Fashion Tile: Inner Universe

Embrace the Asian I haven’t done a fashion tile for Second Life in so long and I had shared this particular outfit on my Flickr, earlier this month. Taken at Ashemi, it has lots of vivid colours.

* Vinyl  – Scars Turtleneck *NEW* from ~uber~
* Dead Dollz. Harajuku Tutu – Black *NEW* from ~uber~
* TRUTH HAIR Kyoko *NEW* from ~uber~
* #EMPIRE – Lupin shoes *NEW* from ~uber~

* ERSCH – Night Choker gold black *NEW* from Chapter 4
* Kibitz – Emilia’s diamonds necklace – gold *NEW* from N.21
* Toast – Be Quiet! Gag, Catwa *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.

IMVU: Days of Glory

The past week or two I have made a resurgence in the virtual world known as IMVU, it was the place where I spent most of my young adulthood post high school. It was where I met my best friend in the U.S, Katie as well as and a handful of great girl friends. It is also where I roleplayed with multiple characters, had relationships, made enemies but overall had fun.

Majority of my friendship group have all moved on into reality and only a small collection of us are left and log on at random times, I been having a decor mood lately and IMVU has no prim limits when it comes to decorating your individual rooms and though you have to “dot hop” to get around the rooms and they aren’t all connected, it’s still fun to work with.

Realising that the manor I had put on public back in 2014 was too dark for my tastes and my style was much more light hearted and very pink nowadays, I changed this NYC apartment that originally belonged to my artistic roleplay character Elizabeth James of East Highland High to make it my own.

A place to hang out with the girls whenever we all sync up and are logged on all at once and can play tunes, dance and have fun. So far this week it’s been myself, Katie, Elie and Mez with random appearances from my boyfriend Aum showing up as well. They all love the very detailed room but I will say this right now, some bits were a pain to work on.

My bedroom upstairs on the second floor, this room wasn’t so hard to decorate, a lot of the frames and wall art could go on each wall where I wanted them to, if they weren’t angled right they could just be turned to face the right way. My room in reality has a lot of stuff in it, it is what I call organised chaos and though I certainly do not have the paddle rack or St Andrew’s Cross I definitely got the plushies, cute lights and books/paper everywhere.

It is my favourite room to be in when logged on IMVU, but my second place where I usually go AFK is at the below picture.

One level down below the big tv and gaming station (plus three big bears) is this small corner with the cat rug 😛 I realised I did not have enough room in the bedroom upstairs to set up a blogging desk like I have in my cottage on Second Life so made something much smaller and more cosy on ground floor. Got a virtual Skitty, laptop, Godiva milkshake and M&M’s to call this cosy corner my little space when I am AFK and out in reality.

The theme of pink, black and white is a re-occuring trend though bright colours stand out more in this New York city apartment, but one of my favourite pieces that I loved adding is the fashion and beauty aspect.

The giant closet with make-up box and a Minectaft library cube for kicks as well as shelves full of shoes, bags and let’s not forget those thigh-high leather boots, that was my inner Ame Hayato coming out when I added those in. Adding in a vanity table full of make up that is at the top of the stairs plus a shelf for snapback caps and more make-up/nail polish stashed on top of the drawers.

The added Japanese fashion and anime magazines were a bonus, three mannequins and of course all the soft toys a girl could dream of! This is my comfort zone when logging on but also a place of entertainment and socialising with friends.

Fashion Tile: Sweet Escape

“We drive so far to get away” The Arcade has opened for its Spring fever and now has 3 sims where you can play their gacha machines, I am still going through resellers.

* *HolliPocket* Fantasia Sweets from SaNaRae (02/17)
* imbue. floral embroidery skirt – dark from N.21 (01/17)
* Magika – Fever *NEW* from Store marketplace
* { Speakeasy } Sugar Rush *NEW* from Mad Pea Food Fair

* (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace – Gold *NEW* from N.21
* Garbaggio // Lovable Housewife *NEW* from The Arcade
* Vinyl  – Neo Meddy Mask *NEW* from ~uber~
* Violent Seduction – Clausa Harness (Black) from The Epiphany

Fashion Tile: Cheeky, Bad Girl

Being tied up is the best way to rein in a kitten though it is not obvious shibari. Didn’t buy much at Whore Couture Fair but got a new LOTD

* *HolliPocket* Skool Grill top- Set 5 *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* **RE** Bad Girl Shorts – Blue 3 *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* [RA] Dorothy Hair – Browns *NEW* from Enchantment
* .tsg. Strappy Ankle Heels – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* #EMPIRE – Honey – Top *NEW* from Whore Couture Fair 6
* .tsg. Invader Princess Raygun from Kawaii Project

Fashion Tile: Floating Free

got into Uber last night! And it is all about wings, butterflies and anything ethereal. I also relented and am wearing Maitreya lara body with this new LOTD 😛

* ::HH:: Hucci Umzinto Top – Rose *NEW* from Uber
* KITJA – Ethe Skirt BLACK *NEW* from Uber
* eXxEsS : KAZI A from Store marketplace
* N-core BUTTERFLY “Pink” *NEW* from Uber

* . Quirky . – Meow Meow Pussy Vision – Black *NEW* from TSG Mall
=Zenith= Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet (Rose)- from Wayward Winter
* =Zenith= Star Star Bag (Milk) from Collabor88 January

Fashion Tile: Watermelon Wish

Lots of sweet treats and pink goodness have been released in the new round of events this week including Kawaii Project, IDK and Kustom9, compiled together.

* 1 Hundred. Wishes Bodysuit Upper 2. Pink *NEW* from Lubbly Jubblies
* antielle. My Magical Prism / Rose (Fresh) *NEW* from Cosmetics Fair
* TRUTH HAIR Katara [LoveJugs 2] *NEW* from Main store
* RO – Compensator Heel – Left – Black *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

* :Moon Amore: SFM Camera Bag (Watermelon) RARE *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* Kibitz – Bindi #3 *NEW* from Cosmetics Fair
* Ninety– Stole The Show Necklace Mesh IDK
* [Dreamsicle] Yummy Smartphone – Pink Watermelon *NEW* from Kawaii Project