GifSpam! Wonder. Power. Courage

Both the movie itself and director Patty Jenkins are dominating the box office and becoming the highest grossing action film in history! It has also been encouraging little girls to be strong and realise they can do anything that is possible.


GifSpam! WW and HQ

What I found adorable in the cartoon mini series of DC Superhero girls, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are dorm room mates xD Harley’s nickname for the Amazon princess is “Wondy”

GifSpam! THAT trailer

Well ok there was two released at San Diego Comic-Con that had me all hyped up and excited though they won’t be released until next year, but my Gal not only showed the official poster for Wonder Woman but the trailer as well! YASSS 😀

Is the comic universe ready for the first female Superhero film to be released? I don’t think so!

GifSpam! Be Wonderful

The DC universe has released to the world a bag full of amazing goodies upcoming this year and next year. We got Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad as well as the many feature films of individual heroes including Wonder Woman! The haters can go bye now 😀

Her film will premiere next year, cannot wait The Justice League are coming!!