Mood: Adulting

I will never grow up, that is a fact everyone close to me knows. I am the forever magical girl with a ton of stuffies, a ginger cat and lots of pink in home decor, clothes and accessories while staying cute in her style as well. But they are moments in life where I have to put on my big girl panties and act like the 29 year old woman that I am. I had to do it today since I woke up this morning and normally I enjoy a decent sleep in when I don’t have to work or on PM shifts.

Today was the one day off I had between 5 and 3 AM shifts and I am forever thankful to my boss for giving me a single day in lieu otherwise I would have been working 9 days straight. My day off was quite productive however starting with the morning I had a work webinar to do from home that went from an hour, first cooked myself breakfast a decent ham omelette with sliced rockmelon on the side plus more of my amazing Tea Tonic’s well being green tea then the afternoon was regular hair wash and going to my local shopping centre and visiting one of hte insurance companies.

You see I was involved in a minor car accident coming home from Wisemen’s Ferry on the 20th April a day before my younger sister’s birthday, no one was hurt and both our cars still function but because I was the one who bumped the back of the other car, their insurer sent a letter to me asking that I pay for the extra, now I been through enough minor accidents that my parents are sick of my at times reckless driving and of course sick of paying the repairs on my car. Today I decided to do it all on my own without bothering them for help and I did it.

I feel quite accomplished today that I can now relax tonight before I return to work tomorrow morning.

– Lu


Mood: Productive

Before in my mood tab I was whinging about how hot the first of December was going to be really hot and though it was, it didn’t reach 41 like it was forecast on my weather app. However it stayed very warm until I finished work at 11pm and was so glad to come home to an air-conditioned home. What I didn’t say earlier was that December 1st also means for those on Second Life the winter round of The Arcade has officially opened.

Since the September round I no longer try and go directly to the Arcade itself, I discovered the better use of yard sales and searching for the gacha re-sales on the main marketplace. I can get all my wishlist quickly and usually on the first day 😀 My next post on my blog will be the things I bought from the yard sales for Arcade 😀

– Lu