GifSpam! Penelope

Thank God for mum’s VPN, I can access American Netflix and therefore watch this underrated fairytale movie ❤ When James McAvoy was still fresh in Hollywood and Christina Ricci still showed herself on the big screen. Love these two and this story.


GifSpam! Goodbye Hero

Tributes for Stan Lee are still floating around the social media and tumblr user Scerek made an amazing gif set of all his cameos in the Marvel films. An icon has gone from Earth ❤

GifSpam! Alpha and his Lil Girl

The dynamic between Clary and Luke has to be one of my favourite things to watch on Shadowhunters, throughout the 3 seasons we seen their relationship develop from not only being allies but family too. Like Clary told Simon in Season 1, Luke is the only father she knows and loves. Also kudos to Kat and Isaiah for the amazing chemistry bringing the characters to life.