Diary: Staying Occupied

Parents flew out to Philippines today and will be away for two weeks while visiting both dad’s mum who is living in the southern province and his younger sister and husband who have retired there also. I still got the jitter bugs inside me only because this time last year I was scared when I heard a loud bang outside my house at 4am, so scared that I ended up calling my work and getting one of the night auditors to check my house for me.

Here is hoping for an uneventful two weeks without the presence of the adults. I’m sure I’ll be fine, I got Ange, Adam and Skitty of course 😛

  • I lost two more kilos, don’t ask how I’m doing it but it’s staying off
  • Going to watch Beauty and the Beast with two work colleagues on 21st March
  • Kitten D’amour’s ‘Suspicion’ collection is divine!
  • I bought Barbie: Video Game Hero, its very ‘Wreck it Ralph’ but sad no new movie trailers were released
  • Only two months (roughly) until Shadowhunters returns to tv with 2b 😀

– Lu


Fashion Tile: Dream Rose Droid

Finally pulled my finger out and got myself a new LOTD for all you my readers, I even got BB-8 featured in this tile but she is all pink and cutesy 😀 Enjoy!

* *HolliPocket* Dreamin Lacey Top-Bubblegum from Winter Trend
* :::Phoenix::: Emelie Hair – Dark Browns *NEW* from OMGacha
* [Atomic] Apparel // Rose Princess Stockings – Snow *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* .tsg. Cutie Sneaks – Hot Pink *NEW* from Main store

* *katat0nik* LT Slink Bear Glove from Collabor88
* =Zenith= Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet (Rose) *NEW* from Wayward Winter
* [sYs] CAMELIA bag (rigged mesh) – leather grey/red *NEW* from Tres Chic
* { V I N C U E } Rossie+Set – Headband RARE *NEW* from Kawaii Project

Mood: Determined and Nerdy

Yes I have two types of mood for this Saturday/early Sunday morning and the reason being is other than learning how to work on a destruction warlock on World of Warcraft. My friend Hammer is teaching me the ropes on what a destro lock is like, when I used to play it non stop I chose demonology so I had many demonic pets to call at my will, now it is all about fire power.

It is also learning how to harness the full capacity of this dark fire especially for raids because if my spells aren’t high percentage there is a fair chance I could be kicked out of dismayed raiding groups. By watching a youtube of an experienced warlock on how to perform and following his rotation advice on what spells to cast through my keyboard, I have noticed a huge increase of my hits, quite happy on this maybe I can return to raiding again 😀

– Lu

Fashion Tile: The Doctor’s Alchemist

I’m so happy I could cry now, truly the latest event that has opened up on the Grid: Geeks n Nerds opened at midnight on November 24th and so many of my favourite creators are participating! This tile projects Whovian!

* Regeneration shirt by Wimey from Geek n Nerds
* Summer shorts from NS main store
* Chii hair (reg) brown by Tableau Vivant
* Iilumi eyeshadow- Antique by Lovely Disarray from Kawaii Project
* Woodxblack ruffle platforms from The Sugar Garden main store
* Overly transparent lipgloss- Pink by Pink Acid from Hello Sunshine fair
* Callie Hoodie by Forever Young from Suicide Dollz

* Tabby kitten from A.I.F main store
* Lost kitty- Ash collar from YumYums main store
* Potion collection- Mouthie, short and long by Buttery Toast from Geeks n Nerds
* Electronic library- Bow tie- Pink by Buttery Toast from Geeks n Nerds
* Timey wimey things necklace by Cae from Geeks n Nerds