GifSpam! SH snippet

The Shadowhunters fandom was blessed with a Season 3 mini trailer at the New York comic con this past week and someone on tumblr made a gif set of it. Thank you claryfairchild


Mood: Restless

Freeform upfronts were on today and there was no Shadowhunters season 3 announcement, after all that talk on Instagram last week after Spoiler tv released an article saying that they had quietly renewed it. Why would they quietly renew it, if it had been renewed we would have gotten a live announcement on Facebook just like what they did last year when announcing Season 2 to the fandom.

I think they haven’t announced it yet because it is either pending or they want us to get hyped up for 2b being released in June, not long to go now so can’t wait to see it, though the two teasers they released yesterday was so-so, more Climon bullshit with the appearance of them sleeping together, as an avid Clace fan, Clary’s first time is suppose to be with Jace and that is what makes it even more special after everything that has been thrown at them as a couple.

But I’ve already vented about this on other Shadowhunter instagram pages and shared opinions with other Clace fans, we will wait and see what happens especially with the arrival of Sebastian, the real brother of Clary and another pursuer of her affections.

– Lu

GifSpam! Clary Fray sneak peak

During my holiday (still away from home, location is Las Vegas and this post is from the hotel business centre) I found out that Shadowhunters has released a teaser trailer, Episode 1 sneak peak and a short preview of the tv series.

They have also officially announced the starting date on ABC family/Freeform- January 12th 2016. Got myself some new Clary Fray gifs from tumblr 😀