Story Time: Return to War

I haven’t written about my warlock in so long but watching the cinematic cuts behind the new World of Warcraft expansion, it inspired me a lot to write this short fic.

Dreadscar Rift, The Twisting Nether

So much sacrifices were made.

Azeroth now bled from the wound inflicted by the dark titan Sargeras.

And yet the species of the dying world have turned on each other for the sake of their own greedy needs, the blood of the nascent world soul known as Azerite.

It started with the burning of Teldrassil, the new Horde warchief Sylvanas Windrunner ordered a brutal strike upon the tree of the night elves, it scarred physically and mentally the children of Elune and they are still recovering in the sanctuary of Stormwind City. The Alliance launched a counter attack and saw the fall of the Forsaken’s own Undercity. Now both factions sought new allies to aid them in this world war.

Standing in her Order hall, her body soaking up the fel energy that reeked from the Dreadscar Rift, the Scepter of Sargeras now Legionterror a constant weight on her back, the Destruction warlock Andais Lu shifted on the spot. Her eyes opened, the hazel eyes now burning fel green as she fuelled the angry storm whirling in her chest. She could not forget the anguish upon her friend, the druid Booleigh Evernight’s face recalling the tale of her fallen homeland. Nor could Andais forget checking on the injured in Stormwind’s infirmary. It had unleashed a rage that the warlock had not felt since the arrival of the Burning Legion and she eagerly joined the Alliance army marching to the Undercity.

Andais Lu had reigned demonic fire upon the Horde not caring if it was man, woman or child. They all had to pay for what they did to the night elves. The Horde started this first. Where once was a passive and peaceful soul finding the faction war unecessary was replaced by a dark hatred that was eager to swallow the warlock whole.

Though there was a standstill between the factions and the Alliance was rescued by the estranged mage Jaina Proudmoore, Andais Lu could not stay in her capital city for long, she teleported back to Dreadscar rift, the anger still bubbling in her veins. Not even her Horde comrades the Undead Affliction caster Zivaan and blood elf Demonologist Leithen could calm her down for they were Horde too and the Overlord threatened to annihilate them for trying to soothe her rage. Andais Lu was left alone to her brewing resentment while she meditated on the hard rock.

“Mistress, you are requested by Lady Jaina in Stormwind” the demon Calydus hovered nearby tentatively, unsure of how the warlock would react. Letting out a sigh, Andais Lu released the tether to the fel energy of Dreadscar Rift nodding twice, she silently left her order hall taking the teleport to Dalaran.

Emerging into the Circle of Wills within the mage city’s underbelly, Andais walked up the stairs leading to the street level. Her current thoughts were running over countless suggestions on why the former Kirin Tor mage requested her presence back home. Not that she minded, the warlock was hungering to unleash hell once more after her mana generation within Dreadscar Rift. Deep down, Andais knew that she shouldn’t have knocked back Zivaan and Leithen but all she could see was Forsaken and Blood elf.

It was a Forsaken that authorised the attack on the night elf tree, a surprise and heartless attack and that is why Andais no longer became passive on the faction war. This was something personal to her and she would make sure that the Horde would pay. The streets of Dalaran though bustling with activity was high with tension. The Kirin Tor still demanded a cease fire between the factions but it did not stop either Alliance or Horde from trying to outdo the enemy by other, petty means.

Casually walking past a Troll hunter, Andais discreetly snapped her fingers, the tusked warrior yelped in shock as the edges of his mantle caught alight in green flames. He snarled towards the back of Andais Lu but one quick click of her fingers again and the flames disappeared before the guards would notice. The warlock smirked to herself before she caught the scent of morning kafa brewing from the nearby inn.

Andais Lu used to take up residence inside the neutral inn, The Ledgerdemain Lounge because she found the energy of her order hall to be unsettling. That was before anger consumed her heart and she took up a permanent base inside the order hall using her title of Overlord to benefit her going to war for the Alliance. A brief moment of nostalgia swept over the warlock before she clenched her fists within their green Diabolic gloves and she picked up her pace.

She walked into Greyfang Enclave and nodded to the worgen guards at the main entrance of the building. There was a long embedded strife between Genn Greymane and Sylvanas Windrunner since the Burning Legion was in Azeroth and now the stakes were much higher. Genn encouraged each movement King Anduin Wrynn made against the Horde. Andais stood in front of Stormwind city and inhaled softly. The young king who had to grow up so much after the death of his father, again another fatality of world war.

Keeping her head high, Andais walked into the magical portal, her burning green eyes stayed home as she first heard the bells tolling from within Cathedral square. The fel fire in her eyes died down as she drunk in the sight of the Mage quarter of her home city. Every time she returned to the capital, it always overwhelmed her.


GifSpam! Dreadscar Rift

I think because the new World of Warcraft expansion came out two days ago my mind has been on warlock mode, I started writing about Andais Lu again and been inspired in between typing out Book 1 of my trilogy. Below is the Dreadscar Rift, my class’ order hall.

Story Time: The New Scribe

The Scribes Sacellum

Part 2

Using the hovering ladder, the warlock Andais Lu floated up through the tower of magical books, she was so used to demonic tomes that being a scribe, she was exposed to more knowledge and given leeway to dabble in lighter magic. Yes she did aid demon hunters on the battle fronts in the various realms of the Broken Shores but runes could also be attuned towards the greater good than just another established link to the Burning Legion.

Professor Pallin, her instructor and a gnome mage was impressed with her handiwork that it was almost worth while staying up late and studying each technique of how to write out a magical scroll. Almost. That was before she was pushed forward to invest in the magical properties of shields and protection spells by using scrolls and runes. That was what she was doing now, searching the never ending sea of books that were shelves in the higher levels of the Scribe Sacellum. With a quill and parchment in hand and using her minimal balance skills on the floating woodwork, Andais quickly grabbed one of the thicker novels and jotted down the spells written inside.

She knew that with any type of magical property especially spell books, any caster had to be careful when opening them. In such a high arcane place as the city of Dalaran, these books used by the scribes were incredibly potent and also had defensive magic wrapped around them to protect them from the wrong hands. It had been a stroke of luck and knowing her own unlocking spells that Andais had not unleashed any kind of wrath from the books and managed to write down what she needed to start her work on a shield scroll.

Floating back down to the floor and trading pigment with Ink trader Jessica Sellers, Andais parked in her usual corner of the shop and laid out her notes on the easel. Dipping her quill into black ink mixed with the pigment of grounded mana crystals, the warlock started her first try of her protection scroll. Hovering nearby Professor Pallin eyed her work before nodding quietly and walking away. From the detail of what she had read in the books above, this particular spell was much more difficult but she was determined to unlock it’s secrets and conquer like she did with any other new spell she learned for her demonic artifact sitting on her back.


The candle was burning low as Andais Lu finished her twentieth scroll of protection, it was her final try and after much correction and suggestion from Professor Pallin before he retired to bed and a couple of extra mugs of Kafa coffee the warlock felt she was ready. Grabbing the scroll, she hurried out of the shop and down into the Underbelly of the violet city, the sewer guards were on watch which meant no rebellion or strange magical creatures appearing out of the dark. Placing the scroll on the ground, Andais spread her hands wide and summoned her voidwalker Helrath, if the protection had gone bad like her other trials before, her minion would protect her.

Reading the paperwork quietly, Andais Lu cast the shield scroll over herself, the scroll glowed gold briefly before dimming down. Biting her bottom lip, the dark caster mentally smacked herself thinking she had failed again only to feel a warm trickle of magical energy wash over her body. Helrath curled his claws into his fists watching his mistress and taking a step back, looking at her arms quickly with excitement, Andais Lu took note of the same golden glow appearing over her arms. Her mastery over protection scrolls was complete.

The end…or so you think. 

Story Time: The New Scribe

The Ledgerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

Part 1

It was early morning and the Violet city of magic was slowly waking up, while those who had laboured through the night slowly retired to their private quarters. Within the neutral inn in the northern quarter of Runeweaver Square, a certain Destruction warlock stirred from her deep sleep. Her easy awakening was shattered when something small and black streaked into the bedroom and pounced onto Andais Lu’s stomach “Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andais’ hazel eyes shot open alarmed and looked straight to her belly.

Staring at her and shaking her quickly out of her slumber was the Inn’s resident cat, Sunny. None of the guests or the two Innkeepers knew who Sunny belong to but it had taken a liking to the warlock, it has surprised the onlookers for normally no animal unless one of magic abilities would dare venture near a caster of Fel magic. “Sunny! I was waking up, you didn’t need to pounce” Andais groaned in dismay as she rolled to her side pushing the black kitten off her body. It landed on the rug and looked up at her, its long tail swishing maniacally in the air. Andais stared at the feline and chuckled shaking her head, she was used to the antics of cats. She afterall still had her two battle pets ZenZen, an Arcane kitty and Skitty- a Fire elemental feline, they had decided to stay back on Draenor in the familiarity that was her garrison.

Rather than settle inside her order hall on the once Legion controlled Dreadscar Rift, Andais had taken up residence inside the neutral inn. The idea of succubi watching over her when she slept on the lavish bedspreads inside the warlock order hall creeped her out and the Alliance hall of Greyfang enclave was constantly shoving Alliance propoganda in her face and to not make friends within the Horde.

Andais had opposed against this, while she worked in Dreadscar, she had made friends on the Horde side and not just from the Black Harvest council who bowed to her as their Netherlord. She had two close acquaintances, Zivaa Frosten an Undead female specialising in Affliction and Leithen Flamesong a male Blood elf demonologist, together they worked to achieve greatest for their council as well as to educate the new warlocks. Even with her colleagues, Andais still felt queasy with all the fel magic burning through her veins that were emphasised whenever she passed through the portal, it was easier to be normal on the floating city of Dalaran.

Changing into her Meteor chaser’s raiment and lifting the Scepter of Sargeras off the side table and placing it across her back, the artifact felt heavier with each new spell she learned to control. Grabbing her new blink trigger headgun, they were to replace her former mech shades from Draenor, Andais Lu exitted the bedroom almost tripping over the excited Sunny, walking past the assistant inkeeper Afsaneh, Andais headed downstairs already she could smell the sweet treats being cooked and coffee being brewed.

Today she was taking a break from her usual assistance within Suramar and focusing on her new profession that she replaced Alchemy with, Inscription. The gnome known as Professor Pallin was a hard case to crack, he barely smiled or reacted unless you mentioned a certain steamy romance novel that he put together with his colleague back in Ironforge. He made sure the warlock studied her runes endlessly until she perfected each technique. Andais had stayed up inside the Scribe Sacellum opposite her inn until the later hours of night when she heard the guards change shift in the Underbelly.

Grabbing a Kafa kicker, a dark roated coffee from Kun-Lai summit given to her by the barista Mel Lynchen, Andais Lu took up one of the velvet chaises and unrolled her newly written scrolls. Scrutinising at her handiwork, Andais smacked her lips together and took a sip of the hot brew, she hoped Professor Pallin would approve.

To be continued…

GifSpam! Chaos and Destruction

The very two elements that make up a warlock of the Destruction talent. This is what my character on World of Warcraft, Andais Lu is made of. Legion is so far been amazing just a lot of questing but with the questing that is a lot of new storylines to be read.

Story Time: A Mistress of Chaos

Dreadscar Rift

Andais Lu shifted in her warmongering slippers as she stared up at the Dreadscar battle plans listed with notices of help, urgent letters from the various leaders of both Horde and Alliance requiring aid on the front lines. So many cries for assistance but even with the Scepter of Sargeras now hanging on her back, the destruction warlock still felt overwhelmed. In this conquered world of the Burning Legion, after the defeat of the Pit lord Jagganoth and the pledge of loyalty of the demons living on this floating rock, Andais missed the warm undertones of her garrison back on Draenor.

It had all happened so fast for her to comprehend, first the return to Stormwind City to join the Alliance and her High King on Broken shore where the Legion had returned with Gul’dan alive and leading them on their new crusade. Blood elves and night elves with fel magic running through their veins assisted both factions and called themselves: Demon hunters, it was an irritating ping in the back of all warlocks because they were the original masters of Fel magic and controlling demons.

But what hurt Andais the most was watching High King Varian jump off the airship and landing on the large Fel reaver just holding his sword, Shalamayne. She did not know of his demise until the Lord of the Worgen, Genn Greymane delivered the news to her to pass onto Anduin back in Stormwind City. The young prince was quickly made King and a short funeral was given to the fallen Alliance leader. Preparations and battle plans were made with the generals in the city and soon Andais was whisked to the floating mage city of Dalaran on request by Khadgar. There she was approached by one of the warlocks of the Black harvest council, Ritssyn Flamescowl who requested her magic in the underbelly of Dalaran.

These warlocks had always been ambitious and hoped with a summoning ritual they would have the ability to control stronger demons inside the Burning Legion, it had backfired and life was lost or captured on the Legion world known as Dreadscar. It took Andais’s own power plus a small bit of help from a lesser demon named Calydus who assisted her in retrieving the Scepter of Sargeras from right under Gul’dan’s nose and conquering the rift. Andais Lu was now the Overlord of the Dreadscar as well as The First of the Council of the Black Harvest, Ritssyn had given her the title of leading their gathering.

Opening her hand, Andais sighed as she watched the green fire spark and dance in her fingertips, yes she had gained tremendous power by the magical artifact but she had also lost good friends and soldiers. She had also witnessed the loss of her void lord Yarion, when she tried to summon him when she was locked up in the cage, her voidwalker Helrath appeared in the summoning circle instead. It had left an empty hole in her heart and the need to move on was hard without her superior demons at her disposal.

Stepping away from the battle plans, Andais Lu wandered towards the portal that was connected to Dalaran, maybe the intense fel energy was getting to her brain, time to breathe in home and focus on the quests that were given to her. Quietly, she disappeared into the portal.

Story Time: The Neverending Fight

Last time I posted this series was in April, whoops very delayed sorry all! >.< I figured tonight I can finish this battle story just in time to watch Warcraft movie tomorrow 😀

Part 4

Frostwolf Keep, Alterac Valley, Alterac Mountains

Andais Lu released Incinerate yet again, the fel fire barrelling straight into both an Orc shaman and a goblin Arcane mage who were knocked onto their feet their robes burning from the warlock’s flames. In front of Andais as a shield, her void lord Yarion punched and clawed through the foot soldiers that tried to prevent the advancing Alliance into the keep where the Horde commander Drek’thar stood. To her left, the human Beast master and hunter Aum Parx was quickly shooting three arrows at a time, his pet wolf Reginald already ahead assisting the warriors and paladins who took up the front lines of the offensive squadron.

To her right, the night elf druid Booleigh EverNight casted her healing spells of nature, her glowing blue eyes keeping an eye on her two new acquaintances while protecting the armoured tanks at the front. Andais Lu licked her lips and shot a Conflagarate, looking up to the East tower she could see Mookie P cutting through the Horde who tried to keep the tower controlled, behind the warrior, eerie shadows slipped through and tackled the screaming soldiers obviously casted by the Shadow priest Liorae. A frost elemental swept through the fray, freezing the various enemies behind it was Kuppy Von BunBun the gnome Frost mage ice blasting anyone who dared to approach the trio from below.

It looked like with their swiftness, the offensive squadron was winning and good timing too, they had already recieved reports from the Alliance side that Balinda had fallen and the Horde were heading towards General Vandar Stormpike. If they could reach Drek’thar first, this pointless territory war could end. “Keep moving!” “How long until the towers burn?” “We can attack Drek’Thar now” in between the war cries, shouts and grunts from both factions, Andais overheard the tactical discussions erupting from her fellow soldiers. She heard a loud eruption followed by a deafening bang as the East tower exploded into flames and jumping off the tower were her three comrades, bruised or bleeding but alive and well.

Nudging her void lord, Andais Lu casted again “Yarion, make haste to Mookie and the others I believe the tanks wish to attack the Frostwolf general now” in front of her the blue demon bobbed his head in response and pushed through the Horde making a path for the rest of the Alliance to follow. Staying close to Yarion, Andais sent three Chaos bolts crashing into the closest enemy as they pushed their way towards the keep. Already a small group were running into the keep, they were eager for blood and ready to call victory for the Alliance. Andais saw Mookie, Liorae and Kuppy rush into the keep joining the tanks and was ready to join them too when she got hit in the back by a burning sensation.

Shaking her hands of the magic, Andais knew that feeling immediately recognising it as shadow magic. It was either another warlock or a shadow priest that was attacking her. Swivelling around in her felweave robes and looking through her plasma mechshades she caught sight of a blonde blood elf warlock smirking at her. Charging towards her was a looming Felguard “Really?!” Andais exclaimed as she quickly jumped out of the way from having her head chopped off from the demon’s double axe. She heard the woosh of a flying arrow go past her and watch it connect into the head of the Felguard. Beside her, Aum Parx lodged in another arrow to his bow and aimed “No Aum, leave the warlock to me help the others against Drek’thar” Andais waved him off, Yarion running past her and colliding with the Felguard an otherworldly roar escaping from both demons as they battled.

Giving her a relunctant look, the Beast master whistled, his Shadowmoon stalker joining him and they ran into the keep. Now focusing on the warlock who was still smirking watching the demons fight, Andais glared mentally assessing the blood elf. To have a felguard meant she was a Demonologist which meant for Andais Lu as a bringer of chaos and destruction she had to quickly dispose the other warlock for she shared her health and kept her heavier Felguard full of energy to combat against Andais’ void lord. Andais spread her hands and quickly cast Immolate throwing the fire against the blood elf whose own fel robes got singed.

The energy around the two dark casters contorted as fire and shadow magic was hurled against one another, the area surrounding them erupting in green flames or disappearing into purple shadow. On their side their demons continued to fight, Yarion blocking the axe with his bracers but getting weaker. Seeing Yarion falter, Andais winced as all four of her burning embers charged up with a challenging cry she hurled two Chaos bolts against the blood elf who could not deflect the green fire, seeing her stumble Andais released Conflagarate into the felguard and then Incinerate again into the other warlock.

Yarion sensing his mistress move forward was renewed with vigorous energy and launched himself into the felguard. Andais Lu’s eyes glowed green fire as she kept shooting green flames in repetition, the Verdant spheres glowing above her head “You are no warlock” she hissed lowly before burning the warlock with a final cast. The blonde blood elf screamed as she was killed, her Felguard disappearing back into the Twisting nether. Behind her, Andais heard the Keep explode followed by victorious screams and the Alliance offensive squadron running out of the burning keep and attacking the remaining Horde, sighing out loud, Andais walked across to Yarion and slumped against him.

Victory was theirs.

The End or so you think…

Story Time: The Neverending Fight

Part 3

Alterac Valley, Alterac Mountains

Grabbing Andais’ Lu’s hand, the shadow priest Liorae laughed merrily as she mounted onto her mechanised bird “No delay Andais, we press forward” the warlock nodded swallowing down the lump in her throat watching both Mookie P and Kuppy Von BunBun jump onto their mounts. Waving her hands together again, Andais’ dread steed appeared beneath her and she quickly followed the other three. Up ahead, she saw two Alliance soldiers battle against the Frostwolf clan that guarded Tower Point. Shouting to the three women, Andais waved her hand “You girls go ahead, I will help out the others at the tower” nodding in acknowledgement, her fellow soldiers and their steeds disappeared into the mist and snow they were heading straight for General Drek’Thar and his two towers in the main encampment of the Horde.

Andais snapped her fingers making her dread steed disappear as she ran into Tower Point, her demon Yarion right beside her. She heard the clash of metal against metal followed by battle cries from both factions above her, racing up the ramparts she jumped up to the top of the tower and sent Conflagate exploding into the nearest Frostwolf soldier. The female Troll hissed noticing the appearance of the newcomer and ran towards Andais raising her two axes, jumping to the side out of the blades away Andais allowed Yarion through who barrelled straight into the Troll. Standing to the side, Andais Lu released her green fire again, the Verdant spheres appearing and glowing fel green above her head.

The warlock of chaos and destruction was so focused on disabling the Troll warrior she failed to see someone approach her from the shadows, Andais Lu released Incinerate only to cry out as she felt a blade sink into her back. Spinning around, an Undead rogue appeared out of no where holding two daggers, both dipped in poison. Andais stumbled backwards as she attempted to cast again towards the rogue but her casting time was far longer than the swiftness of the rogue’s blades. Coming up the ramp she saw both a Blood elf paladin and a Tauren warrior barge up the stairs. The poison started to affect her casting too, Yarion seeing his mistress in trouble quickly killed the Frostwolf soldier and launched itself onto the rogue using large form to protect Andais.

With the rogue occupied, Andais quickly buffed up Fire and Brimstone and shot Incinerate into the two Horde heading towards her, the Blood elf cried as the fel fire battered against her armour but the Tauren took the majority of the hit ease and continued charging towards her with a roar. “Oh shit.” Andais cussed out loudly as she was thrown against the Tower’s outer walls, she heard and felt the impact, her cloth robes though imbued with fel magic not protecting her body underneath. Slumping against the tower, she attempted to lift herself up, her hands waving as she casted her most powerful spell.

A loud, deafening roar sounded as Andais released Chaos bolt smashing into the Tauren, this time it did stumble backward howling loudly with pain. Using the wall to pull herself up, Andais quickly incinerated the Tauren blow after blow regardless of her vision now spinning, she saw Yarion shout, his demonic voice sounding out through the tower and throwing the rogue off the tower. Feeling herself slip into darkness, Andais saw the Tauren approach her though his armour and fur was singed and burned he still was alive. A warm, soothing sensation soon ripped throughout her body and her eyes opened just as she inhaled the nature magic of healing surround her entire body.

Lifting her mechshades on top of her head, her dark eyes looked around her just to see a green hair night elf rush to her side, in the distance a Shadowmoon stalker howled and tackled the Tauren head on, who was also pinned to the ground by a flurry of arrows. “Thank Elune I got to you in time!” the night elf praised her Moon goddess as she knelt beside Andais and casted again, a ring of healing appeared underneath the warlock and the power of nature again overwhelmed her senses “Thank…you” she croaked out seeing a human hunter appear at the top of the tower holding an enchanted long bow. The Tauren now definitely dead.

Helping Andais sit up, the night elf gave her a serene smile “We saw you had trouble when the enemy sprung a surprise attack upon you, Aum got the Paladin downstairs but I raced upstairs after I saw you falter” gesturing to the hunter, the druid scowled and shook her head “Undead and the poison the very thing I detest it is not the natural way” “Booleigh, Undead aren’t even natural themselves you know that” the hunter chuckled as he grabbed his quiver off his back and counted the arrows. “What is your name warlock?” the night elf queried noticing Yarion hover nearby, its own blue mass covered in scars from the rogue.

“Andais Lu and I can’t thank you enough Booleigh for saving me” the druid laughed lightly and helped her up to her feet “You may use the magic of the Burning legion but you use it against the enemy so I cannot be against you”. The two ladies and void lord joined the hunter who stood near the flag that was now changed to Alliance “We are not out of the woods yet, this tower must burn before we join the rest of the Alliance”.

To be continued…