GifSpam! Reylo for IX

Please and thank you Lucasfilm, there has been enough teasing from Last Jedi.



GifSpam! Vehicular Tokyo

Though the plot of Cars 2 was a bit out of place, I enjoyed seeing the setting of Tokyo all done up motor style, can we appreciate how cute the Japanese geisha cars looked??

Made by AndyJWest

GifSpam! Enemies to Friends

I am guilty of watching all the Barbie movies that have come out on dvd since 2001 and I’m sad they do not do them as often anymore, last one was released on Netflix called Dolphin Magic, it was an ok film. This gif set is from Fairy Secrets, while many fans objected to the new look of Barbie and her voice actress, I actually enjoyed it 😛


GifSpam! Ready Player One

It took me 2 days literally to read Ernest Cline’s book now turning into a movie and being released sometime this year, safe to say I was hooked from start to finish. Any geek or fan of all pop culture would love this book, I saw the trailer before The Last Jedi and was indifferent about it, then one of my best friends Aria started reading the book and raved on how good it was.

Another excellent recommendation from her as she also told me of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

GifSpam! Nutcracker

I love the ballet since I was a kid and all its movie adaptations usually through cartoon or 3D animation but now Disney has released a live action version with a twist and the lead actress is Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee Cullen for those who watched the Twilight series)
It’s giving me Burton’s Alice in Wonderland vibes but I would still like to watch it.