GifSpam! Battle of Azeroth

I haven’t played it in a year and I have cancelled my subscription but the cinematic trailer for the new expansion makes me wanna join again!


GifSpam! Riverwood

A picturesque town from the game Skyrim, I admit the first time I saw these gifs I thought it was a much detailed version of the event We ❤ RP on the virtual world Second Life 😛

Story Time: The New Scribe

The Ledgerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

Part 1

It was early morning and the Violet city of magic was slowly waking up, while those who had laboured through the night slowly retired to their private quarters. Within the neutral inn in the northern quarter of Runeweaver Square, a certain Destruction warlock stirred from her deep sleep. Her easy awakening was shattered when something small and black streaked into the bedroom and pounced onto Andais Lu’s stomach “Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andais’ hazel eyes shot open alarmed and looked straight to her belly.

Staring at her and shaking her quickly out of her slumber was the Inn’s resident cat, Sunny. None of the guests or the two Innkeepers knew who Sunny belong to but it had taken a liking to the warlock, it has surprised the onlookers for normally no animal unless one of magic abilities would dare venture near a caster of Fel magic. “Sunny! I was waking up, you didn’t need to pounce” Andais groaned in dismay as she rolled to her side pushing the black kitten off her body. It landed on the rug and looked up at her, its long tail swishing maniacally in the air. Andais stared at the feline and chuckled shaking her head, she was used to the antics of cats. She afterall still had her two battle pets ZenZen, an Arcane kitty and Skitty- a Fire elemental feline, they had decided to stay back on Draenor in the familiarity that was her garrison.

Rather than settle inside her order hall on the once Legion controlled Dreadscar Rift, Andais had taken up residence inside the neutral inn. The idea of succubi watching over her when she slept on the lavish bedspreads inside the warlock order hall creeped her out and the Alliance hall of Greyfang enclave was constantly shoving Alliance propoganda in her face and to not make friends within the Horde.

Andais had opposed against this, while she worked in Dreadscar, she had made friends on the Horde side and not just from the Black Harvest council who bowed to her as their Netherlord. She had two close acquaintances, Zivaa Frosten an Undead female specialising in Affliction and Leithen Flamesong a male Blood elf demonologist, together they worked to achieve greatest for their council as well as to educate the new warlocks. Even with her colleagues, Andais still felt queasy with all the fel magic burning through her veins that were emphasised whenever she passed through the portal, it was easier to be normal on the floating city of Dalaran.

Changing into her Meteor chaser’s raiment and lifting the Scepter of Sargeras off the side table and placing it across her back, the artifact felt heavier with each new spell she learned to control. Grabbing her new blink trigger headgun, they were to replace her former mech shades from Draenor, Andais Lu exitted the bedroom almost tripping over the excited Sunny, walking past the assistant inkeeper Afsaneh, Andais headed downstairs already she could smell the sweet treats being cooked and coffee being brewed.

Today she was taking a break from her usual assistance within Suramar and focusing on her new profession that she replaced Alchemy with, Inscription. The gnome known as Professor Pallin was a hard case to crack, he barely smiled or reacted unless you mentioned a certain steamy romance novel that he put together with his colleague back in Ironforge. He made sure the warlock studied her runes endlessly until she perfected each technique. Andais had stayed up inside the Scribe Sacellum opposite her inn until the later hours of night when she heard the guards change shift in the Underbelly.

Grabbing a Kafa kicker, a dark roated coffee from Kun-Lai summit given to her by the barista Mel Lynchen, Andais Lu took up one of the velvet chaises and unrolled her newly written scrolls. Scrutinising at her handiwork, Andais smacked her lips together and took a sip of the hot brew, she hoped Professor Pallin would approve.

To be continued…

Diary: Multi Entertainment

My boyfriend has gone away for 2-3 weeks with his mates to Crete so while my bedtime is better for myself and earlier, I still miss seeing him after I finish my PM shift and then he comes home from work too. Because of this large absence in my life I have been occupying myself with random online things in between shifts. I have a timeline and arcs for Ame’s chronicles, I have been on/off playing Legion and getting more inspiration for my warlock’s short stories. I have also been utilising Pinterest as well to aid me visually for writing.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Barbie Starlight adventure has come out on DVD yesterday! I love it 😀
  • Bought two new Peter Alexander nightdresses for Summer
  • Playing dress up in Kitten D’amour’s Elite VIP dressing room
  • Seeing my U.S trip pictures of last year pop up in ‘On this day’ on Facebook
  • Videos sent from boyfriend of an adorable stray cat joining him and his friends in their holiday house

Tonight I only got one vice to vent about which is a good thing because I am less angry on everything that happens around me in particular on Second Life but this pet peeve is still irritating me and that is of Copy cats/Clones– Girls who mimic my appearance online or change it to try and give it their own style when I try and be original while still keeping my favourite personal trend of Sailor Moon/kitten/pink and black.

– Lu

GifSpam! Chaos and Destruction

The very two elements that make up a warlock of the Destruction talent. This is what my character on World of Warcraft, Andais Lu is made of. Legion is so far been amazing just a lot of questing but with the questing that is a lot of new storylines to be read.

Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 2

Paw’don Village, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Adjusting her mechshades with one of her gloved hands, another hand holding onto the mane of her flying steed Mero Andais stepped out into the overcast daylight that was Paw’don village. Last time she was here she was arriving on the Skyfire ship in search for King Varian’s son Prince Anduin, now it was far quieter and despite the dim presence of both Alliance and Horde the Pandaren were relaxing to their returned peace.

Catching sight of Mayor Sunke Khang, she clasped her hands together and bowed low, he nodded to her recognising the warlock briefly before returning to his conversation to both Teng Applebloom, the village’s brewer and Taran Zhu, Lord of the Shado-pan. Rell Nightwind, a night elf and part of the SI:7 corps looked surprised seeing her “Andais Lu? What are you doing back in Pandaria? Did the High King send you?”

Andais laughed softly and shook her head as Mero grumbled gently beside her, patting his head she explained to the agent “My garrison saw fit that I return to Pandaria for a vacation…I’m apparently working too hard on Draenor” Rell laughed and nodded “It is good that the conflict has subsided here, the Pandaren are very grateful we have moved our clash with the Horde elsewhere” Andais sighed out loud shaking her head, even in this new year she still didn’t understand why both factions had to always be at war.

Smiling towards the brewer, the warlock flipped two gold pieces and a couple of silver to him “Teng can I please have a Panderan plum wine?” Teng smiled at her “Always preferring something sweet Miss Warlock, some things haven’t changed I see” Andais giggled as she was given a round bottle full of violet liquid “Aye it hasn’t” bowing to the gathering once more, Andais pulled out her map from one of Mero’s side satchels and browsed it briefly.

“Dawn’s Blossom, that was a favourite point of ours in the Jade Forest Mero, let’s go there” the sabre roared in agreement and stretched out his large feathery wings as his mistress placed the map back into the bag and climbed onto his back. Breaking into a run, the winged guardian leaped up into the air and took off into the cloudy sky heading north to one of the villages.

Mood: Warlock Pride

My warlock though she is now level 100 in Draenor, her abilities as a destruction caster is still a work in progress. When it comes to raids and especially PvP my attacks on fellow players is low range unless I have help from other Alliance team mates. Such is the case when I was playing old school Alterac Valley tonight for the weekend event on World of Warcraft.

But! I can happily say by the second battleground, my name was halfway up the scoreboard and my honourable kills had increased a lot. For something that seems so mundane to ordinary people for a gamer like me who is still learning how to make her destruction warlock more powerful, I am quite proud tonight 😀

– Lu

Story Time: Arcane Cat Lady

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

The paperwork had been finalised, Archmage Khadgar had approved and sent a letter through the portal to Stormwind City for King Varian to allow the transportation of Andais’ flying mount. With a white mane pulled into five braids at the front, a slate blue body and dark blue armour, Mero was the warlock’s beloved winged cat. He was her flying steed back home in Azeroth and after much questing she could finally have him join her in Draenor.

Anxiously waiting by the entrance of the mage tower, Andais paced around the gnome mage Biz Thornberry who was busy discussing the schmetics of portal transfer with Archmage Nar’gath whose blue eyes kept wandering over to the impatient warlock. Nodding to Biz once, both mages stood apart and lifted their arms, blue arcane magic appeared inside both their palms as the familiar blue glow of a portal appeared in the space between them.

Staring into the portal, Andais waited, searching the conjured magic for the familiar face of her beloved feline. There was at first a rumble than a shifting in the portal as the foundation of dimensions rippled inside the portal and Mero’s face appeared in the centre of the arcane magic, it purred deeply immediately recognising it’s mistress who squealed with delight seeing her steed. Walking through the portal, the winged guardian pushed through into Draenor and was reunited with the warlock.

Hugging Mero tightly, Andais Lu rubbed down the cat’s back and straightened out his feathery white wings. Nodding in thanks to the mages, she led Mero up the wooden stairs to the town hall “How was your trip Mero? I hope dimension hopping hasn’t ruined your appetite” the warlock was heard mumbling tenderly to the large cat by her soldiers and followers.

Getting a brush down from Lio the Lioness at the Pet menagerie, Andais Lu’s two battle pets Skitty, a fire elemental kitten and ZenZen, an arcane kitten noticed the arrival of the far larger cat with wings. Springing up to attention, the two magical kitties left the worgen who yelled out in protest. Ignoring the battle pet master, the kittens ran into Town hall and both pounced onto the armour of Mero. Immediately sensing the presence of both fire and arcane magic, Mero roared softly and shaking both kittens off his back.

Andais Lu yelped in surprise before bursting out laughing and shaking her head. Folding her arms across her chest she gave the two little cats an amused look “Yes look who I finally got to join us here on this alien planet”. Both kittens mewed happily running about Mero’s mane and nipping at his legs. It had been too long since all three felines were together, last time they were was during the Catacylsm and helping their mistress against Deathwing and the elementals.

Sinking to her knees, Andais cuddled all three of her cats, the play time was cut short leaving all three pets purring against the warlock. Stumbling into the Town hall, Lio breathed heavily as she caught sight of the reunion. “My apologies Commander”. Andais looked over her shoulder still smiling “It’s ok Lio, the kittens have not seen their older friend in so long” leaning into the warmth of her steed and pets, Andais felt the warmth of home, her little family was complete.

Story Time: A Warlock and her Minions

Part 3

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

Sighing out in defeat, Dalrissa nodded briefly “We are not in the same regiments once we return to the Twisting Nether, we follow different captains once part of the Burning legion again you do know this?” Andais nodded her lips forming a firm line as she began thinking of a plan to keep her demons under her order. Dalrissa paused then laughed again “Could always ask the Observer I am sure he would be thrilled” her voice returning to it’s usual sarcasm. Andais Lu was now the one to blink “Hrogrik? That four eyed octopus is more stubborn than you!” Dalrissa laughed even harder and wagged one of her hands at the warlock “Better not call it that to its face”.

Andais glared at the Shivarra, her hand glowing as she answered back “Just find out a solution to aid me if Hrogrik cannot assist me” and before Dalrissa could reply was immediately dismissed. Sighing out and cracking her knuckles she summoned her last superior minion, the Observer. It was mostly silent than the rest of her demons but had a stubborn itch that the warlock was trying to overcome, she just hoped it would help her with her ‘imp issues’.

The light blue, tentacled demon appeared within the summoning circle “I serve your will..” Andais stepped forward clasping her hands together “Hrogrik I need your help in controlling Zeppik’s rebellious attitude” blinking twice with its four eyes the Observer hovered forward “You are aware that I am quite stubborn myself and you have been trying to curb it” it’s voice echoed and grumbled. The warlock nodded “How do I control a cheeky imp?” The observer cracked what could be a smile “Perhaps mistress it is the fact that we all find a sense of freedom from being mere pawns of the Burning Legion. That through our contracts as your minions we can taste this world beyond the Twisting Nether. Maybe do not curb the imp’s rebellious streak but allow it to help become a better servant?”.

Andais sat back down taking this in, she had never thought she would hear such wisdom from the tentacled demon, it was normally Yarion who could give wisdom. Smiling with a sense of content, she stood up and nodded “That is a good idea Hrogrik, thank you” the Observer blinked surprised before bowing its large head “Your welcome mistress”. Andais grabbed her mechshades and started heading towards the main door “Time to clean out more Iron Horde Hrogrik” the blue demon bobbed and followed her out of Town hall.

The End…or so you think