LL Note: Birthday Weekend

** Going to Canberra tomorrow! **

Despite being gifted two pretty shirts from my parents and birthday cards from them, my sister and her boyfriend and my grandma on mum’s side- my main birthday present from the family is a mini trip to our Nations capital this weekend. Originally it was going to be a mother/daughter bonding until dad wanted to come with, he has a thing of being left alone.

We are driving there in the afternoon and doing a stopover to see one of mum’s work friends at their place halfway to Canberra. We will be staying at the Park Hyatt near Parliament house and I will have my own room. Ange was kind enough to pay for one of the two nights we are staying at the hotel. Last time I was in Canberra I was perhaps only 12 years old and before that I was only 5 so cannot wait to see how much has changed since that time.

I need this mini break just for time of reflection and offline from the virtual worlds though I will miss my gaming 😛 See you all when I come back on Sunday afternoon! And back to work on Monday morning @.@

– Lu


Mood: Tired but Content

This is my first post overseas! I haven’t been posting because I am still in the United States and this post is coming from the ‘Grand club’ of the Grand Hyatt in New York City! Our hotel is right next door to Grand central station and a couple of blocks down from Time Square. It has been roughly 3 weeks traveling around the east side of this country and it has been amazing so far though we are starting to get very tired from all the traveling.

Today to be exact is 5 nights staying in NYC and we have already been to the top of Rockafeller centre, saw the Statue of Liberty, walked the Brooklyn bridge, shopped at M&M world and Hersey’s in Time Square, travelled the subway and walked through Central park, got to see the Alice in Wonderland statue 😀 I am missing all my friends online and reality alike but still enjoying my holiday though sometimes I mentally face palm at my parents- I may be slow in waking up but once I’m moving, I am moving! For those who wish to follow my adventures in the U.S, check to the left panels to my instagram posting so much there.

– Lu

LL Note: The Return

** Announcement **

I am baacckkk! Tired but not as rundown as I was last night before boarding the plane from Hong Kong back here to Sydney also refreshed after the amazing shower. I will do a proper post of what happen on my trip in summary but it was mostly about family and experiencing my dad’s side of who I am, the culture and where he grew up and the history of our family. Also great time to catch up with my cousins who I rarely see because I am always working.

Mum and dad are still in the Philippines so it’s just Ange and I home and we also picked up Skitty today, that cat can talk ever since we picked him up this morning he won’t shut up! Good lord it’s a mix of being angry and wanting tender love from his well missed family. Sorry Skitty! My face and collarbone is still sunburn from the kiyaking but the sore muscles is easing up thank goodness.

– Lu