Diary: Luxury Bound

It is tomorrow! I have never been so organised in my life! I have my corporate outfit for the induction day all set including accessories and how to do my hair and make-up, I also got my bags packed complete with new notebook to write down what I need to know, I am re-using my Prada bag that was given to me from my bestie Mei because working in a five star hotel means you gotta up the style and oppulence (in my opinion anyway).

This weekend has been full of fun and today is my rest day before starting the new chapter in my life tomorrow, two of the events that happened this weekend will be listed in the below five likes;

  • Honey’s farewell in the city, I haven’t been to a club in so long but it was a lot to go dancing and reunite with her though her new job and mine are in the same area! We can still do catch ups
  • Six days off have been a nice mini break between jobs, gave me time to prepare and relax
  • My sister’s bridal shower in the form of a kitchen tea yesterday afternoon, wind and rain did not stop us ladies from all having a good time, but OMG so much leftovers!
  • Boyfriend has booked his flight to come here next year! I am so ready ❤
  • Infinity war trailer!! That looks so badass, can’t wait for it come out next year in May 😀

Overall it has been a fun week and though I have been severely delayed in sharing this diary entry, usually its every Monday (whoops) I am optimistic on this final month of 2017 and 2018 is already looking so bright for me.

– Lu


Mood: Lost

Boyfriend is definitely coming to Sydney next year in March, so he’s been texting me every day to let me know about this >.> And it also means that discussion of what is going to happen in our future together is popping up in our every day conversation a lot more than I planned whether on my days off or after I finish work. He is set on not moving to Australia because he is comfortable in England, I don’t want to leave Oz because this is where my support network is and I’m assuming the same in his case too.

I did think about it tonight, well I have been thinking about it since he said he would not move here to Sydney that I would be the one moving to England but there have been several cons that have prevented me from thinking about that country as a permanent place of residence. I would happily go there for a year or two to experience what it be like and plenty of my girls have moved to other cities and countries for the sake of their man.

But I was balancing the cons with my boyfriend tonight over text and it’s still got me doubting.

  • Transportation is expensive! Travelling from suburbs into city
  • Living in the city is too expensive, previous experiences of mutual friends told me they barely had enough to eat!
  • The terrorism level, everyone knows about it, its on the news annually
  • Far from my family, I have cousin in London sure but everyone else is a 25hr flight away.

He and I will take more about it especially when he comes here for two weeks, but at the moment I am very lost.

– Lu

Diary: Travel Plans

My birthday is in three days and last night mum booked both the Park Hyatt in Canberra for our weekend away and returning on Valentines Day and she also booked our August trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks. Dad has decided he is going to come along with us to Canberra because I guess he can’t be alone though my younger sister isn’t come with us so pfft!

Mum has also given me some surprising news last week, her and dad were discussing the hope of doing a Europe trip next year. I mean c’mon this year has just started and we got our travel plans set but they are already looking to 2017 for our next big trip?! Really? I wonder if Ange will come with us, probably get her boyfriend to come with us of course but yeah interesting…

Soo my travelling for this year is a lot more than last year already 😀
* Canberra for my birthday weekend
* Hawaii for 2 weeks in August
* South Korea with Mei again for Thanksgiving (hoping!)

My annual leave won’t be renewed until May when I hit my three year mark at the Novotel property but combining days off with the given weekends from working public holidays, travelling in reality isn’t looking too bad at all.

– Lu

Diary: Planning Ahead

The beauty of having not having to work until the PM shift the following night and you finish an AM shift at 3pm means you have a 24hr break before you return to work. It also meant for me on Saturday night that I got to travel to the city and meet up with Mei for a night of lots of laughs, random conversation and future plans.

I found out from Ms Mei that she did a deposit on a two bedroom apartment near the airport and if I was to ever move back to working for city hotels, she has a spare bedroom for me in her new place. To imagine that! Living in an apartment with my 14.5 years best friend would be amazing, we have travelled together and I have emotionally broke down in front of 3 times so she can easily handle my tantrums as the most awesome “Nee-chan” that she is.

It also had me thinking about my future, do I want to stay local at my current job or move back to the city? We also discussed our holiday plans, she is flying back to South Korea with her mum and missing out on my birthday this year! D: But I also have my new holiday in August with the parents to save up for. This time we are going to Hawaii! Mei also spoke to me about a second trip to South Korea in September for their Thanksgiving, I wanna go back! I hope I have annual leave, I’ll happily go and see her family again ❤

– Lu

PicSpam! The Lunar Chronicles

So once I’m done with zombies in Regency England going against the Bennett sisters, finished reading about Alice exploring Wonderland and finally gotten through the entire The Mortal Instruments series, I will try and read this one. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. 

My friend Aria told me she is currently reading it and from the aesthetics posted on tumblr, it looks really good that and the fact that Cinderella is an Asian cyborg!

Soul Reaper VII: Not Your Normal Hunt

The first post I did for Ja-ck and my favourite to boot

The lightly acidic rain pelted down into the narrow streets of the Minato district, Tokyo-Yokohama. A woman of 29 years ran through the crowded corridor that hung with the stench of human sweat, hastily chopped seafood and boiling hot noodles. Her dark brown eyes set upon the fleeing high class demon in front of her. Invisible to the normal human eyes but easily seen by a trained soul reaper, the demon could sense SHE was not far behind.

It had heard of her and who she was on the living plane, whispered by the lower class demons in the Underworld, Soul reaper no.7 was a force to be reckoned with and a human that was greatly feared by many of the demonic legions. Her father was said to be the legendary Hikaru, a mighty soul reaper who had disappeared after the winning of the Tartarus wars. And it seemed that greatness had beeen genetic for his daughter possessed the ‘fel gene’ a special coding in the regular dna that granted that particular human to have great mental capacity and strength in order to harness the weight of the demon magic.

Soul reaper No.7 or the one her fellow soul reapers had called Ja-ck on familiar ground harnessed the magic when she was twelve years old and soon began immediate training after hearing of her father’s disappearance. As she aged, she became more known, more infamous to the Underworld and earned the No.7 in her title. To have this particular number meant that in your lifetime as a soul reaper you had to at least captured and/or eliminated over 3000 demons and Ja-ck had done exactly that.

Still brushing past the humans quickly, the skeletal shape of the demon increased its running speed down the streets, growling lowly as it felt the soul reaper catch up to it. Quickly, it leapt up into the air reaching the top of the building five storeys high and continued its quick escape route between the buildings along the roof tops.

Ja-ck’s dark brown eyes quickly shifted to burning red as she harnessed the fel magic within her, her black thigh-high booted feet erupted with green flames as she too jumped into the air, whispering softly through her full lips “You cannot escape me…” and landing elegantly on the roof. The concrete beneath her feet crunching slightly as she rushed after the demon. The demon flames once more licking the soles of her feet as she increased in speed, finding herself catching up to the demon, more quicker than before.

Her half-gloved left hand reaching down to the utility belt that held up her leather mini shorts. She quickly withdrew a curved pewter and amethyst dagger that had a jagged edge along one side of the blade. It was named ‘Tarnished Moon’ and more than a simple blade for stabbing, it was one of her prized weapons that she used in killing demons. Normally she was told to capture and question the target in sight but the heads of Organisation Chaos had merely told her to eliminate any high class demon that somehow infiltrated the terran dimension.

Ja-ck always liked killing off rather than questioning, most of the time interrogations turned out to be futile and she found herself turning the captured demons in to her superiors. All of them rather beaten up and bleeding due to her frustrations that they would not give the details of their masters plans.

Licking her bottom lip, her otherworldly red eyes shone with fierce excitement as she quickly grasped onto the hilt of Tarnished moon, speeding up her running pace as she leapt across the small gap between the two buildings, her gaze already finding the weak points in the skeletal demon.

The demon could feel her burning gaze on its back and it felt fear grow at the base of its frame and roll up the back. Not wanting to be a laughing stock if it survived this encounter with No.7, the demon spun around on its clawed feet and charged towards the soul reaper, its elongated fangs dripping with saliva growling a challenge to her.

Ja-ck felt a purr rumble in her throat as she quickly took note of the demon charging towards her. It finally decided to stop running, a smart but very stupid move made by it. Smirking back at the fel soldier, Ja-ck did not stop her fast run, instead she sped up more, running towards it straight on. Her gloved hand gripping tightly and flipping the dagger quickly in her hand. The demon cried out a glass shattering scream, both its long arms aiming for her throat.

Quickly, Ja-ck somersaulted over the charging demon, her left hand reaching down as she swung above it, her legs flying out behind her then curling up as she quickly plunged the dagger into the upper back of the skeletal demon with a soft grunt before withdrawing it just as fast and taking another lethal swipe at its lower back before landing on the roof behind it.

The demon howled in pain as it felt the enchanted weapon pierced its bony frame, only a weapon of the soul reaper could do that much damage in the short time they had clashed. Regular military weaponry would be futile against any demon especially one from the seventh hell. Collapsing onto the concrete, it spun around bearing its fangs as it charged again despite the black blood now oozing out of the two gaping wounds on its back.

“Making this easy for me!” Ja-ck taunted the demon as she twirled Tarnished Moon in her right hand this time. Her left hand grabbing a glowing green orb that was hanging from her utility belt, grasping it in her gloved hands as she channelled the fel energy into the orb. Opening her hand, the green orb turned a shade of violet as it hung above her open hand. The demon snarled recognising another trinket that was normally carried upon the soul reaper’s attire. It was the very last thing that demons saw before they were eliminated.

Ja-ck smiled grimly at the demon before they ran towards another yet again, the violet orb shining brighter and hovering in her hand as she lifted her blade once more, quickly diving between the demon’s legs narrowly missing its long claws reaching for her desperately. Swinging her right hand back and forth, she pierced the bony calves of both the demons legs. Sliding across the concrete roof, she looked upside down as the demon collapsed again. Smirking triumphantly, she threw the electrifying violet orb towards the demon.

The orb became the size of a basketball as it raced towards the fallen demon, a trail of fel energy rushing out behind it as it wrapped around the demon slowly before puncturing it in the centre of its chest. The demon howled as it spasmed and rippled on the ground. Twisting and contorting, the violet energy getting brighter before dimming down fast and all that was remained was a dimly lit green orb with an amethyst shard inside still beating like a heart.

Sighing out loud, Ja-ck closed her eyes before sitting upright, her waist-length black hair matted and sticking to her sweaty back as she stared at the murky skyline of Tokyo-Yokohama. Getting to her feet she walked over to where the demon was last seen. Picking up her orb, she inspected the shard inside, the smirk still present on her face, she felt pride swell inside her. Fifth time today she had collected a demon’s soul and it had just hit 5pm. Attaching the orb to her belt, she stood at the edge of the roof, staring down into the centre of district, watching the many people attempt to get to places as it got more crowded with the time of dinner approaching for most.

Rubbing her exposed abdomen, Ja-ck decided she too would join the mingled crowds and find a good supper. Demon hunting had always made her hungry and especially after this fifth kill, she was starving. Pushing Tarnished moon back into its sheath on the left side of her shorts, she quickly looked left and right and jumped back into the narrow alleyway of side shops and casually made her way towards the centre of town.

Character Bio: Ja-ck

Presenting another bio of another character designed in May 2012 and was made for roleplay on the website Roleplayer.me but it never came to fruition.

Alias: Ja-ck, Soul Reaper No.7
Age: 29 years old
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Born in Neo-London, District 10 but moved to Tokyo-Yokohama, in the district of Minato-ku
Elemental: Shadow and Demonic fire.
Theme song:

Height: 5’5″
Hair: Waist-length black hair falling in wavy locks, never tamed
Eyes: Naturally brown, when invoking the demonic magic, burns crimson red
Unusual markings/colouration: A steampunk map tattooed on her back and down her left arm, said to lead to a place that can change the Earth’s ill fate
Skintone: Light olive.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Allies: The Sol Council, Organisation Chaos (The Soul Reapers) United Nations, The High Priestesses of Venus

Enemies: The Underworld and all its demons who desire to possess her because of her ability to tap into their dimension for her powers
Friends: Her Fellow Soul Reapers- Enelya and Takumi, Samurai Master Ryu-Zen, Black order soldier- Ayden Raleigh

Father: Hikaru, an enigma to Jacqueline, he was said to be legendary soul reaper since The Tartarus wars
Mother: Nadeshiko Kingsley, A member of the United Nations, the ambassador of Japan

Angoku dama

Her sword when duelling against other humans or weapon wielding demons, this katana was said to be her father’s second sword for he was a dual wielder.

Tarnished moon

Quick kill and deadly dagger, used when she is capturing demons for questioning just before she unleashes her second weapon- the fel orb

A fel orb

It hangs off her utility belt when she is travelling and used to capture or steal the soul shards off demons especially when doing detective work around the heavily populated cities.

My Dying Homeworld
In the 31st Century, humanity had seen its final war that set the fate of its planet to its end. World War III had used a new kind of energy that people in the past would have called magic or the supernatural to unleash hell upon each other. The entire population had dropped by at least two million and were left vulnerable, exposed of when the Underworld made itself known.

The human race finally ceased their wars with each other and united to confront the new demonic threat that had a clear shot in permanently eradicating the former masters of the Earth. That was until the Soul reapers were formed. An enigmatic and silent body of modern day warlocks who could harness the dark energies of the Underworld and use it against them.

With the aid of the other planets within the Solar System, the human race managed to lock the demons back into the Underworld, a high security point at every gateway. A new organistion was formed of all ten planets- The Sol Council and the Soul reapers fell back into the quiet company that was named Organisation Chaos.