Mood: Seething

It started off cruising when I woke up this morning after an enjoyable dinner out with the family last night for Mother’s Day. Checking my usual Second Life facebook of what everyone else in my friends list are doing at present when I came across a post I had commented on about three days ago and it was suddenly alive again with new comments. The original post was made by an acquaintance who spoke about wanting a companion in-world but found herself always batting away the standard horny men in any place she went to.

A lot of us females had agreed with this sentiment, I had personally added it was getting worse with the increase of shopping events and new clubs that were very hyper-sexual and the lack of morals surrounding people because they could hide behind the anonymity of their avatars. It wasn’t until a new comment was posted by one of her mutual friends, a man that the only mutual friend I had was her and what he had commented was simply appalling. He basically said that because we dressed our pixels in “half naked” clothes or lingerie, we were putting ourselves out there to be cat called or receive the horny messages from the men.

This is just a case of slut shaming and victim blaming like it occurs during a rape case, that the woman who was assaulted shouldn’t have worn a short dress or mini shorts, it is her fault that the man had raped her. I was so angry at what this douche had said and I wasn’t the only one, I replied to his comment saying that us females should be able to wear what we like, what we wear is not an open invitation to be harassed by men even if its our pixels and just because we have certain fetishes or kinks it does not warrant us to rude behaviour. Needless to say it went over the man’s head and he couldn’t seem to bring himself to understand what the rest of us were telling him. Instead he called the original poster a “snobby bitch” and this is why no man respected her.


– Lu


My Writer’s Peeve: Sympathesing Rape

Ooo! I haven’t done one of these since last year or was it year before? The reason being obvious that I don’t even roleplay anymore or even write stories- though I should especially in regards to my beloved character Ame Hayato. But moving forward after an interaction with an outsider who came to check out the hotel and its rooms I was told quite a horrifying story. Let’s just say that one of my major pet peeves when it comes to the plot of any kind of story or roleplay is the act of rape being written in.

For the writers/players who decide to propose and implement such an ordeal into a plot, shame of you! Because most of the time that is written it is for the Mary Sues of a character to gain more sympathy, to show her ‘weakness’ and yet be the victim that everyone must love and feel sorry for even more. There have been few occassions where the Act is written in decent story line but not thrown in for ‘Shock and awe’ (like most roleplayers do).

It is not something to be glorified and yet on Second Life, it has become a somewhat kink/fetish in the adult sims, and many people seem to love it! When did society see it as acceptable to be part of the bigger picture in a story for entertainment? Or to play out someone’s erotic fantasies in a virtual world? Yes it is unfortunately something that happens in this day of age and across the board whether male or female, young or old- but why must it be in a story?! >.<

— Lu