Fashion Tile: Fools

As a child I used to ride a bike until the sun set now my pixels on Second Life have two scooters, this new one I bought and another hot pink bike that looks like a large ice-cream cone made by *Epic* Pics taken inside my cottage ❤

* Tee*fy Skye Off Shoulder Top – Pink *NEW* from Collabor88
* Baiastice Tulle & Denim Skirt-Blue *NEW* from Collabor88
* Magika hair – Fever from Store marketplace

* [CSMxSLC] LowrideScooter (Pink1) *NEW* from The Season’s Story
* AsteroidBox. Sherbert Lolly // Pink *NEW* from The Guardians

雨流儀: Signature Colours

In the silence of the Ame Hayato chronicles (really me getting distracted by my other original stories, whoops) I am still making and sharing the Yakuza’s outfits from Polyvore. It is clear to say that pink and black is Ame’s trademark since college after moving on from the red and white of high school standards. The below outfits I made just today after getting a creativity spark hit me and I hope you all continue to enjoy her eccentric style.

Another three LOTD for you to all;
Explosive by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Explosive: The leather skirt was the first piece of clothing that I placed on the board and added everything else on top of it, this LOTD is heavily inspired by a future arc that will occur after Cartel and the one after that. Basically Ame and her older sister Mei go to Kyoto and blow up a building that is in an alliance with a traitor of their family the Hayatos. That is why she has heavy arsenal attached to the fierce yet still cute look. The shoes also are a statement on their own, unique and pink, it matches the heart grenade

Cute shopper by lucilxlu featuring Iman
Cute Shopper: Looking forward to seeing Paris myself in August of this year and it is a favourite destination in Ame’s stories, this is just another random outfit I created for her when she goes shopping in the fashion city. I have been loving patches and enamel pins lately in reality and it has been featuring in Ame’s wardrobe recently too. Also incorporated Christian Louboutin in both her shoes and what she has been shopping while in Paris. The Chinese takeaway bag is from Japan from their Vogue magazine, further emphasising on Ame’s and my own Asian pride.

Glam by lucilxlu featuring handmade home decor
Glam: The first outfit out of the three that I created earlier today. I had the fur shawl and gun earrings in my saved items on Polyvore for months now and didn’t find any inspiration to incorporate them into my previous outfits for Ame. Until today. The faux fur just makes me think of the old fashion glamour days of Hollywood and Hyuna herself likes wearing a lot of shawls when she goes to award nights or performing on stage. The Charlotte Russe Nyx eyeshadow palette is very cute and something I would see part of Ame’s beauty haul in any country that she travels to, though this LOTD is based in Tokyo.

Fashion Tile: Do it Like that

Doing something different when it comes to the layout of my LOTD, normally I have three seperature pictures underneath the accessories but decided for this style to make it one collage. Taken outside my cottage 😀

* ALTAIR* sukebe knit .pink. *NEW* from Kawaii Project (02/17)
* MoonAmore+CURELESS /SweetCarouselShoes / Rose from The Arcade
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Meltem” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~uber~

* *PL* bento nail #007 *NEW* from -The Project Se7en-
* AsteroidBox. Insta Princess // Sunglasses
* darkendStare. mini gryphs [budgie] *NEW* from Lootbox

雨流儀: Pastel Princess

Ame is Queen of pink and mixing the cute accessories with sexy and seductive ideas, but she is not just into hot/candy pinks, I have also added the pastel shades to her closet and giving you new LOTDs that I have made in the past two weeks. They aren’t featured in her chronicles as of yet, I’m trying to figure out when she would wear them.

Below are the three outfits for this week keeping to the same pastel theme;
Pastels by lucilxlu featuring wall murals
City of Couture: Ame loves returning to Paris as much as she does to any of the other fashion capitals of the world, she blends in but also stands out in the Parisian crowd with her extravagent wardrobe and does not mind the attention she recieves. The pink corset with the denim long skirt (which is quite conservative for Ame’s risque style) along with the floral strapped heels work together and her make-up collection in this LOTD are all from France. The palette is by Lancome, the perfume is by Yves Saint Laurent but the Sailor Moon compact is definitely Japanese. Even her detailed hoop earrings have symbols of Paris inside them.

Leather princess by lucilxlu featuring home wall decor
Leather Princess: In her hometown, Ame is always that extra case of flamboyant in her attire, not just in her clothes and accessories but also in her make-up. The Anna sui cheek colour along with this perfume bottle gave the LOTD extra flair but the Miu miu pumps are gorgeous giving it elegance despite wearing a leather bralette. This outfit was also originally influenced by the Lolita fashion found in the Harajuku district in particular the Himegyaru or Princess Lolita, Ame always seen herself as a Princess since high school and incorporated it into her look.

Blossoming by lucilxlu featuring Christian Dior
Blossoming: This outfit I made is very whimsical, cute and highly floral, Ame has her moments in being very trashy and very confident in her body that she will happily show it off. She can also be aware of who she is and proudly show her Yakuza heritage, but she also has her moments in being very girly. I was feeling fairy mood when putting this outfit together and it was all inspired by the stockings that are hand made by Lirika matoshi, so intricate yet gorgeous! Also the mermaid tail brushes were super cute and I could see Ame have these in her make-up collection.

Mood: Shopaholic

My mum is starting to notice the arrivals of cute accessories at our door step and has been asking me aren’t I saving for both Hawaii this year and hopefully Europe next year. I am but I just can’t help myself, all the cute items that I have been purchasing whether through Ebay or Etsy has been something fun to my collection and founding my original style.

I got my first Japan crate titled Doki Doki and this month’s theme is Decoden, so all cute decora accessories including these two ice-cream cone pens that my colleague at work Honey wants to see 😀 I also got a Moon crisis compact that can is a container for stationary or small jewellery. From the online store of Dolls Kill, I got these very cute heart glasses as well as a choker with a rose on it that reminds me of one of my favourite Disney tales- Beauty and the Beast.

Still waiting upon a few more items from Ebay and Spree Picky, oh gosh I could shop in Spree Picky all day if I wanted to, they have so many magic girl/pretty items and even make for the plus size girls. I highly recommend the website.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: 1 Hundred Adventures

It is winter in the northern hemisphere and even for us here in Australia our past week has been quite temperamental. So I’ve been in the mood in making warm outfits on SL.

* 1 Hundred. Cutie Cardi 2. Pink from Cleavage
* [geek.] Tinkermine Skirt =SMALL= Blacktop from Main store
* CATWA HAIR Clara Beanie from Market place
* Lovely Disarray – Iilumi Eye Shadow : Glitter from Kawaii Project
* ~Cannibelle~ Crown Jewels Tights – White 1 from Fit for a Princess (old round)
* .tsg.  Gyaru Knee Boots – Rose (small-medium) from Main store

* .tsg. Neko Cosplay Clip-on Tail – Orange Tabby from The Fantasy Gacha (old round)
* .tsg. Shy Megane – Silver *deco* from :: Kustom9 :: (old round)
* Cute Poison – Hush Piercing Silver from Project Limited January 2014
* REIGN. – Darling Ring- Kitty (Silver) from No.21
* Swallow Skully Earrings from TDR
* [7891.] Janvier – Over Body – Pink&Silver from :: Kustom9:: (old round)

Second Life: Luci Log’s Ride

Warning: Long Post and Details Below

I’m doing another StrawberrySingh Monday meme! Plus also adding a Fashion tile (I got inspiration from merely answering these questions) and featuring my new amaze custom ipad by Plethora 😀 Again kudos to Miss Berry for telling everyone about the custom ipads.

* Spring bear dress rose by Atomic from The Season’s Story
* Scout Bag Gacha 6 (Chibi-Moon) by Atomic from Cutie Moon Fair
* Sleeping Beauty’s pendant pink by O.M.E.N from Enchantment
* Bubble pop socks Pink2 by Tartcake from The Monochromatic Fair
* Lunara hair -NEW- by Truth main store
* Custom edition tablet by Plethora resident

Finding myself loving the short bob on my avatar a lot tonight so it’s kinda stuck on all any random outfits I made tonight. But now onto the Blogging meme and my answers 😀

1. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? Just my laptop even though I have the wordpress app on my iphone.
2. Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? My first Luci Logs was to express my story writing and roleplaying logs now its to show my fashion and a place to vent when need to release some anger 😛
3. How do you feel about blogs that use their platforms to spread negativity? What’s the point is all I’m going to say. It shows someone who likes to be a negative nancy
4. Are you a grammar junkie? Um, not really I mean I know my punctuation since high school has always been poor and I get friends who are grammar nazis to fix it for me
5. If you could switch blogs with another blogger who would it be? Any other SL fashion blogger, their pages are amaze with stunning high-def photos
6. Has your blog/blogging style evolved over the year(s)? It’s still the same to be honest however my Fashion tiles has gotten better
7. What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you because of blogging? On my old Luci Logs I had 4 blogging awards given to me by people who merely enjoyed reading the random posts. Proudest moments in my blogging
8. When it comes to Second Life blogs, there are different styles: Fashion bloggers, Lifestyle & Travel bloggers, Informative bloggers, and more. Which style do you prefer and where do you feel your blog fits in? Both first LL and second LL have always been an assortment of all different levels which is why I have the categories and sub topics at the top of my blog 😀 I got my diary for venting and real life personal posts then I got my Second life exploration reviews, party recaps and of course the fashion tiles
9. What has blogging taught you? To express myself and my virtual looks in my own unique way, to share my roleplaying logs and stories and support others no matter how long they been blogging and doesn’t matter if its Second Life related or real world.
10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers.
* Stay original and don’t copy no matter how tempted you are
* Enjoy it, blogging is not a job!
* Follow others and like/comment, we all love to know people read our stuff

My tablet in world made by Plethora is of course pink! With my blog logo on the back and if you wish to have a custom one made just for you go to this link: Plethora custom tablets It is also 1,500L that you pay up front at her store in-world (quite reasonable pricing for something that is solely yours and unique)

Fashion Tile: Roller Senshi

Third look for Cutie Moon Fair and after much pondering since last night when I posted no.2, I figured I’ll keep to just three (that are published to my blog anyway) Again mixing Sailor Moon uniform and accessories plus modern fashion with my own twist.

* White upper knockout top by Alterego main store
* Kitty skates by Crazy Kitty & Drezzique main store
* Yellow moon bindi by Okkbye from Cutie Moon Fair
* Crave piercing by Cute Poison from Krave Inc
* Sailor Hair bow -RARE- Chibi by Noodles from Cutie Moon Fair

* Eternal staff -scripted pose- by The Sugar Garden from Cutie Moon Fair
* Moon Fairy shoulder bag Chibi Moon by B.C.C from Cutie Moon Fair
* Kitty sneakers by Crazy Kitty & Drezzique main store
* Never Bored belt black/pink by Geek from Krave Inc
* Thigh-High Toeless (Melty-Strawberry) socks by Epic from Bodify
* Hoshi Crystal compact (modified) by The Sugar Garden from Cutie Moon Fair

Fashion Tile: Sailor Lulu Pink

Back in high school when I was 13 years old, my friends in Design and technology class had made me the main character in their mini story project. I was dubbed Miss Lulu Pink; I was a queen and the power to turn everything pink.

* Heart city white by Ninety from Whore Couture 3
* Chibi Moon collar Sentofuku lingerie by The Sugar Garden from Oh My Gacha January

* Bright red moonlight lip by Nox from Cutie Moon Fair
* Cutie Moon fair locket for free at entrance of event
* Heart fuchsia bow by Cooties from Cutie Moon Fair

* Lunar kitten in black by Birdy/Alchemy from Cutie Moon Fair

* Scout stockings Chibi 2 by Atomic from Cutie Moon Fair
* Moon light all 3 leg tattoo by Neo from Cutie Moon Fair

* Venus.heels in pink by Fri
* Cutie Moon wand ❤ animated by Birdy/Alchemy from Cutie Moon Fair

Fashion Tile: Boho Babe

I been procrastinating in my next Fashion tile a mix of being lazy and finding the opportune moment to actually post this style up. But here it is mixing Mens Department, Whore Couture and Moon main shop with a pretty Mexican looking sim for background.

* Bend Me over Leo Barbie skirt by Holli Pocket from Whore Couture 3
* Queen Bitch paragon sash by RO from Mens Department
* Midnight Suede fringe bag by Moon main store
* Desert rose headdress gold by The Library from Fantasy collective
* Elody hair brown4fade by Truth main store
* Aria lipstick cupid 3 -RARE- by Glam Affair from Arcade March

Fashion Tile: Elysion Pre-NYE

The owner of Elysion Adult Lounge organised a New Years Eve party on the 28th December, one at 12pm SLT and 8pm SLT, I attended the 8pm party. It was packed!! Over 84 people within the sim and took me an hour to fully rez everyone from being shades of grey. Again huge thank you to Hammer for being my dance partner for the event 😀

* Hair is Caprice by Truth marketplace
* Roxanne dress limited edition by Utopia marketplace
* Alyse shoes by Utopia marketplace
* Eclectica pearl mixables bracelet and earrings
* A.S.S Deluxue Screw me in Darkness fascinator