Diary: Cloven in Two

My days off have been split in two this week but that is ok, it meant I had a recovery day after a concert and I get to participate in the early Mothers day dinner this Saturday night. My blog has also reached over 20,000 views! And I just noticed it tonight when I logged on, a bit slow in the uptake but yayy!

Thank you so much to all my viewers, readers for following my small corner of the blogging space. As you all know this is more than just a diary entry to give you details of my reality, more than fashion tiles of Second Life or IMVU shenanigans, it is also a creative outlet for me as a writer and a dear hobby.

It is something that I go back to even between the busy work days and somewhere I can escape, to vent out my thoughts or proudly show what I have created. I also now have 532 followers, hello and welcome! This sub heading you will see pop up in my posts every week, it is a recap of what is going on in my life that includes positive thoughts. With the negativity in the world, having moments of happiness even daily is a great thing to experience.

Got five likes that occured within the past two days;

  • Green Day last night with mum! They still as epic as ever and the fans are just as great
  • I bought 3 packs of Miso soup today from Daiso, perfect for cold days
  • Shadowhunters has released a new teaser trailer for 2b and it is exciting alll on all levels!
  • 4 months until I get to see my beloved in the flesh
  • My Hen Den is growing, had two of my friends join the group and meet the rest of the girlies

– Lu


Diary: 6 months Novotel

We have the official launch of our property as a Novotel hotel on the 30th September it will also mark from the 2nd of October as 6 months in being part of the Accor family. Considering the transition, our new training and my own as duty manager it has gone quite smoothly. First two months was trial and error, we had 3 strokes of bad luck said goodbye to old staff members and welcomed the newcomers, we re-branded the restaurant and this month finally got all signage on the hotel up.

When asked by other Accor colleagues from other properties are we enjoying the transition and finding a happy medium in being a Novotel I have to agree with my HR manager she said that everyone are much happier and we all reaching our content feeling and not stressing on who we work with. Everyone are much more open to each other and discuss problems then behind their backs. The more this happens more successful our name will get out that and revenue will pick up.

– Lu

LL Note: 1 Year old Blog

** Announcement **

This is quite a special day for me after logging into my blog after work tonight 🙂 Today I got the notification from WordPress that I have been on this website for a year.
So for each of my 282 followers a huge thank you for following me still all the way especially those who have been with me since Day 1.

Though it is a different kind of posting no longer roleplay blogs or stories and I had to cease the erotic poetry because that got me in trouble with the first Luci Logs I have still enjoyed my posts here on this second LL and I’m glad you the readers like them too 😀 Here is hoping to many more days of fashion tiles, diary entries of my reality and boyfriend bliss to come!

Tнαηк уσυ

– Lu

Bdays: Mama’s 90th!

On Friday 15th August, my grandma on dad’s side; the Matriarch of the Moscoso clan turned 90! She is literally 10 years away from being 100 :O A mother, grandma, great-grandma of many talents, compassion and love for her ever growing family. She has been by all our sides and given us all her special touch and devotion plus experience with the world. Despite her arthritis in her hip on her birthday she didn’t let it spoil her night yesterday with the family visiting her apartment. Because of my 9 days off I was quite fortunate to go there myself and spend time with the relatives.

Happy birthday again Mama <33

– Lu

Second Life: 1 Years Old

This should have been done on the 16th July when my Rez day actually occurred but oh well I’m doing it right now. I had PM shift on that day and when I got home Hammer had told me of a masquerade sim to take pretty pictures at but I had to dress up. I had done my shopping at the Secret Affair before work and got to wear Aisling‘s Rose Valentine dress and a pink rose eyepatch from Alchemy‘s gacha at the event.

Hammer teleported to a sim I did not recognise and what a major surprise I got when I accepted it. There was at least 25 people in the outdoor area, the room was grey but loaded to be pink/black and theme of Alice in Wonderland!  My big sister Lexy hosted it in her apartment and organised a surprise Rez day for me between her and Hammer.

It was mostly Hammer’s idea and he managed to send out invitations to the friends that I knew to be dressed up in masquerade costumes and be at Lexy’s place at this hour. He had organised it for a month now and he and Lexy were the dj at my party. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and incredibly touched by what the two did for me.

Never in my SLife or reality did I have a surprise birthday thrown for me and the amount of people who showed up or even sent messages to be passed on show how much they truly cared for me.

The turn out of friends despite the time zone difference was amazing and I thank every single person who showed up, for the 2hrs that the party lasted I have never been so much blessed and fortunate to have all of them in my Second Life.

Diary: 26 Years

My birthday has arrived and I’ll be putting in two posts one for the real world and one for the virtual world because in both I have been treated like a spoiled princess and forever thankful to the friends and family who have shown how much they care and even remember my birthday! Today I have officially turned 26 and quite lucky to have today off. I’m back to work tomorrow morning but I am revelling in these final 30mins before heading to my bed and trying to sleep.

Mum’s side of the family including my cousin who I haven’t seen since her wedding last year in December took me out to the local RSL club where we all had together before returning home and I got a chocolate mud birthday cake from French kitchen. I also got my birthday present from my younger sister and her boyfriend a pair of pink Nike shoes and a DVD of fitness by Mel B.

Tonight after a simply fantastic time with my international friends on Second Life, I went out for a much smaller dinner with my bestie Mei/Lana, that girl spoiled me with a white musk shower gel and pretty Aquarian necklace from Peep Toe :3 I’m still quite full from dinner and I hope it digests soon!

– Lu