雨流儀: Signature Colours

It is clear to say that pink and black is Ame’s trademark since college after moving on from the red and white of high school standards. The below outfits I made just today after getting a creativity spark hit me and I hope you all continue to enjoy her eccentric style.

Another three LOTD for you to all;
Explosive by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Explosive: The leather skirt was the first piece of clothing that I placed on the board and added everything else on top of it, this LOTD is heavily inspired by a future arc that will occur after Cartel and the one after that. Basically Ame and her older sister Mei go to Kyoto and blow up a building that is in an alliance with a traitor of their family the Hayatos. That is why she has heavy arsenal attached to the fierce yet still cute look. The shoes also are a statement on their own, unique and pink, it matches the heart grenade

Cute shopper by lucilxlu featuring Iman
Cute Shopper: Loved Paris in August and it is a favourite destination in Ame’s stories, this is just another random outfit I created for her when she goes shopping in the fashion city. I have been loving patches and enamel pins lately in reality and it has been featuring in Ame’s wardrobe recently too. Also incorporated Christian Louboutin in both her shoes and what she has been shopping while in Paris. The Chinese takeaway bag is from Japan from their Vogue magazine, further emphasising on Ame’s and my own Asian pride.

Glam by lucilxlu featuring handmade home decor
Glam: The faux fur just makes me think of the old fashion glamour days of Hollywood and Hyuna herself likes wearing a lot of shawls when she goes to award nights or performing on stage. The Charlotte Russe Nyx eyeshadow palette is very cute and something I would see part of Ame’s beauty haul in any country that she travels to, though this LOTD is based in Tokyo.


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Fashion Tile: Peach Blossom

Trying something different with this LOTD and involving furniture not just my outfit, including items from not only The Arcade but >+ O R I G A M I +< too 😀

* *Epic* Sweet Candy Bustier {Hot.Pink} [S] from Burlesque
* *T.Whore* Vintage Jeans Kiss 2 from Main store
* [ Mudskin ] Plump Lipgloss2_Medium1 *NEW* from We ❤ RP
* antielle. Baroque Corset Stockings – Sakurairo (Socks) *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<
* Sweet Thing. Sakura Heels (L) *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<

(Yummy) Sushi Anyone? *NEW* from The Arcade
* -Pixicat- Wonderland.Cat nr.2 RARE *NEW* from The Arcade
* Altair* sakura hairclip .pink. *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<
* *Tentacio*  purse brown *NEW* from The Arcade
* Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Digital Pet Neck (Donuts) *NEW* from The Arcade

 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png
* :..Silvery K..: Peach Blossom(with Base)(6) *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<
:..Silvery K..: Kimono Hanger(Pink)(3) *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<
[bauwerk] Wrapped Roses from Season’s Story
[bauwerk] Cherry Pies *NEW* from >+ O R I G A M I +<

雨滴: Cherry Blossom Child

Something different, written from the perspective of Masaru Hayato on his daughter. Set during the Tsunami anniversary when both his daughters are home. This song is the inspiration.

It had been five months since his youngest daughter was under the same roof as he was and usually it was because of family gatherings or matters of business. Never did his Amellade come back to Japan to pay a visit and to give him a simple hello or to catch up on what was happening. True she had her own life now though he still disagreed on how she treated herself in the presence of the man she merely mentioned as her ‘Patron’ but the choice was up to her. Little Ame was no longer and had prospered into a beautiful young woman.

Sitting in the privacy of his own tea room, Masaru cradled the porcelain tea cup in his hands, his eyes closing slowly as he heard a small voice squeak towards him “Tou-chan, Tou-chan! Did you see? I won!” A memory and a fond one as he opened his eye and before him a misty image of six year old Amellade Hayato ran towards him frantically waving her katana around in the air. Wearing the kendo hakama of red and white, her raven shoulder length bounced around her.

Masaru chuckled and nodded “I did see Ame-chan! Omedatou!” He congratulated his daughter, his hands reaching out to embrace. Normally open affection between family members was rare and saved for at home but the Hayato clan leader felt a sense of pride that day many years ago. His daughter had won her first tournament and gave honour to their clan. Who knew that her simple skills in katana wielding would transform her into a lethal killer.

Amellade had continue to win many tournaments but it wasn’t until she was thirteen years old did she make her first effective kill. Masaru wanted to show her the true nature when crossing a Yakuza and one night a man was brought to his knees in front of the assembled members. Standing behind Amellade who held onto her pink Hello kitty katana slightly raised Masaru murmured into her ear.

“This man is a traitor to the Hayato clan, he tried to steal our secrets and give them away to our sworn enemies”

Amellade had a calm and somewhat cold facial expression as she stared straight into the eyes of the quivering man who had a look of panic and pleading to be let loose. “What is the penalty Otou-san” Her voice was soft though it dripped with an edge, a need to use her katana in hand. Masaru patted her head before stepping away but not before mentioning “Death.”

He had watched his daughter raise her katana high as the man’s head was pulled forward exposing his neck. She did not taunt, she did not say how much pain he was going to be in. She merely swung her katana down, the metal slicing through the air and hitting flesh quickly. The sharpness of the katana made a quick cut of the man’s head whose cry was cut off immediately. The blood spurted up and tainted Amellade’s white yukata but her face remained stoic.

As she got older, Masaru had seen the change, his daughter was becoming much like her older sister Meiakane. A thrill in the chase, hunting, pursuing and killing. She was able to take down a group on her own and left the carnage skipping and whistling a song that Masaru did not know. Amellade had become deadly as her beauty blossomed and she had used that to her advantage. Masaru did not question his daughter’s tactics on how to kill but the reputation was spreading across Tokyo’s underworld and it made him proud.

Yet, he missed his daughter’s company when she left the country and went to pursue her own future overseas. He had recieved letters because that was the only way he preferred to have contact with his daughters and Amellade kept in touch until she suddenly went quiet. Her last letter was quick and frantic but he had remembered one name that spilled across the paper in katakana. An English name: Jacen

The pot of green tea had been finished but Masaru still cradled the tea cup in his hands. Yesterday was a good day to see both his daughters again but they did not linger for long. Meiakane had to return to her own clan and Amellade’s smile grew wispy as she mentioned she had to return to Him. The man Masaru had no doubt was the name written on the letter, two years ago.

Standing up from his table, Masaru walked over to the window where his tea room faced the inner garden. In the centre of the garden by the pond where many karp swam, the cherry blossom tree was in view. Smiling to himself Masaru knew- the Cherry blossom was in full bloom.

雨滴: Deep Red Plum

Set during the anniversary of the huge tsunami that devasted so many towns and people in Japan and introducing Ame’s big sister Meiakane Hayato

Sitting in the back of the heavily tinted armour car, the youngest daughter of the Hayato clan stared up at the traditional manor that was her home until recently. Today the family was coming together for a reason that her father did not explain in his letter. A letter how old fashion and typical of the leader. Despite the technology advancement happening on a global scale Masaru Hayato still believed in sending letters to all of his family scattered across the continents.

The car pulled to a halt outside the main entrance and the passenger door was opened for Amellade who stood up still dressed in the leather dress she wore at her Patron’s house. Hurrying down the stone steps to greet her a short young woman with pixie cut dyed chestnut hair waved frantically “Ame-chan, okaeri nasai! (welcome home)” The woman paused being handed her weekend suitcase from her driver and chuckled softly.

Tadaima Yumi-chan” Yumi was her loyal handmaiden and best friend since both girls grew up together. Both on two different paths of destiny but never leaving the other to fend for themselves. Taking the suitcase from Amellade’s hand, Yumi clasped her free one and giggled “We must get you changed, Hayato-sama will throw a fit if he sees you in that” Amellade smirked and tugged at the hem of the mini dress “My patron loves it…”


Inside her old bedroom, Yumi was adjusting Amellade’s black and pink cherry blossom kimono. Her raven and brunette streaked long hair was piled up into a bun, a cherry blossom kanzashi being put into the bun holding it in place. Staring at herself in the full length mirror, Amellade picked up the red rouge and lightly stained her lips just as the bedroom paper door slid open and a slightly older woman stepped in.

She too was in a full length kimono but hers was red and black with embroidered golden dragons. Attached to her hip was a ruby and gold sheathed katana, her black hair stylised into a bun with several ornaments jingling across the top of her porcelain head. “Imouto…” She greeted Amellade with a simple smile. Amellade froze in applying her make-up and shifted in her kimono.

“Mei?” Her red lips dropped open in shock at seeing the other in her bedroom. Meiakane Hayato was the elusive eldest daughter of Masaru and Nadeshiko. She also had reputation in being one of the most notorious Yakuza in Japan having already started her own individual clan. More like an assassin guild, Amellade thought to herself when she had read the papers. Meiakane placed her hands on her hips and smirked “Surprised? Why Imouto”

Amellade shrugged her shoulders slowly, her own hair ornaments tinkling against her head “You never show up for family gatherings” Meiakane frowned towards her sibling. She was just as violent and but tended to think with her heart when it came to matters of the flesh, foolish little sister. Meiakane folded her arms and merely quoted in their native tongue.

また白い 雪ふっている 東北で
“Again, white snow is falling in Tohoku”

Amellade froze in her okubo and mentally slapped herself for questioning her Onee-chan. Of course Meiakane would be at the family home today. The 11th of March was the Nation’s Tsunami anniversary.

雨滴: Bishounen Interrogation

The ‘Song That Inspires’ for this short piece is Blue by Gemini

Her red fire styled nails gripped around his pale throat as he let out a short gasp and stared into her, how unique for a Japanese boy to have eyes that were made of water. Tilting her head to the side, her dark strands of hair covering some of her face noting how there was a mix of fear but also desire in his eyes and it made her smile then giggle, a psychotic undetone lacing her voice.

Inhaling a deep breath, she stepped close and pushed him harder into the wall, her free hand carrying her prized katana keeping it close to his groin. She gave him a mischievous smile and finally spoke.

“私は彼らを殺した前にあなたは私をしたい、たくさんは私が欲しかった (You want me, a lot wanted me before I killed them)”

Her smile widened as the desire was wiped off his face and replaced by total panic. Panic for living and see the sun the next morning. That pleased her, no one should judge her for her because the crawling submissive, carefree school girl outfit, the seductive vixen were all facets of the diamond. She was Yakuza and for her family’s many generations, they weren’t a clan to cross over lightly.

“さて、私のマスターは真寺を待っているされている場所 (Now where is the true temple, my master is waiting)”

The tip of her katana pressed into the young man’s flesh, he was but a simple secretary to the enemy clan of Hayato but to her, he knew all the resources, the secrets of the family he was employed to. Fortunately he was also quite stupid and had a strong taste for beautiful women. The man flinched as the metal pierced his skin lightly, allowing a small pool to form and staining his business shirt. He would die at the hands of this death goddess but he did not care.

“それは、中国では、海を渡ってい (It’s across the sea in China)” He winced back and she sighed out softly then pursed her lips why would the maps be in another country. Her brows knitted together as she started reflecting on what had already happened. No matter, her family would be informed but her patron was calling for her. She already felt the pager strapped to her garter hum against her leg twice.

“ありがとう (Thank you)” She tossed the secretary a sickeningly sweet smile before releasing her hold on his neck and withdrawing her katana. Taking a step back she turned around, looking heavenward she sighed out softly and giggled “Such a waste” before spinning around and slitting his neck open with her katana. The bishounen’s body dropped to the floor, his blood now spattering the walls and ground.

Leaning down, she cleaned her katana with his handkerchief and dropping it over his pretty face smiling cutely just as the pager buzzed again. Tugging on her silver chain that was attached to the leather studded collar around her neck, Amellade licked her lips “I am coming Sir” Turning around on her wedge shoes, she walked down the narrow alleyway, her mind now intent on returning to the arms of her patron.

Character Bio: Ame Hayato

Submissive (Ame when collared by Jacen):   cultivos boceto disparo de Kyrie0201 en DeviantArt:

“Touch anything and you’ll get your head chopped off”

Name: Ame Hayato
Title/Nickname: Ame-chan, Imouto, Kitten and Tsvesti (“Blossom” in Russian)
Age: 25 years old
Origin: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Mother– Nadeshiko Hayato- Deceased
Father– Oyabun Masaru Hayato
Siblings– Older sister Meiakane Hayato and “big brother”/father’s bodyguard Hiroyuki
Relatives– Uncle Tadashi, her handmaiden considered like a twin- Yumi

Hobbies: Archery, drift racing, Saturday night raves, midnight gauntlets, practicing her swordsmanship, shopping in D/s adult corners, high tea parties in London, travelling the world


Height: 5’5
Weight: 55 kilos
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: She dyes it a lot, originally raven currently: light brown with streaks
Unusual markings/colouration: Has her family symbol and name tattooed down her left upper arm with a cherry blossom tree tattoed across her upper back, its petals trailing around both arms
Skintone: Japanese porcelain
Body build: Slender with toned arms from archery in high school, willowy legs from training, slight curved waistline and ample bust with petal shaped lips
Ame faceclaim: HyunA:  

Weapon Of Choice
A single Hello kitty katana usually strapped to her back, a single pistol with hanging blossom ornaments

Incredibly flexible and agile, moves on her feet quickly but not a fast runner, knows some gymnastics that she can flip or do splits during her fights
Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths: Luxury items, blood, a good fight, expensive cars, travel, dominating men, dark chocolate, family honour
Weaknesses: Amazing sex, alcohol, late nights, too much candy


The youngest of two daughters to the eldest of the Hayato clan. Their father is Oyabun and runs the entire organisation with leading their family to the top of the families. Their mother Nadeshiko was a caring soul and dutiful wife to their father unfortunately passed away when Ame was five years old. For the following years being the leader of their clan, Masaru Hayato instructed his daughters the way of the Yakuza.

From six years old, Ame participated in kendo tournaments and won many awards it wasn’t until she was 13 under instruction from her father did she kill a man for betraying the clan. As she got older, killing became more of a hobby for herself especially if chasing was involved. She loved to kill and go on a rampage, unfortunately her emotions fuelled a lot of her decisions right until she reached high school.

Ame and her older sister Meiakane both went to Candy Valley High School, the sisters already gaining a reputation and not just because they were Yakuza. Ame met her first Dom called Jairus who also became the Running back for the school’s football team. They were together for a year before he found out that Ame was quite promiscious with other lovers during their relationship. He split up with her and moved on to the head cheerleader Jossie. Ame’s life in CVH dropped from her being the leader of the Elite squad to being expelled completely because of a united vote from the conspiring female populace in her grade.

Ame then transferred to Black Tiger High School and there she met half Japanese student Hikaru Kusanagi, he was suffering from his own personal heartbreak and the pair found themselves getting along quite well. They ended up hooking up much to the dismay of his ex girlfriend Jae and even got married. Together for two years, Ame graduated from BTH but not before causing havoc with the cheerleaders of that school too. Ame and Hikaru moved back to Japan and lived together in a penthouse within the heart of Tokyo City. Unfortunately their happiness did not last and soon they divorced and Ame was back home living in her family estate.

Though her future was set in stone being part of the Hayato clan, Ame entered college and did an exchange program with a University of Foreign affairs in London and lived in the UK for her entire study period. There she learned about diplomacy as well as engagement with other countries. She participated in high tea parties with the wealthy as well as go dancing in big city raves, she also established a network for her family with the crime syndicates the Richardson clan and Joyce family.

Her father Masaru sent her on a mission to help an old ally with an ordeal back in the United States, it was in the streets of Miami did Ame meet Jacen. Her second Dom and also from a family of Italian mafia. They sealed an alliance between their families and Jacen asked if Ame could be his submissive, she accepted. In between her training, Ame also went hunting for information on her target. The mission in the end was a success and Ame returned home celebrating with her family. She was going to travel to Los Angeles where Jacen had his permanent residence but was informed by her big brother Hiroyuki of a missing family heirloom- a lion’s ring.

Ame travelled to Shanghai and delved through the underground, seeking information about the missing ring and through much investigating and interrogation, she discovered that the ring was with an enemy family, the Shun’s who are Triads and it was held in one of their safe houses in the mountains. Led their by Shaolin monks, Ame eliminated Hui retrieved the family heirloom.

Unfortunately after the family celebration and when she was due to return to Los Angeles, Jacen dismissed her over text message. Ame withdrew into her bedroom and succumbed to depression over being without her Dominant. A month later, Ame eventually comes out of her room only to be presented with information of a new nemesis from Russia who is allies to the Shun family. Ame later moves to New York city and is ordered by her family to stay under radar and avoid confrontation with the Russian Mafia.

Growing bored, Ame goes out clubbing at Space Ibiza and bumps into an American spy, she confronts him but he quickly disappears before she gets his name. It is in the club she is discovered by the Russian Mafia, Oleysa Zima and the two girls fight. Ame is gravely injured and is almost killed until her older sister Meiakane and her left lieutenant Minata arrive on the scene. Ame is taken to hospital and Mei kills Oleysa.

After healing, Ame goes to Prague and takes up residence in the Augustine hotel under the pseudo name: Sakura Darling. She visits the Deathclub, an infamous club in the city and meets Aleksander Volkov who she finds out is a weapon’s dealer from a high end Russian family. The two become lovers and he moves in with her at the hotel. They go on various missions for their families while also becoming infamous for their public, promiscious behaviour. They are invited to a masquerade at Prague castle where they are confronted by the C.I.A agent Julian Huntington III who gives them an offer to aid the U.S government in retrieving money plates that belong to not only the U.S but Japan and Russia as well.

While figuring out a plan of action and how to tell Meiakane that the C.I.A require her services as well, Ame recieves a Skype call from her older sister that their father was attacked at night and is in hospital. Ame and Aleksander fly back to Tokyo.