Neko Irritation: Attack of the Clones

I haven’t vented in either its own sub heading or my diary entries since last year and this is a good thing, I haven’t allowed negative juju cloud my small space in the cyber world or allow anger to take up my mentality. However I will vent about something this early morning before I head into bed. Originally it was gonna be spitting anger two days ago, now that I have clucked to my girls in the Hen Den and told my bestie Mei, I am feeling a lot better.

Now those who read my blog dilligently noted that I have been returning to IMVU, confessed between myself and a couple of the girls in the Hen Den we had agree that Second Life has become hypersexual in community and new events. I have noticed it majorly and I don’t even go to the adult sims or clubs anymore. It is increasing especially with the overwhelming presence of teenagers with no restrictions of age group on that virtual universe.

Since returning to IMVU, I decided to re-create a public space for myself and anyone who wanted to hang out when I was online. I was also looking for a homey area very much like my cottage on SL. Thus my New York apartment originally designed for East Highland high character Elizabeth James was re-used and became my own apartment. My group of girlies absolutely love it and find themselves staying there chilling out if alt tabbed or working. Anyone who is friends with me, know how passionate I am when it comes to being original even if its the virtual world. In both style and home decorating, I pride myself in doing highly detailed rooms.

Which is why the next bit had me so mad all day, one of the former friends/enemies that I knew from EHHS days decided to enter my apartment when I was offline and wishlist a whole lot of the decorations I have in the public room. It is called being original and creeping into my apartment is just stalker levels! Though I admit I creeped her wishlist too and that is how I found out about her wishlisting the stuff from my home in the first place. This isn’t the first time she’s copied me though, she has imitated my look but kept her blonde locks while doing it. I wish people stopped copying, originality still isn’t dead, they should try it.

Diary: Staying Cool

It is so stinking hot! Like ridiculous at 40 degrees, I am born in the Summer but as the years have passed I have grown to enjoy cooler and Autumn weather much more. The weather in either New Zealand or England is more favourable for me to handle. It is especially annoying when my uniform is of that stiff fabric that you can’t breathe in and being at the front desk of a hotel, I have to wear bloody stockings too! Eww…

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • Got a facial and shoulder massage on my previous days off
  • Disneyland on Minecraft brings back wonderful memories of it in reality
  • I got 3 editted pics being done by amazing artists
  • My other half in England said he would happily take me to Pemberley/Lyme Park anddd watch Cursed Child ๐Ÿ˜€
  • My sister’s engagement party this weekend

โ€“ Lu

Diary: This Week

After a chilled out five days off though one of those days included going for a walk in the Blue Mountains, yes I drove 45mins up into my local mountains and went for a walk around our local landmarks because the company of myself when everyone else is working is quite enjoyable. I have returned to work since last Friday and the weekend was chaotic with dodgy guests who just aren’t trusted or causing disruption. Just got tonight and tomorrow then I have my weekend again ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekโ€™sย 5 likes;

  • Dinner with my family at Hard rock cafe then dessert at Lindt cafe in the city last night, lots of fun as always
  • My flickr has reached 900 followers (currently 902) I never thought I’d reach it
  • Venus and a super Moon are out in the skies tonight
  • Mum has booked us a midnight screening of Fantastic beasts and where to find themย this Wednesday! #Gryffindorpride
  • Yesterday I celebrated my 2 year relationship with my other half Brad โค

I think the vice I got again is related to those on Second Life who make the videos of their avatar dancing, product value I understand to show what you are offering but those girls who do it to purposely show off their huge pixel tits or backside, you are better off going on those cam websites and displaying your real body if so bold -_-

โ€“ Lu

Neko Irritation: DC vs Marvel

Though seriously why is this even a thing in this day of age with the battling of two amazing comic fandoms around the world. I think only since DC has stepped up its game onto the big screen and not just with its tv show, the negative nancies who exist within the Marvel fanbase are stirring up trouble and pointing fingers at “how bad” the DC films are. For example, Batman vs Superman came out this year and my bestie and I went to see it in gold class.

Absolutely loved it! It was darker than the light hearted Marvel movies that have already been released and we grown to love but it was done in typical comic fashion (not that many people picked up on this). The reviews weren’t great at all and Snyder was ridiculed for directing it. I personally saw no problem with this film and applaud Gal Gadot who portrayed Wonder Woman at how amazing she made the Amazon princess to be.

This year we also watched Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and most recently X-men Apocalypse. Again though Deadpool was very adult humour and silly/cheesey in many of its scenes both Mei and I enjoyed the film, Civil War had our emotions on a rollercoaster of both happy and sad and scared that our favourite characters would die. It was overall a very good film done in the best Marvel knows of promoting and showing their franchise.

X-Men has always had mixed reviews and a couple of flops -coughs- Last Stand anyone? But I personally enjoyed Apocalypse soo much! The younger version of our A team were on point and especially Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, she was bloody awesome! So rather than the two fandoms fight against one another can’t we all just rally together and be content and happy. We are living in the years of when our favourite superheroes of our childhood are being brought to the silver screen. Be grateful we get to watch both sides and see what the film makers can show their interpretation on each because yikes, you all need to chill out!

Neko Irritation: Feuding Household

This time I am venting about reality and in particular my family and what is going on at present in my house every time I come home from either work or bestie outing with Mei. You see my sister and her boyfriend have split up about a month ago and though it turned bitter and nasty, they talked again and it was going smooth…for a week. But despite giving advice which I’m all happy to give, to be the listening ears of a concerned mother it is getting all too much!

My dad has stopped caring and gets annoyed with mum and her vents and nosey self trying to figure out what her younger daughter is doing since she isn’t told anything and therefore mum comes to me, every night to talk about the same thing- those two. It has gotten so dramatic and highly strung I have gone to work to seek advice from both current and former front office managers, my two Assistant managers and of course tonight vented a heap to my best friend after watching Civil War.

I have repeated and advised the same opinions and ideas to mum every night but really this has gotta stop, this whole cold treatment going on between her and my sister needs to cease. I want peace in my house! It makes me wanna stay outside longer even if it means loitering around work just for a calmer mind!

Neko Irritation: Ridiculous Reboots

Not Second Life related but its got to do with something that I enjoy watching and heavily invested in when it comes to buying their movies whenever they are released. I am talking about the new trailer and the changing of the dolls appearance of Monster High. I bought Barbie: Spy Squad yesterday and watched it last night, as always there are trailers for future dvd releases and Monster High was one of them.

It featured a very different looking Draculaura and very different looking Monster High? Draculaura is known for being pink and cutesy but also dark and edgy because it is a school for monsters. The whole appeal of this collection released by Mattel years ago was because they were different to the Barbies, Bratz, My Scene and Ever After High dolls. The movies itself was all about embracing originality and to love who you are as a person.

So with this new reboot? They have removed Draculaura’s fangs, Frankie’s stitches are less prominent and apparently what I heard in the fandom that they have removed Spectra completely?! All for the sake of aiming at a younger audience and that the dolls and CGI that we have all come to know and love is seen as “too scary”? I’m sorry what? It is not just me who is outraged at this. My bestie Katie was venting last night and so was a lot of girls in the MH forums, I hope Mattel wakes up and sees this is a bad change.

Neko Irritation: Rated Adult

I have a lot of adult clubs saved under favourites, landmarks or in my teleport history on Second Life, I have perhaps done the dirty in each of them under five times but they are mostly my place for socialising if sick of being parked in my cottage for a couple of hours. But I do not go there looking for pixel sex and that what annoys me when people say “Oh its rated Adult, you have to fuck in it?” Um no you bloody do not!

Just because a club has the furniture to do the deed does not mean you absolutely have to, for me when I see a sim online that is rated A it means to keep the roleplaying kids out and have grown ups engage in decent adult conversation. Yes go ahead be a pervert, flirt and be dirty but does not mean to actually jump a dick every time you go to these clubs.

There is a lot I’m sure who think it, it’s just the ladies who are seeking to hump many are more vocal about it in the groups, you are making the rest of us look thirsty! Stop!

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Neko Irritation: Virtual Bimbos

Why is it growing into a popular thing on Second Life? I mean really you see these blonde ladies with huge fish lips, wobbly backside and yet these slender chicken legs teetering around on stiletto heels its amazing they don’t fall over because of how unrealistic the entire look is.

And what makes it worse, guys dig it? I mean sure it’s the cloud men aka muscular gents who look like they are permanently swallowing steroids but why! I am seeing it more on Flickr where creators release their new products and in the adult side of the community, mesh makers are even designing bimbo mesh bodies like we need that more?!

I vented to a friend of mine yesterday while on dinner break at work and got all worked up about the necessity in seeing porn on Twitter, he said it’s everywhere it is the internet. But why does that have to be? Why you got to have all that kind of things in every social media outlet. Can’t we just keep it in certain places, not everyone wants to see that in their feeds.

Neko Irritation: Fandoms

I have been part of so many in following literature, films, anime, comics and book series. We are all quite passionate when it comes to our beloved characters I can understand that completely for I am the same. But some of you honestly are so nit picky when it comes to the portrayal of the fictional people.

What I am going to point fingers at is the Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters fandom from what I am reading merely on the Facebook fanpages. While many of us are appreciating the fact they are having a second try at making the book series into a show and instead of a movie it will go on the smaller screen.

A lot of the fans are arguing amongst each other and are picking at every single detail from Clary’s hair colour to the design of the seraph blade (a Shadowhunter’s weapon). The movie flopped because it diverted from the original plot and became a romantic comedy with flashes of fantasy and Jace’s one liners from the novel but did not succeed in the same area as Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Now it is going to the television, new director and new cast and I personally think these actors are on point and look like the characters in the novel, I have shared the previews and pictures to friends and family who have read TMI and they all so far are quite positive on the outcome. The show premieres on January 12th on ABC turning into ‘Freeform’. I can’t wait to somehow find it, tv shows take their time in arriving here in Australia but I will be a loyal fan and watch the season opening.

The rest of you need to chill out and ‘by the Angel’ have a bit more faith in what this rebranding are trying to accomplish!

Neko Irritation: Labels on my Head

For a long time well ever since I started raising my voice and being blunt/brutally honest with people I have labels put on top of my head and not so much in reality but the people behind the computer screens whether on IMVU or Second Life, boy they certainly are keyboard warriors. Because I doubt you’d have the guts to say it to my face or too scared because I’d punt you hard.

  1. I am outspoken and blunt but wouldn’t you prefer honesty than sugar coating everything?
  2. No I do not sleep around online, I am quite mongamous in-world too thank you very much
  3. Drama queen? Calling one out for the bullshit they started is bad?
  4. I AM submissive but that does not make me a doormat!
  5. I can be cutesy and fluffy while at the same time showing off a raunchy nature, we all have many facets to our persona

Yes I think that clears up what has been said about me lately, I hope you all understand it a bit more now ๐Ÿ˜› Any questions and I’m happy to answer them you stalk me enough to know my avatar name in either program.

โ€“ Lu

My Writer’s Peeve: Sympathesing Rape

Ooo! I haven’t done one of these since last year or was it year before? The reason being obvious that I don’t even roleplay anymore or even write stories- though I should especially in regards to my beloved character Ame Hayato.ย But moving forward after an interaction with an outsider who came to check out the hotel and its rooms I was told quite a horrifying story. Let’s just say that one of my major pet peeves when it comes to the plot of any kind of story or roleplay is the act of rape being written in.

For the writers/players who decide to propose and implement such an ordeal into a plot, shame of you! Because most of the time that is written it is for the Mary Sues of a character to gain more sympathy, to show her ‘weakness’ and yet be the victim that everyone must love and feel sorry for even more. There have been few occassions where the Act is written in decent story line but not thrown in for ‘Shock and awe’ (like most roleplayers do).

It is not something to be glorified and yet on Second Life, it has become a somewhat kink/fetish in the adult sims, and many people seem to love it! When did society see it as acceptable to be part of the bigger picture in a story for entertainment? Or to play out someone’s erotic fantasies in a virtual world? Yes it is unfortunately something that happens in this day of age and across the board whether male or female, young or old- but why must it be in a story?! >.<

โ€” Lu

Neko Irritation: Breaking Girl Code

There is nothing worse than breaking that sacred law that is made between good friends whether male or female other known as the Bro/Girl code; there are certain guidelines or rules that are made and followed by. For me I have admitted I have broken one of the most important girl codes that was written for us ladies and I did it five years ago I dated one of my friends ex boyfriends.

I think that’s why when I see it happen whether in reality or on Second Life I get so pissed off because it’s only after doing that mistake and seeing/hearing the pain of my other friend, its not a wise thing to do. So this is more so me advising than venting about “breaking the girl code” for the women around the world maybe you should think twice before you do something you’ll regret later…we are all technically human taps ๐Ÿ˜›

โ€“ Lu

Neko Irritation: Married Cougars of SL

Why do these ladies do it? They sleep next to a man (who usually loves them, no matter what they tell everyone else online) in reality and are married to them and yet when they log onto a virtual client not just on Second Life by the way they pretend to be single? I understand there are many situations on why a woman feels need for more male attention when things are no longer good between herself and the hubby but wouldn’t they be a hint to go fix it or finally end it?

Except no these particular thirsty old whores don’t do that. They continue using the money their husband works so hard for and become an online slut. I have seen this case happen so many times back on IMVU, with friends and with me. Now it happened again on Second Life. One of my newly made friends didn’t know that this dj/former acquaitance I knew was married in rl. The bloke is looking for love and wants something real, however she wants to keep it SL unfortunately she also didn’t tell him that she married but did agree in wanting to date him.

I told him that she was married and he was surprised also because she was guilt tripping for not turning up to her music set. Needless to say I found out the old duck is crazy and I quickly removed her from my friends list. Today is a highlight for my friend he finally saw what everyone else been warning him about and removed her too. I’m so proud of him โค

โ€“ Lu

Neko Irritation: Stop the Hate!

This is not against the normal issues of Homophobia, race or gender but more so when it comes to characters in book series in particular Stephanie Meyer’s character Bella Swan-Cullen.

While yes I agree that the character was poorly written in some aspects and even lined up closely to being a Mary Sue. Also Kristen Stewart’s beginning performance did not sell the character to the rest of the world well, however this gif set I’m about to share shows what everyone else whinging about her character ignores.

Her fierce desire to protect everyone even before she was turned to become a vampire.

โ€“ Lu