GifSpam! Girls Night

This scene in the Once upon a time episode, two weeks ago had me rolling over in giggles, the dynamic between Snow, Regina and Emma is amazing as ever and I really hope this isn’t the last season for OUAT ._.



Neko Irritation: Breaking Girl Code

There is nothing worse than breaking that sacred law that is made between good friends whether male or female other known as the Bro/Girl code; there are certain guidelines or rules that are made and followed by. For me I have admitted I have broken one of the most important girl codes that was written for us ladies and I did it five years ago I dated one of my friends ex boyfriends.

I think that’s why when I see it happen whether in reality or on Second Life I get so pissed off because it’s only after doing that mistake and seeing/hearing the pain of my other friend, its not a wise thing to do. So this is more so me advising than venting about “breaking the girl code” for the women around the world maybe you should think twice before you do something you’ll regret later…we are all technically human taps 😛

– Lu

Neko Irritation: Married Cougars of SL

Why do these ladies do it? They sleep next to a man (who usually loves them, no matter what they tell everyone else online) in reality and are married to them and yet when they log onto a virtual client not just on Second Life by the way they pretend to be single? I understand there are many situations on why a woman feels need for more male attention when things are no longer good between herself and the hubby but wouldn’t they be a hint to go fix it or finally end it?

Except no these particular thirsty old whores don’t do that. They continue using the money their husband works so hard for and become an online slut. I have seen this case happen so many times back on IMVU, with friends and with me. Now it happened again on Second Life. One of my newly made friends didn’t know that this dj/former acquaitance I knew was married in rl. The bloke is looking for love and wants something real, however she wants to keep it SL unfortunately she also didn’t tell him that she married but did agree in wanting to date him.

I told him that she was married and he was surprised also because she was guilt tripping for not turning up to her music set. Needless to say I found out the old duck is crazy and I quickly removed her from my friends list. Today is a highlight for my friend he finally saw what everyone else been warning him about and removed her too. I’m so proud of him ❤

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Mint & Cotton Candy

I should have done this post last night but it was already too late and I been telling myself to stop getting into bed at 5am! So here is the tile today. Pictures editted by the amazing Rina

* Mesh Frill bikini in pink by G Field main store
* Cute gone bad chest tattoo by CottonCandyMonster main store
* Candy margo hair in small by Ploom main store
* The Power of Voodoo 2 stomach and leg tattoos by Elska from Hello Sunshine
* Moonlit lip bright pink by Nox from Cutie Moon Fair
* Summertime eye shadows 9 by Pin Me Down from Thrift Shop

* Jelly glasses (Huntington) by Chary from Hello Sunshine
* Warrior feather headpiece by Spellbound main store
* Double scoop ring by Atomic from Hello Sunshine
* My pearly doll anklet Pink/right by Blah! from Hello Sunshine

‘Wнeɴ тwιlιɢнт dropѕ нer cυrтαιɴ dowɴ
Aɴd pιɴѕ ιт wιтн α ѕтαr
Reмeмвer тнαт yoυ нαve α ғrιeɴd
Tнoυɢн ѕнe мαy wαɴder ғαr.’ – Anne of Green Gables