GifSpam! Season 3

We have reached Season 3 for Shadowhunters! I can’t believe it, it has lasted longer than the single movie and though there is still the unnecessary “ship wars” the book-to-tv series is still thriving. Our fandom was granted a teaser trailer last week 😀


GifSpam! Girl Power

I am back from my holiday! Which means lots of new entries and a diary recap of what I did over the past month, it feels so surreal being on my laptop again even more odd trying to get used to the screen. This morning I am sharing gifs from my favourite show Shadowhunters focusing on Clary and Isabelle, now I never shipped these two girls but valued their sisterhood and friendship very much.

GifSpam! 4 more episodes

I am not ready for the finale of Season 2B and I will be in Europe when it happens! Maybe I can watch it through my Netflix app on my phone 😛 They released a trailer for the final four episodes and safe to say it is getting crazy on Shadowhunters.

GifSpam! Sizzy

The producers of Shadowhunters said that Simon and Isabelle will be a slow burn like it was done in the books but oh gosh I hope they slightly speed it up, especially so our badass Izzy can save the poor daylighter from his broken heart at the moment

GifSpam! Clary-TheArtist-Morgenstern

The winter finale was televised today and it was an amazing episode though I’m so sad, we are on hiatus until 2b is released on June 5th, this is going to be the longest three months ever until we see the cast again but looking forward to seeing them filming with the inclusion of Will playing Sebastian! 😀

Sharing gifs of when Clary escaped to the Brooklyn Academy to get her head wrapped around her circumstances being a Shadowhunter, those who only watch the tv series forget that Clary Fray has always been an artist first before a warrior.

GifSpam! Angelic Chopsticks

Isabelle revealed these in Episode 6: Iron Sisters explaining to Clary what the Iron Sisters do, they are the makers of the weapons and steles of the Shadowhunters using adamas, a heavenly material that only they can forge.
I wish I had a pair of magical chopsticks that could change into knives whenever I felt like it

GifSpam! Darker Shadows

What a treat to wake up to, Shadowhunters released two new promos for Season 2 and its looking grittier and darker, the fans who were lucky to watch it in Denver said the overall look of this new season is 10x better than the first. Can’t wait for January 2!!

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GifSpam! Emoji Shadowhunters

Countdown until Season 2 trailer is released to the world, it is happening at 10am PST or 1pm EST so converting that to Aussie time for me and I have to wait until 4am to watch it?! It will be worth it staying up for it before bedtime >< Meanwhile CanIslytherinthings made these emoji gifs related to each character from the series. I love it! 😀