Fashion Tile: Sweet Escape

“We drive so far to get away” The Arcade has opened for its Spring fever and now has 3 sims where you can play their gacha machines, I am still going through resellers.

* *HolliPocket* Fantasia Sweets from SaNaRae (02/17)
* imbue. floral embroidery skirt – dark from N.21 (01/17)
* Magika – Fever *NEW* from Store marketplace
* { Speakeasy } Sugar Rush *NEW* from Mad Pea Food Fair

* (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace – Gold *NEW* from N.21
* Garbaggio // Lovable Housewife *NEW* from The Arcade
* Vinyl  – Neo Meddy Mask *NEW* from ~uber~
* Violent Seduction – Clausa Harness (Black) from The Epiphany


Second Life: Summer Decor

June 1st brings in not just the FaMESHed but also the summer round of The Arcade and this time it feels quite special for me. Before the gacha event opened its doors to the public it had set up a new optional donation certificate on the marketplace.
Titled Friends of the Arcade it gave shoppers and bloggers alike to buy a certificate from the Second Life catalog which is also a donation and saying thanks for all the support to the people who attend.

Everyone who is close to me or anyone who has been following this new Luci Logs for the past three years know how much of an avid Arcade fan I am, I would happily spend the lindens at the main event and try and get in on every opening day of every seasonal round. I got myself certificate and therefore a couple days prior to opening got my own custom certificate with my in-world name printed on it. It now sits proudly on my wall in my blogging corner 😀

I did not get in on the opening day of this month even though I was already wearing my HUD, 15mins before opening time and had it spamming the sim. Though I was not sad or chucked a hissy fit on Second Life facebook like others did I went to the yard sale run by SeraphimSL blog as well as searching on marketplace. Only took me two days to clear out my wishlist from the event 😀

A lot of old gacha items around my cottage has been retired and removed to make room for the latest items from this new round of Arcade, dotted around my bedroom with the new clothing shelves made by Le Primitif or the clipboards and pampered decor by Tres Blah, its out with the old and in the new. I even changed my hot chocolate maker by What next to the rare coffee machine again made by Tres Blah. Kitchen and dining looking tidy and yet it’s connected to me as a person and what I like.

Also who said a girl can’t have too much make-up? This eyeshadow palette and the lipstick stand are both made by Little Bones who is known for her hair, but for the Arcade she made exquisite make-up! 😀 Had to remove some things from my trunk to add these beauty products.

Second Life: Arcade add-ons

This new round of The Arcade has given me more decor to add to my cottage in Savoy, though I didn’t go as crazy as I did back in December, I still got a couple of things.

Near the main entrance of my cottage I have both the cat vase by Tres Blah sitting near the lantern and mailbox plus Dust Bunny’s bike as my second mode of transportation.

On the side of my house out near the pond with my two fishies, I have a family of unicorns made by Half-Deer, they are part of the Unicorn story collection at Arcade

The hammie eating the strawberry is made by both O.M.E.N and Dust Bunny and the copper pots and pans hanging in the air plus the white shelf with dishes are by Vespertine under the Spring Kitchenette collection.

The sleeping kitty on the oranges is by O.M.E.N for his Mischievous kittens set and the fresh bearbread again from Vespertine’s collection.

Fashion Tile: Kyute Killer

Because I’m going to smash your pudgy little face in! A brand new LOTD with all the items from The Arcade 😀 Because being cute and psycho is just one facet

* .tsg. Delinquent Uniform – Pink *RARE* *NEW* from The Arcade March
* .tsg. BadGal Glove – Pink *NEW* from The Arcade March
* +Spellbound+ Last Smoke – DUO // Chapter I : Earth *NEW* from The Arcade March
* Garbaggio // Way Pumps – Salmon from Main store

* +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Shimmering Poop RARE *NEW* from The Arcade March
* .tsg. Candy Cigs Mouth *NEW* from The Arcade March
* .tsg. Crowned Jewel Hairbow – Pink – Side from Main store

Mood: Happy, excited, pleased

It is over something pathetic and anyone in the real world would go what? But for those who are on Second Life would understand the frustrations of every new season when the Arcade gacha event opens at midnight and it is so hard to get into that sim for the next five days. Well I’m not sure how it happened but for this new round tonight I was using my usual hud and I got in on the opening time!!

It was definite luck when the past couple of rounds beforehand I just wait for the Yard sales to fill up and for the marketplace to have some goodies, but no tonight I got to go in and shop to my little hearts content 😀 I also have a new fashion tile to be posted very soon but had to share my excitement in getting in

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Strawberry Stomping

No I am not stomping on strawberry fields, but said berries are prominent in this LOTD 😀 Featuring new accessories plus a new companion- Mr Snow Peen to my right xD

* { V I N C U E } Slashy+Sweater [S] *NEW* from Main store
* +Spellbound+ Blizzard // MIX // Chapter I : Earth *NEW* from The Arcade
* *Epic* Cosmic.Monster.Stompers! {Black} *NEW* from Winter Trend

* ALTAIR* crystal kitten headband *NEW* from Winter Trend
* MishMish – Bakery Fluffy Hat – Cupcake *NEW* from Collabor88
* (Yummy) Valena Box Purse from N21
* Sweet Thing. Precious Rabbit *RARE* (Light) *NEW* from The Arcade

Fashion Tile: Designer Melt

The Arcade has opened its doors on December 1st and it’s getting all the residents ready for Christmas. Through yard sales and eventually getting in myself, I have a new LOTD.

* *Epic* Cozy Off-Shoulder Top {Melty-Hot Pink} from The Boobies Show
* [M.o.w] Micro Open Shorts *NEW from Marketplace
* +Spellbound+ Delta // Chapter I : Earth *NEW* from Main store
* REIGN. – Katt Heels w/Socks (Slink-High)- Candy *NEW* from Main store

* EF: Archimedes Astrolabe Necklace *NEW* from We RP
* .ET. L’odeur du cuir Legstrap Pink *NEW* from The Arcade
* something. warm winter muffler – RARE 02 from Clover town
* ::C’est la vie !:: Holly knit bag *NEW* from Main store
* Astralia – Cookie headphones common (black) from :: Kustom 9 ::
* .Atomic. {Holiday Treats} Gingerbread Friend RARE from Chapter 4

Fashion Tile: Waffles in Winter

My fashion tiles are back! Took me a while with the random picture and struggling to post something new from the latest events that have opened this month- but I got it! 😀

* *Epic* .T.C. Ice Cream Ski Vest & Hoodie! from Frost 2015
* {C.C.M.} Dementia Doll – Stockings from Main store
* VCO ~ Tina’s Face stickers *RARE* Part.1+2 *NEW* from The Arcade
* TRUTH HAIR Neema *NEW* from Main store
* .tsg. Oxford Boots – Hot Pink *NEW* from Tannenbaum


Onigiri filled with salmon and umeboshi!
Ore Monogatari, Episode 7

* [CX] Feline Septum (Silver) from Uber
* {BunBun} Silver Snowflake Earrings *NEW* from Hello Beautiful
* .tsg. Beary Ear Muffs – Cream *NEW* from The Arcade
* :::LP::: Luna_Bag – Black *NEW* from FaMESHed
* Ninety – Travel Suitcase *NEW* from SaNaRae

Second Life: Arcade Collection

My wishlist for Arcade December is much smaller this round which is surprising and I managed to get majority of the items except for Half-Deer‘s nuggets, still waiting to see if they show up in any yard sales or even in the marketplace.

Got the rares from Tres Blah– Knit fix and Lark– Flower press open, I guess you could call them two new hobbies of mine when the weather becomes cold on my home sim 😛

I bought myself the short bread cookies by Dust bunny, it was a spontaneous buy because I originally didn’t have Dust bunny part of my collection.

I did buy two of the nuggets in either a yard sale or marketplace but still got it wishlisted for the nugget standing on top of the soft drink. Other than that my wishlist is cleared, not as detailed as previous rounds when it comes to posts but still got one for you all 😀

Mood: Productive

Before in my mood tab I was whinging about how hot the first of December was going to be really hot and though it was, it didn’t reach 41 like it was forecast on my weather app. However it stayed very warm until I finished work at 11pm and was so glad to come home to an air-conditioned home. What I didn’t say earlier was that December 1st also means for those on Second Life the winter round of The Arcade has officially opened.

Since the September round I no longer try and go directly to the Arcade itself, I discovered the better use of yard sales and searching for the gacha re-sales on the main marketplace. I can get all my wishlist quickly and usually on the first day 😀 My next post on my blog will be the things I bought from the yard sales for Arcade 😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Bondage Ballet

Ballet is my inspiration for this LOTD based around the ultra rare corset that I am wearing, also with the increase of prims in my cottage I can now keep my ballet bar 😀

* FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Fitted Corset UltraRARE *NEW* from Enchantment
* REIGN.– Ballarina Warmers (S)- Tippies- BLUSH *NEW* from C88
* Tableau Vivant \\Editorial\ Eastern wind – Browns *NEW* from The Arcade


* .tsg. Egg Earring Oval – Yellow *NEW* from Deviled Egg
* Plethora – Love Signal – WiFi Pink from Main store
* -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Skull w/ Light Roses RARE *NEW* from The Arcade
* MishMish – Hammie & Makeup RARE *NEW* from The Arcade
* {vespertine} – wired stand. *NEW* from The Arcade