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Good morning from Paris!

I didn’t make an official announcement of when I left Sydney two weeks ago but I am positive that everyone who follows my blog knew where I was going in the leading up days until I flew to Dubai. I have been over here on the other side of the globe for the past 2 weeks and been in Paris for 5 days. My parents and I have been non stop moving since we arrived and it has been amazing even with the random arguments my parents decide to start with each other. I have had my own room this past week and have been glad for it, I am returning to sharing a room with the parentals as of tonight after we take a train to London this afternoon. We are there for two weeks and next week I will be finally seeing my other half Brad, so can’t wait!

Might post again here while in London but mum has a busy schedule yet again for us, if not I will blog again when I am back home in Sydney. Thanks to those who are still following the Luci Logs and understaning my annual leave.

– Lu


PicSpam! Erchomai

He is coming, well actually he is here!! Shadowhunters made the huge announcement this morning of who would be playing Sebastian Morgenstern (Clary’s REAL brother) and it is Will Tudor 😀 He already started filming 2b, so can’t wait for this!!
sweetdeerartjunkie: “ TMI Characters // Sebastian -Johnathan- Morgenstern in Monochroms & Crimson “If I can not bend heaven, then I will raise hell.” more edits here ”

GifSpam! Rogue One

Start screaming Star Wars fans our trailer for Rogue One is here! Two things I’m excited for- Donnie Yen is in it, yes THE Donnie Yen!! Andddd Darth Vader has returned, we get to see the Sith Lord in all his glorious and James Earl Jones is doing his voice again! 😀 😀


Neko Irritation: Ridiculous Reboots

Not Second Life related but its got to do with something that I enjoy watching and heavily invested in when it comes to buying their movies whenever they are released. I am talking about the new trailer and the changing of the dolls appearance of Monster High. I bought Barbie: Spy Squad yesterday and watched it last night, as always there are trailers for future dvd releases and Monster High was one of them.

It featured a very different looking Draculaura and very different looking Monster High? Draculaura is known for being pink and cutesy but also dark and edgy because it is a school for monsters. The whole appeal of this collection released by Mattel years ago was because they were different to the Barbies, Bratz, My Scene and Ever After High dolls. The movies itself was all about embracing originality and to love who you are as a person.

So with this new reboot? They have removed Draculaura’s fangs, Frankie’s stitches are less prominent and apparently what I heard in the fandom that they have removed Spectra completely?! All for the sake of aiming at a younger audience and that the dolls and CGI that we have all come to know and love is seen as “too scary”? I’m sorry what? It is not just me who is outraged at this. My bestie Katie was venting last night and so was a lot of girls in the MH forums, I hope Mattel wakes up and sees this is a bad change.

GifSpam! Season 2

Two days ago the Mortal Instruments fandom heard the most amazing news, I was in bed reading my kindle when I saw the note pop up on the Shadowhunters facebook the cast were talking live.

And needless to say social media on all platforms and including myself who was ready to sleep, reacted high and proudly 😛
Season 2 is not released until next year obviously because they have to film it but this means new Behind the scenes, new casting videos including Jonathan Morgenstern (really looking forward to that announcement xD)

GifSpam! Goodbye Goblin King

Last week the world said goodbye to an amazing musician and inspiring artist, the man known as David Bowie. I still remember finally watching Labyrinth featuring him and Jennifer Connelly and immediately loving the fantasy plot and costumes.

This is my dedication to him, through gifs of the film.