Fashion Tile: Road Trip

This is so appropriateΒ considering I’m going on a summer holiday next month πŸ˜› Anyway this outfit going with the below track is suitable to the vibes I was going for with my pixels. Enjoy!

* Β :Moon Amore:Β  Breezy Bikini (Pink) *NEW* from Collabor88
* ISON – solange ripped shorts (navy) *NEW* from Collabor88
* Exile:: Lovefool *NEW* from Hair Fair
* *BOOM* Jelly Bow Sandals lt bubblegum *NEW* from The Liason Collective

sushi-aesthetic: β€œsushi aesthetic ”

* *katat0nik* (citrus2) Summer Drink *NEW* from Okinawa Summer Festival
* A*S Milk Box Hand Bag *NEW* from The Chapter 4
* [RA] Bindi earring – Gold *NEW* from Main store

* NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Flamingo *NEW* from Collabor88

Diary: The Daily Grind

I been back home from Hawaii for the past 9 days and also returned to work two days after I landed. My regular guests were happy to see me and asked of stories while in Oahu, happy to say that during the first week back I did not have any post-holiday blues more like a refreshed mind and ready to tackle work. I was surely missed by all of my Front desk team and it was amazing to see them all again.

I also experienced jury duty, that was interesting to say the least but I wasn’t selected so didn’t have to inform work I’d be missing out on shifts which leads to my return to work tomorrow with a stretch of 7 days, blah! I caught up in all my shopping on Second Life and Legion has been amazing, my warlock got her Scepter of Sargaras as you probably read in the short story I posted recently of her.

This week’sΒ 5 likes;

  • My two, new Donut pillow cases from Adair
  • The latest collection made by Kitten D’amour: Girl Friday
  • My international group of friends- Mei, Katie, Aria, Rose, Elie and Mez
  • Cleaning out my clothes and organising my closet better
  • Work antics while on shift with my Front office

I also got two vices to quickly jot down in my diary, Insta-Fakes– People who post pictures to make it look like their life is amazing and so well versed when really they at home and do nothing and Fave-baits– In particular on my SL flickr when girls especially post pictures that aren’t appealing just to get a damn favourite usually is some sexual theme. No!

– Lu

Diary: Today is for Mum’s

It is the 8th of May on my end of the world and so it is Mothers Day for all grandmothers and mothers and though I am working the morning shift at work I will still be able to go out and have dinner with mum. I left my present by her bed before I left and got a thank you text πŸ˜€ We also have a Mothers Day lunch set up and it has been booked out since last month.

So this post is in particular for my mum who has been having an emotional and frustrated past month and heading into the operation room next week but this time its for her thyroids. To me she is such a strong woman both physically and mentally, she doesn’t let anything bring her down and powers on regardless of how difficult circumstances are. She is empathic to everyone especially to her family and selfless when it comes to putting all 3 of us and our cat first.

My mum is parenting goals and though we do not appreciate it often, I notice it daily and can’t express enough how grateful I am to her.

Happy mothers day ❀

– Lu

Diary: Adulting Sorta

I woke up early today to say goodbye to both my parents who are flying out to the Philippines this morning and will be on a mini holiday for two weeks. They will be absent during the Easter break and dad will have plenty of time to catch up with his mum, my grandma who has moved there since 2 years ago. With the adults away it’s just my sister and I home plus the responsibilities of keeping this a functioning household.

It also means I have the duties of being Mumma cat to our beloved Skitty who will be having a lot of alone time with both of us girls still going to work- I’m doing a majority of PM shifts so I can spend time with him in the morning. Though it is all rather exciting to have a break from the parents and to have peace and quiet, it also means I have to mature or ‘adult’ sort of with being home alone. Shouldn’t be hard anyway, parents have been going on mini trips or holidays without us for a while now πŸ˜€

– Lu

Diary: Annual Leave Finito

Ok technically I have until Tuesday next week before I return to work but considering its almost end of the work week its safe to not much interesting things will happen between now and then. However I DID cook another dish for tonight’s dinner, my younger sister has been quite social after work so mum has been relying on me and my um cooking skills.

Needless to say I am growing confident in doing dinner for the family and if I’m not on PM shift I will try and do it more often then waiting for mum to do it once she gets better from her healing of her hamstring. Speaking of mum she remarked to me today that what will she do when I return to work next week? I have been home this entire 3 weeks and since her operation been helping her out around the house.

It has got me questioning too because dad and Ange obviously both work too and can’t really stay for many hours each day. Mum has become more independant in how she does things on the ground floor but its getting upstairs is just the hassle for her. I know that with PM shifts I am more flexi, we’ll see how she goes on this. Also Vivid (lights event here in Sydney) has already began, hoping to go soon with Mei before my weekends are gone again.

– Lu

Diary: Week 1 of Annual Leave

My annual leave/break started on the 10th May (Mothers Day) and when I look back upon this week, I can safely say I have been quite active and mostly offline. Been helping mum out a lot with errands, been going out than just sitting at home and if I am home I’m been catching up on all my chores that I failed to do during my work week. It has been quite relaxing with much needed rest though I still have 2 more weeks of holiday left.

But the past three nights have been a blast! I have never been so social in my life! Two nights ago I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with all the female cousins on my dad’s side- all 8 of us had dinner and watched the movie and it was amazing! Lots of laughs and jokes plus a sort of mini reunion considering we hardly together as one group. Last night I caught up with Mei over ramen plus Lindt chocolate we stayed up until 11pm and I didn’t get home until midnight πŸ˜›

Tonight I went out again but with just my immediate family including Ange’s boyfriend Adam, we went to the city and had an early dinner/dessert. Usual silly jokes, dad talking about “back home in the Philippines” and getting lost in the carpark! Needless to say this first week has been great outside of Second Life and though I have not travelled overseas its left me feeling good inside.

– Lu

LL Note: Bunnies and Resurrection

** It’s chocolate egg time **

It is Thursday or in the Catholic calendar- the last Supper between Christ and his disciples for everyone else it is also leading up to the long Easter weekend, tomorrow is Good Friday where all the shops are closed and families are at home preparing for Easter. Unfortunately my mum is not with us for the weekend, she is overseas for work but I managed to get the weekend off so I’m going to arrange something for Mei, her birthday is tomorrow πŸ˜€

This note is for all my followers, visitors and friends to have a very safe and enjoyable long Easter weekend with your loved ones and try not to overdose on the chocolate πŸ˜›

– Lu

LL Note: The Return

** Announcement **

I am baacckkk! Tired but not as rundown as I was last night before boarding the plane from Hong Kong back here to Sydney also refreshed after the amazing shower. I will do a proper post of what happen on my trip in summary but it was mostly about family and experiencing my dad’s side of who I am, the culture and where he grew up and the history of our family. Also great time to catch up with my cousins who I rarely see because I am always working.

Mum and dad are still in the Philippines so it’s just Ange and I home and we also picked up Skitty today, that cat can talk ever since we picked him up this morning he won’t shut up! Good lord it’s a mix of being angry and wanting tender love from his well missed family. Sorry Skitty! My face and collarbone is still sunburn from the kiyaking but the sore muscles is easing up thank goodness.

– Lu

Diary: Happy Mothers Day

For the Matriarchs of the family on this blessed and loving day of 11th May 2014. Wishing all mothers of any kind from the hopeful-to-have-kids, for those who have lost their children or even the fathers acting as the maternal figure on their own. Today is your day and I hope your family, your relatives, your children and your partner have spoiled you with even more love and gifts and continue to do so for the rest of the year.

Now for my own mum; the true Alpha of the Moscoso Sr clan:Β Thank you mummy and I love you so much, no one else can be as strong and amazing as you are as a person and I’m so very glad to be your eldest

– Lu

Diary: Seasons Greetings

We only have 6 check in left and my duty manager Jae has allowed me to use my laptop in the back of Front office unless he needs to do an errand on our shift. I’m giving this time to say enjoy this festive day and the New Years eve to come. May you and your family be blessed and happy with good company, yummy food and giving/recieving of presents from each others. Also I hope your goals have been fulfilled as we count down to the final days of 2013.

At my hotel, we have treated the 200 guests who have booked to a Christmas treat in our Grand ballroom that also includes the arrival of Santa Claus, I managed to take a picture when the ladies from Banquets department were setting up the room, two days ago πŸ˜€

– Lu