Second Life: Home is your Castle

I have told my friends and said this to you my readers that majority of the time nowadays I am on Second Life, I am parked inside my cottage. When the clubs are made up of thirsty girls or guys with their dicks out, it is very hard to go outside the sanctuary of my pixel home unless of course it is to shop but even the kink events are used by people on the prowl.

I have been renting in this cottage for the past three years since 24th March 2014 and over the course of time, like my IMVU homes I have been removing/adding and buying more prims to give myself a very detailed and lived in home. I have a couple of favourite corners within the cottage of course- my bloggers desk is one of them, it is as cluttered as my real life one.

The kitchen is another favourite, I am a foodie, there is no denying this and the interactive kitchen set made by LAQ helps give the vibes of cooking or stealing food from the fridge. My dinner table has always had dishes sitting on top of it and it is usually of the Asian cuisine variety, 8f8, Vespertine and Poche are my usual designers that I buy from who create the detailed meals.

Since April I created a new corner for myself on the left side of my fireplace/vanity and it all started from the shelves of shoes made by YS&YS from a previous Arcade round and it branched out from there. The manga book shelves are rare items by Random.matter, absolutely love them, I have a ton of manga either in my closet shelves or on my desk in reality. The pouf my avatar is sitting on is by Stockholm & Lima who are known for their kink furniture. The neon signs on the wall are both by Random.matter too and the memo board above them is by Moss & Mink an upcoming kawaii creator.

The random stash above is on the left side of my desk and represents all the things I enjoy in my life- the ramen stash by Random.matter, the suitcases by either What next, *BOOM* or Tres Blah, the clipboards with different art boards also by Tres Blah, the I love Lucy doll by Garbaggio, the neon sign by Peaches, the cute little mail box and Good luck cat by *MishMish* and the money saving jar for long distance relationship by Cosmic Dust


Second Life: Arcade add-ons

This new round of The Arcade has given me more decor to add to my cottage in Savoy, though I didn’t go as crazy as I did back in December, I still got a couple of things.

Near the main entrance of my cottage I have both the cat vase by Tres Blah sitting near the lantern and mailbox plus Dust Bunny’s bike as my second mode of transportation.

On the side of my house out near the pond with my two fishies, I have a family of unicorns made by Half-Deer, they are part of the Unicorn story collection at Arcade

The hammie eating the strawberry is made by both O.M.E.N and Dust Bunny and the copper pots and pans hanging in the air plus the white shelf with dishes are by Vespertine under the Spring Kitchenette collection.

The sleeping kitty on the oranges is by O.M.E.N for his Mischievous kittens set and the fresh bearbread again from Vespertine’s collection.

Second Life: Keeping Busy

I have only been in this pixel world for 2.5 years and as time passes you try and find things to pass the time. I used to have a fairly large clubbing group that I used to go out with all the time in between my working hours but as that died down I resorted to having a smaller group of less than 10. Less dramatics and easy to catch up with at random times.

Fashion Tile: February Baby

It’s my birthday everyone! And I’m giving you all a LOTD to start off the celebrations maybe, sorta. But anyway featuring themes of Chinese New Year, Sailor Moon and anarchy!

* **Dirty Princess** Daddy’s Lil Brat Princess Skirt from Store marketplace
* .tsg. Babygirl Panties – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Emeline *NEW* from Main store
* ..::PD::.. Baby Tie [RARE] *NEW* from Suicide Dollz
* .tsg. Silk Wrap Heels – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* ::Axix:: My love letter pen {Group gift} *NEW* from Main store
* EF: Dollmaker’s Fetish Bracelet – Sterling *NEW* from Objets D’amour
* LaGyo Eugenia pearl drops *NEW* from FaMESHed
* MONS – Pentagram Hoop Earrings silver *NEW* from Chapter 4- Chapter 33
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Ankle Cuff V2 Pink *NEW* from Objets D’amour

Fashion Tile: Boho Babe

I been procrastinating in my next Fashion tile a mix of being lazy and finding the opportune moment to actually post this style up. But here it is mixing Mens Department, Whore Couture and Moon main shop with a pretty Mexican looking sim for background.

* Bend Me over Leo Barbie skirt by Holli Pocket from Whore Couture 3
* Queen Bitch paragon sash by RO from Mens Department
* Midnight Suede fringe bag by Moon main store
* Desert rose headdress gold by The Library from Fantasy collective
* Elody hair brown4fade by Truth main store
* Aria lipstick cupid 3 -RARE- by Glam Affair from Arcade March

Mood: Shopaholic

Apparently I have more clothes in my virtual closet on Second Life than my ex boyfriend does and he loves shopping and been on SL longer than I have. Oh damn! I need to stop finding all these events and hunts going on, its calling my inner Rebecca Bloomwood to shop and get lost in the dreamy world of pixel style 😛

I wish I had this Captain to go shopping with