Diary: Wake up

This past weekend I was given a massive wake up call, in the form of the blood tests that I had last week. After the results came through and I got them looked at on Saturday, I was informed that I am insulin resistant and pre-diabetic. It wasn’t until yesterday when I went to the doctors again that I was told I have PCOS. I know I consumed a lot of sweets/sugar in the past decade of my life but it has finally decided to rear in the consequences and ugly truth.

Now since Saturday I have had a total turnaround of my lifestyle and diet, I have been exercising every day whether going for walks with mum or going to my local pool. I have said no to all chocolate, candy and cakes, I even told my boss at work because we normally have chocolate shared around when we get super busy.

Needless to say the weight I have gained since I was 21 will drop but my body is still crying for sugar. Mum told me it will take 10 days for the cravings to stop, this is day 4…I am sincerely hoping.

Right now my mood is a mixture of “I don’t want to get operated on” to “I hope I can still eat all my delicious food, once I’m in the all clear” Friends and family who know me very well, know I am a huge food lover…so we’ll see what happens in a month or so.

The past weekโ€™s five likes were a struggle for me to pull together;

  • Only four days of work this week, Australia Day means long weekend for me!
  • Exercising every day now, that is huge considering I was so inactive beforehand
  • Watched The Last Jedi again (third time) with my mum last Sunday, she loved the movie too
  • I am reading Ready Player One again on the bus to and from work, such a good book!
  • Discovered composer Ivan Torrent through Youtube, woww his music is amazing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

โ€“ Lu


Diary: Mini weekend away

I powered through the 8 days of AM shifts the past week and managed to get the new guest service agent onto doing the morning checklist and doing check outs, I had a proud mum moment on the last day before I had to get home for the drive to Canberra with mum. The ravioli in the tea room last night in the Hyatt was delicious, light but full of carbs which according to my mum is what you need to have before a big walk/run.

Woke up this morning at 5:15am, room service breakfast got delivered of wholemeal toast and either poached or scrambled eggs, boyfriend was jealous from the photo. The start line for the running festival was across the road from the hotel so we were quite fortunate and walked there. Mum got a personal best with going under 90mins, she beat her own score that we did at the Blackmore run last year and that was 9km!

I think my five likes are just from the last day of work and this weekend to be honest;

  • Though I did not get under 90 I did get under 100mins and finished it, got a medal
  • Managed to sleep very well last night in the hotel’s bed
  • Chicken caesar wrap with wedges for lunch in Goulburn today- nuff said
  • Going out again with Mei tonight even though my leg muscles are a wee bit sore
  • My pictures on Flickr have surpassed 30 favs now ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Staying Occupied

Parents flew out to Philippines today and will be away for two weeks while visiting both dad’s mum who is living in the southern province and his younger sister and husband who have retired there also. I still got the jitter bugs inside me only because this time last year I was scared when I heard a loud bang outside my house at 4am, so scared that I ended up calling my work and getting one of the night auditors to check my house for me.

Here is hoping for an uneventful two weeks without the presence of the adults. I’m sure I’ll be fine, I got Ange, Adam and Skitty of course ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I lost two more kilos, don’t ask how I’m doing it but it’s staying off
  • Going to watch Beauty and the Beast with two work colleagues on 21st March
  • Kitten D’amour’s ‘Suspicion’ collection is divine!
  • I bought Barbie: Video Game Hero, its very ‘Wreck it Ralph’ but sad no new movie trailers were released
  • Only two months (roughly) until Shadowhunters returns to tv with 2b ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Fashion Tile: Play Hard

I don’t go to the gymย this is a known fact, I do elliptical at home if it is too hot outside. The background and the outfit are all from the latest round of Collabor88

* _CD_ย Charlene Pink Top *NEW* from N.21
* Tee*fy Blake Sporty Shorts- Black *NEW* fromCollabor88
* _CandyDoll_ Mara Legwarmers Ombre Banana *NEW* from Collabor88

* (Yummy) Ballet Slippers Charm – Gold *NEW* from Collabor88
* Astralia – Yoga arm phone *NEW* from Collabor88
* Astralia – Yoga earphones *NEW* from Collabor88

Diary: Catch Up

Sorry I’m three days behind my usual daily schedule of posting everything and anything but I haven’t been feeling the motivation for any diary or fashion tile on Second Life. What I have been doing these past couple of days is working the AM shifts and dealing with the freezing temperatures early morning. I have also got my hayfever brewing due to the fact I cleaned my room on my previous days off.

I also got to watch Mad Max: Fury Road and found myself enjoying it very much despite the morbid setting of a wasteland future, Pottermore released the houses of the American magic girl Ilvermorny and I got sorted into the Horned Serpent and though it has a snake for its symbol it’s actually one favoured for the scholars and intelligence. In national news we all had to vote yesterday for our next PM and so far it is tied up between both parties, we don’t know the final results until Tuesday, great…

โ€“ Lu

Diary: 3 Day Break

I been given three days off this week which gives me extra time to try and get rid of this bloody cold once and for all. It also gives me time and energy to stay ahead for my work group’s Fitbit challenge that finishes tomorrow night. Today was all about the exercise I did a 5.7km walk around my suburb and despite being sick I managed to do it with no problem ๐Ÿ˜€ Yesterday it was about cleaning and re-decorating my bedroom.

I got myself new flannel sheets to keep warm this winter as well as pom pom garlands that are strung across the head of my bed and a new light for my bedside table, it is a pink heart with mini lights run by battery. Also vaccuumed and dusted so quite happy in how my room looks at present and hopefully got rid of any lingering virus germs that are sitting around.

Tomorrow night I will be going out for an 8pm dinner with all my high school girls, organised by my bestie Mei I just hope that it doesn’t go too late as I have 4 days of AM shift to return to at work >.<

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Cooking a Cold

I blame the abrupt change of seasons from a balmy Autumn to a freezing end of season and saying goodbye to the El Nino. It started last night when I was watching my Justice league cartoon flicks and there it was the irritating, sore throat. Woke up for AM shift this morning and didn’t feel crash hot either and it was cold! According to my aunt at 8am it was only 1 degree and I was already at work. The cold started hitting me during check out time, worst timing ever! But I was quite lucky with mum dropping by to give me some meds to help battle the virus.

So very fortunate that I am working the PM shift for the next two days then off for three so it will hopefully be a rest and recovery mode while also catching up with my high school girl friends on June 3rd ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Motivated

Last week I got myself a Fitbit Charge HR, I figured that after seeing my younger sister have one and my 3 work colleagues wear them it would hopefully motivate me to walk more and do less sitting when I’m not working. Turns out it has! And inspired me to go on for walks to get my steps up. I had a proud, self high five moment last night when I was finishing shift and my fitbit vibrated informing me that I have hit my 10k step goal for the day.

For a girl who struggles in motivation and finding something to help her be healthy or lose weight, I can happily say the fitbit is helping me move more. Especially now that my 3 work colleagues have put me into a 4 day step challenge to see who will win. So far I am second and 2000 steps behind my colleague Honey who is beating all of us. I have today and tomorrow to try and catch up to her, good thing its my weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Positively Sparkling

I went ahead and since the end of February went on a cleaning spree of removing all the bad juju in my life. I returned to former lovers and apologised for my antics, mended broken situations with old friends, cleared out the vent with an ex more recently and did a cleaning spree on all my social media platforms of negative energy and people.

Safe to say that since doing this feng shui of my life both real and virtual it is having a positive impact on myself and leaving me very much sparkling from the inside out. Parents are going overseas for a relaxing holiday to Philippines and for dad to see his mum, my grandma who has moved back home since last year. So my sister and I have will the house to ourselves ๐Ÿ˜€ Though I can’t do much, I am still working after all ๐Ÿ˜›

I am still attempting to keep going with my active every day and minimising the sugar levels in my body, so far all is going well, I guess the endorphins do occur when one exercises.

โ€“ Lu

Mood: Appeased

This good feeling has only started this week since I returned to work on Monday and has been growing until last night when I went to bed happy and at peace with myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that I have lessened my chocolate intake (the whole 40 days of Lent and sacrificing something until Easter). The cravings aren’t as bad as before which I’m quite glad about and I have also started doing an exercise regime.

This time the reason being is one of my aunts had an old photo from when I was 20 years old and gosh I have to say I was so skinny, you could see my collarbone! It is a goal that I decided to pick up and drop my kilos before the family holiday to Hawaii in August. That gives me roughly 6.5 months until my annual leave to go back to being slim. If I keep on the path that I’m currently going, it shouldn’t be too hard as long as my motivation stays up.

Last night I also got to chat to a couple of old friends from a year ago, it was great and sort out the bad blood, I mean who wants to leave with negative juju over their head I certainly do not!

โ€“ Lu


Mood: Sick/Congested

I donโ€™t think this is a mood of any sorts but it is the only word I can come up with to describe my current behaviour. Yes it is almost Australia Day for me and I have tomorrow off because I have blasted head cold and dry cough. I am quite fortunate to have work tell me to have tomorrow off so I don’t pass my sickness to colleagues or on our guests inhouse.

Tomorrow’s plan is after getting my hair washed is going to the Doctor’s to find out what is going on with my body and hoping after that I will be on the road to recovery. I do not go well with being sick, last time I was sick it turned out to be a severe throat infection that put me out of work for 2 weeks!

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Bouncing Back

Since yesterday I have returned to work in the afternoon shift despite still having a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat. I am quite lucky considering we have been relatively quiet and I didn’t have to talk much to the guests or answering phone calls. The infection has been attacked and finally dealt with despite the side affect of a gurgling stomach.

My colleagues at work have been amazing to me making sure I keep up with my fluids and to not talk so much. My regular guests have also noticed my absence and wished on a speedy recovery, I am hoping for it too to be honest quite over the constant coughing and clearing my throat.

Quite excited with the arrival of the weekend though, my Aunt Ro is flying in from New Zealand and will be participating in the City to Surf along with my sister and my mum’s big sister. Then on Monday we are hoping to go to Taronga Zoo and if all goes well with my health I can be back to being my chirpy, hyper tourist self on this outing.

Your constant support and individual pink moon vibes are well appreciated โค

โ€“ Lu

Diary: My Infection Update

Note to self to revert back to diary entries that placing said posts under the title of ‘Mood’. I have just noticed this while browsing through my “Lu’s Diary” category I am using the wrong heading for several blog entries. Whoops! Anyway just to give everyone a heads up what’s going on with my health since I last posted.

I was suppose to go back to work tomorrow morning but parents wanted me to return to the doctors today and check up on the situation of my throat because I still sound like a heavy smoker. He informed me that my throat was still infected and gave me a new script to increase the spectrum to not only continue attacking the bacteria on the back of my throat but to also help with the arrival of my very congested nose.

It seems during my sick leave I have also developed a highly congested and runny nose…great! I gave work a new medical certificate today that I cannot return until the 6th July and mum has already guessed that I won’t be able to do the City to Surf this upcoming weekend because I’m sick. My younger sister has already been training hard and she did her last run yesterday got under 2hrs, I know she’s going to do amazing on Sunday.

โ€“ Lu

Diary: Annual Leave Finito

Ok technically I have until Tuesday next week before I return to work but considering its almost end of the work week its safe to not much interesting things will happen between now and then. However I DID cook another dish for tonight’s dinner, my younger sister has been quite social after work so mum has been relying on me and my um cooking skills.

Needless to say I am growing confident in doing dinner for the family and if I’m not on PM shift I will try and do it more often then waiting for mum to do it once she gets better from her healing of her hamstring. Speaking of mum she remarked to me today that what will she do when I return to work next week? I have been home this entire 3 weeks and since her operation been helping her out around the house.

It has got me questioning too because dad and Ange obviously both work too and can’t really stay for many hours each day. Mum has become more independant in how she does things on the ground floor but its getting upstairs is just the hassle for her. I know that with PM shifts I am more flexi, we’ll see how she goes on this. Also Vivid (lights event here in Sydney) has already began, hoping to go soon with Mei before my weekends are gone again.

โ€“ Lu