Neko Irritation: Attack of the Clones

I haven’t vented in either its own sub heading or my diary entries since last year and this is a good thing, I haven’t allowed negative juju cloud my small space in the cyber world or allow anger to take up my mentality. However I will vent about something this early morning before I head into bed. Originally it was gonna be spitting anger two days ago, now that I have clucked to my girls in the Hen Den and told my bestie Mei, I am feeling a lot better.

Now those who read my blog dilligently noted that I have been returning to IMVU, confessed between myself and a couple of the girls in the Hen Den we had agree that Second Life has become hypersexual in community and new events. I have noticed it majorly and I don’t even go to the adult sims or clubs anymore. It is increasing especially with the overwhelming presence of teenagers with no restrictions of age group on that virtual universe.

Since returning to IMVU, I decided to re-create a public space for myself and anyone who wanted to hang out when I was online. I was also looking for a homey area very much like my cottage on SL. Thus my New York apartment originally designed for East Highland high character Elizabeth James was re-used and became my own apartment. My group of girlies absolutely love it and find themselves staying there chilling out if alt tabbed or working. Anyone who is friends with me, know how passionate I am when it comes to being original even if its the virtual world. In both style and home decorating, I pride myself in doing highly detailed rooms.

Which is why the next bit had me so mad all day, one of the former friends/enemies that I knew from EHHS days decided to enter my apartment when I was offline and wishlist a whole lot of the decorations I have in the public room. It is called being original and creeping into my apartment is just stalker levels! Though I admit I creeped her wishlist too and that is how I found out about her wishlisting the stuff from my home in the first place. This isn’t the first time she’s copied me though, she has imitated my look but kept her blonde locks while doing it. I wish people stopped copying, originality still isn’t dead, they should try it.


Neko Irritation: SL Moneybags

You ladies know exactly who the hell I’m about to vent about, the wannabe billionaires who use pixel money to keep a following. The self proclaimed Tony Starks of Second Life when in the end they are nothing in reality and need to take a chill pill and analyse themselves and their massive online ego.

They have a tendency to exist mostly in the adult sims, adult industry aka porn (yes there are people who do pixel porn) and the “djs” in the many clubs with their groupies. You all need to stop and log off for a good month or even just a week, because all this that you build up online. All this drama to keep your vaginas around you, to be “famous” in a virtual world, really?

All that energy can be used to better use, I mean look at me…I’m using it to give an opinion about you lot 😛

Neko Irritation: Labels on my Head

For a long time well ever since I started raising my voice and being blunt/brutally honest with people I have labels put on top of my head and not so much in reality but the people behind the computer screens whether on IMVU or Second Life, boy they certainly are keyboard warriors. Because I doubt you’d have the guts to say it to my face or too scared because I’d punt you hard.

  1. I am outspoken and blunt but wouldn’t you prefer honesty than sugar coating everything?
  2. No I do not sleep around online, I am quite mongamous in-world too thank you very much
  3. Drama queen? Calling one out for the bullshit they started is bad?
  4. I AM submissive but that does not make me a doormat!
  5. I can be cutesy and fluffy while at the same time showing off a raunchy nature, we all have many facets to our persona

Yes I think that clears up what has been said about me lately, I hope you all understand it a bit more now 😛 Any questions and I’m happy to answer them you stalk me enough to know my avatar name in either program.

– Lu

Diary: Roleplay Vs Reality

Written on my First wordpress on March 28th 2013

Roleplay is my hobby…not my life

Finally after being out or away from the laptop all day because my little sister decided to be a total bitch and hide my puter elswhere -grumbles profanities- I am back here and decided to write this topic since I’m in one and its been a while since I wrote anything other than bursting out creative babbles for you all to read and perhaps chuckle over. I had my first boyfriend when I was 17 and it lasted for 2.5 years, I ended it and came online to do roleplay and my characters got involved in relationships.

Now back then I didn’t know there was certain…protocols or normal rules in the RP world that were preached by others where keeping reality and roleplay was a must in order to keep real feelings out of the complex world that is story relationships. Which also makes you wonder is Love and Sex needed in writing a story, that’s another topic to be talked about but going back to online relationships. I was guilty of the thing we roleplayers call ‘Mixing’ and its probably why I always got in so much trouble with my characters.

When your original characters have a better sex life than you. Something is wrong

It wasn’t until last year did I learn the difference between the two and tried to do the seperating between roleplay and reality. It worked but it seems for those on IMVU, they don’t like it when the female has a bloke in reality that is probably why most of them stay single so they are flexible to be with anyone? I still tried to find someone to roleplay with my stories and I admit until now it has been quite difficult to find someone who just wants to express their passion in writing.

— Lu