PicSpam! The Watchmen

I didn’t watch this Zack Snyder film when it came out in the cinemas and decided to two nights ago on Netflix. In true Snyder fashion it was bloody, it was action packed with a lot of slow-mo but told an epic story of these superheroes on an alternate Earth.

It is also another series from DC comics.
thesia: ““ who watches the watchmen? ” ”


GifSpam! Secret Life of Pets

I went to watch this movie on my own after a stressful AM shift and found it to be completely adorable and on point when it came to how our pets behave. The cat Chloe’s attitude and love for food is definitely my Skitty.
Though I have to admit the white puff ball of a dog Gidget (she wears a pink bow) her switch of mood from cute and playful to short tempered and determined reminds me a lot of myself. Though the obssession over the lead dog Max is a bit too much..

GifSpam! Doctor Strange

As I said when I saw the movie on opening day, let’s get weird!

I absolutely loved this movie unlike the other Marvel movies which is pure action and fantasy with strong leading males this movie of Doctor Steven Strange had an intellectual side and Benedict Cumberbatch is flawless! Can’t wait to see him interact with the Avengers especially Ironman! 😀

Mood: Sleepy Again

The past 4 days including today I have been working the morning shift at the hotel which is basically 7am-3pm, I mean it is not as bad when I used to work in the city and have to wake up at 5am to get to work on time but still I am cruising on 5-6hrs of sleep a day this week if lucky and it’s finally catching up to me this afternoon. It is Friday though and I am going to my usual haunt in the city this evening and then one more day of work until the weekend!

Can’t wait, don’t know what I’ll be doing on my three days off but I’m sure there will be something like hanging out with Mei as always 😀 Slightly off topic though I did get another positive review on Trip advisor and was told by my Front office manager yesterday when we worked together, advised by my beloved dad to print and keep all the reviews, it’s good to show off in a resume.

– Lu

Diary: Friday Night Out

I haven’t one of these in two months! Well not since my long time bestie Mei went overseas to South Korea to celebrate the Lunar new year with her family and missed out on my birthday last month! >.> Anyway after my AM shift today, we met up in the city and finally watched Deadpool! It is VERY adult…very gorey, lots of sex and swearing but still Ryan Reynolds IS the Merc with a mouth.

The fight scenes is perhaps the most I squealed over, I enjoy a good action sequence especially when it involves katanas! After the movie we had dinner at our usual Japanese haunt which is right next door to the cinema and Mei gave me cute little presents from Korea! A new scrub for showering with a kitty head on it 😀 Plus other trinkets, though excited to wear the Sailor Moon socks, they will match my Artemis beanie I got from Hot topic store last year in U.S.

– Lu

Mood: Proud Fangirl

I don’t care what some of the fandom is saying when Shadowhunters was premiered on Freeform in the U.S today, the usual whining of it’s not like the books or they changed it so much! To me the slight changes were for the better and made it more engaging for book fans and the new fans alike.

They need to boost up the ratings to keep the series going but after watching Episode 1 and 2, huge thanks to one of my American girl friends in showing me the links so I can watch. I personally think that this new cast has done the characters justice at first they seemed edgy but by Episode 2 they were very settled into their roles and comfortable with each other. Alberto as Simon and Alan as Valentine were my key favourites in their portrayals and the soundtracks…ohh I love the music!

Now I have to wait two weeks for Episode 3 to premiere and hoping that the rest of the television viewers will like this season so much we can work on having a Season 2?! Pleaseeeee!

– Lu

Diary: I saw The Force Awakens!

Well ok not today after work but I saw it in gold class (the nicer, spacier version of cinema) yesterday on my last day off! I decided to treat myself to luxury because Star Wars is one of those rare classics that is worth it to spend the extra money! All I can say is that despite the morons that spoiled it for those of us who had not seen it yet, I still cried, I still squealed with joy, I still laughed my head off.

What JJ Abrams did with this story is breathe life into it while still keeping with the elements that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. I love the fact we have such a strong female lead in no.7, in the prequels we’ve always followed the male protoganist and the female lead though she was higher up (Princess of Alderaan or Queen of Naboo) in politics they didn’t come off as ‘strong’.

Rey is exactly that, she is fiercely independant, does not need a romantic interest and can pack a punch. But at the time in her character there is vulnerability and compassion, I’m anticipating what they will do with the next two films (if we get that far).

– Lu


Diary: Year in Review

I did one at the end of last year to reflect and revel in the past 365 days and today in the final hours of 2015 I will do the same for this year. I can happily say that some of my former New year resolutions has been achieved and can note them down below.

  • I traveled for 1.5 months to the east coast of the United States with my parents, it was from September 17th and arrived back in Sydney on the 24th October- it was so amazing and I enjoyed every second of it though I still have favourite destinations such as Orlando/Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disneyland and Niagara Falls
  • I finally got to meet my bestie in New York state- Katie! After 8 damn years we finally got to cement our friendship into real life
  • My front office team though I am still a guest service agent has become much stronger, I found a ‘younger sister’ in my new colleague Lyca/Honey. I enjoy going to work every day
  • Though friendships in reality remained the same, it fluctuated so much on Second Life and then re-connected with old/former friends in the later half of the year.
  • My younger sister and mum’s older sister and step-mum participated in the annual City to Surf; I am hoping to do it next year
  • Gaming again through Minecraft, Tera and more recently World of Warcraft
  • I flew to New Zealand business class but to say goodbye to my grandad (mum’s dad)

It wasn’t too bad a year with hardly any sadness and mostly joy hoping for a good 2016 too 😀

– Lu

LL Note: I’m baack!!

** Skipped 23rd of October but we’re home safe **

It is 10:30pm on Saturday night and I along with my parents are back home safe here in Sydney. It was the usual long flight overnight from Los Angeles but we made it and my younger sister is all too happy to see all of us. She even glomped me hello and usually I have to chase her to get a decent hug 😛 Took a while to get my beloved Skitty to cuddle me though..

Feeling quite accomplished that I managed to get all my housework and unpacking done before I hopped onto my laptop and checked out both Second Life and IMVU worlds, to be honest it feels very weird to see the virtual universes having not logged onto them in the past month and a half. I also have all these mini gifts to give to my work colleagues and my bestie Mei, so looking forward to my next day off.

I am returning to PM shift tomorrow night and will be working for 4 nights but that won’t stop me from getting at least a new fashion tile in, I have done the main bulk of my wishlist on flickr for shopping on Second Life. Mum and I will soon cross check our expenses of this trip and then life will return to its usual work-rest-work-rest routine, though I am thinking about trying out for Hyatt again.

– Lu