Fashion Tile: Party your Mind

Its the second day of October and Halloween or Autumn festivities are getting into full swing in all the new rounds of monthly events

* [hh] Loulou Top from Store marketplace
* .: ryvolter :. Jip Denim Skirt – Dark *NEW* from ~uber~
* /Wasabi Pills/ Olivia Mesh Hair *NEW* from FaMESHed
* .tsg. Bondage Heel – Pink [Medium feet] *NEW* from ~uber~

* .tsg. Coffin Nail – Pink Chrome x Marble {VIP Group gift}
* Violent Seduction – Dionysus Bra (Pink) *NEW* from The Chapter Four
* :poche Halloween witch parfait *NEW* from Panic of Pumpkin 2016
* TABOU. Alice Collar- Gold *NEW* from Kinky Event


Second Life: Elysion’s Sakura Matsuri

It is Asian theme once again at Elysion and because I have a day off today I managed to attend, hung out with my dear friend Recka and also took shots of the other regular members 😀

The entrance of the party room

Caity and I just before the 12pm SLT party

Elysion management and room decorators Kadlin and Sullen with Muggy

Bdays: Mama’s 90th!

On Friday 15th August, my grandma on dad’s side; the Matriarch of the Moscoso clan turned 90! She is literally 10 years away from being 100 :O A mother, grandma, great-grandma of many talents, compassion and love for her ever growing family. She has been by all our sides and given us all her special touch and devotion plus experience with the world. Despite her arthritis in her hip on her birthday she didn’t let it spoil her night yesterday with the family visiting her apartment. Because of my 9 days off I was quite fortunate to go there myself and spend time with the relatives.

Happy birthday again Mama <33

– Lu

Second Life: Old Hollywood Glam

This should have been posted on Sunday when the party happened but oh well, I’m posting it today on the 1st July. Us Aussies have hit the middle of winter officially! But this post is more so a recap of the amazing 40s style Hollywood party at Elysion this past week 😀

I did not sleep in for once and managed to log on and teleport to Les Reves before the sim got packed with people. The owner Syn was looking exquisite as always even if she had a stache on her avatar’s face. My good friend and dance pal Hammer was running late because his parents had turned off the net but managed to hook up to his phone.

The dear bloke was matching my outfit (a dress that I had bought the night before after coming home at 2am from a great family party. Got to catch up with all the Filipino relatives on dad’s side). My dress reminded me of the ladies in the musical: Singing in the Rain at the opening scene premiere. Styled hair and lots of ruffles and fur wraps.

Needless to say it was a very glitzy fair that even though I could not stay all night (had rl work) it was yet another successful event with Syn djing for the first hour before Belle took over the stream and played some jams. This next weekend Elysion won’t be hosting their weekend party because it is July 4th in the U.S and many of the members will be celebrating it with real life loved ones.

I am quite glad to have blogged about this, it has been too long since I have posted about this group that I’m in. As days pass and the group gets bigger and parties are grander, I am proud to be an Elysian member 😛

Diary: 26 Years

My birthday has arrived and I’ll be putting in two posts one for the real world and one for the virtual world because in both I have been treated like a spoiled princess and forever thankful to the friends and family who have shown how much they care and even remember my birthday! Today I have officially turned 26 and quite lucky to have today off. I’m back to work tomorrow morning but I am revelling in these final 30mins before heading to my bed and trying to sleep.

Mum’s side of the family including my cousin who I haven’t seen since her wedding last year in December took me out to the local RSL club where we all had together before returning home and I got a chocolate mud birthday cake from French kitchen. I also got my birthday present from my younger sister and her boyfriend a pair of pink Nike shoes and a DVD of fitness by Mel B.

Tonight after a simply fantastic time with my international friends on Second Life, I went out for a much smaller dinner with my bestie Mei/Lana, that girl spoiled me with a white musk shower gel and pretty Aquarian necklace from Peep Toe :3 I’m still quite full from dinner and I hope it digests soon!

– Lu

Second Life: Fox in Jungle of Sin

I was introducing my long time friend from IMVU Sik or Damo to the Jungle of Sin roleplaying sim. We teleported to the weapon’s shop within the sim only to see four other Jungle natives dancing to What does the fox say in sync and it was playing if you walked near them. It gave us entertainment while Damien got his weapons until DaeNoir gifted me the dance, soon we all dancing while I took happy snaps. Here is one below 🙂