Mood: Tentative

I have decided to reach out to old work mates and friends from high school that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. After a discussion with my mum and sister over the past weekend, I realised that I spent most of my weekends hanging out with just Mei and forgot about everyone else. It is fortunate that they are still connected to me and haven’t left because I stopped talking to them.

Because I have today off from work, I reached out to two of them and managed to ensue a conversation where it led to catching up in the flesh than just through messenger. As I had said in my previous diary entry, I want to reconnect with everyone because even though I enjoy my own company and can go do things on my own, the company of friends is always better.

This week I have been re-reading all my stories that I have typed up in the past three years and its another realisation that I need to finish at least one of these stories, one of them is almost done but I’ve beek seeking the help of my bestie Katie in finding a decent conclusion to the tale. She is reading it at the moment, the very first person to read one of my longer stories because I don’t like to share the books because I don’t think they ever good enough for the public.

On the recently past Saturday, I got to see my cousin on mum’s side of the family for lunch, she is the one that is pregnant and my gosh her belly has gotten so big! But it also looks like she has lost weight and positively glowing. It is only three weeks until her bubba will come out, soon I will have another little cousin!

I had a slump this morning and stayed in bed longer than I should have and I know it will affect me later when I need to have an early bedtime for work tomorrow. But with all that has happened this year, sure I have had a lot of negativity but when I compare it to the positive notes of what has occurred in my life they are miniscule. I just have to remember to not let them get to me.

– Lu


Diary: Mixtures and Concoctions

Instagram is currently down and everyone is on twitter asking and flailing about it. I didn’t even realise until I saw the hashtag treading, its comical and sad that humanity has come to rely on their social media so heavily on a daily basis. I admit I have a facebook, twitter and Instagram but I frequent them to catch up on my multi fandom news especially on Star Wars and Miraculous lady bug.

This work week while short because of the past long weekend but its been productive and very busy for us in Reservations especially because we only have four days. The long weekend was a well needed break from my city and from what had occured in the past month, all the bloody drama! My parents and I went to our nation’s capital for two nights and stayed in our favourite hotel while my sister and hubby house/cat sat.

We were in Canberra for the flower festival that signifies the arrival of Spring down under and the reason why we decided to go down there was because I had three days off and we had not been to Floriade since I was 8 years old. Though there wasn’t many tulips this year because we are currently going through a drought, there was still plenty of flowers to be seen and it was mixed with live music and cute market stalls. The smell of the food gave me nostalgic feels of the Easter show and all their attractions.

How have I been coping since the best friend removed me silently? I’ve been doing ok, I’ve still got my American besties and been reaching out to friends I haven’t spoken to in months. You know when you say goodbye to friends through work or leisure and you keep assuring each other to stay in touch and to not be strangers? Well I am realising that I am almost strangers to a couple of mates of mine who were there for me with any situation. I am not going to desert them.

Creative side has been all over the place and that is probably the ADHD again, I am re-reading all the old stories that are still a work in progress and trying to rack my brain to finish at least one of them. They are all in the middle of each tale and I just need to find the motivation and heart to finish them. I did read the Battle for Azeroth book: Before the storm in one day, on the road to Canberra this past Saturday. I only wished that I had also brought with me another book considering I finished the novel so quickly.

It gives inspiration for my warlock short stories that I post here bi-weekly and more temptation to subscribe again to Blizzard and return to the world of Azeroth. What is holding me back is the fact that I would have to pay for it again and I’m currently in the process of saving for my overseas travels of next year.

My five likes found during this short work week;

  • Chicken pies for dinner this past Monday, we bought from this amazing bakery in Goulburn on the way home from Canberra and had them in the evening. Reason why I put this as a like is because we rarely eat pie because we’re all trying to eat healthy in this household and this was a treat.
  • My handmade soot ball by Mola Pila arrived from Spain yesterday! It’s so soft and now part of my bed collection, I don’t care that I have many plushies, it is just part of who I am 😉
  • Hyatt– though I work for Accor and have not thought of leaving the hotel chain, Hyatt always treats my family as high end guests doesn’t matter where we stay, whether in Canberra or Waikiki.
  • A new colleague from Paris has joined my department and we had lunch together today, I told her how I’m learning French to benefit myself in being part of the French company. She has offered to help me learn her language.
  • The Addams family, welcoming the spooky month I binge watched the two films on 1st and 2nd of October, Morticia is gothic elegance and her marriage with Gomez is pure couple goals, hidden kinks and all.


Diary: My Saga

I love to write stories whether book length or short quips and post them here for you all to read. This is the most obvious statement and when I look at my ten years of being on either IMVU or Second Life, I could happily say my own virtual world could have it’s own memoirs of my time online. I have had my fair share of positive and negative moments whether it was in-character for roleplay or just being me, I have experienced a lot.

Also what is with the case of the exes? Soon as I make a note I am single, they all come flocking back! Except 3 which I’m glad for, but the rest of them? I do not want a boyfriend, this is a new chapter in my life and I wish to focus on me. I want to be at my highest peak of success/career and personal happiness before I even think of dating someone again ohh and while travelling the world to my favourite destinations (Japan, Paris, Disney world…to name a few).

I am still forever grateful to my girls Katie, Lana and Aria for reaching out to me during my times of need and seeking advice, they haven’t been angry or offering vengeance rather they been giving sole advice, hope and ears to listen to my constant, flailing thoughts that are an emotional tumult even now.

Side note: Cutesy girls with child-like faces while totally kinked up needs to go, you don’t see that bs in reality so the whole trend going off on Second Life (not on IMVU thank God!) needs to desist, there is one thing to look “pure” and Lolita inspired but these girls just look like young girls, stop encouraging the pedos to come out of their dank caves!

Featuring my five likes for this very busy week;

  • Family fuelled weekend, aunts from New Zealand are here and spent Friday, Saturday and today with mum’s side.
  • Red Rooster’s cheesy nuggets, these are a cheeky snack and are so nom during cold days
  • My imagination, it’s wide open whether through doing pictures on SL or continuing my Seven realms trilogy.
  • No more tension, it’s been sealed off and clearing out the mental vents and because of it, I’m definitely back to my chirpy self again and people are noticing
  • Golden State Warriors won the season! And the trophy is back in the bay! #Dubnation


Diary: Life as it is

8 days can put a strain on your body and you can imagine how relieved I was when 11pm finally clocked over and I was happily leaving work last Friday for my weekend off! It is also not long now until I am away for a month and in Europe! I keep having dreams of flying business class would be like. Though I have done it before when going to Christchurch with mum, this longer trip will be worth the heavy dollars that my family and I paid.

Also can’t wait to meet my other half in London, if all goes well with him and I after our first official meeting in reality, he said he would fly down under for my sister’s wedding next year in March! Here is hoping everything goes smoothly.

  • Catch up dinner with Mei last night, I haven’t seen her in a month!
  • Crunchie hot choc, The Choc Pot invented it and its a subtle version of the monster milkshakes. Yum!
  • The original Disney Princess voice actresses are making a cameo in Wreck it Ralph 2!!
  • I lost another kilo, I just wish my body would stop fluctuating on itself
  • Binge watching Z nation on Netflix, that show I admit is better than TWD >.>

– Lu

Mood: Nostalgic

I am browsing Polly Pocket products on both Etsy and Ebay, I have been watching The Magic School bus on Netflix for the past two weeks after work and been hanging out on IMVU where more of old friends from 2010-2012 days are returning with their own fond memories of the ‘Golden years’. It has been quite fun seeing from them again, usually it starts from them finding my homepage and visiting followed by messages than figuring out who they are.

I have been mentioning in previous diary entries on here that with Second Life becoming less appealing, my long distance relationship coming to fruition in two months and more socialising with my international friends on IMVU, it seems like we are heading into a new era of great pixel memories. The friendships I have made and kept from that virtual world though it is small, we are very close and have been through so much together as a group.

Also the 90s child inside me is begging for that new Polly Pocket made that is going to be released on the 23rd June though I am suppose to be saving up money for Europe. Not too long to go now!

– Lu

Diary: Rain and More

The rain mixed with the cold weather of winter is never a good combination especially when you have been working for seven days straight at work, this is me currently. I did it as a favour for one of the guest service agents who wanted Friday off and rather than split our days off, we decided to swap our weekend completely. I don’t mind, I have tomorrow and Monday off and hoping that the rain holds off tomorrow so my family, bestie Mei and I can check out Vivid in the city.

I was originally going to vent under the sub heading of Neko Irritation but decided not to and instead just place it here in my diary entry. All my good friends know that I cannot stand fair-weather friends (A friend who is only a friend when circumstances are pleasant or profitable. At the first sign of trouble, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you.) I have had my fair share of them online, none in reality of course because it is a whole different ball game beyond the computer.

But online, you have so many and it usually occurs of when they striving to climb the pixel social ladder or wanting a boyfriend or a man who is DTF, I sadly had to release a fair-weather friend last night after my gut feeling became true. And it wasn’t just me, two of my other girl friends noticed it too and also deleted this friend. It is quite unfortunate because I knew her on IMVU for the past 5 years? And she helped me re-do my avatar when I returned to that pixel universe. Let’s just hope she knows what she is doing…

The top five likes from the past 9 days;

  • Cadbury bars- I have lessened my sugar intake so having a bar of chocolate sates the craving
  • Golden State Warriors are still leading in NBA finals
  • My flickr has reached 1,100 followers tonight 😀 Thank you all
  • Wonder Woman! I need to watch it again, it was absolutely amazing and Gal is soaring high!
  • Family time last weekend after AM shift, I don’t get much time with my cousins but when I do it is always crazy in a good way

– Lu

Mood: Serene

It is cold and raining outside but I am inside watching The Magic school bus on Netflix ^^; My mood is far more different compared to yesterday. One of my friends in our group chat known as the Hen Den broke up with her boyfriend, they have been on-off for about 3 or 4 times now but it seems now is a definite split. He turned from struggling boyfriend to being a jerk who doesn’t know how to treat women and only think with his groin. There is another cruder term for it but I am being classy about it on my blog.

Safe to say when my friend told me of her sad predicament, the entire group was mad and while trying to console her, we were also venting out our anger at this stupid boy for being a moron! I could go on but this isn’t under the venting sub title. Work was constant and my Assistant manager kept me busy today, it was Day 4/7 and I am also keeping an eye out on the weather in particular for Sunday.

As I said in my previous diary entry, Vivid has arrived in the city and I am hoping to check it out with the family on my days off. Unfortunately with the forecast of rain it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Maybe we can all just go in for dinner and dessert? It is the long weekend afterall and everyone has this upcoming Monday off.

– Lu

Diary: Cloven in Two

My days off have been split in two this week but that is ok, it meant I had a recovery day after a concert and I get to participate in the early Mothers day dinner this Saturday night. My blog has also reached over 20,000 views! And I just noticed it tonight when I logged on, a bit slow in the uptake but yayy!

Thank you so much to all my viewers, readers for following my small corner of the blogging space. As you all know this is more than just a diary entry to give you details of my reality, more than fashion tiles of Second Life or IMVU shenanigans, it is also a creative outlet for me as a writer and a dear hobby.

It is something that I go back to even between the busy work days and somewhere I can escape, to vent out my thoughts or proudly show what I have created. I also now have 532 followers, hello and welcome! This sub heading you will see pop up in my posts every week, it is a recap of what is going on in my life that includes positive thoughts. With the negativity in the world, having moments of happiness even daily is a great thing to experience.

Got five likes that occured within the past two days;

  • Green Day last night with mum! They still as epic as ever and the fans are just as great
  • I bought 3 packs of Miso soup today from Daiso, perfect for cold days
  • Shadowhunters has released a new teaser trailer for 2b and it is exciting alll on all levels!
  • 4 months until I get to see my beloved in the flesh
  • My Hen Den is growing, had two of my friends join the group and meet the rest of the girlies

– Lu

Diary: Fangirl Hype

This week at work has been a mix of busy and quiet but otherwise non eventful, the moments outside the hotel is when it gets better and more interesting. Featured in this week’s five likes. The girls and I were chatting in Facebook chat about how everyone was returning to IMVU and I probably mentioned it in one of my mood or diary entries on here but it is so true! The golden days for us veterans is slowly sparking up again and it is an amazing feeling!

Conversations that never end and full of random moments that have you rolling over in laughter is occuring and it is great to be in the company of great people.

My five likes for this week;

  • Shadowhunters 2B trailer was released today, first look at Will as Sebastian and Clary/Jace tension, can’t wait for when it premieres!!
  • Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle released its official trailer today as well, I’m so ready
  • Reunion of friends on IMVU, it is like the amazing olden days
  • Teevee snacks Malt sticks for the 2 days off
  • Fantasy Faire has opened again on Second Life, been taking pictures in the different sims that are gorgeous as always

– Lu