Diary: Cloven in Two

My days off have been split in two this week but that is ok, it meant I had a recovery day after a concert and I get to participate in the early Mothers day dinner this Saturday night. My blog has also reached over 20,000 views! And I just noticed it tonight when I logged on, a bit slow in the uptake but yayy!

Thank you so much to all my viewers, readers for following my small corner of the blogging space. As you all know this is more than just a diary entry to give you details of my reality, more than fashion tiles of Second Life or IMVU shenanigans, it is also a creative outlet for me as a writer and a dear hobby.

It is something that I go back to even between the busy work days and somewhere I can escape, to vent out my thoughts or proudly show what I have created. I also now have 532 followers, hello and welcome! This sub heading you will see pop up in my posts every week, it is a recap of what is going on in my life that includes positive thoughts. With the negativity in the world, having moments of happiness even daily is a great thing to experience.

Got five likes that occured within the past two days;

  • Green Day last night with mum! They still as epic as ever and the fans are just as great
  • I bought 3 packs of Miso soup today from Daiso, perfect for cold days
  • Shadowhunters has released a new teaser trailer for 2b and it is exciting alll on all levels!
  • 4 months until I get to see my beloved in the flesh
  • My Hen Den is growing, had two of my friends join the group and meet the rest of the girlies

– Lu

雨滴: Lovers Dance

This was a favourite chapter to write during the Prague arc 😀

The orchestra soon began playing the instrumental version of one of the latest tracks on the radio as dessert and coffee were served, many couples pulled by the seductive music got up from their tables and took to the large dance floor. Ame was on her own, Elena Loredana had finally relieved the Yakuza of her questions and was happily chatting to a pair of women at another table.

Aleksander had been pulled aside by a couple of business men and politicians who were hoping to strike up a contract with the Volkov family. Swaying in her seat, Ame watched the couples dance, a wistful smile on her face, she knew the song all too well, the original was on her phone’s playlist. “We are dancing” she heard Aleksander’s voice whisper in her left ear, grinning wide she stood up in her seat taking his hand watching her Russian undo his cravat loosely his suit jacket already discarded on his chair.

Ame held her breath and bit her bottom lip, staring at Aleksander’s back as she was led to the floor of dancing couples. All eyes were on them but all Ame could do was stare up at her lover who spun her around on her heels and pulled her close. Their eyes remained locked as Aleksander led Ame around the floor, their noses touching and Ame breathing heavily at the intense stare Aleksander was giving her.

She was spun around again and this time dipped backwards, she let go of his shoulders and let her arm fall back only to grasp on the back of his hair as she was pulled back up and moved around in a circle again. Ame kept Aleksander close, a dreamy gaze fixed on her face, the other couples still dancing but most of them watching the lovers. The paparazzi edging closer while keeping an eye on the security guards as if expecting the pair to suddenly do something scandalous for the headlines.

Ame almost squealed as she was suddenly picked up and raised above Aleksander’s head, she was spun around in the air and she let out a giggle as she clung around his neck staring down at him only to be dropped gently on her feet and given a deep kiss as the song finished. The tempo of the orchestra changed again to normal waltz but Ame and Aleksander stayed in the centre of the dance floor, lips still locked. They broke apart but held each other tightly, Ame catching her breath and staring up at Aleksander in wonder “The Russian…can dance” Aleksander gave her his lopsided grin “If I have rhythm in killing and fucking you of course I can dance!” he led her off the dance floor and back to their table.

Elena Loredana quickly re-joined them sitting down next to Ame and fanning herself “Everyone was staring at you, even the other couples on the floor, you are synced wonderfully together for such a short time” Aleksander quirked an eyebrow towards Ame who laughed quietly before regarding Elena “Mrs Loredana thank you, we had a lot of practice” clearly suggesting a sexual innuendo in his answer made the Diplomat’s wife blush a light red and Ame’s quiet laugh turn into a louder one.

Leaving Aleksander and Elena to converse, Ame quietly excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up. She returned to the Spanish Hall only to see one of the suited gentlemen lift his mask and smile mysteriously at her. Ame froze on the spot immediately recognising him. The CIA had found her!

Fashion Tile: Love me like you Do

The beauty of my home sim is that it still has open homes/skyboxes that allow you to rez items so I managed to make a new LOTD using the furniture in my inventory. Mush LOTD 😀

* Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Brassiere – Pink RARE *NEW* from .: Kustom9 :.
* Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Panty – Pink RARE *NEW* from .: Kustom9 :.
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Dorothy” Dark Browns from Enchantment
* .tsg.Candy Plats – Unicorn *NEW* from Main store

iglovequotes: “ http://iglovequotes.net/ ”

* Necklace Crystal Moon- Gold *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* PHEDORA / Cupcake Necklace v.2 *NEW* from Cosmopolitan

Mood: Loved

Aum managed to get his Friday off so when I finished work last night he was already awake when I got home. It was amaze! We went shopping on Second Life at both The Men’s Department and ROMP- being members of Elysion lounge we had early access compared to everyone else who doesn’t get entry until 12pm SLT, he even got a new crisp suit by Deadwool it looks gorgeous on him! 😀

I am very thankful and happy to have someone like him in my life, that regardless of being an ocean apart and the time zones being a pain in the bum, we still managed to stay connected daily and the weekends just become more special as we get to have each other’s company for the two days. I’m proud to be his submissive ❤

– Lu

Diary: A Question

I follow many blogs and not just here on wordpress, also on blogspot. There is one ladies blog that I read mostly because of her graphic sexual pictures off Second Life but also what she says from the heart. She has gone from marriage online to being polyamorous, now how did that happen? Oh let’s just say her ‘husband’ has a real life partner who did not know what he is doing online (and probably still doesn’t). It has left this other lady seeking other partners and perhaps companions to fill up the gap.

But I have to raise this question and not just to her  but to everyone and anyone reading my post today. How can one be polyamorous? As human beings we have the capacity to love greatly and passionately, but I always thought you give your entire heart to one person and you strive to be better as a couple, a pairing, one single entity. How is that possible when you have many lovers? Sure when Ian was no longer on Second Life, I sought companions when my girls weren’t online. That’s where I met my friend Hammer.

He and I hang out almost every night (when I finish work that is) and either go clubbing, to the big events in Elysion, last night was zombie shooting or in the voice chat room of Alterego. But just because I hang out with this man does not mean I love him. Oh no, it means I value his company very highly above anyone else in world. So to me for those who suddenly claim after heartache that they will have many lovers, maybe its not about being selfish/greedy but trying to fill in that gap that you have in reality.

It probably is different for those practice it in reality, but I am merely speaking from what I observe online, people use it as an excuse to hump many a pixel dick or to get out of a sticky situation. But really, what is the need of it?

– Lu

Story Time: The Dominant’s Domain

Not sure what this is, perhaps a modern version of Beauty and the Beast? With themes of bdsm and the deadly sins of gluttony, lust and greed thrown into it 😛

Alone in the woods, she had lost her way until she heard the sound of a rushing brook that led the way, out of dark forest to the main pathway of the mysterious manor

The door opened and she stepped inside, wonder assaulted her eyes for she could not believe at how vast the library was, for she was a lover of the written word

Unaware that she was being watched, he stood there in the corner, quietly watching her explore a soft smile appearing on his normally cold and hardened face

The longer she stayed within the manor, she was seduced by the decadence and luxury of his home, as months passed she found herself getting closer to the Master

Until one night when they had retired to his bedroom, that she surrendered to his will, his passion, his melted love and became his…forever