Second Life: The Dr Phil Episode

Strawberry Singh did a blog about how Dr Phil himself made an avatar and logged onto Second Life to discuss the pros and cons about hanging out within a virtual universe. It was mostly a positive feedback but one has to be careful when it comes to playing online like any game not just Second Life itself.

We are all online for different reasons and some of us are online for much longer time periods than others. For me it is all about finding the healthy balance. I admit I have spent a lot on Second Life since moving to this program from IMVU but I told myself when my two besties pulled me into SL that I wouldn’t invest so much as I did 7 years on IMVU.

I have done the 7am-6am online all day/night and it wasn’t benefitting my health or my personality, I had no job when I did those hours and though living through a computer screen it is not truly living. My ex and my mum have both expressed concerns of me being up late and being on Second Life but rest assured I know my limits when it comes to gaming, thank you very much!


One thought on “Second Life: The Dr Phil Episode

  1. excellent thoughts and an interesting program! Of great concern is children and video game obsession as their little brains are still forming. Physical activity and developing social skills are crucial. When I first found SL I was logged on many hours a day in a role play world, and my first life did begin to suffer. It’s so easy to get caught up and there are a great many who prefer to “live” in the fantasy world whether it be WOW ( very addictive ) or SL and just escaping from the obligations and angst of real life. Many factors came into play that caused me to decide to log out completely for a very long period of time. It was the best thing I could have done considering life had some surprises for me- good and bad but actually in the long run was a huge boost to my own creativity. I embraced my first life! I have returned to SL explore the artistic side which is blossoming and I love it and have been showing my own photography there but I’m not interested in acquisitions, fashion or an in depth social life anymore. The whole idea of virtual living is amazing and interesting psychologically and makes for wonderful discussion pro and con. I’m sure there will be a lot more ramifications as time goes on. In the meantime carpe diem!

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