GifSpam! Alpha and his Lil Girl

The dynamic between Clary and Luke has to be one of my favourite things to watch on Shadowhunters, throughout the 3 seasons we seen their relationship develop from not only being allies but family too. Like Clary told Simon in Season 1, Luke is the only father she knows and loves. Also kudos to Kat and Isaiah for the amazing chemistry bringing the characters to life.


GifSpam! Everlark

I been binge watching Christmas movies and the Hunger games series (what a combination) and these two are such precious cinnamon rolls and I love their ship with all my heart!

PicSpam! White for Bello

I can’t emphasise enough on how much I am loving these shots from Bello magazine featuring our Shadowhunters 😀 Though in the Shadow world, wearing white means it’s a funeral very much like the Chinese wear white at funeral services.

Still the fabulous group are frocked up and fierce! Cannot wait for Episode 3 next week 😀