Second Life: Fall Arcade

The craziness has started since yesterday with the opening of The Arcade with its Autumn edition, I have decided to not bother with it this year and have gone to the yard sales instead.

There is a fabulous one called Gachaopolis that is constantly re-stocked from the newest round and the lag isn’t too bad despite having so many other resellers/shoppers.

I managed to clean out majority of my wishlist except for the rings by Nylon Outfitters, I still need to get my ginger cat ring to represent Skitty of course.

The owner of Savoy, Hayden has kindly increased my prim limit so my kitchen area has gotten more detailed including all the fab items by Sari-Sari such as the fridge magnets and silver knife work next Zaara‘s golden ladles. I have an Arcade related fashion tile coming soon so stay tuned readers~