GifSpam! Captain James Conrad

Well he is no longer a captain but he was, but can we just appreciate how gorgeous and amazing Tom Hiddleston was in the movie Kong, but not just him the entire cast was great and I absolutely adored Brie Larson, she has come a long way from teen chick flicks.




GifSpam! Sexy Strut

This man and his walking ever since he was younger, it’s hot! And perhaps yes I and millions of other fans are weird but I don’t care! Hiddleston is always gorgeous ❤

Mood: Surprised and Giggly

Managed to watch the latest Tinkerbell movie: The Pirate Fairy and guess who is the villain again, yup my favourite Pommy Tom Hiddleston is the voice actor of none other than a young Captain James Hook! He also sings in this movie too, though his voice isn’t one of the finest he played the character very well and it blended well with the story of Peter Pan and also introducing the crocodile as a very cute baby reptile.

– Lu

Diary: Hiddleston Birthday

Found out just now via a Tom Hiddleston birthday that the gorgeous man/sexy Loki/My Dream Disney prince is celebrating is 32nd birthday! On the 9th birthday! A day before *I* turn 26 tomorrow, can I say this has made my Sunday very well! I can’t stop squealing and telling everyone about it, so I’m posting it here too -flails- Yayyy! I’m a day after my favourite actor, its a bloody sign I tell ya!

– Lu