GifSpam! New Nutcracker

I am under the impression that the Nutcracker is going to be Clara herself, this should be an interesting Christmas film to watch 😮


GifSpam! Autobots

I had a nostalgic hit and watched Transformers 1 and 2 over the weekend, though it was in typical Michael Bay fashion, the action and the CGI surrounding the robotic heroes was still fun to watch. Optimus Prime and Drift are still my favs.

GifSpam! Alpha and his Lil Girl

The dynamic between Clary and Luke has to be one of my favourite things to watch on Shadowhunters, throughout the 3 seasons we seen their relationship develop from not only being allies but family too. Like Clary told Simon in Season 1, Luke is the only father she knows and loves. Also kudos to Kat and Isaiah for the amazing chemistry bringing the characters to life.

GifSpam! The Oasis

I am excited and concerned about this book-turned-film, I absolutely adored the book by Ernest Cline and the movie adaptation is so very Hollywood. I do love the character of Aech however, she appears to stay just like in the books but everything else including the excessive pop culture references, yeah I’m mixed on that.