GifSpam! Ageless

Throughout the years, Mattel have released dvds about their doll Barbie and I have enjoyed watching her stories either classic remakes, magical tales or modern events that teaches the viewers important lessons.


GifSpam! Princess Charm School

I remember when I first bought this on DVD, the voice actress is not Kelly Sheridan but the same woman who played as Barbie in both Fairy Secret and Fashion fairytale, I watched this princess school movie over ten times at least.

GifSpam! Shooting Star

I lovee the latest Barbie film: Barbie in Starlight Adventure I have been re-watching it before I go to bed and the extra mini movie of Dreamtopia is just as cute.

Sci-fi actually suits the leading lady of Mattel very well as does her new voice actress, I never thought anyone could replace Kelly Sheridan.


Neko Irritation: Ridiculous Reboots

Not Second Life related but its got to do with something that I enjoy watching and heavily invested in when it comes to buying their movies whenever they are released. I am talking about the new trailer and the changing of the dolls appearance of Monster High. I bought Barbie: Spy Squad yesterday and watched it last night, as always there are trailers for future dvd releases and Monster High was one of them.

It featured a very different looking Draculaura and very different looking Monster High? Draculaura is known for being pink and cutesy but also dark and edgy because it is a school for monsters. The whole appeal of this collection released by Mattel years ago was because they were different to the Barbies, Bratz, My Scene and Ever After High dolls. The movies itself was all about embracing originality and to love who you are as a person.

So with this new reboot? They have removed Draculaura’s fangs, Frankie’s stitches are less prominent and apparently what I heard in the fandom that they have removed Spectra completely?! All for the sake of aiming at a younger audience and that the dolls and CGI that we have all come to know and love is seen as “too scary”? I’m sorry what? It is not just me who is outraged at this. My bestie Katie was venting last night and so was a lot of girls in the MH forums, I hope Mattel wakes up and sees this is a bad change.