GifSpam! SH snippet

The Shadowhunters fandom was blessed with a Season 3 mini trailer at the New York comic con this past week and someone on tumblr made a gif set of it. Thank you claryfairchild


PicSpam! White for Bello

I can’t emphasise enough on how much I am loving these shots from Bello magazine featuring our Shadowhunters 😀 Though in the Shadow world, wearing white means it’s a funeral very much like the Chinese wear white at funeral services.

Still the fabulous group are frocked up and fierce! Cannot wait for Episode 3 next week 😀


Neko Irritation: Fandoms

I have been part of so many in following literature, films, anime, comics and book series. We are all quite passionate when it comes to our beloved characters I can understand that completely for I am the same. But some of you honestly are so nit picky when it comes to the portrayal of the fictional people.

What I am going to point fingers at is the Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters fandom from what I am reading merely on the Facebook fanpages. While many of us are appreciating the fact they are having a second try at making the book series into a show and instead of a movie it will go on the smaller screen.

A lot of the fans are arguing amongst each other and are picking at every single detail from Clary’s hair colour to the design of the seraph blade (a Shadowhunter’s weapon). The movie flopped because it diverted from the original plot and became a romantic comedy with flashes of fantasy and Jace’s one liners from the novel but did not succeed in the same area as Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Now it is going to the television, new director and new cast and I personally think these actors are on point and look like the characters in the novel, I have shared the previews and pictures to friends and family who have read TMI and they all so far are quite positive on the outcome. The show premieres on January 12th on ABC turning into ‘Freeform’. I can’t wait to somehow find it, tv shows take their time in arriving here in Australia but I will be a loyal fan and watch the season opening.

The rest of you need to chill out and ‘by the Angel’ have a bit more faith in what this rebranding are trying to accomplish!

GifSpam! Shadowhunters OTP

On my dinner break tonight I watched a couple of the panel videos that the Shadowhunters official website had uploaded from New York comic con and it just makes me even more excited seeing the cast. They are so damn pefect! Featuring the 3 main OTP in the fandom.

GifSpam! Clary Fray sneak peak

During my holiday (still away from home, location is Las Vegas and this post is from the hotel business centre) I found out that Shadowhunters has released a teaser trailer, Episode 1 sneak peak and a short preview of the tv series.

They have also officially announced the starting date on ABC family/Freeform- January 12th 2016. Got myself some new Clary Fray gifs from tumblr 😀

Mood: Impatient Fangirl

First I got through Dawn of the Dreadfuls and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies within 4 days of reading now I had the first two books of Lunar Chronicles; Cinder and Scarlet finished in two days! And like any fangirl of a beloved series that nerve wrecking impatience of waiting for the final book to be released (not until November) and the pre-order of the third book- Cress

I am so very glad that my dear friend Aria has introduced me to this series, I was having a bland moment reading between Alice in Wonderland and powering through City of Bones, I read through CoB and enjoyed it though some bits were a bit yawn and I’m only reading it again because of next year’s Shadowhunters series.

But the Lunar Chronicles! Wow what a breath of fresh air breathed into the classic fairytales kinda like what Once upon a time did sending a twist into all the legendary characters. The setting is futuristic and its nitty gritty, the Cinderella or Cinder Linh is one bad ass cyborg woman while Scarlet Benoit in the second book is just as awesome. I highly recommend this series and as we get closer to November I can eagerly use the hashtag known for Game of Thrones… #Winteriscoming!!


Bookish Photosets 6/?: Cinder

“She was cyborg, and she would never go to the ball.”


ya aesthetics > scarlet benoit
“She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him.”

– Lu