雨流儀: Colourful Closet

Though her chronicles are currently quiet (on hold in writing the next arc) I had an inspired moment this past week and made completely new looks for Ame and keeping with her colour themes of pink and black. The person that I use as my face claim for Ame is Kpop idol HyunA and lately her hair has gone bright red/orange being part of the musical unit Triple H, that gives ideas for future looks for my character 😛

Featured below are the three new looks made through Polyvore;
Elegant adventure by lucilxlu featuring a high heeled footwear
Elegant Adventure: Ame is a renowned traveller, seen at the high end shopping events around the world or within the underground network causing up a stir with the other gang families. But unless she is trying to appeal to the opposite sex, she does it with style. New York city is a favourite haunt of hers and she visits the U.S frequently to catch up with friends or go to events in the Big Apple. The tea with mini ice-cream cookies was a favourite addition to this LOTD but the bracelet itself is well over 1k is gorgeous.

Worldly by lucilxlu featuring whimsical home decor
Worldly: Again going back to the theme of being a traveller but floating between Milan and Tokyo in the recent arcs to come (you will find out why when I get to posting her chronicles again) this LOTD is cute with the undertones of being a Yakuza through representation of her weaponry. Carrying her trademark katana as well as throwing knives, she always is careful when going from Yakzua territory into Italian mafia land. The choker and pumps are both by Betsey Johnson continuing with her eccentric style but the most expensive item here are in fact the leather bracelets by Givenchy.

Feminine touch by lucilxlu featuring wall home decor
Feminine Touch: Staying in her home city and still look fabulous is what Ame does best, though she hardly flaunts her expensive attire unless attenting a function, the Yakuza still loves to be bold in her choice of clothing. The boots are one of my favourite adds to this LOTD but the Moschino bag as well with sticking to her colour scheme of pink and black. Normally in Tokyo, Ame would go outlandish and stick out even in the Harajuku crowds but when she gets older she slightly tones it down. But only just.


Fashion Tile: To the Fairies

Returning to my magic girl roots and hanging out with the fairies of Storeybrook Gardens 😛 A simple LOTD but I hope you all still like it.

* _CandyDoll_ Monica Bralette Pink *NEW* from N21
* *CK* yes its me skirt from Store marketplace
* REIGN. – LINDSEY HEELS *NEW* from ~uber~

* !Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy from Main store
* *{( konpeitou )}* Tuki-Usagi kanzashi *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* .random.Matter. – Taeil Choker [Black/Gold] *NEW* from N21
* Sweet Thing. Fuwa Tail (Bento) 1.0 *NEW* from Kustom9

Fashion Tile: Fighting for Love

15 days until Christmas and I still don’t know what I want, bestie and family been asking me what I want and it’s been a struggle

* Sweet Thing. Thanko Sweater – Merry Kittymas *NEW* from The Arcade
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Nini” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~uber~
* [BREATHE] – Josie Heels-Rosepink *NEW* from .Whimsical.

* _CandyDoll_ Tabitha Fur Stole Pink *NEW* from Collabor88
* .::Cubic Cherry::. {Chronos} collar black *NEW* from #unitedandkind

Fashion Tile: Loop

I discovered all my old anime albums including this amazing song from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles from early 2000s. I did a quiz too apparently I am am a Kuudere :3

* WONDERLOST – Tipper Tube Top – White *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.
* Sorbet. Combo Plastique [1C] from .Whimsical.
* [RA] Marina Hair Browns *NEW* from We ❤ Role Play
* #EMPIRE – Aconitum *NEW* from Sad November 3

* [MANDALA] Earring ORIGAMI Rooster *NEW* from N.21
* .DirtyStories. Teddy Bear Legband *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.

Fashion Tile: Love me like you Do

The beauty of my home sim is that it still has open homes/skyboxes that allow you to rez items so I managed to make a new LOTD using the furniture in my inventory. Mush LOTD 😀

* Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Brassiere – Pink RARE *NEW* from .: Kustom9 :.
* Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Panty – Pink RARE *NEW* from .: Kustom9 :.
* =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Dorothy” Dark Browns from Enchantment
* .tsg.Candy Plats – Unicorn *NEW* from Main store

iglovequotes: “ http://iglovequotes.net/ ”

* Necklace Crystal Moon- Gold *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* PHEDORA / Cupcake Necklace v.2 *NEW* from Cosmopolitan

Fashion Tile: Feels like for a Girl

So I did something silly. I accidentally removed myself from my home group which allows me to rez items in my cottage so no lotd at home and layout slightly different

* . offbeat . Beside you : Renew sweater Pink A Rare *NEW* from SaNaRae
* *ARGRACE* KOHAKU *NEW* from Store marketplace
* SPIRIT – Sera skirt *NEW* from Collabor88
* =Zenith= *The Mystic* Gothic Lace Socks from The Season’s Story

* .tsg. Mystical Hairpin R – White from Crystal Heart Festival
* .::Cubic Cherry::. {Cate} purse – princess *NEW* from Salem

Locations: Elysion and Snowbell Patisserie

Fashion Tile: A Kawaii Epiphany

Kawaii Project and The Epiphany have started up again along with new events, I have a weakness for gacha as most of you know so enjoyed these rounds 😀

* *Epic* Striped Henley {Hot.Pink} top *NEW* from Main store
* *:..eyecandy..:* fadedlips – beetroot *NEW* from Dreams
* Doe: Layla (solid) – Browns *NEW* from The Seasons Story- Spring
* Garbaggio // Flower Peeptoe (Maitreya) *NEW* from Collabor88 April

* #EMPIRE – Sakura Harness – Maitreya *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* REIGN. – Spring Things Necklace Exclusive (Silver) *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Foxes – Urban Fallout – Belt and Bombling *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Leg *NEW* from The Epiphany
* ALTAIR* neko keitai .pink. *NEW* from The Epiphany

Fashion Tile: Strawberry Jam

Lately with all my new outfits decided to embrace Maitreya more since a lot of my favourite designers are making appliers. Wearing items from new event Kawaii PonPon

* *HolliPocket* Sweety Fling Top-BerryJam *NEW* from Kawaii PonPon~
* KITJA – Nelle Skirt D.BLUE *NEW* from The Dressing Room
* /Wasabi Pills/ Hanna Mesh Hair from Main store

* ERSCH – Crane earrings long Black/Silver *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC AVENUE~
* {L} Lolita Bows *NEW* from Kawaii PonPon~
* {L} Krimu Pan; Custard *NEW* from Kawaii PonPon~
* {Reverie} ‘Travelers’ Bag -Black – No Pose *NEW* from FaMESHed

Second Life: Pamper Day

Near the end of February I purchased the Maitreya body but didn’t put it as official into my fashion tiles. I did however already have clothes made for this mesh body and made two random pictures featuring it.

Both pictures were taken on my home sim in Savoy, one was in my bedroom the other was in an empty skybox that still allowed me to rez the furniture to make the photo complete. The above picture I am wearing Sweet Thing’s Helli harness released at ROMP on January 8th. Surrounded by my Half-deer/Le Poppycock kitty from Collabor88 January and Tres Blah make-up from the old Arcade catalogs.

This second photo was done in one of Savoy’s empty skyboxes that hasn’t been rented out to residents yet, I placed in my LAQ kitchen set in pale pink as well as Razzberry’s donut rug. Creator Collection Box had also opened during this time so I am wearing the rare Macaron mace and Altair’s maid cafe dress from Hentai Fair.

Both items were well recieved in my Flickr and done without any filter and just the pink windlighting on Firestorm 😀

Second Life: Decor from The Arcade

Ok I editted my previous fashion tile to put all my furniture/decor from The Arcade into one single post- prepare for picture spam.

The Summer pudding on the far right is by O.M.E.N and the Ozoni soup in the middle is by Soul Mates from The Multicultural Menu, another event that also opened up on the 1st of June.

Nibbler (ginger kitty) is by O.M.E.N, rose stem and scrambled eggs brekkie tray by Erratic, so is my nightie its the rare lingerie in the gacha and the Princess slumber mask is by Olive.

The cook book on top of the microwave is by Vespertine, been wanting this a lot for personal reasons- as readers know I have been cooking a lot in reality and immensely enjoying it.

The jewellery box and the four journals are by David Heather, his vintage collection in Arcade.