious results that left the young woman not attempting to try again and memories forever planted in her mind. Andais decided it was futile for the elven mage to remove the hood and stopped pursuing on the endeavour. It still disappointed her and Vynsand picked up on her different moods.

One particular night after dinner, Andais Lu stood up from the table and excused herself for bed when she felt a gloved hand grab her outstretched arm “Wait…Andais” the deep tone of Vynsand’s voice resonated in her ears and she paused in her step. Turning to her friend, she watched him stand up before muttering “Follow me” but he did not release his hand on her arm. Andais arched an eyebrow but complied and followed him out of the inn. They were walking through the quiet alley beside their profession’s shops when Vynsand paused in front of her.

Andais waited patiently noting how the night sky seemed so clear today, still her hazel eyes stared at the back of Vynsand’s head waiting for him to say something more. “I know for the past year you have been wishing to see my face, there is a reason why I cannot disclose who I am to you Andais” Vynsand began and this made the warlock frown reaching over to touching his shoulder “I told you before Vyn, I do not care if you are disfigured or believe you look hideous” there was a quiet chuckle from underneath the Kirin Tor head piece “This isn’t about physical scars Andais…” Vynsand began, his gloved hands reaching up to pull at the ends of his hood–


Nearby an explosion sounded and a fiery ball crashed into the nearest shop. Screams were heard from inside and Andais Lu immediately sprung into action, running out of the alley and into the main square of the town. She watched as locals and fellow Alliance soldiers came running out of the buildings or began filling up buckets with water to douse the burning square. Andais looked up and turned pale while licks of fel fire crept into the corners of her eyes “The Horde…” she whispered her voice carrying venom. She did not see Vynsand stand beside her and look up, all she cared about was to remove the enemy.

Spreading her hands, Andais felt her familiar spell of Fire and Brimstone charge up her mana, the surging alchemist stone still embedded in her left bracer making it quicker for the warlock to cast her fiery magic. With an angry shout, Andais released an explosive Conflagorate on the closest descending blimp. The fel fire exploded upon contact with the gas contained balloon and the air ship soon fell from the night sky at a faster rate. The Horde that was on the ship quickly flew out of harms way. Andais casted again, releasing a combination of her first spell and now Incinerate into the charging Horde before her.

It was then the warlock realised, her mage comrade was no where in sight. Whirling about in her robes, the Verdant spheres bobbing above her auburn head, Andais’ fel green eyes widened in shock “Vynsand!” she called out above the warring factions and fleeing innocents. She could not see the mage anywhere and it began to cloud her thoughts of whether to attack the Horde or find her friend. Instead she quickly dispersed into the heavy crowds, ushering the locals to safety all the while dismantling the bombs set up by the squadrons of goblins.

Andais casted a Conflagorate on the nearest goblin before running to a huddled family in the corner of the inn and leading them to the town’s line of defense where Sergeant Calvin was giving out instructions to the Alliance champions who had also taken up residence in Brennadam. “I need some of you to dismantle the bombs from destroying our town completely, others need to help diffuse the fires burning and rescues innocents. But someone must be giving orders here. They know the plan, and I want to know the plan too” the warlock perked up at this and she raised her hand “Sergeant, I’ll go hunting for the perpetrator”.

The Kul Tiran soldier regarded the young woman surrounded by an aura of fel fire and nodded “Very well. Captain Lockjaw: I heard him conveying orders. Start with him, but beware of his magic!” Andais Lu smirked as she began jogging back into the chaos of the battle in the main square “He should beware of me” before disappearing into the crowds. It didn’t take long for the warlock to hear from those she assisted in the fight of the location of the undead caster. He was said to be on the outskirts of the town and held the plans sent to him by Lady Sylvanas. While only one Horde blimp remained as his getaway just in case things in Brennadan got too severe and he could easily escape from the carnage.

Andais gently lowered the child into the sobbing arms of his mother, giving him an affectionate ruffle of the hair, she continued her jog down the alleyway only to see a hobbling streak of purple and red. Narrowing her green eyes, Andais casted Fire and Brimstone once again, briefly tapping the bottom of her staff, Legionterror and running towards the running figure. Out in the open, she came face to face with the undead sorcrer who sneered at her from beneath his cowl. Lockjaw’s rotting hands began to glow blue as he casted and shouted in a choking cry “Death is the only way” launching meteors towards the warlock.

Quickly jumping out of the way, Andais dug her slippered feet into the soil and threw her fel fire towards the other caster, he hollered back as his robes were singed in green flames “The Burning Legion will take over your soul!” he spat out. This only angered Andais more and she kept releasing her spell Incinerate towards the undead male, the staff on her back opening a second portal and releasing more fel fire into the sorcerer’s back. Her hazel eyes now an eerie fel green, Andais stalked towards Lockjaw between her gloved hands the familiar spellwork of the Chaos Bolt forming.

“No one owns me” she snarled back before releasing the roaring bolt smacking into Lockjaw’s already crumbling body. He fell to the ground gasping his final breath “She… will rule… forever…” the undead caster spoke no more. Shifting through his burnt robes, Andais found the scroll with the detailed orders from the Banshee queen and she smiled triumphant tucking it into her Diabolic robe pocket. In the distance she heard the battle was ending as the singular Horde blimp quickly flew away from any trajectory arsenal. Her green eyes returning to their familiar hazel hue, Andais realised she had forgotten about Vynsand. Breaking into a jog, she headed back to the square, hoping that the elven mage was alright.

Walking through the mixture of injured soldiers and shaken villagers, Andais scanned each grouping for a pair of pointed ears poking out of a violet hood. Standing in the centre of the square, Andais held back a pained sob her thoughts immediately thinking the worst had happened to her companion. “Andais?” she heard his voice behind her and she spun around, leaping onto the elf who stumbled backwards holding her against him. Though his robes were a smoked or a bit torn, the mage was in one piece.

“Don’t scare me like that, where did you go?!” Andais’ muffled voice was heard against his shoulder, Vynsand sounded apologetic “I was portalling the trainers out of the market, our hub for inscription and alchemy is completely ruined”. Andais lifted her head to stare up at Vynsand, her hazel eyes brimming with tears “I thought you were gone” she mumbled “How could I Andais, I’m an elf” “That is no longer immortal” “Well I’m still before you aren’t I?” a small smile began to creep on the warlock’s face as she reached into the hood finding defined cheekbones and nodding quickly “Yes you are”.

Without thinking what she was doing or wondering how Vynsand would react, Andais leaned her face into his hood and her lips found his.

To be continued…

Story Time: Chemistry

Upton Borough, Boralus, Kul Tiras

Andais Lu was sitting contently on the wooden bench that overlooked the slopes of where Boralus’ wealthy and powerful lived. She had taken a detour from her usual from the Snug Harbour inn and found herself admiring the architecture of the Kul Tirans. She had been so busy with flimsy missions, fighting her inner demons and trying to discover the identity of Vynsand that she forgot to take a breather and admire the sea port she had called home for half of the year. With the festivities of Winter Veil finished and not being called by the Proudmoore’s, the warlock enjoyed the peace.

Winter Veil was a joyous event though Andais did not participate with her present party. She had taken the next boat home to Stormwind City then took the Deeprun tram to Ironforge where she had met up with Mookie and a couple of former friends from her battleground days to celebrate the exchanging of gifts and wearing the holiday colours of red and green. It was also a time to catch up with her old comrades and find out what was occurring in their lives. For a week, there was no mention of war.

A sudden crackle of energy and a teleport bubble appeared next to her, Andais yelped in surprise before folding her arms and arching an eyebrow as Vynsand Runebane stepped out of the portal in his usual mage attire “Found you, now let’s get going” he exclaimed relieved before taking Andais’ hand and pulling her to feet. Leading her through the streets of Upton Borough, Vynsand quickened his pace as they made their way back to the Snug Harbour Inn “I was enjoying the serenity just then, are we being summoned?” Andais pouted adjusting her grip between Vynsand’s gloved fingers.

“No, but you and I are taking a profession related mission to Stormsong Valley” Vynsand replied, his speedy walk never ceasing, Andais still continued to pout but continued to keep up with the elf in front of her. “Can’t we just relax for once and enjoy this time of year? We are always on missions or fighting” “By Elune, do my ears decieve me, Andais Lu, the mistress of Chaos wants to have a break from spilling blood?” there was a teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice and Andais Lu smiled a tiny bit before snapping her fingers and watched tiny fel sparks dance across her companion’s armour. With a raise of his own glowing hand, the mage diminished the tiny flames and Andais Lu swore he was grinning under his hood.

She then continued “Well no, but I was enjoying the calmness of Upton Borough, you and the others are always worried about me morphing into some agent of the Burning Legion that you now have me double checking on myself and doing meditation more so than the standard practice in the morning”. Vynsand chuckled as they turned up in front of their usual place of rest and grabbed a knapsack that made been stashed behind the main entrance of the inn. Gesturing for Andais Lu to follow him, they walked to the stables and the warlock snorted before casting the spell to summon her dreadsteed from the depths of the Twisting nether.

There was the demonic neigh of her steed and the fel horse appeared saddled up and underneath her, giving her mount a tender pat, Andais waited for her companion who soon came out of the stables on his own horse. Seeing her dreadsteed, Vynsand remarked “You will never opt for your normal horse Andais?” the warlock arched her eyebrow “Do you know me Vyn?” the hooded mage laughed before galloping out into the streets of Boralus, Andais quickly followed as she gave a silent farewell to the calmness that was her post holidays reverie. It was back to business.

The ride through Fernwood ridge was uneventful and while they had a quick pit stop in the town of Brennadam, the pair continued their trek through the green hills of Stormsong Valley. The valley itself was full of life and Andais found herself getting lost to the beauty of nature, it was like the lands of the night elves before it was tainted and she felt her heart lurch painfully in memory. She brought herself back to the present and noticed they were heading into the small village of Millstone Hamlet. It only had a population of twenty and all were either farmers or merchants.

Andais watched Vynsand pull up to the closest stable and gave the boy a couple of gold coins, Andais waved her hand and with another neigh, her dreadsteed disappeared back to the Twisting Nether. Taking in her surroundings, Andais saw a small inn, a couple of shops with local goods and and houses on the hills behind the windmills. It was a simple life for the Kul Tirans that lived here and yet it made the warlock smile to herself. It had reminded her of Dawn’s Blossom in the mystic lands of Pandaria.

“One of the shops nearby hosts for both alchemy and inscription, you can focus on your own individual work while I go out and collect herbs for my potions” Vynsand was soon at her side and gestured to the small shop that was located next to the inn. Andais looked surprised but nodded, it seemed that this venture out into the mountains would not be as eventful as she had thought at the beginning. The pair exchanged farewells and with her bag of inscription tools, the warlock headed into the small shop. There was no scribe or alchemist but the tools for both professions were laid out on either side of room.

Buying herself a cinnamon raisin pretzel and pricklevine juice from the innkeeper next door, Andais Lu parked herself inside the small building and began to work away on updating her scrolls of protection and emergency teleportations. Every now and then, her fingers would crackle with fel fire, the bloodlust for battle threatening to come out and take over the warlock. Still, Andais managed to keep the anger down and focused herself even more on her talents in being a scribe. Last time she had spent so much on scroll work was when she was in the floating city of Dalaran, before the Burning Legion arrived.

Hours passed and Andais had lit up a single candle on her desk but continued to keep her head down, her auburn hair falling out of its usual ponytail, covering her face like a curtain. Andais was so lost in her work that she almost jumped in shock when a glowing blue rose was placed on top of her rolled up scrolls. Dropping her quill, Andais picked up the flower in wonder, her hazel eyes sparkling against the candlelight and blue glow of the rose “It’s a Starlight rose, found it on one of the mountains during my gathering” she heard Vynsand’s voice behind her. The warlock smiled to herself before seeing her mess of work spread out in front of her “I lost track of time…” she began “We can have dinner if you like” the mage sat next to her, his leather bag bulging with herbs and flasks.

“But you haven’t started brewing?” “I am an elf Andais, I can continue this into the evening” Vynsand’s voice carried amusement. Andais’ smile grew and she nodded still holding the starlight rose in her hands, standing up she leaned forward and kissed the top of Vynsand’s hood “Thank you Vyn, its beautiful” before walking out of the joint lab and sacellum. If Andais had lingered a bit longer in the shop, she would have seen her comrade remove the hood from his face and watch her leave with his golden eyes.

To be continued…

Story Time: Sweet Tooth

I haven’t posted anything in my blog for so long and I been racking my imagination to post another short story for my warlock, decided to do something random and fun.

The Cake shop, Boralus, Kul Tiras

Andais Lu could not see but she could still hear and smell everything, with two hands grasping hers and leading her through the streets of the sea port Boralus. She had returned to Kul Tiras a week ago after bidding farewell to her friend Booleigh. The night elf druid boarded the ship to her homeland and despite Andais’ protest, she was sent back to the Alliance’s naval island. She had been welcomed back eagerly by her comrades Evrollah, Rahlis and Vynsand before they had excitedly told her of what they had discovered in the city during her absence.

They did not tell her immediately of course, instead she had been blindfolded and led through the busy streets, leading her was Vynsand. Andais attempted to discover which part of the city she was at with her sense of smell and hearing. She could hear the bustling trademarkets and the sound of the docks, but still the small party kept moving. “Honestly Vyn, what is with the secrecy of all this” Andais sighed out impatiently, her gloved hands were squeezed by his and she heard the elf’s laugh “It was Rahlis’ idea, he knew you would love it” “You agreed to it Vynsand!” Andais heard Rahlis to her left objecting.

“I would have loved to have shown you but these gents disapproved, honestly acting like children” Evrollah’s dramatic side was heard on Andais’ right and she felt a smile form on her lips. “We may be thousands of years old but we can still act like a children!” Rahlis pointed out and again Vynsand’s velvety laugh was heard. Her group was in good spirits and she did not know why, still it was lovely to be back in their company. Andais heard excited children run past and the sounds of bells sounding off in the distance. It was bringing back familiarity and perhaps the reason why her friends were happy.

Andais kept up her fast walking past despite being led by Vynsand and almost ran into her elfin counterpart again when he suddenly stopped “Jeez Vyn, could have warned me!” “We are here!” she heard him say and felt her hands being released and the blindfold being pulled from her face. Andais squinted in the afternoon lighting as her hazel eyes adjusted to the inside of the building they were in. What first hit her was the scents of freshly baked sweet followed by seeing the cakes and baked treats on the table in front of her. She swore her eyes were bulging out of their sockets and she tried to hold in the squeal that dared to erupt from her mouth.

Her friends beside her all had smiles (well she was certain Vynsand was smiling under his hood) and the mage gestured to the shop they were inside “New cake shop, we know you love sweets–” “We figured you needed sugar in your body, you been so moody lately” Rahlis interrupted Vynsand with a mischievous smile on his face. Evrollah gave the void elf an irritated glance before turning towards Andais who blinked in surprise at the death knight’s words. Did she seem moody to them? Sure she was angry and was a warlock on a mission to seek justice for her night elf allies but was she going too far?

Andais remembered Booleigh’s words in the Lion’s Pride Inn a week ago ‘Don’t let the fel overcome you’, she thought she had her anger in check and that it only was revealed during the battles and fights across the island but maybe it was seeping too much into her. The hatred for the Horde had bloomed intensely with every passing day and news of what was occuring in Darkshore and Silithus and she remembered when she used to be so passive and against the faction war.

A hand was placed on her shoulder and Andais was brought back to reality and three concerned faces were staring back at her. Laughing apologetically, Andais plastered her usual smile on her face “I love the surprise, thank you all for your concern. Let’s eat cake!” a couple of gold coins later and the four warriors were planted in the comfy sofas by the fireplace. Andais took a bite out of the slice of frosted umbernut cake and happily indulged in the cocoa and nutty texture in the treat. Beside her, Vynsand sipped from his tea while opposite him, Rahlis had stolen the last butter cookie off the plate much to Evrollah’s annoyance.

An amused grin encroached itself upon the warlock’s face and she placed the plate of cake down onto the coffee table in front of her and folder her arms. “You are all in such high spirits today and this cake shop is divine but I have to ask…what is going on?” her friends paused in their actions and looked up at her. “Andais, you surely could not have lost track of the months?” Evrollah genuinely sounded surprise, Rahlis patted the holy priest’s bare shoulder before regarding Andais “We are in the first week of the Feast of Winter Veil”. It was then the warlock remembered seeing the decorated trees and wreaths around the sea port and a quiet giggle sounded off before she nodded “Oh yes, it almost that time of year”.

Andais could not believe that she had almost forgotten the festive season was upon them. They were reaching the end of the year and yet Vynsand still had not shown his face to her. She felt a twinge of irritation with the mage for she felt he did not trust her in showing his identity. Why was he still afraid? Every time she tried to bring it up, or tried to pounce and pull the hood off his face, the mage would teleport out of the room or magically throw it back on. During her trialling moments, Andais did see a bit of golden hair and pale skin, it had thrown her off a bit because she knew that both night elves and void elves did not bear blonde strands or a pale complexion.

Their Horde brethren however did and it made more questions burn in the warlock’s mind, was Vynsand a blood elf? And why was he infiltrating Alliance territory? Was he a spy for his warchief? But Andais refused to believe that her friend could be one of the Horde. Perhaps he was a high elf, she knew some of the high elves had been exiled by their people in Quel’Thalas, they too were fair skin and had the golden hair. She also knew some of them to be members of the Alliance, perhaps Vynsand was one of them too.

Andais Lu continued to eat her dessert while giving a side eye to her hooded friend, sooner or later she would have to confront Vynsand and ask him to reveal himself. With the growing battlegrounds around the world, Andais had to know where her true allies were even within a group she had known for a year.

To be continued…

Story Time: Advice from A Friend

The Lion’s Pride Inn, Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Andais Lu had taken the boat home after weeks of neverending fights and missions on Kul Tiras. She had left behind Vynsand, Evrollah and Rahlis and decided to re-connect with one of her closest friends, the night elf druid Booleigh EverNight. The two women had corresponded through post and the elf had told Andais to meet in Goldshire. Now this had surprised the warlock, she thought that her friend would still be cooped up inside Stormwind City.

Entering the familiar residence that was the Lion’s Pride Inn in the heart of the small town, Andais Lu took up a small table in the corner scanning the rowdy crowd of this particular afternoon. Here in the heart of Alliance territory, next to the leading kingdom of the faction the locals had no fear of the war beyond the sea. It was communicated by the guards of Stormwind City and gossip of the lone travellers but here, there was state of normalcy.

Andais Lu found it unnerving and quickly ordered a bottle of Darnassian wine though she knew Booleigh did not drink for it would clash with her nature loving lifestyle. A couple of minutes had passed and no sign of the violet hair druid was in sight, frowning to herself Andais Lu stood up grabbing the bottle that had been placed on her table when a slender hand touched her arm “Elune-Adore, my apologies for running late my friend” Andais quickly dropped the bottle on the table and whirled around. Standing before her in her travelling garbs was Booleigh. The warlock yelped in delight and pulled the night elf into a hug, she laughed quietly and returned it warmly “It is good to see you Andais, it feels like many moons have passed since I had you at my side in the Stormwind infirmary” Andais stood back, her eyebrow quirking up noting the colour had returned to Booleigh’s lilac face and her elven eyes glowing fiercely with life “You’re no longer resting?” it was an obvious statement but Andais had to know what had occurred in her absence.

Booleigh sat down at their small table as did Andais while nodding “I have recovered plenty since the War of the Thorns, I have joined my brethren in the ranks returning to Kalimdor” Andais paled in shock before reaching out to the druid “You are returning home? Boo, you must know that I have been on the front lines of Ashenvale it is at a stand still” Booleigh nodded “We were briefed on what is happening back home, but I feel we can change the tide in battle. The High Priestess Tyrande has taken on Elune’s avatar in the living realm, the Night warrior”. The druid spoke this with such awe and reverence, Andais only knew a small amount of night elf lore but from what she had read, the Night warrior was the Moon goddess’ soldier form who sought justice for those who had nobody to stand up for them. She ferried the dead as stars across the skies and wielded a double edged glaive.

To hear from her friend’s lips that the leader of the Kaldorei had invoked the Night warrior into herself was something unheard of but the confidence across Booleigh’s face made Andais Lu realise that it had to be true. Perhaps the Night elves would finally exact revenge on the Horde that rid them of their beloved homeland. Andais clenched her gloved hands into fists before pouring herself a glass of the Darnassian wine “If you are joining the High priestess to battle, then I wish to join you” she longed for a decent battle and wished to see a turn in the tide of this world war. Booleigh smiled knowingly “I know your lust for a good fight is strong in you my friend but have you taken precautionary measures on that rage in your heart?” her smile slipped slightly and her tone of voice switched to growing concern “Don’t let the fel overcome you”.

Andais Lu waved her concern away quickly “The magic of the Burning Legion has never controlled me Boo, only pushed me to continue fighting for vengeance of your people and bringing peace to the Alliance once more” Booleigh sighed before gesturing to where Andais’ heart was “I feel it emanate from you Andais, your rage is growing darker, I’m sorry I have not been with you these past months in Kul Tiras. Maybe I could have helped you ease the pain like I have with my own” this made the warlock check on what she was going to say next. Daily, she felt the need to exact vengeance but she had forgotten that her friend before her had witnessed first hand the burning of Teldrassil.

“I have been recieving help from the priest Evrollah, she has been teaching me morning meditation rituals” Andais finally replied more calmly. Booleigh laughed quietly, her voice sounding like bells amidst the loud crowds within the inn “The Draenei has grown on you?” “We still have our moments of arguments but yes, it is much better now”. Booleigh nodded understanding before giving Andais a side glance “Has your hooded mage revealed his face yet?” Andais Lu pouted and folded her arms “You would think, Vyn would stop being so secretive with me after all these months but no I still haven’t seen him. I don’t know why he feels he has to hide from me” she drank the contents of her glass in one gulp. Booleigh placed a comforting hand on Andais’ arm “We, the Kaldorei are very private even in the company of our closest friends. I’m sure Vynsand Runebane has his reasons but I’m also certain he will show himself to you”.

Andais sighed appreciating her friends words before pouring herself another glass “He better, or I’ll remove the hood myself!” Booleigh now laughed and responded “I’m not sure if that would bode so well especially if he’s a mage” Andais grinned mischievously as her thoughts run amuck about her mysterious hooded friend “I see it as a challenge”.

To be continued…

Story Time: Mana Match

Tradewind’s Market, Boralus, Kul Tiras

More weeks had passed and though Andais Lu’s small party were doing minor missions to assist the Proudmore family, it was all leading up to bigger revelations such as the possibility of Queen Azshara returning and taking control of the seas, pirates harassing the shore towns of Kul Tiras all reporting to Lady Priscilla Ashvane.

Andais had gotten closer to her comrades, she shared interests of elven delicacies with Rahlis and he divulged of his former life as a warrior in Darkshore. It was only when the void consumed his thoughts that he found his class changing to becoming that of a Death Knight. Though she still clashed with Evrollah, the warlock and priest found consolation of each battle through meditation.

The light forged Draenei often woke the young woman up in the morning to begin a morning routine of withdrawing into herself and clearing out the pains and memories of war. But Andais admitted that she had gotten the closest to her enigmatic equal in magic, Vynsand. Whether on quests in the vast terrains of Kul Tiras or holed up inside Snug Harbour and drinking Darnassian wine, Andais barely left Vynsand’s side unless of course she was with her other companions.

Unfortunately, her elven friend still did not show his face to her. Andais wondered if the elf was horribly scarred and was ashamed to show himself but she tried to assure him, that she did not care on such trivial matters. Vynsand sounded touched by her comment but still did not lift the Kirin tor hood from his head.

One morning after her meditation with Evrollah, Andais had walked out of Fairweather’s Fine enchantments having casted on a new trinket that she was awarded during her quest in Brennadam and went searching for Vynsand. From one of the Boralus guards, he had mentioned that he saw the cowled arcane mage head into Whalgrene’s Lab with a bunch of herbs in his gloved hands and a leather book. Knowing that Vynsand was an alchemist, Andais hurried to the small shop and found the elf hunched over a table, with an open leather book and mixing one bubbling flask of coloured liquid into another bottle.

Being careful to not disturb him, Andais Lu watched Vynsand quietly, her hazel eyes drifting to the large red stone on the table that pulsed at a steady beat. She attempted to read the writing on the leather book only to frown slightly. She had seen this writing it wasn’t human and certainly wasn’t of the Kaldorei. She racked her distant memory of where she had seen such language before it revealed itself to her. She had seen it in the war-torn streets of the city of Suramar, during the invasion of the Burning Legion. The book belonged to the Nightborne, who now aligned themselves to the Horde.

Andais Lu folded her arms “Why are you carrying a book belonging to the Horde Vyn?” the mage jostled briefly in his stool before looking over his shoulder “Andais, you scared me” the warlock still frowning walked over to him and repeated her inquiry “Why are you carrying an enemy’s book for alchemy Vynsand?” the elf sighed before gently placing the flasks down on the wooden table. “If you may recall, the Nightborne once were my people too, we were all High elves once” Vynsand’s voice trailed off as if was far away, lost in the past.

He then grabbed the red gem on the table and flicked it towards Andais who quickly caught it on reflex “I have been working on creating a Surging alchemist stone, its properties would be able to increase intellect after casting and therefore allow easier casting time for a warlock or mage”. Andais Lu inspected the gem, immediately regretting her accusing tone of voice with her friend, she shouldn’t have been so forceful. She had nothing against Vynsand and she trusted him. She arched an eyebrow “Does it work?” she heard the smile in Vynsand’s voice “Let’s try it out”. Closing the Nightborne alchemy book and placing it inside his robe’s pocket, Vynsand led Andais Lu out of the lab and through the streets of the Tradewind’s market.

They walked up a turret of stairs that led towards the flight master, Joan Weber before Vynsand took a sharp left and descended more stairs that led into a training area facing the harbour. They approached three training dummies and Vynsand opened his palm, a glistening ball of arcane magic appeared, and he threw it towards the closest mannequin, the dummy exploding on impact before magically pulling itself together.

Gesturing towards Andais, Vynsand nodded “Now you try wearing the alchemist stone” Andais looked at the mage confused before sliding the red gem into one of her ravenous devotee bracelets then casted her opening spell of Conflagorate at the dummy. Green fire erupted from her fingers and singed the wooden doll, she felt the mana in her blood awaken with new energy and she quickly casted the same spell without hesitation. She stared at her hands amazed “I feel like no mana was wasted after that quick spell” Vynsand nodded “That is what the alchemist stone does, it lowers the wastage of mana after each spell we perform”.

Andais Lu laughed amazed “This could assist us during our lengthy missions and even help Evrollah with her healing time” Vynsand nodded again “This is what I have been hoping to achieve by creating stones for all four of us, even Rahlis would need it for some of his mana work of Death”. Andais Lu snapped her fingers and casted her next spell of Immolate, standing beside her she heard the teasing tone in Vynsand’s voice “See, the Horde book as you call it has some use to us” the warlock rolled her eyes before blasting three of the dummies with her felfire.

“They are still the enemy and the cause behind this war and why we are here in Kul Tiras then back in our respective continents” “Not all the Horde are bad, they just have a very lost leader…” Vynsand began and Andais Lu whirled upon him, her hazel eyes flashing green as she released another spell into the dummies “They burned Teldrassil! Anyone that follows that Banshee queen deserves to be either captured or incinerated” the four verdant spheres glowed above the warlock’s head as she swivelled in her Emberscatter treads and released her most lethal spell- Chaos Bolt.

The roar of the demonic missile flew and crashed into the dummies, leaving behind a small crater and surely waking anyone nearby. Andais Lu bit her bottom lip embarrassed at the damage she had left behind and looked up nervously. The inner rage once again dying down. She felt a soothing hand squeeze her shoulder and once again attempted to search for Vynsand’s face underneath the cowl “That’s enough practice for now I think”.

To be continued…