Mood: Mellow

Three days out of eight have been done and dusted so far and I still have yet to continue my exercise, though I’m still very much moving around but not at a cardio level. Mum has been telling me about my budget for our Europe trip in August, thank goodness I been saving up is all I can say despite the random splurges of cute buys online…

Our clocks went back an hour today and I am forever grateful for the extra sleep I got this morning turning six hours into seven, I also worked with my front office manager today, despite being constant with our check outs, the guests were all so lovely and happy people, so we had a lot of fun while on shift. I also got fed breakfast at work today too, we got to have eggs and hash browns plus a free lunch! I can’t say no to fish and chips.

Been on a writing spree when it comes to the story of Mistaken Identity, I am up to chapter 6 for it and so far ironing out the plot while trying to calm down all the crazy ideas that keep entering my head around the fictional tale. Watched Burlesque to help with the dance sequences since the main focus is in the club. Can’t wait for this week to finish though, not just because I’m looking forward to a mini weekend away with mum but to get my rest will be nice.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Calm Before the Storm

Though Cyclone Debbie has gone passed and settled down from a category 4 to a tropical storm in Northern queensland, my work life is about to become a busy period leading right up to the weekend where mum and I will be doing the 10km walk in our nation’s capital.

Yes it is coming up already, can’t believe this month has gone so quickly (sorta). I will be working 8 AM shifts straight after tomorrow’s day off and training the new guest service agent, it will be a leadership experience for me, so wish me luck!

Do I have five likes for this past week, lemme count them below;

  • Parents came home yesterday and I got a t-shirt present from mum ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Sushi from Kanzo in Parramatta today for lunch was divine
  • Finally watched Moana! What a girl power driven and emotional Disney movie ._.
  • I been on a creative spark all this evening with writing my story Mistaken Identity
  • Catch up phone call with my old work colleague Honey, we will see each other on Saturday

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Busy days

Even though I worked only 5 days last week, 3/5 days was super busy because the hotel was sitting at 100% occupancy, not looking forward to waking up tomorrow at 5am because I gotta be at work an hour early. Ew! Also 7 days of work this week, double ew! I’ll get through it as I always do, but listing off the 5 likes I had this past week.

  • My resting heart rate has gone down to 81 (thats good for me >.>)
  • Mei got me a delayed birthday present last night, two charms from Pandora ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • Boyfriend and I been planning for our days together in August โค
  • Been playing Minecraft again, it’s another creative outlet for me
  • Dragons: Race to the edge on Netflix is an addictive show I been watching all week!

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Self Pride

I am not one for boasting about myself unless an amazing achievement has occured and I can crow about this particular moment even though it already happened two days ago at work. Every time guests check out we send a survey to their email for them to assess how did we go as an overall hotel during their stay. Here and there my name gets mentioned and I get my name posted in our back office whiteboard.

But this latest time I got a mention was directly from Simon McGrath’s office! Simon is the COO of Asia Pacific for Accor Hotels, he deals with all of Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. One of my guests that I got to know since December last year wrote a personal email to his office saying how amazing I was, how I made her feel comfortable and the hotel was like a second home to her. To think this was given to our big boss, ohh yess I’m still giddy from it!

โ€“ Lu

Diary: New FOM

Or as what everyone else knows them as the Front office manager. Our new one started two days ago in the morning shift and stayed back until 8-9pm learning everything she can from every single department and my duty manager Honey. Needless to say with years of knowledge and over 10 hotels of working under her belt, us girls on the Front desk have very optimistic thoughts in her being our new boss.

In just meeting and working with her for the past two days she has already has brought a lot to the plate and noticed things around our property that others had not. With her experience I am hoping she can boost the morale and motivation of our front office team because we all seem to be strung out quite thinly since December last year.

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Quiet mind

At work and it’s very quiet, which for everyone else is not normal because the last couple of Sundays both the Front desk and the bar has been busy with people requests and sitting down for dinner. It is also storming here which is nice considering we had a warm day, not much going on for me at the moment, I have completely majority of my check list just waiting for a group to check in tonight.

Excited to finish though, the Gacha Garden on Second Life has opened and I have a wishlist on flickr to clean out and a new fashion tile to post and show you my readers ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Diary: 6 months Novotel

We have the official launch of our property as a Novotel hotel on the 30th September it will also mark from the 2nd of October as 6 months in being part of the Accor family. Considering the transition, our new training and my own as duty manager it has gone quite smoothly. First two months was trial and error, we had 3 strokes of bad luck said goodbye to old staff members and welcomed the newcomers, we re-branded the restaurant and this month finally got all signage on the hotel up.

When asked by other Accor colleagues from other properties are we enjoying the transition and finding a happy medium in being a Novotel I have to agree with my HR manager she said that everyone are much happier and we all reaching our content feeling and not stressing on who we work with. Everyone are much more open to each other and discuss problems then behind their backs. The more this happens more successful our name will get out that and revenue will pick up.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Novotel’s Leading Lady

I haven’t spoken much about my reality other than what I do on my weekends with social life. Don’t get me wrong, since the last time I spoke about my work was when we did the change-over in April. Now 2 months later, we finally capped to 100% tonight with many corporate guests staying in our hotel and I have become this month’s Enrollment champion ๐Ÿ˜€

We need to hit a target of 150 each month and for this month we have surpassed the half-way mark and I got the most enrolled guests so far. All the heads of department love me! And our general manager is quite impressed. He told my two bosses that if we did hit target for this month, he’ll get us all a present! That’s incentive enough for me ๐Ÿ˜› other than just all the compliments

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Travel Goal

I’m attempting to stay up only to put up this post for what I learned today while at work. I had five hours sleep last night because I had loyalty program training this morning that went for 1.5hrs, then in the late arvo had to come back and still work the PM shift. I’m running on low fuel here, tomorrow is going to be Day 7 before I finally can have my weekend and relax. It is also my dad’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll be going out in the evening to celebrate.

But with the program and working tonight I checked in one of Accor Advantage Plus gold guests who is a veteran traveller (so jealous!) and was telling me about what Accor is all about from the guest point of view. He also told me that as an employee of the company I should enjoy all the benefits that they offer including checking out the Sofitel in Guangzhou, China. Now I didn’t know where this place was until my colleague and I googled it.

It is so going on my bucket list when I do my travelling and yes travelling is still on my to-do list other than just working all my damn life. I’m still young, haven’t capped 30 yet I should be out there and enjoying the world!

โ€“ Lu