Diary: Busy days

Even though I worked only 5 days last week, 3/5 days was super busy because the hotel was sitting at 100% occupancy, not looking forward to waking up tomorrow at 5am because I gotta be at work an hour early. Ew! Also 7 days of work this week, double ew! I’ll get through it as I always do, but listing off the 5 likes I had this past week.

  • My resting heart rate has gone down to 81 (thats good for me >.>)
  • Mei got me a delayed birthday present last night, two charms from Pandora ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • Boyfriend and I been planning for our days together in August โค
  • Been playing Minecraft again, it’s another creative outlet for me
  • Dragons: Race to the edge on Netflix is an addictive show I been watching all week!

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Happiness Overload

My 3 dayย weekend is finishing up and I have caught up all the lack of sleep from last week’s 5 day of AM shifts. I am also still riding a positive high because of all the good things that happened this weekend and past week. Including them in the below likes

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • I got 64 likes on one of my pictures on flickr, my most liked photo yet
  • Got new pjs from Peter Alexander, theme is ‘La Dolce vita’ it is peach and white striped button nightie
  • Both my Sailor Moon disguise pen and Moon crystal choker came in the mailย last Friday arvo
  • I quenched my craving from the Bee lab’s honey puffs last Friday night
  • Lucifer season 1 is out on DVD, also got that today ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Fabulous Weekend

As the weekend has officially clocked over and we are into a brand new week leading up to the Christmas weekend I can happily say the past two that just finished were amazing! Being in the hotel industry, I hardly get both Saturday and Sunday off but this time I did and both days were amazing!

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • Christmas dinner with my high school friends on Saturday night โค
  • Got to finally meet the newest member of my familyย Aria and catch up with her mum, my cousin Marion
  • Rogue One tonight with mum in gold class, EPIC MOVIE!!
  • Writing up a new Alice in Wonderland adaptation, sketching out a map too (haven’t done that in years)
  • Got a new edit by Snow-chan earlier this week and will be getting a cartoon headshot of my SL avi by Nylon Pinkney ๐Ÿ˜€

I had some vents during the week but they all simmered down as I ended up shrugging it off and going meh. Karma is karma and sometimes you shouldn’t make mountains out of mole hills.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Mini Break

I was given another five days off from my work and been enjoying the past two days with my bestie Mei because she also got a week off from work. Talk about perfect timing! Not much going on for us other than dinners, movies and discussing our characters plot lines which is going on very well. She has posted two stories go to Meiakane’s blog to read it! ๐Ÿ˜€ It syncs up with my Ame Hayato chronicles.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • I am 65 followers away from reaching 1000 followers on my Flickr, let the countdown begin!
  • Got to hang out with my bestie two days in a row
  • Blessed air-con during the hot days this week, I am not ready for the heat still
  • The prequel novel to Disney movie ‘Descendants’ its an easy read
  • Yebisu- Japanese restaurant which has become mine and Mei’s favourite hangout

I got no vices tonight as the ones I do have an irritation with I have vented to my girls about in our facebook chat: The Hen Den!

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Rest at Last

Iย made it! Counting down the five days of AM shift this week that finally led to clocking off at 3pm from work this afternoon and entering my five day weekend. Tonight was a great night with my bestie Lana, we just had dinner and dessert so stuffing our faces with our favourite food and talked about anything and everything, our usual thing when we go out. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and catch up on this weeks’ lack of rest.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • I got to work with Honey on AM shift, haven’t worked together in 3 weeks
  • My pink mermaid tail arrived this week so did my DokiDoki crate
  • Venus was out in the sky last night when I went for a drive
  • Kat and Dom who play Clary and Jace were Batgirl and Nightwing for Halloween! โค
  • I started writing up short stories for Ame’s Miami arc, inspired by Polyvore outfits I made

The repetitive vice I have on Second Life is the hungry boys and girls that doesn’t matter your age whether well into your 40s or just entering adulthood you guys all horny and need to buy a collection of sex toys! Stop acting so desperate for a partner when really you just need a good boink!

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Active Sunday

My weekend started today but it has been non stop until I got home tonight at 11:30pm, I been awake since my alarm woke me up at 6am for an early start to do another jog/walk with my mum and friends this time near the beach and my cousin the Olympian participated with us ๐Ÿ˜€ It was 8km this time but it had hills and I admit it now I struggled and loathed those hills! Lunch was worth it though just up the road with views of the ocean and night time my parents and I got to watch X-factor live auditions! I saw Mel B, Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert, voice is a wee bit hoarse though.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • My lunch today consisted of a chicken schnitzel burger with vanilla milkshake, worth it after the walk!
  • Hot tub chill out at my cousin’s home to ease our sore muscles
  • X-factor live auditions, we were on the front row so possibly on television ๐Ÿ˜›
  • I got one more day off to recover from today
  • I got a third positive review from one of my guests at work!

So tired now but I am also working on the next chapter of my Yakuza Ame’s storyline, I know my bestie Mei cannot wait to read it. Please wait, it’s still work in progress! ><

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Chilled Days Off

Iย got another proper weekend off which meant tonight I got to hang out with Lana again in the city though mum had a dinner with her side of the family at our local RSL. She wanted me to come but I wanted to tell my bestie about where I am up to in regards to my character Ame Hayato and her stories. It was also a very hot today today and is going to be warm tomorrow, stayed cool but I do not like it when we have bushfires whether back burning/controlled or suddenly done by some stupid person who did not put out their cigarette correctly while driving.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • My Front desk, the entire crew- we had no boss but we survived and had fun doing it
  • Shadowhunters Season 2 trailer! I stayed up until 4am earlier this week, so worth it โค
  • Character discussion over Japanese dinner with Mei tonight
  • I cleaned out my desk’s shelves of paperwork and re-did my many notebooks
  • My pictures on my flickr are getting 15+ favs this week ๐Ÿ˜€

No vices tonight despite mum annoying me and trying to guilt trip me in not attending her birthday dinner, I already had dinner with her and the rest of our family on her actual birthday! Boss lady was kind enough to give me AM shift on that day and PM shift the next day so I didn’t have to worry on an early bedtime.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Weekend Goals

Accomplishments and catch ups have been the highlight of the weekend that has just passed and I am quite pleased with myself and in a happy little bubble at the moment regardless of having my legs being sore from yesterday’s running festival in the city. I attended the Blackmore running festival with both my mum and her work friend who I’m friends with as well. Despite having 4.5hrs sleep, we got to the starting point on time and walked/jogged the 9km.

The reason why I went to bed so late was that I had a massive catch up with all my girl cousins in Windsor, one of the little shops there makes amazing home made burgers and it is so filling and delicious, we had drinks at the Fiddler in Rouse Hill afterwards and that is why my younger sister and I got home late.

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • Finishing my 9pm walk yesterday under 90mins! Especially for a girl who did not train
  • Warcraft is out on DVD!
  • Dinner/dessert/drinks with my cousins, I love every night out we have together
  • Catching up with an old work friend on Facebook chat- I miss seeing you daily!
  • Only having 24 check outs this morning, nice and easy

I also decided that every now and then I will write up two vices to go with my likes in each diary post, Mary Sues– They have been a pet peeve during my Fanfiction days and I was heavily involved in my favourite fandoms but now they are popping up in roleplay. No! Go away. Serial daters, there is a small collection of them online whether male or female or female trying to be male and vice versa, you are infamous and your reputation will prevent you from being taken serious for love.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Hawaii Bound

Normally this is written under my usual LL note but because I have my five likes for this past weekend and today to put in I decided to keep it to my usual diary heading. We got 30mins until our pick up is here so I will make it brief, all I can say is what an amazing weekend leading up to our family trip to Hawaii today. Lots have happened and they will be listed in my likes, but I will make this announcement that my younger sister finally got engaged on Saturday afternoon!

Today she returned to work and got overwhelmed with bouquets of flowers, congratulations, hugs and squealing (mostly from the girls) from her team mates. The ring itself is simple yet the diamond is so sparkly whenever she moves her hand, both her and her now fiance skype called our grandma last night in Philippines and got to tell her the good news.

This week’sย 5 likes;

  • Saturday morning breakfast, my sister and I caught up with two of our female cousins
  • Suicide Squad! Especially Harley Quinn, I loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Mei spoiled me with a ‘Care package’ for International friendship day
  • I recieved a lot of videos of my boyfriend’s cat Tabitha
  • Last minute shopping detail to prepare for my trip

See you all when I come back in two weeks, I’ll post some pictures of my holiday up here with my new tan! ๐Ÿ˜›

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Final Stretch

Four days later and it looks like I forgot to keep you all posted in what’s happening on my end (yet again) Sorry! I have this weekend off and just got home 30mins ago after spending all evening out with Mei but instead of our usual dinner and movie outing we just had dinner tonight to continue discussions on each other’s story. My story Life Giver has expanded into a trilogy now and I have written notes passed the halfway mark in my little black book ๐Ÿ˜€

Mei’s been seeking help and creative inspiration from yours truly because she is officially writing up a story line of her first RP character from back in our IMVU days, the big sister of Ame Hayato, Meiakane.

In between the delicious Japanese and Korean cuisine that we eat as well as sating our sweet teeth with waffles, we are well and truly on a roll in getting these stories written. I also have literally 10 shifts of work left until my annual leave! Can’t wait for palm trees, white sand and lots of sun!

This week’s five likes from me;

  • Having both Saturday and Sunday off after 6 days of work
  • Waffle bites and peppermint tea
  • Passing the halfway mark in my note book for Lotus Hexad trilogy
  • Shopping in Mooii store tonight
  • Ghostbusters 1 and 2 on blue ray for bedtime movie ๐Ÿ˜€

I watched the first Ghostbusters before I went out tonight and got the second one ready for later, also making sure my younger sister comes home safe tonight, she is at a friend’s 30th birthday I think in the city.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Shopping Again

Last day off I had today before I return to work tomorrow with seven days straight (eww). I ended it with a good deal of shopping at my local mall which included a new cardigan and dress from Kitten D’amour, two pillows and cute little cat lights on string from Typo as well as Lancome’s Juicy shaker, its a lip gloss with colour and the only real reason I bought it is because other than looking cute, one of its cover girls is Lily Collins ๐Ÿ˜›

I set up the pillows on my bed and lights on my curtain and my bedroom continues to improve in look and being all pretty even with the lights turned off. I am still writing notes and ideas for my post apocalypse story in my little notebook but I haven’t gotten a title for the story yet, whoops should work on that.

Also been thinking of starting up my “Fives likes” subheading that I used to do in the old Luci Logs and did them in the beginning of this second blog. I’ll do one quickly for the finishing of my weekend

  • Snapchats of Skitty
  • Good morning and good night every day from my man
  • Smell of chimneys in the early evening
  • The sun warming up my room during cold days
  • Decorating my bedroom

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Quiet

A lot has happened around the world this week in both tragedy and surprise on a personal level, it has also been my four days off and I am back to work tomorrow. I got to watch both Warcraft and Finding Dory on my days off, both excellent and entertaining to watch in their own levels. Warcraft was reaching to the WoW gamer in me and seeing Azeroth come to life while Dory was seeing a movie get a sequel done right after 13 years.

Did a couple of shopping as well which is kinda normal for me every week but I need to ease up to build my resources again especially if I’m aiming for Europe next year. Sadness is surrounding Orlando as the world knows but hope and love will stay love within the LGBT community, I know that we will continue and hopefully the Americans can curb their gun control. As a fangirl with a hopeless celebrity crush I am mourning that Tom Hiddleston is making out with Taylor Swift and torn inside.

Other than thinking he is the real life Disney Prince and Bees knees and thinking she makes great music and a sweetheart to the fans, but he is taken and no longer available, I know he’s way above my level and couldn’t ever think of meeting him in the future but still- its my dream hubby no more.

โ€“ Lu