GifSpam! Women in Black

The book title was changed for the film to ‘Ladies in Black’ but regardless it was a very good adaptation which is rare for book-to-film productions. I have watched this movie over six times at least and it still hasn’t gotten old. I’ve always thought my soul belonged to that period of 1940s-50s and not just because of its fashion.


GifSpam! The Darkest Minds

Another book-to-film adaptation and watched it this past weekend. I actually like it despite it flopping badly by critics and the box office, to have children of colour being the main protagonists is such a joy to see and different from other dystopian series.

GifSpam! Beastly

In all the adaptations of Beauty and the Beast that I have watched, this modern AU film still pulls at my heartstrings. Though the intelligent and independant girl has to stay in a large house against her own will and people argue there is a bit of Stockholm syndrome thrown in.

What I love about this classic tale is that the heroine stays the same but changes and affects the male protagonist for the better. I may be a firm believer that no one can change someone only themselves but subconciously doing it without realising, that’s nice.

GifSpam! Alpha and his Lil Girl

The dynamic between Clary and Luke has to be one of my favourite things to watch on Shadowhunters, throughout the 3 seasons we seen their relationship develop from not only being allies but family too. Like Clary told Simon in Season 1, Luke is the only father she knows and loves. Also kudos to Kat and Isaiah for the amazing chemistry bringing the characters to life.