Mood: Productive

I started packing for Europe since yesterday, I think it is partially because of my mum has been dropping some of her clothes on my bed and advising me to “get a move on” so to speak. The big luggage has been pulled out of the wardrobe and had tshirts thrown inside, I made a mental note for myself to address the packing on my upcoming days off. Can’t wait for the warm weather to be honest, when I finish my PM shifts at 11pm it has been between 7-9 degrees celsius when I walk out of the hotel. Too damn cold!

I have also written up a new resume from the beginning, the original resume that had been typed up by my dad and I had been adding in information over the years was “too cluttered and too old fashion” according to my boss and she asked if I could re-do it again. I have sent what I have written to one of my assistant managers who has been my mentor over the past couple of months and hopefully we can build it up to standards so our boss can send it through to the reservations department at the other property. If I do get this job I can have my weekends back and my body clock will be reset to normal.

Hobby wise, I have been making a lot of Polyvore outfits for my character Ame Hayato, I am hoping that with this creative outlet it will inspire me to continue her chronicles and share the stories with all of you here on my blog.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: One Week

So glad to finally be on my days off today and I got to be both pro-active in both reality and Second Life, did my usual event shopping today online and checked out Bon Voyage: Japan, the creators are amazing and the sim is absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco with their big arch bridges.

Reality wise I did both a decent walk to work, got mum her dinner prep as well as ironing all my tops that I will be taking to Hawaii in a week! Yes, I got a week left until I am flying out around 10pm with my parents to the warmer shores of Honolulu! I am also counting down until I get to watch Suicide Squad with Mei, ignoring the critics I’m looking forward to watching it so much!

Now pulling up today’s 5 likes;

  • Smell of dinners cookingย during early evening walk
  • Got my tops and bottoms packed for Hawaii
  • Brown rice chips and dry seaweed to quench salt cravings
  • I got 500 followers on here and 801 on Flickr
  • Daring Charming on Ever After High is the Beast!! YASS ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Very tired

We are back home from Canberra this afternoon and it is so hot today! The weekend away was nice though all of us unfortunately could not sleep well, a lot of tossing and turning and I only slept 5hrs each night. Going back to work tomorrow on the AM shift and working with my front office manager, first shift we’re on together I’m excited.

Today is also Valentines Day though I spent it with my parents for majority of the day I have made a decision to unfollow my overly mushy friends for one day until they get their love posts done for the day. I have given up chocolate for Lent and not sure how I will cope considering that always on the 15th February all the chocolates are much cheaper.

โ€“ Lu

LL Note: Birthday Weekend

** Going to Canberra tomorrow! **

Despite being gifted two pretty shirts from my parents and birthday cards from them, my sister and her boyfriend and my grandma on mum’s side- my main birthday present from the family is a mini tripย to our Nations capital this weekend. Originally it was going to be a mother/daughter bonding until dad wanted to come with, he has a thing of being left alone.

We are driving there in the afternoon and doing a stopover to see one of mum’s work friends at their place halfway to Canberra. We will be staying at the Park Hyatt near Parliament house and I will have my own room. Ange was kind enough to pay for one of the two nights we are staying at the hotel. Last time I was in Canberra I was perhaps only 12 years old and before that I was only 5 so cannot wait to see how much has changed since that time.

I need this mini break just for time of reflection and offline from the virtual worlds though I will miss my gaming ๐Ÿ˜› See you all when I come back on Sunday afternoon! And back to work on Monday morning @.@

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Travel Plans

My birthday is in three days and last night mum booked both the Park Hyatt in Canberra for our weekend away and returning on Valentines Day and she also booked our August trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks. Dad has decided he is going to come along with us to Canberra because I guess he can’t be alone though my younger sister isn’t come with us so pfft!

Mum has also given me some surprising news last week, her and dad were discussing the hope of doing a Europe trip next year. I mean c’mon this year has just started and we got our travel plans set but they are already looking to 2017 for our next big trip?! Really? I wonder if Ange will come with us, probably get her boyfriend to come with us of course but yeah interesting…

Soo my travelling for this year is a lot more than last year already ๐Ÿ˜€
* Canberra for my birthday weekend
* Hawaii for 2 weeks in August
* South Korea with Mei again for Thanksgiving (hoping!)

My annual leave won’t be renewed until May when I hit my three year mark at the Novotel property but combining days off with the given weekends from working public holidays, travelling in reality isn’t looking too bad at all.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Birthday Weekend

Starting from the 9th February next month I will be having 6 days off, apparently to our General manager he wants all of us to use up our day-in-lieu having worked so many from Christmas to Australia Day. Because I have so many days off and it happens around my 28th birthday time period, mum has decided we should have a mother-daughter mini trip to our Nations capital.

It does sound like quite a good trip to Canberra because last time we were down there I was 14 and it was a stopover on the way down to the Snowy alps. The city itself has various amazing places to go see and not just the government being located there. The only downside of this is that observatory night viewing does not start until March bugger!

We are still going to drive there, it will be a nice break before everything gets all busy again at work, though starting yesterday all the regulars returned and conferences have started up once more. So it begins ๐Ÿ˜›

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Planning Ahead

The beauty of having not having to work until the PM shift the following night and you finish an AM shift at 3pm means you have a 24hr break before you return to work. It also meant for me on Saturday night that I got to travel to the city and meet up with Mei for a night of lots of laughs, random conversation and future plans.

I found out from Ms Mei that she did a deposit on a two bedroom apartment near the airport and if I was to ever move back to working for city hotels, she has a spare bedroom for me in her new place. To imagine that! Living in an apartment with my 14.5 years best friend would be amazing, we have travelled together and I have emotionally broke down in front of 3 times so she can easily handle my tantrums as the most awesome “Nee-chan” that she is.

It also had me thinking about my future, do I want to stay local at my current job or move back to the city? We also discussed our holiday plans, she is flying back to South Korea with her mum and missing out on my birthday this year! D: But I also have my new holiday in August with the parents to save up for. This time we are going to Hawaii! Mei also spoke to me about a second trip to South Korea in September for their Thanksgiving, I wanna go back! I hope I have annual leave, I’ll happily go and see her family again โค

โ€“ Lu

LL Note: I’m baack!!

** Skipped 23rd of October but we’re home safe **

It is 10:30pm on Saturday night and I along with my parents are back home safe here in Sydney. It was the usual long flight overnight from Los Angeles but we made it and my younger sister is all too happy to see all of us. She even glomped me hello and usually I have to chase her to get a decent hug ๐Ÿ˜› Took a while to get my beloved Skitty to cuddle me though..

Feeling quite accomplished that I managed to get all my housework and unpacking done before I hopped onto my laptop and checked out both Second Life and IMVU worlds, to be honest it feels very weird to see the virtual universes having not logged onto them in the past month and a half. I also have all these mini gifts to give to my work colleagues and my bestie Mei, so looking forward to my next day off.

I am returning to PM shift tomorrow night and will be working for 4 nights but that won’t stop me from getting at least a new fashion tile in, I have done the main bulk of my wishlist on flickr for shopping on Second Life. Mum and I will soon cross check our expenses of this trip and then life will return to its usual work-rest-work-rest routine, though I am thinking about trying out for Hyatt again.

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Tired but Content

This is my first post overseas! I haven’t been posting because I am still in the United States and this post is coming from the ‘Grand club’ of the Grand Hyatt in New York City! Our hotel is right next door to Grand central station and a couple of blocks down from Time Square. It has been roughly 3 weeks traveling around the east side of this country and it has been amazing so far though we are starting to get very tired from all the traveling.

Today to be exact is 5 nights staying in NYC and we have already been to the top of Rockafeller centre, saw the Statue of Liberty, walked the Brooklyn bridge, shopped at M&M world and Hersey’s in Time Square, travelled the subway and walked through Central park, got to see the Alice in Wonderland statue ๐Ÿ˜€ I am missing all my friends online and reality alike but still enjoying my holiday though sometimes I mentally face palm at my parents- I may be slow in waking up but once I’m moving, I am moving! For those who wish to follow my adventures in the U.S, check to the left panels to my instagram posting so much there.

โ€“ Lu

Fashion Tile: Kawaii Traveller

Thisย will be my last fashion tile post before my overseas trip tomorrow morning and it is quite appropriate having designed to give my avatar her own makeshift travel wear too.

* 1 Hundred. Sugar Bodysuit Upper 2. White *NEW* from Black Dot Project
* DATUM // Charmed FRESH tattoo *NEW* from Body Mod Expo
* Magikaย [Hair] In My Mind *NEW* from Store marketplace
* *Epic* Sweet.Gloom Pumps! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Body Mod Expo

* (NO) Cat Ring – Mao *NEW* from The Arcade
* Cae :: Fortune :: Necklace *NEW* from The Mix
* Izzie’s – Pride Bracelet *NEW* from Gen Neutral
* [LF] Sneaker Bag (Pink) *NEW* from Body Mod Expo

Diary: Ready to Go!

Can you believe it! I got all my packing done two days before we fly out, yay! And me being my usual derp self thought we were going to get picked up after 6am not ON 6am, which means I’ll be waking up around 5 probably and it also means tonight I’ll be having to go to bed before midnight, like I’m working a morning shift -sigh-

Very excited though, its all just hit me today when I did my final ironing of clothes and closed my main bag, parents are still doing last minute detail and my mum has been going to bed late every night to cover all angles. She is such a perfectionist and I worry because she is that she’ll send herself into some health problem.

Katie and I been chatting and she is as squealing as I’m feeling on finally meeting in the flesh, I mean c’mon it only took us 8 years of bestie-ship to organise a reality meet.

โ€“ Lu

LL Note: Party in the U.S.A

** 4 days left until morning flightย **

Recently I have been dropping hints that I am about to travel international soon and I guess its time to make an official announcement to all my dear readers and friends/visitors to the Luci Logs. Yes it is true, I am going to the United States with my parents flying out on Wednesday the 16th September at 9am flight ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So it means we are leaving home at 6am, blahh! I’m still no morning girl but perhaps this trip will change my thoughts on it.

We are going to various places but mainly exploring the east coast of the country, going to meet up with one of my high school friends in Los Angeles and FINALLY going to meet my long time American bestie Katie! She is going to take us out on Korean, excitement plus! Also going to the capital Washington DC, New York City for 5 days, Las Vegas for 3, Orlando for 3- I am going to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter (internal screaming!) as well as seeing Nasa with mum.

Plus lots of shopping, I think my younger sister is preparing her wishlist for us since she is not coming with but will be home with our Skitty. It’s technically a good thing for the cat, don’t have to keep him in a boarding house for so long, he’ll probably think we neglected him at the end of the 1.5 months overseas.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Spring is Here!

It is the first of September here in Sydney and not only is it my annual leave month but also the first day of Spring! Though it started off freezing this morning and I’ve still got another 2 days of AM shifts to go, I can do this! Today was Day 5! The entire day shaped into a beautiful afternoon with a maximum of twenty degrees and plenty of sunlight.

I need to start packing for my U.S trip, I haven’t even pulled my luggage bag out of the wardrobe yet and I’ve got a week left, whoops…

It is also the day that The Arcade opens in Second Life, a gacha event that is highly popular with plenty of awesome creations and plenty of lag and always full for the first week and a half (usually). It opens in 30mins and I am so ready to clear out my wishlist if not browsing the yardsales should be gone though Gachatopia has closed down their reseller apartments and thats where I got most of my items in the Summer Arcade edition in June ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Real World Update

Iย haven’t written much about what’s going on in reality lately but decided today I might as well since its all starting to happen in this week and next week. It all started with mum going to Malaysia for work, unfortunately the day before Good Friday she took a tumble in the local shopping centre and got massive black bruising on her thigh and calf.

Between her and dad they were trying to talk to the insurance to get her home for obvious medical reasons but it was quite tough. Then on the 8th April, mum recieved a call from New Zealand that her father passed away, grandad has been in a nursing home and has been up and down with his health in the recent years that is why mum went early in February to see him. Now he is gone and we are all very much devastated.

Mum came home two days ago we picked her up from the airport in the morning and my younger sister took her to the doctors, it was also now arranged that mum and I are going to New Zealand next week for grandad’s funeral. I am excited to see my family again but sad its on such unfortunate circumstances. I just hope mum’s mentality will be ok throughout the whole thing.

Also because of mum’s fall overseas, she has pulled her tendon in the back of her leg, it has snapped off the pelvic bone so she’ll need healing process and a month won’t be enough. It means that our month trip in the United States has to be postphone for another time- I admit I’m disappointed but understanding to get mum better.

โ€“ Lu