GifSpam! Pixelated Paris

Another location from Pixar’s Cars 2, having been to Paris last year this was so cute in the movie!

Made by AndyJWest


Mood: On holiday

Good morning from Paris!

I didn’t make an official announcement of when I left Sydney two weeks ago but I am positive that everyone who follows my blog knew where I was going in the leading up days until I flew to Dubai. I have been over here on the other side of the globe for the past 2 weeks and been in Paris for 5 days. My parents and I have been non stop moving since we arrived and it has been amazing even with the random arguments my parents decide to start with each other. I have had my own room this past week and have been glad for it, I am returning to sharing a room with the parentals as of tonight after we take a train to London this afternoon. We are there for two weeks and next week I will be finally seeing my other half Brad, so can’t wait!

Might post again here while in London but mum has a busy schedule yet again for us, if not I will blog again when I am back home in Sydney. Thanks to those who are still following the Luci Logs and understaning my annual leave.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Kawaii Traveller

This will be my last fashion tile post before my overseas trip tomorrow morning and it is quite appropriate having designed to give my avatar her own makeshift travel wear too.

* 1 Hundred. Sugar Bodysuit Upper 2. White *NEW* from Black Dot Project
* DATUM // Charmed FRESH tattoo *NEW* from Body Mod Expo
* Magika [Hair] In My Mind *NEW* from Store marketplace
* *Epic* Sweet.Gloom Pumps! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Body Mod Expo

* (NO) Cat Ring – Mao *NEW* from The Arcade
* Cae :: Fortune :: Necklace *NEW* from The Mix
* Izzie’s – Pride Bracelet *NEW* from Gen Neutral
* [LF] Sneaker Bag (Pink) *NEW* from Body Mod Expo

Second Life: Isle of Ehruhi

As you all I have tendency to sim explore when on my own in between my work shifts and last night when I got home I discovered this amazing place run by Aii, she made a new roleplay sim that is officially opening on 31st January for a spirit festival.

It is called Ehruhi and its based off a Japanese legend of a war between the Moon God and the Sun Goddess and the lost island because of the wicked deeds. To be honest I think its like limbo for the forgotten souls.

Went exploring with my ‘Bashful box’ by Birdy that I have nicknamed Uchi-kun and checked out the various places it had the preparations of the festival in the main town, the bath house for the sensual clients, a cemetery next door, a shrine with two kitsune guarding it, a camp in the bamboo forest and a cave that can be hosted as a place for tea gatherings.

It reminded me a lot of Kagami event from last year and I loved that place a lot so I’ll definitely be returning for the festival on the last day of this month.