GifSpam! Evil Queen reigns

Regina and her counterpart the Evil queen certainly have come a long way from fighting each other at the beginning of the season.

senselessverses: “Have some apples, bitch! ”


GifSpam! Girls Night

This scene in the Once upon a time episode, two weeks ago had me rolling over in giggles, the dynamic between Snow, Regina and Emma is amazing as ever and I really hope this isn’t the last season for OUAT ._.


GifSpam! Outlaw Queen

You can imagine my delight when Robin Hood suddenly showed up in the first half of Once upon a time’s Season 6 during their big finale. So it seems Sean Maguire is back and my ship OutlawQueen might possibly be sailing again in this new year, can’t wait! Regina needs her happiness damn it!

GifSpam! Sisters

I’m not crying, I was just chopping onions at midnight while watching the latest episode of Once upon a time! So far this was my favourite episode in the season, Cora moved on and the Evil queen and Wicked witch of the West had a time when they were little to actually be sisters for a day. Very emotional episode but enjoyed it.

Mood: Awake

Two of my fandoms have been getting a wild mix of emotions today and both at extreme levels. On one side you have the Once upon a time fans crying and spitting out theories of the character death in the season finale. I personally am more excited that we are going to the Underworld! And the villains from previous seasons are returning for the 100th episode special. Oh such as Peter Pan! Cora! And Cruella is back too.

Then on the other side, ABC showed a featurette called ‘Beyond the Shadows’ a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Shadowhunters show. One of the fans was kind enough to post the entire footage on youtube so I watched it while on my dinner break. Though in some bits it has gone off on a tangent, it still stays close to the book and the characters are still Cassandra’s. I cannot wait for January 12th though it also means I have to find a way in watching it 😛

I also got another Fashion tile prepping for you all to see, so watch this space

– Lu