Fashion Tile: Road Trip

This is so appropriate considering I’m going on a summer holiday next month 😛 Anyway this outfit going with the below track is suitable to the vibes I was going for with my pixels. Enjoy!

*  :Moon Amore:  Breezy Bikini (Pink) *NEW* from Collabor88
* ISON – solange ripped shorts (navy) *NEW* from Collabor88
* Exile:: Lovefool *NEW* from Hair Fair
* *BOOM* Jelly Bow Sandals lt bubblegum *NEW* from The Liason Collective

sushi-aesthetic: “sushi aesthetic ”

* *katat0nik* (citrus2) Summer Drink *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* A*S Milk Box Hand Bag *NEW* from The Chapter 4
* [RA] Bindi earring – Gold *NEW* from Main store

* NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Flamingo *NEW* from Collabor88

雨流儀: Sweet and Sexy

It’s halfway through Summer in the northern hemisphere and I got inspired to make casual but still cute Summer outfits for Ame. They are all going with the theme of pink and denim and she is either back home in Tokyo or across the Pacific and in Los Angeles.

The three new LOTD that I have made for Ame are listed below;
Summer bliss by lucilxlu featuring a pineapple tumbler
Summer Bliss: Having been to Santa Monica myself about two years ago, it is the perfect, picturesque place for Summer. Having a mini carnival with ferris wheel on the wharf alongside the beach where a lot of locals catch the waves, I found it ideal for Ame to go there and take a break from being in the high end cities and constantly shopping. Because of it, this is a cute but much more simpler outfit compared to her other looks of the day. The only designer item she has in this look are the pink Jimmy Choo’s.

Casual princess by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Casual Princess: I’ve seen HyunA wear pastel pink before for a music video and she looked absolutely adorable in it, this is another relaxed LOTD for Ame when she is back home in Tokyo, the most expensive item here is the pin! It is made by Christian Lacroix, the other expensive item is the denim scalloped skirt, one of Valentino’s works. Overall I was going for cute and very girly including the Hello Kitty iphone cover, the strawberry bag, Hello kitty nail polish and unicorn plushie, Ame is in her home country so as always she goes all out when it comes to her accessories.

Harajuku by lucilxlu featuring red jewelry
Harajuku: Lots of bright colours and random additions to this LOTD, it was also a lot of fun to make and the first one I made out of the three featured in this post. The Marques’ Almeida wrap skirt, Alberta Ferreti tied belt and Aquazurra sandals were the expensive clothes in this colourful outfit but other than that, Ame is going for bright and happy to blend in with the people within the Harajuku district. This is an outfit that the Yakuza would wear when going to one of the monster cafes or shopping for unique accessories, she often hangs out here with her group of girls usually after a family mission.

Fashion Tile: Bashful Treats

Cherries with Ice-cream are a summer treat though it is winter where I live in reality. A feminine and pastel new LOTD for you all

* { V I N C U E } Limy+Top *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* *CK* Feeling Good Shorts *NEW* from Store marketplace
* Doe: Kelly (solid) – Browns *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* Violent Seduction – Dauphine Heel (Pink) *NEW* from The Kawaii Project

* E. Kawaii Cream Headphones (Vanilla-Pink) *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* =Zenith= Belt leg warmer (10 Colors) – RARE *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* [Cosmic Dust] – Beary Yummy Ice-Cream *NEW* for Fifty Linden Friday

Fashion Tile: Mint & Cotton Candy

I should have done this post last night but it was already too late and I been telling myself to stop getting into bed at 5am! So here is the tile today. Pictures editted by the amazing Rina

* Mesh Frill bikini in pink by G Field main store
* Cute gone bad chest tattoo by CottonCandyMonster main store
* Candy margo hair in small by Ploom main store
* The Power of Voodoo 2 stomach and leg tattoos by Elska from Hello Sunshine
* Moonlit lip bright pink by Nox from Cutie Moon Fair
* Summertime eye shadows 9 by Pin Me Down from Thrift Shop

* Jelly glasses (Huntington) by Chary from Hello Sunshine
* Warrior feather headpiece by Spellbound main store
* Double scoop ring by Atomic from Hello Sunshine
* My pearly doll anklet Pink/right by Blah! from Hello Sunshine

‘Wнeɴ тwιlιɢнт dropѕ нer cυrтαιɴ dowɴ
Aɴd pιɴѕ ιт wιтн α ѕтαr
Reмeмвer тнαт yoυ нαve α ғrιeɴd
Tнoυɢн ѕнe мαy wαɴder ғαr.’ – Anne of Green Gables