GifSpam! Reunited

San Diego Comic-con means plenty of nerdy goodies are coming our way and yesterday when I got home, they released a new trailer for Kingsman 2 that is coming out in September and it looks soo good! Harry Hart is back as we know and his team up with the new Galahad, Eggsy is awesome!

My reaction echoes Agent Tequila for sure!


GifSpam! Mask of Zorro

Watched this on Netflix the other night, I have to admit it is definitely better than its sequel, of how Alejandro and Elena met is very passionate but romantic too. This dance however, you don’t see anyone do this nowadays unless it is on “Dancing with the stars” nowadays it is dry humping usually.

Diary: The First Week

Entering the second week without parents and so far my sister and I seem to going just fine, it is giving us a bonding experience as siblings while also attending to the needs of our fluffy ginger 😀 I still feel guilty of leaving Skitty on his own when I work the PM shift but make sure he gets plenty of love when it is my days off.

Returning to work tomorrow morning and glad I only got four days again this week before another 3 days off but giving you my past likes for this week.

  • Finally got my Seraphina Picquery wand from Fantastic Beasts, collected at Zing pop shop yesterday
  • I ordered two temporarary cherry blossoms tattoos on Yes style, unleashing my inner Ame Hayato
  • Been on IMVU a lot recently, enjoying hanging with my international girlies
  • No parents means I can eat whatever I want for dinner 😛
  • Been watching Disney classics before bed in particular Cinderella and Robin Hood

– Lu

Diary: Staying Occupied

Parents flew out to Philippines today and will be away for two weeks while visiting both dad’s mum who is living in the southern province and his younger sister and husband who have retired there also. I still got the jitter bugs inside me only because this time last year I was scared when I heard a loud bang outside my house at 4am, so scared that I ended up calling my work and getting one of the night auditors to check my house for me.

Here is hoping for an uneventful two weeks without the presence of the adults. I’m sure I’ll be fine, I got Ange, Adam and Skitty of course 😛

  • I lost two more kilos, don’t ask how I’m doing it but it’s staying off
  • Going to watch Beauty and the Beast with two work colleagues on 21st March
  • Kitten D’amour’s ‘Suspicion’ collection is divine!
  • I bought Barbie: Video Game Hero, its very ‘Wreck it Ralph’ but sad no new movie trailers were released
  • Only two months (roughly) until Shadowhunters returns to tv with 2b 😀

– Lu

Diary: Close to Weekend

I got one more day of work again before my two days off and also figuring out what will be my new fashion tile since the last one was so popular on Flickr. Work started off dramatic with one of our guests but ended on a good note even if my property is majority tour groups from Asia. Also looking forward to Melbourne Cup day, I was told by one of my Assistant managers that we have to dress up for it. Hullo to my Kitten D’amour closet!

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Doctor Strange yesterday in Gold class, it was amazing! Benedict Cumberbatch born to be Steven Strange
  • I got Halloweentown I and II plus Twitches to watch this weekend
  • I saw myself on tv when watching X-factor episode that I went to last weekend
  • One more day of work until weekend
  • The Asian tour groups helping me with their fellow tourists in putting on WIFI to their phones

My only vice is at myself for struggling to write this next chapter for Ame Hayato, so much research and youtube watching to get inspiration for a knife fight. Battles are much harder to write than graphic smut I tell you!

– Lu

GifSpam! Shooting Star

I lovee the latest Barbie film: Barbie in Starlight Adventure I have been re-watching it before I go to bed and the extra mini movie of Dreamtopia is just as cute.

Sci-fi actually suits the leading lady of Mattel very well as does her new voice actress, I never thought anyone could replace Kelly Sheridan.


GifSpam! Goodbye Goblin King

Last week the world said goodbye to an amazing musician and inspiring artist, the man known as David Bowie. I still remember finally watching Labyrinth featuring him and Jennifer Connelly and immediately loving the fantasy plot and costumes.

This is my dedication to him, through gifs of the film.

Diary: I saw The Force Awakens!

Well ok not today after work but I saw it in gold class (the nicer, spacier version of cinema) yesterday on my last day off! I decided to treat myself to luxury because Star Wars is one of those rare classics that is worth it to spend the extra money! All I can say is that despite the morons that spoiled it for those of us who had not seen it yet, I still cried, I still squealed with joy, I still laughed my head off.

What JJ Abrams did with this story is breathe life into it while still keeping with the elements that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. I love the fact we have such a strong female lead in no.7, in the prequels we’ve always followed the male protoganist and the female lead though she was higher up (Princess of Alderaan or Queen of Naboo) in politics they didn’t come off as ‘strong’.

Rey is exactly that, she is fiercely independant, does not need a romantic interest and can pack a punch. But at the time in her character there is vulnerability and compassion, I’m anticipating what they will do with the next two films (if we get that far).

– Lu