Diary: New start

It has been a whirlwind of a week since I have returned to work but I am thankful for the past couple of days and everything is still in a very positive light for myself and my family. I’ve had some big news occur recently and they will be published in the below positive thoughts, it goes to show for myself that if you put your heart into something you are guranteed to get it and even if you don’t, you keep trying until you get somewhere that is good for yourself.

My creativity boost from before the holidays is still going and I have been multi-tasking between three of my original stories, I used to write more than ten and have notes for many more before I got into roleplay on IMVU, ten years ago. I’m glad it hasn’t left me completely and I don’t need a group of people to get a plot going. Below are the weekly five likes;

  • I got the job! Since before my Europe holiday I have been applying at other Accor properties in a different department. This morning I got woken up to join the new hotel opening in the city, it is a five star property. I won’t be starting until January next year but OMG I got the job!
  • I walked/jogged the Blackmore bridge run this past weekend in the city, I beat my record that I did at the 10km run in Canberra in April of this year 😀
  • Family lunch this past Monday, mum, sister and I all had days off after the big run and my sister suggested that we all go out for lunch, we went to Hog’s breath cafe at Towers. I had a chicken Caesar wrap with sweet potato wedges.
  • Hoping to catch up with my bestie Mei this upcoming Sunday, I haven’t seen her since before the holiday and I know we need to brainstorm our creative ideas and give presents to her.
  • Barbie finally released a new film! It is on American Netflix, I am just waiting for it to be released down under

– Lu


LL Note: 2017 Aspirations

** Seems every year when I write up resolutions, its all the same…is that a good thing? **

Two days to go and I seriously can’t wait until 2016 has ended, not that I have so many happy memories and good times that have occured this year but all the fighting and all the celebrity death including today of Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher! Yeah I’m not too happy with this year at the moment. Onto my list of resolutions and see if that weight goal I can actually achieve

  • Destination: Europe! Parents are aiming for a month holiday and just a taste of what it is all about, mum has already mentioned Dubai, London, Paris and Rome while stopping over in New York City and LA again 😀
  • Meeting my other half (finally!) again parents want him to come here first before we meet up with him in London ❤
  • Promoted to Team leader at least in work, I am currently being performance managed by my assistant managers but my front office manager wants to see me move up in the ladder before her contract concludes end of 2017
  • Lose weight! Start off small this time maybe and be more active, I have lessened my sugar intake so that counts as something right?
  • Focus more on reality than run away into the virtual universe, I have been doing this escapism into virtual lands for the past 8 years now whether it is IMVU or Second Life, a year away from being 30 I shouldn’t be doing what all the other 18hrs+ people are doing online when they can do something much better in the real world!

All these goals can be accomplished if I put time and effort into it, I know I can put my heart into anything I have seen it be done before, I just need to keep motivating myself to achieve them all to the end.

– Lu

Mood: Appeased

This good feeling has only started this week since I returned to work on Monday and has been growing until last night when I went to bed happy and at peace with myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that I have lessened my chocolate intake (the whole 40 days of Lent and sacrificing something until Easter). The cravings aren’t as bad as before which I’m quite glad about and I have also started doing an exercise regime.

This time the reason being is one of my aunts had an old photo from when I was 20 years old and gosh I have to say I was so skinny, you could see my collarbone! It is a goal that I decided to pick up and drop my kilos before the family holiday to Hawaii in August. That gives me roughly 6.5 months until my annual leave to go back to being slim. If I keep on the path that I’m currently going, it shouldn’t be too hard as long as my motivation stays up.

Last night I also got to chat to a couple of old friends from a year ago, it was great and sort out the bad blood, I mean who wants to leave with negative juju over their head I certainly do not!

– Lu


Diary: Planning Ahead

The beauty of having not having to work until the PM shift the following night and you finish an AM shift at 3pm means you have a 24hr break before you return to work. It also meant for me on Saturday night that I got to travel to the city and meet up with Mei for a night of lots of laughs, random conversation and future plans.

I found out from Ms Mei that she did a deposit on a two bedroom apartment near the airport and if I was to ever move back to working for city hotels, she has a spare bedroom for me in her new place. To imagine that! Living in an apartment with my 14.5 years best friend would be amazing, we have travelled together and I have emotionally broke down in front of 3 times so she can easily handle my tantrums as the most awesome “Nee-chan” that she is.

It also had me thinking about my future, do I want to stay local at my current job or move back to the city? We also discussed our holiday plans, she is flying back to South Korea with her mum and missing out on my birthday this year! D: But I also have my new holiday in August with the parents to save up for. This time we are going to Hawaii! Mei also spoke to me about a second trip to South Korea in September for their Thanksgiving, I wanna go back! I hope I have annual leave, I’ll happily go and see her family again ❤

– Lu

LL Note: New Year Resolutions

** Let’s see if I can do a list for 2016 **

Yes I am three days ahead of New Years Eve but considering I am working on both NYE and New Years Day I figured I might as well try and do my resolutions for next year. I tried to find the ones I wrote for this year but realised I only did the year in review. So I’m going to try and write up resolutions for 2016 and keep a mark by the end of next year to see if I accomplished all of them.

  • Travel more- I did it this year was quite happy on that and wish to continue for next year
  • Continue to drop weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle; I am a night owl there is no doubt on that but perhaps making my late nights not so late would help me in the long run
  • Save up more money for bigger goals- deposits on stuff?
  • Move up in status at my hotel if not move within the chain
  • Love is in the books but not a priority

In-world related well that will still be a hobby and something I love doing as much as my gaming, the next expansion of World of Warcraft comes out next year so that will be exciting and who knows what a new year in Second Life will do for me. All until then 😀

– Lu

Diary: 2014 Goals

My younger sister bought me a goals book from Kikki K stationary store for Christmas, as if it was a hint to me to do something with my life for the upcoming 2014. While filling in the beginning pages it made me formulate my New years resolutions and the goal book will help me keep to the schedule.
* Travel the world and explore all its beauty
* Accept my body at the weight it is (after losing couple of kilos)
* Appreciate my family more than what I show
* Manager in a five star international hotel
* Be with my other half in the same country

Wishing everyone a very safe, happy and fun filled New Years Eve/Day. See you all in 2014!!

– Lu