GifSpam! Huma

The Captain and her first mate, the next Sea witch and her Hook. Why these characters DIDN’T get together at the end of the movie is beyond my logical comprehension, I mean look at them!

Graphics by PixieMals


GifSpam! Pirate Shipping

From Descendants 2: I know Harry kissed Gil at the end of the movie and Uma became a half human/octopus like her mother Ursula, but c’mon! Look at them during the course of the movie. You can’t deny that chemistry, that tension 😛

PicSpam! Mal Aesthetic

I absolutely adore sharing aesthetics that I like on tumblr on here as you are all aware and I found one for the character Mal from the Disney movie: Descendants, I’m excited and worried about the upcoming sequel, I don’t like what they did with Mal’s hair. She looks so much better with it short!

Made by Yurika1825