Fashion Tile: That’s my Girl

After a quiet week of lacking inspiration, I am back to my original layout of simple filter and four photos. The raw pictures are just for fun now.

* *Epic* Sweetheart Puffy.Jacket {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Main store
* *CK* QUEENIE SKIRT from Store marketplace
* Magika – Sugar *NEW* from Store marketplace
* Violent Seduction – Odette Shoes (Pink) *NEW* from The Arcade

oh-thatdoll: “4MINUTE TEASER #2 — miss Hyuna ”

* *katat0nik* (dark) Female Street Artist Gloves RARE *NEW* from CCB
* :::ChicChica::: Noel Yellow Earring *NEW* from Tannebaum
* ::C’est la vie !:: Nes knit purse *NEW* from Main store
* {Imeka} Basic Scarf *Pastel Colors* from the Kawaii Project


Fashion Tile: Kill with Kindness

Kitty on my shirt and vanilla milkshake in my mouth, just a couple of my favourite things in this new LOTD. Enjoy!

* :FY: Kat Body Suit (Hot pink) *NEW* from TDR
* PICHI – Roses Are Not Red Tattoo 2 *NEW* from TDR
* Doe: Wednesday (solid) – Browns from Main store
* REIGN. – STACEY WEDGES *NEW* from Luxe Box

* *::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- (RARE).oogi-kazari *NEW* from Origami
* {aii} + Black/Gold Ningyo Obi S + *NEW* from Origami
* :Moon Amore: Milkshake (Vanilla) *NEW* from The Epiphany

Fashion Tile: Keeping Balance

Back to posting my tiles again after getting back into writing Ame’s chronicles again and my usual gif and picture spamming, featuring items of various creators from Gami Gacha

* 1 Hundred. Sweetest tube top *NEW* from Main store {WOH1 Gift}
* KITJA – Yasmin Skirt NAVY *NEW* from Chapter 4 (Chapter 37)
* Magika – Stay the Night *NEW* from Store marketplace
* .Identity. Body Shop- Rabbit Hole from Main store

* Tamagosenbei Balanced Eye Glasses *NEW* from Gami Gacha
* miwa x nani – Sailor Chocker *NEW* from Gami Gacha
* (Yummy) Aztech Coin Necklace – Silver *NEW* from We ❤ RP
* (Yummy) Alchemy Belt – Black *NEW* from We ❤ RP
* #EMPIRE – Nepeta Harness- MAITREYA- R *NEW* from Chapter 4 (Chapter 37)

Mood: Nerd Pride

Though I have 10mins of it left on my end of the world it is still going on or just starting around the rest of the planet, so all the Star Wars fans keep on celebrating this annual event together, I am going to bed with Episode 4 because after the events in my home today while I was at work: A new Hope seems very on point 😛 I also already did an Instagram of my Kylo Ren and Darth Vader pop dolls to celebrate my support.

Until next year, may the 4th be with the rest of the fandom!

– Lu

saveallthethings: Happy Star Wars Day!

Fashion Tile: Talisman Rainbow

love anything that is supernatural in Asian culture, especially when it comes to warding off evil spirits using tokens such as amulets, talismans and ofudas. Soo here is a new LOTD

* Go*DiVa – MaRNie Jumper (Pink) *NEW* from Whore Couture 5
* *CK* Super Hot Skirt from Store marketplace
* *Epic* Heart.Breaker Heels! {Hot.Pink} *NEW* from Whore Couture 5

* “Mignon.” -Sailor mini pochette. – moon – *NEW* from Chapter 4: Chapter 34
* .tsg. Mirai Glasses – White from Main store
* {Aii} + Hand Talisman Active + *NEW* from Main store
* .DirtyStories. Promise Legbands *NEW* from Whore Couture 5

Second Life: Elysion’s Sakura Matsuri

It is Asian theme once again at Elysion and because I have a day off today I managed to attend, hung out with my dear friend Recka and also took shots of the other regular members 😀

The entrance of the party room

Caity and I just before the 12pm SLT party

Elysion management and room decorators Kadlin and Sullen with Muggy

Fashion Tile: Just a Fairytale

The mostly highly anticipated round of Collabor88 has opened its doors on January 8th and the entire community is in uproar to get inside myself included. And…I got in today 😀

* .tsg. White Denim Scrunchi Dress *TANGOS* from Main Store
* The Secret Store – Celestia Flounce Skirt – Candy – S *NEW* from Collabor88
* TRUTH HAIR London – Browns04Fade from Main store
* Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss – Gold Dipped Melon from Main store
* -Pixicat-  Royal.Shoe (Black) from Main store

* -Buttery Toast- Trio toast mouthie – Buttery {Group gift}
* (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Necklace – Pink Sparkles *NEW* from Collabor88
* Glam Affair– QtUnicors Charms Necklace Candy Glitters *NEW* from Collabor88
* Cocoroni: Phone Camera case Pink from :: Kustom9 ::
* .tsg. Neko Cosplay Clip-on Tail – Orange Tabby from TFG (old round)
* .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet – Rainbow *NEW* from Collabor88
* .Birdy.  – [Alchemy] Story Book – Pegasus – Pink from The Arcade (old round)
* pr!tty – Kitty Ears – White Recolorble from Store Marketplace

+Location, Location!!+: The Pink Dragon~ Candyland

Fashion Tile: The Doctor’s Alchemist

I’m so happy I could cry now, truly the latest event that has opened up on the Grid: Geeks n Nerds opened at midnight on November 24th and so many of my favourite creators are participating! This tile projects Whovian!

* Regeneration shirt by Wimey from Geek n Nerds
* Summer shorts from NS main store
* Chii hair (reg) brown by Tableau Vivant
* Iilumi eyeshadow- Antique by Lovely Disarray from Kawaii Project
* Woodxblack ruffle platforms from The Sugar Garden main store
* Overly transparent lipgloss- Pink by Pink Acid from Hello Sunshine fair
* Callie Hoodie by Forever Young from Suicide Dollz

* Tabby kitten from A.I.F main store
* Lost kitty- Ash collar from YumYums main store
* Potion collection- Mouthie, short and long by Buttery Toast from Geeks n Nerds
* Electronic library- Bow tie- Pink by Buttery Toast from Geeks n Nerds
* Timey wimey things necklace by Cae from Geeks n Nerds

Fashion Tile: Do it in a Dress

Lately my inspiration for blogging new outfits has been somewhat dismal, perhaps its related to the durama I’ve been getting in-world the past few days or my creativity outlet has ventured to other ideas, regardless I got a new one for you today and for good cause!

* Vintage school dress Red from Junbug main store
* Royal.shoe (Black) from Pixicat main store
* Posy hair from Truth main store
* Lip glaze- Jelly red from Pink Fuel main store
* Vintage pinup slink tattoo by Paperbag from Vintage & Cool Fair


* Ritz handbag- Pink (forearm) by *BOOM* from Kustom9
* Bookset diary from DMD main store
* Megane classic *Deco* Black by The Sugar Garden from Kustom9
* Kanzashi tsumami- Mixed from The Sugar Garden main store

Juno– The owner of [+Junbug+] Fantasy/Vintage/Fashion store has started up a charity event that lasts until 7th December 2014, it is a simple cause to provide school uniforms for the young girls in Africa. She is selling five dresses in different colours all for 250 lindens each (you can give more if feeling generous) and all purchases go to her charity.

More info here:

Second Life: Kagami Event

It started off as simple exploration of a well done sim with my two friends Hammer and KD, it evolved into walking through those red shrine gates with the sim HUD on and playing a game that is very similar to a quest on World of Warcraft. It made the gamer in me cheer happily.

かがみ/Kagami is a Japanese horror event occuring all of August that tells a unique story of two sisters seperated each other between life and death. The word alone means ‘Mirror’ and is highly interactive for all Second Life users.

There are kitsune dotted around the shopping mall where there are plenty of products to choose from. Noted creators such as Cubic Kreations, Cerberus Xing, Naminoke. Most of the visitors including myself all got dressed up for the occassion in draping kimonos and samurai garbs.

To participate in the game your avatar has to be under 1MB to save yourself the lag (and in some parts during the game there are laggy ends). Wearing the HUD you enter through the gates and into the tunnel, you also have to allow the HUD to control your camera angle and teleport you at every appropriate time.

There are 2 parts of the game and you have to re-enter the shrine to play Part 2. I personally enjoyed Part 2 because it is when the spirits are already hosting their festival and everything is lit up and colourful.

Second Life: Old Hollywood Glam

This should have been posted on Sunday when the party happened but oh well, I’m posting it today on the 1st July. Us Aussies have hit the middle of winter officially! But this post is more so a recap of the amazing 40s style Hollywood party at Elysion this past week 😀

I did not sleep in for once and managed to log on and teleport to Les Reves before the sim got packed with people. The owner Syn was looking exquisite as always even if she had a stache on her avatar’s face. My good friend and dance pal Hammer was running late because his parents had turned off the net but managed to hook up to his phone.

The dear bloke was matching my outfit (a dress that I had bought the night before after coming home at 2am from a great family party. Got to catch up with all the Filipino relatives on dad’s side). My dress reminded me of the ladies in the musical: Singing in the Rain at the opening scene premiere. Styled hair and lots of ruffles and fur wraps.

Needless to say it was a very glitzy fair that even though I could not stay all night (had rl work) it was yet another successful event with Syn djing for the first hour before Belle took over the stream and played some jams. This next weekend Elysion won’t be hosting their weekend party because it is July 4th in the U.S and many of the members will be celebrating it with real life loved ones.

I am quite glad to have blogged about this, it has been too long since I have posted about this group that I’m in. As days pass and the group gets bigger and parties are grander, I am proud to be an Elysian member 😛

Fashion Tile: Arcade 06/2014

My second look of the day has been taken at my house in Savoy region yes I know, but I don’t know any other sim that would look good with this outfit plus I have extra decor items added to my blogging desk. This FT is Arcade based, I got in on Day 2! 😀

* Bat corset by Violent Seduction from Dark Styles Fair 2014
* Hot pink solid tutu by The Sugar Garden Main store
* Sheer pink tutu by The Sugar Garden Main store
* Nylon Ombre stockings Paws socks by Blah! from Whore Couture 3
* Sakura hair browns (side) by Truth hair from Arcade 2014
* Every heart- heart 1 chest tattoo by Neo* from Cutie Moon Fair
* Pepper lipstick by Pink acid from She&Him fair

i added rhinestones in to the gaps where i couldn’t put whipped cream, and there’s melty pink sauce running down the sides now :)

* Keitai smart phone sweets decoden -RARE- by The Sugar Garden from Arcade June 2014
* Oriental dragon -RARE- by Pixicat from Arcade June 2014
* Summer delights +Melty sunglasses silver+ by Half+Deer from Arcade June 2014
* The Unusual bags Toothset pink by Tee*fy from Arcade June 2014
* Hoggles jewels bracelets Light pink and white by Free Bird from Serafilms