GifSpam! Goddess of Death

I made a post about Hela before but after seeing the movie I love her character even more! It doesn’t help matters that the fact she is portrayed by the flawless Cate Blanchett, another Aussie like myself.



GifSpam! Hela is Bae

Thor: Ragnarok teaser was released to the world earlier this week and though it felt too much like Guardians of the Galaxy, I LOVE Cate Blanchett as the goddess of Death, Hela

GifSpam! Doctor Strange

As I said when I saw the movie on opening day, let’s get weird!

I absolutely loved this movie unlike the other Marvel movies which is pure action and fantasy with strong leading males this movie of Doctor Steven Strange had an intellectual side and Benedict Cumberbatch is flawless! Can’t wait to see him interact with the Avengers especially Ironman! 😀

Neko Irritation: DC vs Marvel

Though seriously why is this even a thing in this day of age with the battling of two amazing comic fandoms around the world. I think only since DC has stepped up its game onto the big screen and not just with its tv show, the negative nancies who exist within the Marvel fanbase are stirring up trouble and pointing fingers at “how bad” the DC films are. For example, Batman vs Superman came out this year and my bestie and I went to see it in gold class.

Absolutely loved it! It was darker than the light hearted Marvel movies that have already been released and we grown to love but it was done in typical comic fashion (not that many people picked up on this). The reviews weren’t great at all and Snyder was ridiculed for directing it. I personally saw no problem with this film and applaud Gal Gadot who portrayed Wonder Woman at how amazing she made the Amazon princess to be.

This year we also watched Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and most recently X-men Apocalypse. Again though Deadpool was very adult humour and silly/cheesey in many of its scenes both Mei and I enjoyed the film, Civil War had our emotions on a rollercoaster of both happy and sad and scared that our favourite characters would die. It was overall a very good film done in the best Marvel knows of promoting and showing their franchise.

X-Men has always had mixed reviews and a couple of flops -coughs- Last Stand anyone? But I personally enjoyed Apocalypse soo much! The younger version of our A team were on point and especially Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, she was bloody awesome! So rather than the two fandoms fight against one another can’t we all just rally together and be content and happy. We are living in the years of when our favourite superheroes of our childhood are being brought to the silver screen. Be grateful we get to watch both sides and see what the film makers can show their interpretation on each because yikes, you all need to chill out!

GifSpam! Team Loki

I watched Captain America: Civil War last night with Mei and of course we both loved it! Plenty of action, great one liners and humour and so much emotions from both teams. Throughout the entire movie you are left questioning which side to vote on and it also released two after credits scenes so stay back right until the end!

In an interview while promoting his new movie High Rise, Tom Hiddleston was asked his opinion on the rivalry and he had this to say, reblogged from tumblr 😀

Diary: Friday Night Out

I haven’t one of these in two months! Well not since my long time bestie Mei went overseas to South Korea to celebrate the Lunar new year with her family and missed out on my birthday last month! >.> Anyway after my AM shift today, we met up in the city and finally watched Deadpool! It is VERY adult…very gorey, lots of sex and swearing but still Ryan Reynolds IS the Merc with a mouth.

The fight scenes is perhaps the most I squealed over, I enjoy a good action sequence especially when it involves katanas! After the movie we had dinner at our usual Japanese haunt which is right next door to the cinema and Mei gave me cute little presents from Korea! A new scrub for showering with a kitty head on it 😀 Plus other trinkets, though excited to wear the Sailor Moon socks, they will match my Artemis beanie I got from Hot topic store last year in U.S.

– Lu

PicSpam! Fangirl mode on

With San Diego comic-con going on right now, there is so many goodies and leaks coming out of that convention, every kind of fandom is going crazy over it. Including myself with my multi favourites


Marvel, DC, Once upon a time, Warcraft just to name a few and throwing in Cassandra Clare visiting the Shadowhunters set and seeing her book’s creations come to life in the actors and actresses 🙂 It’s been a very good week for a fangirl